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Zelda – The lost Adventures of Link

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Since i played Alttp on my SNES, it is one of my favorite games of all time. For me it was the best part of the Zelda series. So everytime i'm playing the game, i wish there would be more content.

So i decided to make a sequel to alttp. So, first of all i don't want to make a MMORPG oder something like that. Basically it should be Zelda- A link to the past + more content and some new features.

If this game is finished, i will think about some online oder co-op features.

I'm building the game completely without any rpgmakers oder engines.

It will be programmed in Java, if possible as an applet.

So as i wanted to test some techniques, if they will be possible, i started to code some little parts of the game, before even think about the complete Storyline.

If someone wants to share his ideas for a good story, it would be nice and i will try to use them.

So to end up the wall of text, here is a very small tutorial for you to play.

Don't expect any thing big, it's just to try some mechanics for myself. The main content will follow. :)

Play here

And here is a little video, but with german text.

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