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Across the globe seemingly ordinary people are developing super human abilities. To combat this new threat the Department of Homeland Security has created the Alphas, a squad of highly trained superhumans to combat the emerging threat to the American way of life.

You are one of these Alphas:




General Background:

Name: Trevor Phelps

Age: 28

Powers: Reality warping

Background: Trevor discovered his abilities at a young age when he manifested an action figure from nothingness after seeing it n the Television. He kept his abilities hidden for years until he was arrested by the Secret Service for passing counterfeit $100 bills. He was given a choice to join Alphas or spend 30 years in prison. Secretly he could've used his powers to erase all memory of him, but he didn't because he was tired of the way his life had become.

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Name: Thomas Stone

Age: 23

Powers: Insect Control

General Background: When Thomas was younger, he never really knew he had his powers. Just that a bee would attack a kid that was mean to him, or that his older brother would always be annoyed by flies. He first realized his power when he was 18, on an African safari, he was attacked by a horde of man-eating siafu ants. He was the only survivor, due to the fact that the ants avoided him, and only went after the others in the safari. When he was 20, he had already started herding bugs. He kept several large glass containers in his apartment, filled with spiders, grasshoppers, and of course, some of those siafu ants. He was discovered when he was caught on tape stealing from a convenience store... while a scorpion was attacking the clerk. The Secret Service went to his house, to discover that he had a large collection of live bugs. They captured him and put him in Alphas... but not unrewarded. He is now the proud owner of over 300 types of different insects, including some very venomous scorpions.

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Name: Avarist

Age: 23

Powers: Shapeshifting

General Background: After he discovered his powers at the age of 14, he hid them from everyone he knew. After much deliberation, he decided to use his powers to steal money for medicine for his parents. Unfortunately, he lost control of his powers and shifted to his normal body. After this, the Secret Service offered him freedom and medicine for his parents in exchange for working for them.

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Name: Aileen Weiss (formerly Dover, but she started taking her mother's maiden name

Age: 27

Powers: Control Over Electronics

General Background: Her powers first showed themselves at the age of three, when one of her tantrums caused a power outage. Over time she gained some control over her emotions and her powers, but large emotional outbursts still make electronics go haywire. When her parents bought a computer and let her play a game on it, she found her mind could trace through the pathways and directories like a labyrinth. Control is possible when she isn't touching the device, but it's more accurate if she's touching it, and for more delicate work if she's directly 'plugged in' to the machine. Her powers were brought to the attention of the Department of Homeland Security when an overimmersion caused her to lapse into a coma, her consciousness trapped in the computer.

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Trevor Phelps trudged down the long corridors of Alphas HQ, deep below the Home Office of the DHS. As he shuffled, his slippers scuffed across the cold concrete floor.

"Some of us are trying to sleep man!" an annoying voice squeaked at him.

"Oh tell it to your bugs!" Trevor shot back.

As he continued past the dorms, some empty others occupied he conjured a glass in his hand, foaming with a nice amber ale. As he took a sip he quickly spat it out.

"Very classy man?" Sergeant Blake Horn said from his post.

"I'm trying to create this amazin Beer I had about 4 years ago but the taste isn't quite right." Trevor said.

"It's kinda late T shouldn't you be sleeping?" Blake asked

"Your relatively new at freak Babysitting, so I'm just gonna tell you that because of my "uniqueness" I only have to sleep about 30 minutes, unlike the rest of these monkeys who need 8 hours."

"Can't you at least try to sleep longer?"

"I've tried but I always wake up at exactly 30 minutes."

Trevor continued his nightly walkabout until he reached the War Room, a massive circular room with a giant round oak table in the center, a massive bank of flat screens bordered the walls.

"Would you like to play a nice game of chess?" One monitor spoke in an eerie monotone.

"War Games...A classic!" Trevor said clapping his hands together.

"That's not funny Trevor, you scared me for a minute." Staff Sergeant Sandra Blake said.

"Oh come on Sandy...just a bit of fun!" Trevor said.

"I told you I hate the name Sandy!"

Trevor took a seat in one of the padded leather chairs and propped his feet on the table.

Just as he did a warning claxon echoed through the base.

"It wasn't me!" He said sitting up straight.

As the claxon eased the Nearby Blue Elevator opened and in stepped Brigadeer General Matthew Pearlman, leader of the Alphas.

"General sir!" Sandra said saluting him.

"At ease Sergent." he said.

"General to what do we owe the pleasure of your company?" Trevor asked.

