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The 12

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July 20th 1961

Ten year old Tommy Johnson sat next to the rigid hospital bed, as his parents talked to the doctor he squeezed his older brother Jake's hand. Earlier that day Jake took a hit from a car that was meant for Tommy.

"He always could see things that were to come." Stella said "Why didn't he see this?" she added with a sob.

As Tommy turned to see his mom collapse to the floor a gasp brought his attention back to Jake.

"Tommy..." Jake said

"They will return!" Jake said.

"Who Jake?" Tommy asked

"The fierce ones, the nameless dark from beyond. They will try to take our world again."

"Again...what...who?" Tommy asked.

"The 12 will answer the call and rise to stop them, you must bare witness to their arrival Tommy, heed the 12 and warn of the nameless. They come in five and ten years."

Tommy felt Jake's grip losen as the steady beeping of his EKG faded into a dull monotone.

"Five and Ten years..." Tommy said.

Later that night, as mourners and well wishers converged on the house Tommy sequestered himself in Jake's room, as he sat on Jake's bed a slat of wood fell off the wall revealing a notebook bound with an elastic band.

"For Tommy" a tag read.

"The 12 by Jake Holland"...

July 20th 2011

(Five and ten years later)

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