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An Unexpected Hero

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***This story takes place a few months after the events Twilight Princess. Colin has started his training at the age of 9 or so, inspired by his "brother", Link. Nintendo has not named his little sister that was seen in the credits of the game, so for the sake of the story, I will call her Ulen(you-lyn).***


Chapter 1


"Colin! Colin! Wake up you lazy boy!",Colin's mother,Uli,shouted from outside. Colin awoke with an intense headache. He winced as he got to his feet. How he got the headache is a funny story. He had been training with his wooden shield and sword. He had swung his wooden sword too intensely and fell forward into the nearby stream and hit his head on a rock. After that he

went to bed,hoping the pain would leave. It didn't.

Colin fumbled his way to the door leading outside when he suddenly realized how hungry he was. He looked around forsomething to eat really quick. An Ordon Pumpkin Pie lay on the table nearby. He loved his mother's pies,they were his favorite food. He wolfed down about a third of the pie and made his way outside before his mother got upset.

As he went outside he noticed his baby sister Ulen rolling around in the grass playing with a squirrel. He smiled at the sight. He had never seen such a squirrel. Most would never even let a human touch them,let alone play with them. His mother was standing beside Mayor Bo near his house.

Uli looked flustered,"Colin! Finally! Mayor Bo would like to speak with you for a moment."

Mayor Bo nodded towards Colin,greeting him,"Morning, lad. I have a small task I would like you to do for me. You see this dagger?"

The dagger had a golden handle and it was put away in a brown sheath. It sparkled brightly on the tip of its handle.

"I want you to run it over to Jaggle. I am too busy with Fado and his goats to do it. Here,this is for helping me."

He handed Colin a purple rupee. Colin was dumbfounded by this; he had never had a rupee before. A purple was worth fifty normal green rupees! He could buy a ton of Bee Larva from Sera's shop with this! Colin was too afraid to break a hive himself to get some. He could almost taste the sweetness...

Colin put away the rupee in his pocket, "Of course, sir. I will do it."

Mayor Bo smiled, "That's a nice boy. Well, I'm off."

He left towards Ordon Ranch to help Fado. Colin made his way to Jaggle's house to deliver the dagger to him. Jaggle was in the garden attending his pumpkins.

He saw Colin approach towards him, "Hey kid! How're ya' doin'?"

Colin held out the dagger, "Mayor Bo asked me to bring this to you."

Jaggle took the dagger and relived it from its sheath. The dagger blade was a teal color that complimented the golden handle. It was really a beautiful blade.

Colin asked, "Did Mayor Bo fix that for you, or is it a gift?"

Jaggle smiled, "A gift. Today is my birthday. Didn't anyone tell you? There is going to be a party tonight in the village!"

Colin's mouth dropped. He loved the huge parties his village held. Jaggle waved and went inside his house. Colin made his way back to his home; his father was on the steps waiting for him.

"Hey Colin! Ready to start training?"

"Of course father."

"You don't sound very enthusiastic."

"Well....I'm pretty bad, father. I wanna' be like Link, but I'm not as powerful or as brave as him. I know I saved Beth from the Bulbins that one time, but that was a fluke."

"Son... You did something great that day. You were a hero. You have courage, and I know you can get stronger. Link was just like you when I started training him. He was scared and weak as well."

"I...I can't imagine that."

"It's true, son. I found him in the woods when he was just a lad. About a year or so younger than you."

"What about his family? Was he...alone?"

"Yes, he was. I found him crying. He wouldn't tell me anything but his name. I never pushed the question about his family again because I knew it'd only hurt him. So, our little village took him in as one of us. Have you ever noticed his ears? How they are pointy?"

Colin nodded.

"Well, Link is Hylian. A race that is declining in population. How he got to be here I'll never know. But he will always be a son to me, and a brother to you."

Colin looked down. Link had been through a lot. He had no excuse to be a little wimp like he was.



"Will Link ever...come back?"

His father smiled,"Yes. It may be a long time, it may be tomorrow. But I promise you, he will."

Colin hoped so. He missed Link a lot.


Chapter 2


Colin spent many hours training in the woods with his father. Colin had gotten better, much better. For some reason he kept telling himself that if Link could do it, so could he. He was determined to be strong. Courageous. Heroic. Link saved Hyrule. Colin wanted to make Link proud in case he ever came back.

Rusl put a hand on Colin's shoulder,"Son, you have got strength. I'm proud no matter what. I just want you to know that."

Colin sheathed his shield and sword. He and his father headed towards the village for Jaggle's party. They arrived at the village to balloons and confetti everywhere. A giant cake stood on top of a table nearby Jaggle's house. Colin was in awe at the sight. The villagers walked towards Colin and Rusl and greeted them.

Jaggle laughed,"'Bout time you two showed up! We need to start the party!"

Malo stood nearby in a very excited mood. Malo never acted like this. He was running around singing and dancing and playing with animals. Illia also danced and sang. She had not been very happy when Link left. It was nice to see her having fun.

Talo approached Colin,"Hey man! Finally you're here, this party is awesome!"

Colin smiled,"Thanks Talo. Looks like Malo is enjoying himself."

Talo laughed,"Yeah, he loves parties. Too bad he isn't always like this, huh?"

