Why I Think the Dark Interlopers Could Be the Gerudo

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c'est vrais ganny

i was tired ok

I keep waking up with like four hours of sleep. I've recently realized that I actually do suffer some NOTICEABLE COGNITIVE INTERFERENCE when I'm sleepy, and sometimes I do things that I look at later and I'm like `~` embarrassed. If I say anything that doesn't immediately click as correct or informed, please just ignore it. I'm probably sleepy. (The FORTRAN thing really was a low level language joke though ): no one loves me)

Scratch my thing about evidence. This is literally just fan fiction. You cannot provide evidence for or against a fan fiction, past saying "Well, this never actually happened and nothing exists that implied that this happened canonically so it isn't actually valid as a theory."

I'm fairly sure this person has only played Ocarina of TIme and Twilight Princess, also.

I honestly don't want to read the original post again, so I'll just take BoJangles' word for it and assume he said something about the Gerudo wanting to get the Triforce to improve the desert. Which is a good assertion, because in Wind Waker, Ganondorf did indeed say that that was his motive for trying to get the Triforce. But the rest of the story is bad fan fiction. :<


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I didn't get the FORTRAN joke at first because I'm a bad person, and I might have been sleepy. I suffer from some noticeable cognitive degradation when I'm tired, so I'm sometimes not apt to infer things as jokes. If at any point you tell me a joke and it doesn't seem to immediately click, just chalk that up to my sleepiness :<

also we should learn fortran. As soon as I'm confident in Haskell. We should learn Haskell.

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