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Forum & Chat Rules

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Flaming other members is NOT allowed. This rule applies to all forums except: The Wild West.

2) Off Topic

When posting in a topic you must remain on topic. If the topic is about cats don't talk about anything else but cats. You can talk about other stuff if it's related to cats (ex. cat toys). This rule applies to all forums.

3) Pointless Threads

Pointless threads is a form of spam and wastes space and is annoying. This rule applies to all forums except: The Wild West.

4) Backseat Moderating has a selected group of moderators to do the job. If you are not a moderator there is no need for you to try and take action, the best and only thing you should do in cases that require a moderator is report the post if it is breaking the rules or contact them if it's a question and a moderator has not yet gotten there. This rule applies to all forums except: Role-Playing with the exception of role-playing.


Treat everyone like you would want to be treated. If you cannot respect anyone how can you respect yourself. This rule applies to all forums except: Fan Forums (Fan Fiction, Fan Art) with the exception of Criticism.


There is a maximum of six lines of text. You can have as many images as you like, as long as they fit size requirements cumulatively - multiple images must be smaller than 550x200 pixels each.

* Font size for text cannot exceed size=4 (size=2 is the default)

* Maximum width for banner/images = 550 pixels

* Maximum height for banner/images = 200 pixels

* Banners/images cannot contain profane, racist or sexually explicit material

* You can have one QUOTE tag in your signature

This rule applies to all forums.

(You can right-click an image and hit "properties" to figure out width, height, and size.)


Topic Titles and descriptions must be related to the content of the thread. Do not put READ ME, same with descriptions. This rule applies to all forums.


The only time you are allowed to use colored text is if you are highlighting areas of text in your post. This does not include your whole post. This rule applies to all forums.


You are not allowed to quote a topic starter's post, the post directly above yours, or images. The only time you may quote the immediate above post is if you are quoting multiple people, or if you are only quoting a specific part of the above poster's post. You may also not quote whole post if it is too large, unless you are replying to specific parts of it. This rule applies to all forums.

10) Minimum Post Limit

There is no minimum character post limit, you although MUST make your post related to the topic, do not make them short like "hello". You may be warned if you are caught "spamming" with short irrelevant posts. This rule applies to all forums except: Role-Playing.

11) Content

All and any profane content will be deleted and the poster WILL be warned with no friendly warning. Links to illegal roms in any way is strictly prohibited and will result in content removal and a friendly warning.


Emoticons are perfectly fine, but do not blatantly spam them, either in single or multiple posts. Violating posts will be altered by a mod and the user warned if repeat violations occur.

All of these basically require common sense, so make sure you show some.




Our chat bots automatically kick anyone who violates our four lines/five second quota. Anyone who tries to bypass this will be kicked by any moderators present.


Give out personal information at your own discretion. Be wary of who it is you are giving something such as phone numbers or addresses to.


Repeated use of caps lock will result in getting kicked. Use caps lock sparingly.


Our chat bots (Zelda and Midna) were programmed with some commands for quick amusement (ie, Spin the Bottle, weather reports), but repeatedly entering in those commands will result in getting kicked by any moderator present.

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Commands - You can also view some commands that Dustin has added by clicking the Help & Commands at the bottom of the page but I will post them here.

Join a room/ Create a room - Type /join #<channel>

Register your Nick - Type /NickServ Register <password> <e-mail>

Register your room - Type /chanserv Register #<channel> <password> <description>

Making someone a mod in YOUR ROOM - /chanserv op #<channel> <name>

Removing Mod abilities from someone - /chanserv deop #<channel> <name>

Adding a password to your room - /mode #<channel> +k <password>

Knocking on a room (Like Knocking on someone's door...) - /Knock #<channel>

Setting the Topic - /topic #<channel> <new topic here>

I will add more later but for now this is good... make sure you remove the <,> and channel= Room name, password= just type in something (this becomes the password for the room or nick)

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Oh - A little problem here... People seem to like using the Caps. That's extremely rude and ... Well, there has been alot of that recently. If you have a problem, dont use Caps, please. They should be only used for Capitalizing words, not for trying to make a point since it almost never works.

Oh... If someone is cursing and swearing and a mods not around... Don't try to deal with it yourself because you may just make it worse. Seriously, you are responsible for yourself, don't worry about others. Unless, of course, it is a friend. You must REMAIN calm or otherwise you might get a little out of control and a mod might check into the chat and see you cursing and swearing and give you the boot. Literally. We don't like that.

If you have a problem and there's a moderator in the room, but they won't talk to you ... Please report to our friendly admin: Dustin. He will try to help you out. If all else fails, wait. A mod or Dustin will eventually reply back to your question. Please, no multiple PMs... We have lives too!

Dustin is in the chat nearly all day (I think... :unsure: )

Having problems with PM? Don't know how to do it? NO problem what-so-ever! That's what I'm here for!

If you wanna use the message command type /msg [name] [message] ! Replace name with someone's username and message with what you want to say! I shall use myself (naturally...) as an example!

/msg Princess_Zelda Hi, how are you today?

>< Please try to use proper grammar and spelling when talking to someone... Well, to the best of your ability, anyways. If someone can't understand you... You won't get a reply back. Well, you might but it might be like 'What?' or something like that... *sigh* Not good.

Then there's the ol' click on the names trick. On the right side hand of the screen, you will see a list of names. Double click on a username and you will see a small window (usually on the top left side of the screen) and just type away like you do in the chatroom! ^w^

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here !

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O i know some GOOD room modes and some username modes (dunno if it'll work on

/mode #[channel] +m - Use that to mute a channel, only chat mods and above can use that command and speak over it.

/mode #[channel] +M - Only registered usernames can enter the chat.

/mode #[channel] +C - prevents ctcps in the channel.

/mode #[channel] +N - prevents people from changing their nick if they nickchange-spam.

/mode #[channel] +O - IRC Operator only channel (settable by IRCops)

/mode #[channel] +l - <number of max users> = Channel may hold at most <number> of users

/mode #[channel] +c - Prevents Colours in da channel.

/mode #[channel] +A - Server/Net Admin only channel (settable by Admins)

/mode #[channel] +K - /KNOCK is not allowed <-- OWNED IRL

Der all the channel modes i can be bothered to type.

/mode [nick] +T stops you from accepting ctcps (IRC client only)

/mode [nick] +f filters messages

Dey r all the modes i no.

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