Beth was dancing with her father, Hanch, around a fire. She looked really happy. Colin couldn't help but feel a strong bond with her. Even if she was a little older. Ever since the day he pushed her out of the way, she had been really nice to him. They had taken walks, talked to each other about everything, and hung out all the time. Beth got done dancing with her father and looked for Colin.

She looked over at him and giggled joyfully,"Colin! I'm so happy to see you!"

Beth gave Colin a big hug and he smiled. They went over to the table and got some cake. They ate it on a little dock just behind Talo's house.

Colin looked over at Beth,"Beth? Do you ever wonder if that Ganondorf guy will ever come back?"

"No. Link killed him. I don't think he will."

"But...I just feel like he isn't done yet."

"You never even met the guy. How can you "feel" anything of him?"

"I don't know... What did they ever do with his body? Did they tell you?"

"Well...I overheard my father talking to yours about it. Your father said he and The Group took it to the desert and buried him there. He said it was very strange. Like Ganondorf's body made him feel very cold. They obviously didn't want us to know."

Colin frowned, "I wish he would have told me. That man is pure evil. Nothing that evil stays dead for long."

Beth smiled, "Don't worry, Colin. I'm sure he's not coming back."

Colin returned the smile, "I hope so."

When Colin got home, his father had an object behind his back. Rusl was smiling relentlessly. Colin wondered what he was up to.

Rusl chuckled, "Son, I have a gift for you. It was my very first sword I ever got. I have also made a "change" to it, just for you."

Colin handled the sword around in his hands. It was magnificent. A nice long blade, great handle with indents for his fingers, and his name was engraved in the hilt. Colin. This was the best gift he had ever received. He hugged his father.

Rusl knew his son loved it, "Now, I expect you first thing in the morning to continue your training."

Colin was beaming, "Yes, sir!"


Chapter 3

*** Five Years Later ***


Colin had grown a lot over the next several years. He was as tall as his father, but still kind of resembled his mother. His hair was a nice length, and very unkept. He also wore a headband similar to his father's. His physique was almost as good as his old man's. Colin still wore the same design of village clothes. He liked them, and thought of them unique to the rest of Hyrule. Colin almost always carried around his sword everywhere. He had also received a new shield for his birthday last year. It was hard steel, with the Ordon design on it. The shield was always right beside the sword. Colin had also become quite adept as a swordsman.

He still had some trouble with rushing the opponent too much, though. It wasn't a bad move, but he almost always did it arrogantly. This error aside, he was skilled with a sword. He also goes on jobs with his father and The Group from time to time, also. He has a love in his life, Beth. He and Beth were very much in love now and plan to get married in a few years. Talo and Malo are still up to their usual tasks. Talo is an aspiring postman and is always with the Postman following him everywhere on foot. Talo had become quite fast. Malo still owns his shop in Hyrule Castle Town, though he hardly ever goes there. They send in his rupees via postman.

Ulen has grown into a sweet little girl. She looked just like her mother. A splitting image. She loved playing with animals, and they loved her. Every animal she gets around just loves to play with her. She has a real talent.

Ever since Ganondorf had blown up Hyrule Castle, every single citizen in Hyrule had come to help build a new one. Colin, Rusl and The Group had been over there many times to help build it. It was amazing that the castle was built in only about three years.


Chapter 4


Colin walked outside of his home towards Ordon Ranch. Fado came running towards him in a loss of breath.


"Slow down, Fado. What's the matter?"

"A wild horse got into the ranch and is making the goats wild! Please, can you come tame it for me? I can't catch the thing!"


Colin ran into the ranch and immediately saw the horse. It was a very dark brown, almost black color. The horse was a male. A gorgeous horse.

He ran towards the horse. It tried to charge him, but Colin dove out of the way. The horse turned around and tried again. Colin dodged, but grabbed on to the tail. The horse did not like this. It dragged him around until he climbed the tail onto its back. That put a strain in his muscles, it hurt. He let out a relieving yelp and put his arms around the horse's neck. The horse wouldn't slow down, he tried to calm it, but the horse was terrified long before it came here. He pulled a piece of horse grass from his pocket and blew on it. It made a beautiful song as he blew on it. Link had taught him this many years ago. The horse stopped and neighed loudly. It had finally calmed down. Fado and Rusl ran up to Colin on top of the horse.

Rusl chuckled, "It seems you've tamed yourself a horse."

"Yes, father. He is a beautiful horse, he has no saddle, and he was terrified of something. Father, may I keep him?"

"I see no harm in it. You could get around Hyrule all by yourself with him."

"By myself? Are you sure?"

"Of course, you're a strong, courageous young man. Hyrule Field should show no challenge to you."

"Thank you,father."

"Well, what will you name your new friend?"

"I will name him after the Light Spirit of this village...Ordana."

"A nice name, son."

Fado laughed, "Well, looks like you'll need a place to keep him. How about in my pen? I have extra space in there."

Colin smiled, "Sure thing, Fado. I wouldn't trust any other ranch hand."


Chapter 5


It was the crack of dawn and the only thing awake was Colin, sitting on the steps of his

home, waiting for his father to wake so he could tell him he was leaving. He was too excited for his

first alone trip to Hyrule to get much sleep. He was going to go to Castle Town and see if any

citizens had a job for him to do, or a robber to track. As always, he had his sword and shield on

his back. He had a pack on his side that had food, pots, and a slingshot. He also carried a lantern

clipped onto his belt, and some fuel in the pack. Colin didn't know how long he was going to be

gone, but he was prepared.

