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Good 360 Games?

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I'm buying a 360 next week, I have a few GAMES that I've decided I want to buy, but I'd like to hear some opinions on other GAMES worth buying. Right now I'm planning on getting the following,

* Fallout 3

* Halo 3

* Gears of War 2

* Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (I've already beat the campaign on PC, so I might not buy this)

* Resident Evil 5

* Bioshock (Probably 1 and 2)

* Left 4 Dead

I'm probably not going to get each of those at once, unless I can get them all used for a fair price. But I obviously like shooters if you haven't caught on, but I like other genres. Up to now, all I've played since a few months after I got the first Xbox has been online RPGs on my computer, they're still fun, but I don't have time for them anymore.

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