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Vincent was basically ready when Darius showed up again, and told him to gather the rest of the party before dashing off. He also said something about Ulia in trouble, and Vincent knew that he just couldn't sit out. 'Dammit, I just can't leave them...' He thought to himself, before looking around and deciding to follow after him, through the thicker part of the bush. He kept up with him to a certain point, and stopped when he saw that they were cornered by creatures of the forest, both by about a dozen or so. He was hidden in the trees, and thankfully his green cloak gave him a bit better camoflauge than his tunic.

He was about to launch an arrow in their direction, but decided what they had in mind when one came and he heard them say that their leader wanted to see them. He remained silent as they were led off, and continued to make his way through the thicker part of the forest, and though it was longer, it was worth it because he wasn't seen very easily because of all the brush. 'If they plan to do anything to them, I'll show them what I've got with a bow... Wow, this is wierd, this'll also be my first time I actually use my bow for helping others...' He realized, but kept his pace with them in the brush, staying out of sight.

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Darius looked over at Ulia as they walked, and saw her thumbing her horn. He stuck his hand out, shaking his head and warning her best as he could not to blow it without indicating his intentions to the creatures. He caught some stares from them, but Ulia acknowledged nevertheless. Subtly, she simply stopped thumbing it.

They walked on for what had to have at least been a half hour. Then Darius stopped. The group stopped with him.

"Why have you stopped?" One of the creatures asked.

"First, I have questions."

"Well will see which ones we deem answerable."

"Who, or what, are you?"

"We are known as Deku the people of the forest."

"Why did you attack our soldiers the first time they came through here?"

"They attacked us, and we defended ourselves. They are now being held prisoner in our Kingdom."

"You have a kingdom?"


"Alright. Second. I want to call my friends."


"If we're going to talk, I want to make sure I've got my friends with me. Honestly, how do I know if I'm walking into an ambush or not?"

"They are not neces-"

"They are. And if you want me to speak with your leader, I'm bringing my friends with me. Period."

Ulia looked over at him, trying to disguise the, "oh, why did you just sign our death warrant?" look.

"Very well. Call them."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure they keep their blades sheathed. Ulia, you can use that horn now."

Ulia smiled and finally unclipped it from her shoulder strap. Darius followed suite. Together, they blew into the horns, sending a loud, deep wail through the forest.

"Thank you," Darius said. "Now, let's continue."

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Vincent stopped in the bushes when he saw that the group stopped, and listened as Darius questioned on of the people, who considered themselves as the Deku, and they have their own kingdom. When the horns blew in unison, Vincent was knocked back with by how loud it was, though the noise it made masked the sound of his soft thud against the ground which he stood. 'Ugh... I wasn't expecting it to be that loud...' Vincent complained in his mind, sitting up as he kept low. 'I guess I should keep going to the Deku Palace... But I still need to keep a low profile until they get there, and I'm sure that Saka will be here soon... No, I'll keep a low profile all the way through, regardless of what Darius says...' He thought, though he was never told of the other member that would be traveling with them.

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Posted (edited)

They kept on going for awhile, until a light broke through the tree line. The group stopped.

"Beyond these trees is our home, our Kingdom," the Deku directly in front of Darius stated, turning to face him. "Once you pass this tree line, you are to keep your fingers away from your weapons. Keep your distance from our people, and stay within our group. When you speak to our king, treat him with the same respect that you would if he were a Hylian king. Are you capable of this?"

"Perfectly," Darius replied, annoyed with the 'capable' part.

"Very well."

They passed through the tree line, and a different world opened up before them. It was a fortress from the outside, a large, wooden fortress. It's architecture held an obvious influence from the nature around the Deku, and what they may believe was their origins. Torches lit a path to it, a path that led to a wooden bridge over a moat, made from a river that flowed into who-knows-where. By the gates stood two guards, adorned in lavish colors that must have symbolized royalty or knighthood. Darius wasn't sure. More than likely a royal guard.

He was taken aback by all of this. These weren't creatures. They weren't beasts. They were a people. Civilized people, with art, architecture, a king, an established home. These weren't savages.

