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Danger, Incorporated

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The Following is S-7 Classified Top Secret by order of the Joint Chiefs.

S-7 Eyes Only

Contrary to popular belief, Espionage didn't end along with the Cold War, it instead went underground.

In 1998 Retired CIA chief Oscar Moore established Danger, Incorporated a non-official Intelligence Agency made up of some of the best and brightest of the intelligence community both here and abroad.

You are one of these few:

Name: Matthew Lee

Age: 28

Agency: CIA

Position: CIA Psy-Ops (Disbanded December 2001)

History: 1997 sixteen year old Matt Lee is driving home from Hockey practice when his Dodge Charger is T-Boned by a Chevy Pickup. After dying twice on the opperating table Matt survived and eventually recoved from his injuries. At first his life was normal until one day he began to have strange visions of events that hadn't happened yet. Initially diagnosed as PTSD an asset physician recommended him for "Operation: Stargate" a CIA Black Budget unit dedicated to remote viewing and other Psychic based intelligence.

Abilities: Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat, Weapons training, SEAR Training, Tactile-Precognition (seeing the future through physical contact)

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Name: Joshua Carver

Age: 21

Agency: GSA (Global Security Agency)

Position: Head of GSA Infiltration Specialists.

History: Since he was very young, Joshua always had the amazing intelligence that no one could match. At 7, Psychologists were amazed when he understood everything they tried, and gave them a textbook answer. At 16, billions worldwide were amazed when he graduated with a doctorate in Psychology, Computer science and medicine. He spent 2 more years developing amazing advancements. Such as a AI that not only spoke and understood a dozen languages, but also understood sarcasm when it was being used. But at the age of 18, Josh just disappeared. No one knew what happened to him. No one except a select few in the GSA. Joshua is now the prime mastermind behind most of their actions. He has helped save millions from hundreds of threats.

Abilities: Advanced knowledge of Psychology, Technology and Endocrinology. He can plot and execute the perfect plan flawlessly.

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