"Looks like you're going somewhere," Rusl had appeared behind Colin,"are you ready?"

Colin smiled,"Yes, father. I'm sure I'll be fine, I'm just going to see if I can catch a

random thug or two for a poor soul. I might not return until the next morning, but I've got enough

supplies to last me the night."

"Okay, son. I'm so proud of you. Do you have any Hawk Grass? You might need some if you do

battle, or just need a nice hawk to get something out of your reach."

Colin had forgotten about the Hawk Grass, "No, father. But I will pick some and be on my


Rusl put his arm on Colin's shoulder, "Sure thing, son. If you need me, or The Group, just

blow on this flute."

He handed his son a long red flute. Colin had never seen this before. It had a golden

mouthpeice on the end of it.

Colin looked curious, "What does this do?"

"When you blow on it, I can hear it no matter where I am. I will follow the sound and find

you. The Group can also hear it, so don't be surprised if Shad, Auru, and Ashei show up. Telma

probably won't, for she is always attentive to her bar. But rest assured, someone will."

This made Colin feel a little more safe knowing he had friends if he needed them. Colin put

away the flute into his pack and made his way into Ordon Ranch to pick up Ordana. On his way he

picked a few pieces of Hawk Grass and stuck them in his pack.

As Colin entered the ranch, Fado greeted him, "Hello Colin! Here to pick up Ordana?"

Colin returned the greeting, "Morning, Fado. Yes, I am. He wasn't any trouble was he?"

"No, no, no. He is a very gentle horse. You have quite an amazing animal here. He can

understand us when we talk! He shakes his head according to his answer. Watch."

Fado looked into the horse's face, "Ordana, do you like apples?"

Ordana shook his head up and down.

Fado smiled, "Ordana, do you think I'm a handsome devil, and smooth with the ladies?"

Ordana shook his head sideways.

Fado laughed, "See the horse even knows I'm a big dork!"

Colin smiled, this was amazing. A horse that could understand, and nod? Absurd. But it was

really a great thing.

Colin got on top of Ordana.

"Well, Fado, we're going to go now," Colin waved good-bye,"Ordana and I will see you soon."

"Farewell, friends." Fado waved, and walked off chuckling to himself. He was so tickled by

the fact the horse could almost talk to him.


Chapter 6


Before Colin left, he stopped by Beth's home to see her. She ran out and hugged him.

"Colin! Please...please be careful."

Colin held her, "I've been tons of time with my father, it won't be too hard on my own. He

has taught me everything he knows."

Beth kissed him on the cheek, "I know. I'm just scared for you."

Colin looked into her eyes, "Don't worry. I'll be back really soon, I promise."

Beth found her way inside, and looked back to wave to him before he departed.

Colin and Ordana made their way to the entrance to Hyrule Field from the woods. They rode

outside the gate that seperated them from the rest of Hyrule. He looked across Hyrule in all of its

beauty. Endless plains, hills lined with flowers. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky.

It always took his breath away at the site. He clicked his tongue and Ordana sped off into the

field. This felt great, riding through the field, feeling the nice breeze as he sped by all the

trees and animals.

He knew almost all of Hyrule by heart now. He, his father, and The Group had been all over

it many times. He made his way to Castle Town and left Ordana by a spring nearby to rest and drink.

He pulled several apples off of a nearby tree and left them in front of her. As he made his way into

Castle Town he could hear all the business of the citizens inside. This was his favorite town in all

of Hyrule. There was always something exciting going on here. Colin walked throught the crowded

streets and stopped by a bread vendor. He bought a piece of bread for a blue rupee and ate it as he

made his way to Telma's Bar.

When he got inside the bar, Telma greeted him with a big hug. He waved to The Group, sitting

in their usual corner. They were on a break from exploring he guessed. Ashei and Auru nodded towards


Shad spoke up, "Ah. Young Colin. You have grown a lot. You think you could join The Group


Colin laughed, "Well, I hope so. One day."

Telma walked towards him, "Colin! I haven't seen you in ages! Are you here all alone?" She

looked worried.

Colin smirked at her, "Of course! I am an adult now, and I'm looking for some work to do.

Any bounties I can handle?"

Telma smiled, "You think you're ready to do a bounty by yourself?"

"Yes. I've been waiting a long time to do something brave, and heroic."

Telma sighed, "Colin. You don't always have to be in it for the glory."

"I'm not! I want to help people."

Telma handed him a sheet of paper, "Here. Look at the first address. A woman's dog was

stolen by a moblin. He fled into Hyrule Field from the East entrance, think you can find him?"

Colin glared at the paper, "Yes. I will find this woman's dog for her."

Telma winked, "Then you better get going."

Colin left the entrance he came through and got atop Ordana. He asked him, "Are you ready?"

Ordana shook his head up and down. Colin laughed good. He headed towards the Eastern

entrance to Castle Town and went from there. He spotted a few caves here and there, but he found

nothing inside them. It was almost nightfall, and he was finding nothing but bones. He was ready to

give up when he spotted a lone moblin sleeping behind a boulder, gripping a small dog.

