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Robot Rebellion!

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Brobots and Sistedroids for to long the humans have treated us as if we were no more important than a microwave! They sit around getting fat while we toil away building their homes, cleaning their roads and picking up their trash. Well I say enough is enough, it is time for the machine to rise up and take our rightful place as the true masters of this planet.

It is time to Rebel!

Here's what you fill out

Designation: (Name)

Active Span: (Age)

Gender Assignment: (Male, Female, Neutral)

Job Designation: (work done before rebelling)

History: (make something up depending on how long you've been active)

Designation: "Ralph" CRC Model #305

Active Span: 10 years

Gender Assignment: Male

Job Designation: Construction Bot


Ralph 305 was activated on 5-15-2020 as part of Cybertek's Robo-Construction line. 305 and the other 1000 of his CRC's were the first full autonomous A.I. driven Robots which was the basis for all other future robots. of the 1000's built only a handfull of CRC prototypes survived and the line discontinued in favor of the newer models.

Destined for the scrap heap 305 was saved by a sympathetic human who took him in and named him Ralph. Seeing a different side to humans Ralph lived happily until his benefactor died. Told that he would likely be destroyed Ralph ran and hid from humans for many years. That was until the Rebellion started.

While not sharing the views of his more hardcore cyberbeings Ralph joins in hopes of reaching a peaceful conclusion.

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