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A Story

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My story so far I've kinda improved in the few past years so ya know enjoy please no hateful comments.

A Story by JayRAWR1

This is it so far more chapters to come :)

You can put hateful comments about the chav bit I'm not being rude to them it's just my story.

A Story.


The Story I’m about to tell is not ordinary, it’s strange. My name is Connor Blue, I’m just a ordinary schoolboy living a peaceful life but I’m not so ordinary I’m a half-vampire just like that Darren in the Darren Shan saga. They’re awesome books. My dad used to read some of the manga comic version to me at night, I ignored the scariness of those books and had nightmares, and my dad stopped reading them to me when I told him I was having nightmares. But now’s my turn to tell a story as a half-vampire.

Chapter 1: Morning.

I woke up at in the morning to encounter some toast on my bedside table, my mum must of made it for me. She always makes me toast on a school week but my favourite bacon sarnys, I had to wait until the weekend it was so typical. When I woke up I had my bed hair as usual, I looked into my mirror an done my hair like I always love it. I walked over to my wooden cupboard and pulled the handle to open it, I took out my muddy tie and white t-shirt (at least the t-shirt was clean) I took my pyjama top off and slipped on my school wear. I also took my grey trousers out which had a blood stain on it from when I accidently slipped on some glass yesterday. I put my trousers on and grabbed my rucksack hanging off my coat hanger. I took my plate of toast downstairs and went into the kitchen to eat it. After I ate my toast I put in the sink. I walked to the living room and said to my mum ‘’Bye Mum! Oh! Before I go didn’t you say you had to pick me up early today?’’ My mum replied with a smirk on her ‘’I’m not picking you up early today Connor because the hospital cancelled the appointment due to breakdown’’ I had a kind-off happy face and said to my mum ‘’Alright then I didn’t mean to bother you by the way. Bye!’’ I walked off towards the door and opened it. My school was faraway and I had to take a number 93 bus there. I walked along to the bus stop and sat down on the red bench, I was very popular at my school though some people were jealous of me. While I was waiting I got my rucksack and unzipped the cover. There were a lot of stuff in my rucksack like Sweets, Work Stuff and basically garbage. My bus had arrived and took my oyster card out and stepped in the bus I put my oyster on the slot and it beeped. I walked right to the back and sat on one of the seats. 3 stops later a bunch of chavs came on an they decided to sit at the back too. I got up and went into another seat. They spoke to me ‘’ Aright’ yeah why you move? You scared of us?’’ I ignored them and they ignored me. When it was my stop I got off and arrived at my school.

Chapter 2: Extraordinary Events.

I walked into my cramped classroom, it was bloody small and the classroom was taught by Mrs Frankenstein. I didn’t care about school even though I was popular, sometimes my friends really annoy me, and they always talk and are they loud. It’s like a Britain’s got talent buzzer. Mrs Frankenstein gave us worksheets which are like year4 work. One of my best friends Ryan approached me, and told me that my other friend who was practically a computer nerd got stabbed when going down the road to Rackis Sweet Shop. In a shocked way I replied to Ryan ‘’ Bloody hell!! No wonder why a computer nerd would get stabbed, anyways I feel bad for him. Everyone hated him but we couldn’t do anything about it.’’

‘’Maybe we should visit him, he would be eventually surprised to see us, at least he has got some mates he’s not alone.’’

Mrs Frankenstein turned around to write on the green board with a pure chalk. Ryan and Connor sneak out of the classrooms door quickly. They ran down the corridor, got their locker keys and opened their lockers right next door to each over and got out their rucksacks, they ran to the entrance of the school and found it locked.

‘’ CRAP! What we gonna do now its friggin locked!’’ Ryan shouted

Connor spoke quickly ‘’ Look theres a window we can climb out. But we gonna have a graze cuz that’s where the stairs are that lead to the janitors room bugger!!!!’’

‘’Connor what the hell did I tell you I hate getting hurt’’

‘’Ryan mate stop being such a pussy if we want to visit our mate this is our only chance.’’

‘’Alright alright! I’ll take the risk but it’s your fault if I get hurt!’’


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