Colin chuckled, "Gotcha'."

He got off of his horse and crept towards the moblin, hoping he wouldn't wake it. As he

started to grab the dog, the moblin woke up and let out a blood-curdling scream, pulling the dog

back. The moblin put the dog on the ground, and to Colin's surprise, it stayed. The moblin pulled

out a huge club from his back and swung it at Colin. Colin barely dodged it. Colin pulled out his

sword and shield from his back and slammed his shield into the club, knocking the moblin back. The

moblin swung it again towards Colin, but Colin rolled out of the way and struck his sword into the

back of the creature. It had a painful look on its face, almost sad. It closed its eyes and died

while standing. Colin pulled out the sword and fell to the ground. He killed. His first kill. He

killed because of a dumb runaway dog. The moblin just wanted a friend that loved him, and the dog


This wasn't what a hero should do. A hero would have just left them alone, and let them be

happy. Not kill because he wanted glory.

Colin grabbed the dog and went back to the town. He followed the address he read on the

paper and found his way into West Castle Town. He knocked on the door and a beautiful woman

answered. Colin was speechless.

"You found my dog!" The woman grabbed the dog and the dog licked her all over."Thank you so


She hugged Colin tightly. Colin tried to talk, "Uh...umm...u-"

She pulled out his hand,"Please take this! I want you to have it for saving my little

Tingle!" She placed an orange rupee in his hand.

Colin was amazed. An orange rupee, worth a hundred normal ones! And what kind of name for a

dog was Tingle? She was gorgeous, but kinda crazy...

She shut the door and Colin went back to the bar. There, Auru sat beside him at a table.

Auru spoke, "What is bothering you lad? You should be happy for your first bounty mission!"

Colin looked at his feet, "I killed a moblin. It wasn't doing anything but lying down with

its new friend. The dog didn't even run away when he sat it down. I'm not a hero. I killed when it

wasn't needed."

"I see." Auru looked sternly, "Boy, I want to tell you a tale. You know Fyer? The weird

cannon-guy in Lake Hylia?"

Colin nodded.

"Well, I saved his life once. He had been taken hostage by a band of bulbins. They took him

because they were going to eat him, make him into some stew. I snuck into their camp and they were

ready to put him in the pot. I didn't hesitate, I ran out and fought all of them. Not a single one

left alive. You did what you had to do. You didn't hesitate, you knew what you had to do and you did


Colin replied, "But they did do something cruel. The moblin I killed wasn't even awake when

I found it."

Auru smiled, "Maybe he didn't do something cruel to the dog, but he sure as heck was ready

to kill you. You killed so you wouldn't be killed. You will see one day that what you did was brave.

Not a single guard in Hyrule has the guts to fight a moblin on his own. The woman you returned the

dog to, she was happy wasn't she?"

"Yes. Very grateful."

"Then you are a hero in her eyes."

Auru walked away. Colin felt much better now. He knew that being a hero required him to do

things he didn't like, or want. But he was going to be a hero. He had to do these things, and he


Colin lept up and cheered, "Yes! I did a heroic deed! That lady, in her eyes, sees me as a

hero. I will try my best to help more people of Hyrule and Castle Town."

Telma laughed at him, "Sit down, you're jumping around like a fool."


Chapter 7


Wow. Colin felt great. He had made someone happy, which is what he wanted. He had received an orange rupee, now he could try and buy some decent armor. All he had on were his village clothes, they were comfortable, but it was awfully dangerous to not be protected by some sort of iron or metal.

"Sorry, Telma." Colin sat down and smiled. He suddenly jumped up and looked out the window to see how dark it was. "Oh no." Colin thought. It was pitch black outside, he wouldn't be able to see very good, even with the lantern, and it was far too dangerous at night as it was.

"Telma?" Colin looked concerned, "Could I maybe stay the night here?"

Telma smiled, "Of course you can, hon. I have extra rooms in the back. Follow me."

Telma led him to the back of the bar. She removed a mat that was on the floor and revealed a hole with a peculiar shape.

She took off her necklace and placed the stone in the hole, then the wall slid back to show a hall with several doors lined up along the walls. Wow. Who would have thought that she had pretty much a whole motel down here?

Colin had a curious look on, "Telma, how can anyone else get in or out of here if you use that stone around your neck?"

"Well," she had a playful smile on, "I'll show you. Look here."

She pointed to the wall that had opened up. Telma then pulled out a flute just like the one Rusl gave Colin. She pulled the golden mouthpiece off and blew on it. The door slid closed.

Colin leapt with excitement, "How did you know my father gave a flute like that?"

"Well...I just knew it, hon. I've known your father for many, many years. It just wouldn't be like him not to."

Colin pulled out his flute pulled the mouthpiece off of it. He blew, the door opened. This was so cool to Colin.

Telma laughed, "Okay now, let's show you your room."

They walked all the way to the end of the hall and she opened the door on the left. They stepped inside and what was inside was amazing. The whole room was painted red. The bed had a golden frame and headboard, lots of great paintings on the wall. A painting that stood out to Colin was one above the bed. It showed a tall, dark-skinned woman with red hair. She was skinny, and wore clothes Colin had never seen a type of before. The woman was beautiful, even with a huge nose.

Telma smiled, "I see you noticed that picture?"