They were marched in past the gates and down a hallway, which led to a large, open room with a bonfire in the center. On the opposite end of the room was a deck that held a few thrones. On the center throne sat a large deku, who held a staff and was adorned in many different vibrant colors, and a crown of sorts. The king. On the left sat who must have been his queen, and on the right was a younger male Deku, his son.

The leader of Darius and Ulia's escort, the same one who talked to Darius a minute ago, stepped forward and approached the deck. That's when Darius saw it, the cloak draped around the Deku's right arm. It's color matched one of the colors seen on the guards at the gate, and the many guards seen in this room.

"My lord," he declared, humbleness and respect very clear in his naturistic voice as he knelt, "the outsiders are here to speak with you."

The Deku King leaned forward in his throne, observing the two hylians. "Very well. Step forward, young ones."

Darius was the first to walk toward the king and bow before him, showing very clear respect to this king. "Your grace, I apologize for earlier incursions."

"Hmm... You are different, young one. You speak to us unlike your predecessors. You speak with us as an equal people, one to be recognized as a civilized being."

"This is exactly how I feel. I have seen your kingdom, heard your people. There is no possible way for me to deny that you are a civilized people."

"Unfortunately, your fellow Hylians did not have the same mindset," the King exclaimed, waving his hand toward the prisoner guards who were tied to poles behind a cage wall.


"I wish to make peace talks with you, Hylian. However, I am cautious. Your people have a history of thinking that your skin is harder than it really is. You act as though you are made of stone, when you are truthfully made of cloth."

"Before I begin to discuss anything, I need my friends here beside me to consult. There will be no talks until then."

The King's gaze became unnervingly narrow. "You think differently politically, but you carry the same attitude with you. The belief that you are made of stone. Very well. Guards, escort these hylians to a chamber. Expect a group of outsiders to arrive soon."

The guards circled around the duo once more and led them away.



They were led past gardens, many gardens. They had no pavement in this kingdom. It was all grass and dirt.

"You're very in tune with nature here," Darius noted.

"Yes," the Leader replied. "We Deku, the true Deku, not those manipulated by evil that has existed in the past, have always had a close relationship with the environment around us. This is for reasons both religious and environmental. Naturally, stone buildings and paved streets do not suit us."

"I see."

"So, what, you just live out here without any contact with the rest of the world?" Ulia finally asked.

"Yes," the Leader responded plainly.

They were led past more gardens until they finally came to a fairly bare room, with only beds in it.

"This will be your room of waiting until your allies arrive," the Leader clarified.

"Thank you," Darius replied politely, walking in. Ulia followed suite.

Once they were gone, they sat on a bed, ready to discuss their next steps.

"Well, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm thinking as far as peace talks go..." Darius remarked.

"You probably want to be their friends, considering your talk about them being a people. I don't know. I don't know about us striking first, either. They could've easily been lying."

"I know. I don't know who to trust here. I want to trust my home team, but I just don't know. Either way, I want to discuss peace so that this is avoided in the future."

"If you want this avoided, why not just kill them all?"

"Do you want a genocide on your hands? Do you want to look back and remember the day when you wiped out the Deku race?"

"I still don't know if I consider them people or not. They attacked us first. They didn't try to make peace at all before until they saw us kicking ass. They're afraid of us, Darius. You know this."

"Yeah, I do. I get the feeling they're hiding something. Like they've had problems with us before."

"Yeah, I noticed that..."

"We should be careful, in case they try to make us easier targets. Remember, we still don't know if we're in an ambush or not."

"I felt that way ever since we first started marching with the group back at the beginning of this ride," Ulia muttered, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, you're one to roll eyes right now when we're in this crap because of you in the first place."

"Me? We're in this because of me?! Well if little hero boy hadn't come running along, I'd be escaping right now!"

"Pshh. Yeah. Sure you would."

"It can't be too hard."

"In any case, we came here to stop these problems and get the expansion rolling again. Whether we do it with peace or genocide is up to us, either way we would've gotten the job done. Killing them all would bring the rupees in a lot more easily, though."

"I still don't know. I think we should wait until the others arrive to start discussing this."

"Yeah, I'd rather put off this kind of talk, anyway."

They sat there for a little bit, staring at the walls, the grass, the beds.

"Well, looks like we're gonna be stuck here for awhile. Tell me about yourself, Ulia," Darius finally insisted.

