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The Wind Waker: Where are the Gorons?

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#41 zelda_man222


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 08:06 PM

Gorons cant swim.... (MM)

#42 Chimetals

    Well, /i/ thought it was a good idea.

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Posted 30 November 2011 - 09:17 PM

i always thought they sank, but all these theories make sense enough....probably.
if it wasnt for the goron merchants and gorons in PH and ST, i would try to argue the goron/rito thing, simply because its funny. and i could claim all day that the zoras just decided to live underwater and stop caring about the other races, idk.

but like i said, too much evidence otherwise.

#43 Ganny


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Posted 30 November 2011 - 10:44 PM

Gorons cant swim.... (MM)

Gorons can survive under water.... (TP)


#44 Kaynil


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Posted 02 December 2011 - 10:58 PM

Maybe they have an island of their own in which Link had no business during WW and that is why we only meet the merchant one(s).
I don't know, given the setting being the sea, I can easily think where we navigated is not all there is too see, and we only had access to what mattered to see for the game's story purpose. I don't think they are extinct.

The Zoras... that is more weird for me as to why Laruto is the ancestor to Medli, yet, I don't completely buy the evolution theory here either.

#45 Joko Mobos

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Posted 23 November 2013 - 05:01 AM

Okay, so this thread is probably dead by now, and I was wondering this same exact thing, especially since Gorons are apparently comfortable in Twilight Princess with underwater environments. Here's a theory I had

Gorons are considered silicon based lifeforms because of the rocks that they eat, silicate minerals in rocks contain oxygen, meaning they don't essentially need to breath. To explain why Link drowns in his Goron form in Majora's Mask, he is a Hylian in the body of a Goron. That's like if a bird inhabited the form of a bear. It'd be extremely confusing trying to master all the mysterious biological abilities of a rock golem man when all you've learned to do in life is walk, run, jump, use your fingers, and swing a sword, among other things. He possibly had no clue that he didn't need to breath, but what's even more plausible is that because Majora's Mask was supposed to be made in the span of a year, they did not want to implement new puzzles and walkways and such to the Goron's ability to walk underwater (It would've been like Metal Mario from Super Mario 64, essentially). 

Now, taking what we know about this, let's also consider why Zoros evolved. Sure they could swim in the ocean, but when you consider the HUNDREDS of ocean terrors that try to kill you on the surface of water alone, i'm positive they could not have survived everything else that lied below. Thus, they took the skies with Valoo's help. I'm not going to go into how the water needed to be at certain conditions because some lived in freshwater like in Ocarina, and some lived in the ocean like in Majora, so it's not worth getting into because it's very weird and specific. 

Gorons are hardy guys, they live in mountains, they pride themselves on making bombs, they forge powerful swords that are better than the master sword, etc. So they're innovative and strong. Chances are, they still live in Death Mountain among other places, but they live IN it this time. They've been known to clear tunnels with their brute strength alone so it's safe to assume they plugged up Death Mountain during the initial flooding and took to living in the ground. Some might say "But Joko, weren't the gods keeping people from seeing Hyrule and-" lemme stop you right there because if you remember in Wind Waker, there were talking fish with human faces that people were well aware of, and they knew about Hyrule completely. However, I do believe the goddesses placed some kind of magical protection on the sunken city so that it wouldn't get destroyed by some leviathan of the briney deep. 

Now we get to the Gorons we actually see. Why do they disguise themselves? One theory was that their people did something that made other species hate them. That could very well be the case. Perhaps they would not allow people into Death Mountain for reasons ranging from lack of food for them (Gorons eat rocks) to lack of space. And perhaps they are not aware that people have largely forgotten the Hyrule era. 

Another theory is that they are forsaken by the gods. My only reasoning behind this is that Medli was named Sage of the Earth, when that was the title given to a Goron in the past. Why they are, who can say? But it's entirely plausible as the Gorons are all found in places where the ghost ship tends to make it's rounds, implying they are cursed in some way. Thus, they disguise themselves to either hide from the gods, or hide from people who might hurt them in the name of the gods. 

As for how they get to these places, I would say they climb up the mountains from underwater onto islands in search of new places to start their career of being a merchant. But because they don't know anything about the surface, they are forced to take their chances and climb up a random mountain just to find an empty island. (Since most islands are inhabited by no one, save for dangerous creatures and the like, it's my understanding that it takes them a while to eventually map these mountain/islands out. 

Goron Island from Phantom Hourglass, I feel, is good example of them living in the mountains, as they clearly have been tunneling inside them so there possibly was more to it. And it's heavily implied that none of that game was a dream so let's just accept that.

My final statement to an otherwise, possibly pointless post that no one will see, is that it is said at the end of Wind Waker that Link and Zelda/Tetra will start a new Hyrule, and in Spirit Tracks, they and the other pirates find the setting for that game and stay there, learning about the spirit tracks (which could possibly serve as a means to create a new Hyrule and interconnect islands even.) Hundreds of years later, their incarnations begin their adventure with no sign of them wanting to leave and three similar but possibly important endings. The endings being what Link wants to continue doing, train engineer, swordsman, or unsure, which could possibly lead to more timelines. 

Eventually these gorons could re-connect with the surface and even improve upon train travel or boat travel (they've always seemed like the race that could invent industrial technology faster to me) and walk side by side in a new Hyrule connected by islands and train tracks and oceans with Ritos and Koroks and so on.

I'm personally excited to see what a zelda game in the toon style, set in a land that is as diverse as OoT or Twilight Princess could look like. Now's definitely the time for it I think. 

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