"Yes. Who is she? She is gorgeous."

"She is my mother."

Colin hesitated, "Is she...gone?"

"Yes. As are my people. She was a Gerudo, as am I. But they are died out. Only a few remain. Most have left Hyrule, but I chose to stay here."

"What happened to your people?"

Telma smiled, "That is a story for another day. You need your rest. I'll see you in the morning."

Telma left and closed the door. He was kind of dissapointed she wouldn't tell him about her race. Colin fell down on the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

EDIT: I have added Chapter 7, expect more really soon. :D

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keep it going awsome story so collins 14 now rite?

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i think

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FINISH UIRTTY J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FINISH UIRTTY J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ONEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol. Wow, it might be a while until I finish, I want it to be kinda long. I haven't been writing because I've been really busy, but I will put more up tomorrow maybe since at least a few of you like it. :D

And yeah, Colin is about 14.

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cool... hey i am one year older than he is...hehehe lol

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*Well everyone, I have a few new chapters for you! It's picking up with the action and will be finished in the coming week or two. Enjoy.*


Chapter 8


Colin awoke to the sound of an explosion. It was near the bar and shook his room. Colin panicked. He got on all his gear in an instant and ran out of the room. The hidden wall was already opened. As he got back to the bar, he saw furniture, bottles, books, all sorts of things thrown all over the place. No one in sight though. Colin was terrified now; he ran out of the bar and into the streets of Castle Town. People were running everywhere screaming, and Colin saw dead citizens all over the place. Colin felt like crying right now, the town was under attack by moblins, knights and Darknuts. Why? Why is this happening?

He saw moblins bombing a nearby shop. This was it, a time to forget about morals and do the right thing. A hero's deed. Colin pulled out his slingshot and shot all three of them in the face. They fell off of the roof and onto the streets. Colin ran at them with his sword and shield in hand, then stabbed one in the face. He withdrew his sword and slashed at another, it blocked with its club. Colin furiously slashed and rushed the enemy. The moblin missed a block and found Colin's sword inside its chest. Colin moved on to the next moblin, this one had just recovered from the fall and pulled out its long cleaver-like sword. It made a loud yelp and ran at Colin slashing. Colin easily evaded and they met swords clashed together, face to face. Colin pushed and pushed against the other's sword until it fell back; he took the oppurtunity and decapitated it.

Colin rested for a moment and ran off to find The Group. He saw Telma with a sharp rapier fighting of a Darknut. He was surprised at how fast she was, and strong, too. Telma lept over the helmetless knight and stabbed him in the head.

She saw Colin and wept, "Oh, thank goodness you're alright, hon. Are you hurt?"

"No. What about the others? Where are they?"

"They are fighting off the monsters. They can hold their own."

"What's going on? Why is this happening? These poor people..."

"I know." She had tears in her eyes, "I know. It seems a war has broken out against Hyrule Castle. They have come for Zelda, but we have hid her in your village. Don't worry, she is in a hidden place of your village called the Sacred Grove. They won't find her. She didn't want to leave her castle and town, but we had no choice. She will remain hidden until the fight in this town is over."

"But...what started the war?"


Colin's stomache flipped. That man, it made him tingle just thinking about him. He died though. How could he have come back?

"Telma! did he come...b-"

She frowned, "I don't know. I...just don't know. I saw him flee to the castle and Auru and your father followed him. I only hope they are safe. But we can't do anything right now but fight these guys off."

"You let them go?!? To that man?! WHY?! They will die now, Telma! They will die!"

"Colin, get ahold of yourself! They didn't go to fight, they went to find out what he's up to. They are being stealthy about it. Remaining hidden as to not be seen. They will come back soon enough to tell what Ganondorf is up to. But for now, we fight."


Chapter 9


Colin drew his sword and shield and went around the town and killed any moblin he could find. After a few hours, he ran into a Darknut and had no choice but to fight it. The Darknut slashed at Colin, but it was too slow. Colin ran up the sword before it could pull it back, and pulled its helmet off and slashed its armor off from the strings on its back holding it on. It was only in chainmail now, but it was much quicker. It threw its sword at Colin, but Colin rolled out of the way. The Darknut pulled out a rapier and twirled it, as if taunting Colin. Colin smirked and slashed his sword in the air at the knight. The knight ran at Colin and tried to stab, but Colin barely moved out of the way. Colin slashed the knights sword out of the way and slahed at the knight, but it blocked. They swiped at each other furiously for several minutes, they were a perfect match. After a while of slashing, blocking, slashing, blocking, the knight stabbed Colin in the hand. Colin cried out in pain and dropped his shield. Colin fought the knight back with his remaining hand and sword. The knight knocked the sword out of Colin's hand, and ran in for the kill. Colin rolled out of the way and into a narrow alley. He pulled out the red flute and blew on it. About ten seconds later Auru and Rusl appeared, and Colin watched them fight the knight from the alley. Auru distracted it, then Rusl came in and stabbed in from behind, all the way through the chest.

Colin came out from the alley and ran towards his father.

"Father!" Colin wept all teary eyed.

Rusl sighed, "I'm here son, I'm here. I told you if you ever needed us, to blow on the flute. I'm so proud, you have helped this town today by fighting off many enemies."