"Well, I'm the latest in a long line of swordsmen. The first daughter in the line, funny enough. My dad's been training me since I was six, like I told you earlier. I also told you that I've been trying to leave for awhile, but I don't hate Ordon. It's peaceful and I enjoy that, but it's just not for me anymore. The world is for me, you know?"

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean."

"When I was younger I used to actually wonder if any world outside of our perfectly quiet village really existed, if there really was anything worthy of being called a world out there. Then I grew up, and became obsessed with the outside world. It's only going to be now that I'll finally be able to see it. That is, assuming we'll get out of here, which we will."

"Damn right we will, if we've gotta diplomat our way out or fight our way out, we'll be walking out of this. All of us."

"I know you're right, and I trust your leadership, even if I've only known you for a day and you're just a newcomer on his first job."

"Yeah..." Darius drawled, rubbing the back of his neck, "...I'm kind of a newbie here, but I can still hold my own."

"Oh yeah? Well what about you, then? I haven't really heard a single thing about you."

"Well, I'm part of the upper class in Castle Town. My dad's a banker and my uncle's a smith. I get my wealth and education from my father, and my training and supplies from my uncle. I've always had this fascination with stories about these beautiful, heroic adventurers making a difference in our little lot in the world. Going out there and leading battles, finding riches, winning wars..."

"I know... Those stories weren't healthy for either of us," Ulia laughed, understanding completely.

"Not at the time, no. But here we are, right? Stuck in the Deku Kingdom with nothing but optimism!" Darius joked, raising his fist in the air.

"Yeah, I know, right? This is the dream we've all been waiting for!" Ulia joined, raising her fist as well.

Darius bumped her knuckles with his own, and put his arm back down. "But yeah. When I was an early teenager, I used to love climbing buildings."

"Climbing buildings?"

"Yeah. We've got all these tall buildings, and you can climb em', so why not when you're bored, eh?"

"Sounds dangerous."

"So does running into the forest with no backup against the unknown."

"Point taken," she accepted with a chuckle.

"Then I started training, and here I am now. Climbing those buildings, though... It was weird. You see this world out there past those walls, but you can never experience it. Not at the age I was. It was sad sometimes."

"I know. Seeing that road leading somewhere else, trying to run down it but always being held by the collar. It's just wrong."

"It ain't all wrong," Darius admitted. "I mean, if I walked out here at age twelve, I'd be dead instead of here."

"I don't know, you were tearing them apart back there."

"Ha, Deku Kingdom scared by a single twelve-year-old! That'd be hilarious."

"When are the others going to show up, anyway? I want to get this going."

"Hold up, now, don't go running off again!" Darius teased.

Ulia sighed. "Will you ever let that go?"

"Ulia! Stop! Wait, no, come back!"

"Oh, what on earth are we ever going to do with you?" She bantered back, shaking her head.

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((... I missed a lot. Let's see here...))

At the call of the horn, Saka poked his head up from the water. "I think I might have gotten carried away following this river." He turned and began heading in the direction of the noise.

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Kira raised her head at the sound of a horn. She wasn't too sure what it meant but knew that it might be important to head towards it. So, she followed the sound, hand to the side of her dress..

(We need to figure out time schedules of when we all get on, it might be easier for some of us so we can reply faster)

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Vincent followed Darius and Ulia to the point where the two and the Deku were at the tree line, while he still remained at the side, out of their sight. With the map he had on him, he pinpointed the position he was at now quickly onto the piece of paper. Knowing that he won't have very many encounters with Deku when he took the same he came back to Ordon, but stopped when he encountered Saka and another person on the road, which he then had to encounter. "Hey, hey guys...!" He spoke, dashing towards them, not even noticing the rock sticking out of the ground and tripped over it, landing face-first into a puddle of mud.

He slowly picked himself up so he was on his knees, and wiped most of the mud off his face before looking at the two, knowing that he just showed them his klutzy side. "I'm sorry you had to see that... But I know where Darius and Ulia are... Though when we get there, on any circumstances, do not draw your weapons when you see some tree-people." He spoke, handing them his map which he wrote in, with the point where he believed Ulia and Darius are.

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Posted (edited)

((I could be on any time in the afternoon, mostly from 7 PM central.))

