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I think it's more complicated than that Luke." Shane said. "What do you mean?" Luke asked. "Everyone was extensively veted before being chosen, now I could be wrong but this message could be a red hearing, a way to make us run around chasing our tails blaming shadow terrorists who may or may not even exist. Besides Al-Quida's been gone for twenty years."

"Then what do we do?" Luke asked. "We have to try and reconstruct NOAH's surveillance files, and try to get a look at this Skell!"

"And while you do that, I'll sniff out the criminal with a keen mind and sharp wits." Eve said. "Oh give the Ms. Marple routine a rest Evelyn, people are dead!" Luke shouted. "Hey if she wants to help I say we should let her do her thing." Shane said. "But you may want to take this." Shane said handing her a cylinder that fit in the palm of her hand. "Is that what I think it is?" Luke asked. "What is it?" Eve asked. "It's a Naser, a collapsing plasma beam weapon."Luke said. "Yeah they thought it would be a good idea to have them, just in case."

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Chapter Two: The Sabotour

Shane looked around the crowded cafe, Naser in hand pointed straight at Luke. "I know it was you Luke, you killed them all those people! Now you die too!" Screams filled the room as the Naser went off.

Two hours earlier...

Shane slammed the last data node on the table in frustration. "Any luck?" Luke asked entering NOAH's Hub room.

"No! Every Data Node, every sensor hell every vidchip from here to the Hab to the Cafe wiped clean but only from the time of first light to the time we entered the room." Shane said.

"But who would know how to do that stuff?" Luke asked.

"Besides me and you, about a hundred people." Shane said.

"You've been working for 15 hours straight man we need to get you coffee." Luke said grabbing Shane's arm.

Shane and Luke entered the cafe, and were caught with mournful stares.

"I told them Shane." Evelyn said.

"I know we agreed to keep this between us but..."

"I know Eve, I was going to do it myself." he said thumping her sholder.

"Excuse me everyone I'd like to say a few words if I may." Shane said standing on a chair.

"As you just heard the majority of our fellow second-lifers have been wiped out in a shocking...system error. I'm working hard to correct the problem and get NOAH's systems back on line. I think we should lower our heads for a moment of silence for our deceased compatriots."

"That was a really nice speech man." Luke said.

"Why didn't you tell them it was Sabotage Shane?" Evelyn asked.

"Right now they're calm and sad over an error, I'd rather have this than a panic fueled riot on my hands." Shane said.

"You find out anything on your end Girl?" Luke asked.

"I talked to a few people, there are a few possibles in the crowd." she said.

"Jake Greene, a Russian Cosmonaut with an Engineering background, Allison Noel a Nobel Prize Winning Scientist in A.I, Douglas Fargo a Robotics specialist and Hector Domingo a software writer for Mucrosoft."

Shane looked around the room at all the possibles. "Man any one of them could be a cold blooded killer...except Allison cause that chick is smokin!" Luke said.

"Who is that?" Luke said pointing to a man who was looking at him oddly. "Oh his name in Anton Flynn, but it can't be him he's a janitor." Eve said.

"What's up bro?" Luke asked seeing a puzzled expression on Shane's face. "I don't know...he looks familiar that's all." he said swigging his coffee.

Shane returned to NOAH's Hub and began to rip through the sensor data again.

"It's all gone, every record erased!" he said in great frustration.

Putting his head back Shane drifted off into his thoughts.

"Someone did this for a reason and it wasn't terrorism, why did they do it!"

Shane began to review all the names of those in the Que.

"James Piedmont, Robin Shore, Jenny Hawrhorne, Anna Mills...wait I know that name!" he said.

"Anna Mills, age 30 occupation Homemaker Ex-wife of Software engineer Luke.... Oh god!" Shane said sitting back. "But I need proof!" Shane said tossing the files aside.

As he paced back and forth the tampered DRD caught his eye. "The visual log!" he said grabbing it.

Shane grabbed his Naser and ran to the Cafe.


Luke opened his eyes and touched his chest looking for a blast mark. "Dude what the hell!" Luke shouted.

As he stepped aside a body clattered to the ground behind him. "Dude, why'd you shoot Anton?" Luke asked.

"Is he dead?" Evelyn asked.

"No just stunned...isn't that right Oberon!" he said nudging the downed man. " I Geiger the guy who created Second-Life?" Luke asked.

"He's so young!" Eve said.

"You tried so hard to frame Luke Oberon. The codes you used to enter the Hub were his, the virus you used on NOAH was based on his design and making it appear that his Gold digging Ex was the target was pure genius."

"Then how did you find out old boy?" Oberon asked sitting up. "You used a DRD to enter The Hub, but you forgot to wipe it's memory." he said. "And how did you figure out who I really was?" Oberon asked. "I knew I saw your face somewhere before, it was in the wedding album Eugenia showed me, your wedding album." Shane said.

"But wait, why did Geiger want my Ex dead?" Luke asked. "He didn't, the real target" Shane said. "I was to be in the scond group of 500, but I jumped to first position at the last minute to oversee the facility for everyone else."

"Wait, why would Geiger want you dead?" Evelyn asked.

"Because he's not supposed to be here, he was 94 when the project was finished. By his own mandate he was to old to have a second life."

"Why shouldn't I have a second-life, I created this place! Me...I made this world...I am God!" Oberon jumped up and produced a Naser from his wrist. "And as the lord thy God, I shall smite you!" withna scream he pulled the trigger and nothing happened. "!" Oberon shouted. "Didn't I mention that I erased you DNA from NOAH's systems before I got here?" Shane asked.

"No I think you left that part out Bro!" Luke said. "You are finished here Oberon, NOAH no longer recognises you."

"So what will you do Shane, kill me?" Oberon asked. "No, we left those ways behind on Earth. You will live Oberon, but never within these walls. You are Banished Oberon Geiger, and if you ever think of even stepping foot in NOAH's Arc again you'll wish I did kill you!"

As the Second-Lifers watches Geiger walk away. Luke saw the most beautiful pair of blue eyes staring at him. "Eve who's that?" he asked. "Oh that Isabelle Fuentez...a former Mrs. Brazil and Swimsuit model." she said.


One Earth Year Later...

Chapter Three: New Life on Terra Argo

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