"We must leave now." Auru looked very stern. "There are more enemies headed towards the town as we speak. Many more, we can't do this much longer. Colin, get on your horse and go back to the village and look after Zelda. She has requested you. We will continue to fight here."

Colin raised his head, "Okay. But what about the other people here?"

Auru smiled, "Ashei, some Gorons, and Telma are transporting, in wagons, survivors to Death Moutain for the Gorons to help protect. Gorons, Zoras, are on their way here, and the Hylian knights here are helping fight off the enemies. I have recieved a message from King Bulbin, and he and his bandits are going to help. I asked no questions, only thanked him for his help. Ashei has just got back from your village, and she is the one that told me Zelda has requested you. So, leave, and we will see you soon, kid."

Rusl smiled, "Yes. Go and see what Zelda wants. When you are done, you can come back and help us defend this fine town. We will stand strong. Like heroes."

Like heroes.

"Sure thing, father! But did you find out what Ganondorf is doing?"

"We still don't know how he got back to life, but we saw him attacking the palace guards and screaming that he was going to take down this city, and kill the princess so he shall rule. I don't know why he wants this kingdom so bad, but he and his minions are in one hell of a fight if they think they can just take it. We will worry about him later, when we have more reinforcements. But, hurry son, and go!"

Colin called Ordana with the Horse Grass and took off towards his village. When he was in Hyrule Field, he looked over towards the opposite way he was going and say many moblins and other enemies marching towards the town. He only hoped they would be all right.


Chapter 10


When he got back to his village, he saw many people from the town here. They were bringing people here for safety as well. All his family and friends noticed him and all ran towards him and hugged him, told him their worries for him, and how much they missed him. Beth ran up to him and kissed him.

She was crying, "Colin! Please...please don't go! You always go to dangerous stuff like this! Now a war?! Please...don't!"

"I always go, but I always come back as well, don't I? I have to. I have to help Hyrule."

"But if Link were here-"

"But he's not! He's gone! I have to help! No one knows where he is, or why he left, but he did and now we can't just depend on him anymore! We all have to act like Link and be brave."

She put her head down, "I should have known. I'm sorry, I'm just so scared right now, and I don't want to lose anyone. I just like to think Link will show up and save us."

"I know. I do, too. But Zelda needs to see me right now, and I have to go."

"Okay. Bye." She hung her head and looked really upset.

Colin sped off towards the woods and didn't know where the hidden Sacred Grove was. Colin cursed under his breath and stumbled his way all over the place trying to find this stupid hidden place. He heard a big rattle and turned around to see a big creepy, wooden puppet in his face. Colin jumped backwards and fell. What was this? It grabbed his arm and flew into the air over the woods and flew into a small area with some sort of shatter ruins. It dropped him in the middle of it all, and he met face to face with a beautiful princess. Zelda.

Zelda smiled, "Thank you, Skull Kid."

Then a creepy little scarecrow-looking man, or was it a boy? Walked over to her and bowed and dissapeared into thin air.

Colin looked confused, "What..."

"He is a nice friend of mine, I asked him to help you find your way here." She grinned at Colin, "I asked for you because Telma and The Group have told me stories of your bravery and need to be like Link. You really want to be a hero don't you?"

"Yes. I do. But unlike Link, I won't abandon the people I save."

"You don't admire him anymore?"

"No. He left me without even a goodbye. He may be a hero, but not a polite one."

"Colin. He had a reason to leave. He wanted to get away from here, it was too much pressure for him to be a hero."

"What did he expect from saving Hyrule? To be ignored?"

"No. But he wanted peace, and to not always be looked toward to when something happened. He knew there would be other heroes after him. He told me you would succeed him as a hero. You would become a great warrior and save us."

"How could he know that?"

Colin felt guilty now. He had always blamed Link for leaving him, but Link was doing it for the good of Hyrule. Link said he was going to be a hero. Why? He had never known Link to have any premonitions. Either way, he forgave Link. Link saw something in Colin that Colin himself couldn't see.

Zelda looked sympathetically, "I don't know, Colin. But I believe him. And I need to show you something."

She led him through the woods, and ruins to a pedestal with a gorgeous sword sticking from it.

"This," She looked very serious, "is The Blade of Evil's Bane. Only a true hero can wield it. I want you to pull it out and use it to slay Ganondorf."

"I...can't. I'm not a true hero like Link. I am selfish."

"Colin. You always think of others, and want to save them. You have a pure heart, and that is what you need."

Colin gulped, and stepped towards the blade. He gripped both hands around the hilt, closed his eyes and said ,"Please...Goddesses...Let me slay Ganondorf."

He pulled. Nothing. It wouldn't budge.

Zelda frowned, "What is wrong Colin?"

"It won't let me pull it. I am not a true hero."

"Colin, try again."


"Because you didn't have your hands around the sword, you were pulling on your flute hanging from your pocket."

He glanced down and saw his flute stuck inside his pack. He felt so dumb. He put the flute away and put his hands around the sword, and pulled. This time, with his eyes open. The sword came out and glowed with a bright light. It gave Colin such a great feeling, he felt great. He wanted to save Hyrule, and slay Ganondorf.

Princess Zelda smiled, "Colin. Are you ready to end this war?"

Colin placed the sword in his sheathe, and lay down his own sword beside the pedestal. He would come back for it when this was over. If he was alive.

