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Prologue: Death for life

Spacial coordinates:

Z: 257.6

X: 1238.6

y: 243.9


"We were to stubborn Jor-El, I'm sorry we didn't believe you."

"There's no time for apologies Vek-Tir we must save what we can. Upload as much data as you can to the Brain.I.A.C" Jor-El said.

Jor-El grabbed a tiny crystal from a floating chamber and sealed up the system.

"We are detecting several craft approaching the core, markings and metal composition match Dheronian technology." Lara said.

"What are they doing?" Jor-El asked.

"They appear to be interrupting the planets internal magma cycle, they are causing a buildup of pressure."

"Then it is over, the Dheronians have won." Jor-El said.

"Is there nothing to do?" Lara asked

"Just one last thing." Jor-El said holding up the crystal.

"He will be alone Jor-El!" Lara said

"But He'll be alive"

"He will be like them but he will not be one of them! He will be among them but he will not be of them."

"I know Lara, he will be strong, nearly indestructible. And most importantly he will live."

Lara kissed her baby gently on the cheek and placed him in the pod.

"I'm sorry Lara if we delay any longer he will be caught in the Shockwave."

"Then we should've sent him sooner." she said

"No the chance was to great that his escape would be seen, this way the explosion will cover his escape."

As the ship sealed Jor-El slipped the crystal into a small alcove, once in the skin of the ship grew to cover it.

"I programmed the crystal with all our knowledge. He will have what he needs."

"No, he will not. For he will not have us." Lara said

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