"So... Why did you save me, anyway? And why was it just you?" Ulia wondered, looking at Darius.

"Well," Darius began, leaning back against the wall this bed was mounted on and putting his hands behind his head casually, "you heard your father. I'm supposed to make sure you don't get die. Me coming alone, well, I didn't really come alone. I told Vincent to gather the team and follow me. I did all this in a storm. I needed to get to you fast, and didn't have time to assemble the team or get someone else to come get you. I told him and stormed off, trying my best to get here quickly. The team was going to be our backup that would show up soon after I got there." Darius paused, pondering for a second. "Didn't work that way. Almost flawless plan, though. There's no doubt about that."

"Not at all, you had all your facets covered. Politics, ambushes, everything," she teased sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, you know it was a good plan."

"It prolonged my life this much longer," she pointed out.

"Yeah. You know, it'd be really cool if they showed up."

"It's not so bad, we haven't really had much chance to talk anyway up until now."

"You're right, but the longer we wait, the less I trust them."

"If we're kept here for more than a few hours, we're fighting out way out."

"Yeah. I hope it doesn't come to that, though. If it takes the group that long to get here when it took us an hour to be marched here, the'll probably be dead. I'm not too anxious to go after something that could have taken them all out. Then again," Darius pondered, "I'm pretty sure I will be when the time comes. Anyone who takes out my friends is going to know who I am."

"Same here."

They sat there for a few more minutes, staring at the wall.

"Oh, and by the way..." Darius said.


"You are my friend. If you're out there in trouble, I'm coming to save you if I know about it. I'll do this for any friend, no matter the circumstance. That's why I made such an effort to save you, and that's why I did it so quickly that I ended up there alone."

"Thanks," Ulia answered simply, realizing that he had strong opinions about his friends needs before the mission.



As soon as the guests were escorted to the waiting room, a Deku guard, aided by six other deku, began a patrol down the Kingdom Road. Starting from the gates, they were looking out for this group of hylians. They went past the treeline, but heard a rustling from the sides and what sounded like a crash into the leaves. Spears at the ready, they quickly rushed into the side of the path, emerging into a group of two hylians and an unexpected Zora.

"Stop!" the Deku guard shouted, spear raised to the one with the bow. "Are you the friends of Darius?"

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As soon as she saw the guard, she knew they were out of normal contact. She nodded slowly, becoming mute. Her hand moved away slowly but not noticeably from the side of her dress.

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Saka responded, "We are. May I ask who you might be?" He also looked towards Kira and spoke again, "If you come in peace, we come in peace also."

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D| You write way too much, Jo aaaaa I'll never keep up :/

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((Sorry man, I try to flesh out characters and describe things. Sorry if I'm writing too much.))

"We do," the Deku guard stated simply, lowering his spear. "We are Deku, the people of the forest. We will take you to Darius. We will form a circle around you, and lead you. Do not leave this circle until we have arrived."

They took them through the tree line, into the Kingdom, and through the many, many gardens. Finally, they came to a door, where they were directed into. Darius and Ulia sat on one of the many beds that hung on the wall going in a circle.

"Ah, there you are! Glad you could make it!" Darius exclaimed, hopping from the bed and running over to them. "We've got to talk, though. The Deku King claims to want peace. We were hired to make sure that this situation is dealt with. This gives us a choice. We can talk with him about peace, or we can kill them all. What do you all think? I want your opinions before I make a choice like this. Peace might bring more from these Deku than we would normally expect from a first impression, leading to a nice relationship with Hyrule. Killing them would get us paid a lot faster."

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"I refuse to slaughter an entire people with no regard to their culture. If that is your choice, I will fight against you, and I don't particularly want to fight someone I consider a friend."

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Kira just gently raised an eyebrow. "Let's not make a mess..."

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"I completely agree with both of you," Darius stated, "but I still want to hear the Vincent's opinion. I do believe I've made my choice, though."

"Personally, I don't trust them," Ulia threw in, offering a different side of the debate. "I can't live with genocide, though."

"Me, neither," Darius replied in a quieter tone, cringing at the thought.

An entire race dead because of my decision, because of money. I can't live with that. I'm going with peace.

"Keep in mind that we could be walking into an ambush, though, o so ingenius leader," Ulia teased with a smile.

"Will do, smartass."

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