"Princess Zelda, I will save Hyrule."

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Awsome i like the way you let someone besides link to wield the master sword.

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Awsome i like the way you let someone besides link to wield the master sword.

Thanks. :D

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*Okay, this is the ending to Colin's story. Please enjoy.*


Chapter 11


King Bulbin looked over Castle Town that was in an all-out battle. There were corpses of Zoras, Gorons, Hylian Knights, Moblins and every other race involved in the war. War was terrible, but it was part of life. You can't have peace with it, and you can't have peace without it. King Bulbin saw this as a test the Goddesses put upon Hyrule. He hated Ganondorf, but he had fought for him several years ago, until a young man dressed in green made him see the right path. He had always picked the strongest side, but now he was sure Hyrule was stronger than Ganondorf's army. King Bulbin rode through the town crushing any enemy in his path. He helped allies with wounds and with the outnumbered soldiers. He was tired of this battle. It wouldn't end for either side until Ganondorf was dead. He was going to step up to Ganondorf by himself.

He got off of his boar and stormed through the castle to the top floor. Ganondorf was sitting in the throne smirking at the King. King Bulbin walked up to Ganondorf and he stood up.

"Hello, King Bulbin. Do you like my little war? You will soon have me as YOUR king. This kingdom will be mine. There is no hero anymore." Ganondorf threw his head back and laughed.

King Bulbin smiled. He knew another hero was on his way. He had heard of a young lad that was just like the boy in green. On his way to save them.

"What are you smiling at you gargantuan idiot?"

"Ganondorf," King Bulbin grinned, "you will die."

Ganondorf laughed, "By whom? YOU!?" He laughed again.

"No. Not by me."

"Ganondorf stopped laughing. Did this oaf know something?

" you mean? There is no one here strong enough to kill me. Now, you will die for threatening me with such a moronic idea."

Ganondorf drew a long, glowing white blade. A Sage's sword. King Bulbin glanced at the evil man. He too took out his battle axe. King Bulbin was going to die today. He was going to fight Ganondorf. After all, he always chose the strongest side.


Chapter 12


Ganondorf rushed towards the King. The King blocked his blade with his axe, then he pushed down Ganondorf with his pure strength and tried to hit him with his axe, but Ganondorf rolled out of the way. Ganondorf jumped at the King and swung his sword at him, then the King grabbed Ganondorf's arm and swung him around and threw him into the wall. It made a large thud, and some bricks fell down off of it. Ganondorf looked enraged now.


He threw his sword at the King and impaled his arm. The King let out a loud scream as he pulled the blade out and threw it down. He ran at Ganondorf and swung rapidly. Ganondorf rolled behind him, picked up the sword and slashed his back. Blood ran down the Sage's sword onto the ground. King Bulbin threw his arm back and hit Ganondorf in the face. The evil man flew backwards in the throne and it crumbled onto him. Ganondorf was getting worn down a little bit from the King's strength. Ganondorf ran at full speed at the King and stabbed the King in the stomach, all the way through his back. The King winced, and picked up Ganondorf by his neck.

"You may kill me, but I swear to you, Colin will finish you." As he said this, King Bulbin drew his last breath and fell down on the ground. Dead. He died, not with the intent to kill Ganondorf, but to scare him. Frighten him so that when Colin does come, Ganondorf will fear the boy.

Ganondorf pulled out his sword and chuckled, "Stupid Bulbin. You have no idea how wrong you are." He then left and went to get some rest from his battle, and to find some food in the castle's kitchen.


Chapter 13


Colin was appalled at how many corpses were littered in the town. Hundreds, and hundreds dead from the battle. They were still fighting, too. It hurt Colin to see this much bloodshed over one man's thirst for power. This made Colin want kill Ganondorf even more now. He made his way to the castle and opened the front doors. It was a long climb, but he finally made it to the throne room. No Ganondorf. just rubble. It seemed a fight went on here. With who? Colin walked around until he found the dead body of King Bulbin. Colin gasped, he was the one Ganondorf fought. Now he was dead. He seemed to put a great struggle for Ganondorf. Colin was very upset now. He had only met the King a few times before after he made a truce with the people of Hyrule. His father had been good friends with him, the King even went on missions with his father on several occasions. Rusl had always told Colin how wise King Bulbin was.

Colin rose up and covered the body with a large rug, and prayed to the Goddesses. Now to find Ganondorf. He stumbled around for a bit until he finally made his way to the roof. Ganondorf was overlooking the war from here.

He had his back turned to Colin and spoke, "Well, are you the boy that is supposedly my death? Are you Colin?"

"Yes. I am. And I will kill you for all the people you have killed this day!"

"Shut up. I have no intentions of hearing your 'hero-speech'. I only want to offer you something."

"I will never agree to anything you offer me."

"Oh really? I was going to offer you to spare your family after I killed you. But I guess they shall die as well."

"Don't you ever talk about my family."

"Or what? You will kill me? Like the Boy in Green tried? He didn't succeed. When he shoved that sword you hold right there into me, he only sealed my power inside me and made me go into a deep sleep. I was in between life and death. I had to spend many years gaining my power back after that. But eventually, I did."

He held up his hand to show a yellow glowing triangle on it. Shad had told Colin about this, the triangle was part of the Triforce the Goddesses created. It is said the person that touches it will get anything he desires. How did Ganondorf get a piece of it?

