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Wrath of the Unliving

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In the 1980s, a large meteorite crashed in America. Scientists examined it, and found living extraterrestrial bacteria on it. They took it and concealed it from the rest of the world, afraid of what might happen because of this new bacteria.

They had tests, seeing what the effects were. First, they tested it on the rat. It had no visible effects, except for its pupils growing very large. Next, they tested it on a dog. The test had very unexpected results. The dog died minutes after exposure, but rised again soon after, and it was exceptionally vicious. It crashed into walls, barking madly, until the scientists put it down. They decided it was not safe to test on a human, and stored it in an electronic cage, preserving it for further research.

Now, i don't know who's bright idea it was to keep this bacteria after what it did to the dog, but I'd say it was a baby monkey. I also don't know who's bright idea it was to be testing electronic weaponry in this same facility. But seriously, STUPID.

Anyway, In 2013 They tested a powerful EMP generator, and it powered off most the facilities electronics (except for the ones covered in rubber, of course. Because everyone likes to wrap things in rubber). But most specifically, it turned off the electonically sealed chamber that kept that bacteria dormant. If you happened to read the title of this roleplay(or anything else on this page), then you can guess what happened next: Zombies. But this is not the normal vision of zombies. Theres no green skin, eyes falling out of their sockets, and somehow all the hair is gone.

The bactera killed them, then brought them back. The bactera didn't pull their eyes out of their sockets or rip out their hair. It just killed them and brought them back. Simple as that. Of course... that also makes it much harder to recognize a zombie. "Hey Tim! I'm getting some coffee, want some?" "Gruuuuuuuuuuugh" "'Kay. How many sugars you want?" Of course, over time, their skin will rot away and their hair WILL fall out. Just not yet. Anyway, the thing is, your someone who ISN'T a zombie(obviously, but i suppose if you really want, you can be a zombie). And you have survive as long and possible in this brutal plague, because, i guess i forgot to mention this, but the zombies are evil carnivorous creatures.

Anyway, if you think this i came up with this plot as i went along, or that its just overall stupid, i have ONE thing to say to you: Tomato!


Name: (Be creative, but not TOO creative.)

Gender: (I'd have put 'Sex' but your a pervert. Yes, YOU)

Age: (You know, numbers. Eleventeen, Fortytwelve.)

What You Have: (You know. Food. Weapons. Temporary Insanity. Etc.)

History: (Yeah, neither do I.)


Name: Tom Candle

Gender: Male

Age: 23

What You Have: Just a few things he found at his apartment. A large knife, A large opened bag of potato chips, three bottles of water, beef jerky and a picture of his family.

History: Going to college right after he got out of high school, just a year ago he got out of college with a bachelors degree in medicine and started looking for a job. He found one researching to find cures for common diseases and has been working there ever since. Though everything changed due to a recent zombie apocalypse. He grabbed a backpack and what else he could and fled from his apartment in california, due to the fact that the zombie population is exceptionally large there.

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