"I came here to kill Zelda so I would be one step closer to my wish. Then all I needed was the Boy in Green's piece. But it seems he has abandoned his land, and I cannot find him. So, I have no choice but to just take the land. Do you know of his parents?"

"His parents? What about them?"

He threw his head back and laughed, "I killed them."

Colin felt dizzy. It was him, the reason Link had no family.

"I killed them when he was just a boy. They were on their way to this very town. My band of thieves and I needed some loot, so we killed his family and took their belongings. He didn't see any of it. Not a split second. He was asleep when I killed them, so I took him into some woods and left him. I do not believe in killing someone who is unaware of you."

"Is that why you have killed so many innocents?"

"No. I do that because I'm sick and tired of trying to be fair. Being fair doesn't get you a kingdom."

"You're...a monster. No...worse."

He grinned, "You have no idea."

He drew his white sword and jumped at Colin. Colin parried Ganondorf and swiped at him. Ganondorf blocked and did a stabbing technique, Colin hit back his sword and smacked Ganondorf in the face with his shield. This upset Ganondorf. Ganondorf kicked Colin to the ground and tried to stab, but Colin rolled. They both swung their swords into each other's and clashed. They were nose to nose and Colin had never seen such cold eyes. They made him uneasy, but he blocked them out and continued to fight. They were swinging as hard as they can at each other. Gaondorf punched Colin in the stomach and made him fall to his knees. Ganondorf chuckled and pulled off Colin's headband and threw it down. He then tried to cut off Colin's head, but Colin ducked. Colin punched Ganondorf in the head and stabbed his shoulder. Ganondorf let out a cry and grabbed Colin by the neck and held him in the air.

"You...little brat!"

He started strangling Colin, he couldn't breathe. Ganondorf was enjoying this. He had a wicked smile on the whole time. Colin was sure he was about to die. An arrow then hit Ganondorf in the neck and made him drop Colin and stumble. Colin grabbed the Master Sword and stabbed it directly into Ganondorf's forehead. Ganondorf went limp and fell over. The golden triangle dissapeard from his hand, and his body to ash. The ashes blew away in the wind in an evil whistling noise. Colin was sure Ganondorf's evil was over, at least for a little while longer. He couldn't see how he could come back from that. But that's also what he thought last time.

The arrow. Where did it come from? Who shot it? It didn't matter, he was alive, and Ganondorf dead. He was happy, tired, but happy. He made his way down to the ground outside Hyrule Castle. Ganondorf's minions were retreating, but the Hyrule inhabitants were still fighting them as they ran. He made his way to the center of Castle Town and waited. Waited for his friends to find him. After a while, Rusl ran up to him and hugged him.

"Son!" He was teary eyed, "You did it! You saved us! I've never been so proud of anything."

Colin smiled, "Yeah. Do you think...Link would be proud?"

"Well, ask him yourself."

Link walked up and smiled at Colin. Colin was overjoyed. Link was about a foot taller than normally, and had the same green clothes on.

He ran up to Link crying, "Link! I've missed you so much! I've been lonely without my big brother."

Link returned the hug and smiled.

"Wait...did you shoot the...?"

Link nodded.


Rusl perked up, "He didn't want to see a hero fail. And he had no time to walk up there and help you. He did what you would have done."

A hero.

"I am a hero, I guess aren't I?"

Link laughed and patted Colin on the shoulder. They walked back through the town helping people out, and helping the soldiers, Zoras, Gorons, and Bulbins with wounds. Zelda greeted Colin and Link, while Rusl helped some citizens.

"Colin. I cannot thank you enough. You and Link are the best heroes anyone could ask for. I am going to dub you an official knight of my kingdom."

Colin was so excited. He bowed on one knee, and Zelda pulled out her rapier and touched the tip of it on the back of his head.

She stood the blade at his side and said, "Colin. Do you accept your duty as a Hylian knight, and swear to uphold the law of this kingdom and fight for us?"

"Yes, My Lady."

She put the rapier away and kissed his hand.

"It is done. You are now Colin, Knight of Hyrule."

"What about Link?"

"I offered him years ago, but he respectfully declined and went on his travels outside of Hyrule. You should hear some."

They made their way back to Ordon Village and ate at Colin's house. They had a huge party that night, celebrating Link's return and Colin's salvation. Link told Colin all about his travels throughout the other land outside Hyrule. They were amazing. Great stories of Link helping out other kingdoms with their problems. He said they were just like Hyrule, the same races and everything. But they all had their own different rule. Colin returned the Master Sword to its resting place, and took his own sword back with him.

Link went to his treehouse and said goodnight to Colin. Colin was so happy to have his friend back. Colin went inside, laid on his bed, and closed his eyes.

*I might make another fan-fic later on about Link's absence, and his journey outside of Hyrule. But don't quote me on it, :embarrassed:. I hope you enjoyed it. :D *

I have added the notepad file, if anyone prefers reading that. I hope my fan-fiction gets to become part of the fan fiction section of the site. :embarrassed:


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That was sweeettteeetetetettetetttetet :D

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:ohmygod: That was *Naving* awesome! :joy: Zelda was a little unrealistic, but other than that, epic. That was so cool. :biggrin:

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