"I think we'll wait for the others to arrive first Mr. Phelps" Pearlman said.

Trevor waved his hand conjuring the other Alphas to their seats.

"Trevor you Ass!" Aileen shouted. "A few seconds earlier and you woulda poofed me here naked!" she added.

"Enough!" Pearlman shouted. "The day you've been training for has arrived people. This footage comes from a Train Station in Madrid 20 minutes ago. The locals think it's a suicide bombing but our techs have managed to clean up the image."

The grainy black and white footage started. It showed a crowded Train platform a man in a dark jacket enters and shouts something then blam....the footage goes dark. A second video from a farther location shows a black cloud of smoke as frightened people run away, among them a silhouette of a man in a dark jacket.

"Pryoknesis?" Trevor asked

"No it looked more like Bio-Explosive force, like some kind of energy based powers."

"Actually the techs managed to recover some explosive residue, it's Nitroglycerine but it's odd, it has human DNA mixed in the boys are calling it.

"Explosive spit!" Thomas said. "It's not unheard of in nature! The Bombadeer Beetle shoots a caustic chemical to blind predators."

"That's all we need, a Jihadist with explosive spit" Pearlman said. "This mission is a go Alpha Team, you are to stay below the Radar and seek out this threat, capture or if need be neutralise him. The C-40 is fueld and standing by a Mckinley Air Force Base."

"Awesome man I love Spain!" Trevor said.

"Not so fast, this is a mission not a vacation. That's why Sergent Horn will be accompanying you."

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The flight was brief. Probably because Thomas was asleep most of the time. Though he remembers someone freaking out because several scorpions were crawling about.

By the time they got there, Thomas had already gotten a good amount of sleep. Ready to search for terrorists that shoot explosive spit.

They split up in order to cover more ground, all making sure to get a easily concealable headset. Thomas started out, then wondered, Why didn't Trevor just warp us here or something? Eh. I'll probably ask him that later.

"Find anything yet?" Horn's voice squawked from the headset. "Nothing" replied Trevor. "Nope" Aileen said casually. "I got nothing" Avarist replied quietly. "Zilch" Thomas said, his mouth obviously filled with food. Then a shock from the headset. "Tom! Are you eating?!" Aileen shouted into the headset. "Yeah. Were here, we might as well enjoy the food. I found this awesome restaurant, its called Tahyo Bellah" Thomas replied, taking another bite of his taco. "Thomas... 'C' doesn't make a 'H' sound in Spanish. You're eating at Taco Bell" Horn scolded. "Yeah, probably. Anyway, don't worry about me searching. I've got some purple emperors scouring the city. They'll come to me if they see anything suspicious." Thomas said, finishing his Taco "So unlike you guys, I can afford to see the sites without having my search hindered."

He obviously had a smile on his face. Aileen wiped it off with another shock.

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A little note;

Trevor's Reality Warping abilities only allow him to bring people or objects to him either by conjuring them from errant atoms or yanking them from space and time. He would've had to flown to spain then yank everyone to him.

Trevor broke away from the others and made his way to the Train Station. A quickly cobbled together Police Badge fooled the Rookie guarding the scene, as did the garbled Spanish he casually tossed. "Thanks Muzzy!" he said under his breath.

The grainy black and white footage did little to truly express the sheer violence of the blast. He could see the dark brown stains against the stark grey of the concrete, grim testaments to the people they once were. He shook his head as Images of tired soot covered faces looked at him, this was not his first brush with Global Terrorism but he prayed to God it would be the last.

Trevor took a few steps back and placed his back against a brightly painted cinderblock wall.

The world seemed to fade to a light grey as time itself began to bend in on itself. He watched as people went to and fro among their affairs, a group of kids on a school trip a guy proposing to his Girlfriend, a bunch of guys on the way to a Football game and BOOM!

Trevor jumped back and placed his hands on his knees. Looking down he spotted one of Thomas' bugs giving him the stink eye.

"Guy's form up we have some new info."

"What?" General Pearlman shouted from the Skype call.

"I think were going about this all wrong sir." Trevor said

"Explain it to me slowly alright Trevor."

"I looked back and what I saw doesn't jive sir. Our Rogue Alpha is nothing more than a 20 something Soccer fan who got into a fight with a buddy about a game, then he got disgusted know."

"Let lose a napalm loogie!" Thomas said.

"We saw the video Trevor, he was wearing islamic style clothes." Pearlman said

"You mean the heavily damaged and reconstructed video sir? I saw exactly what happened, we have a scared kid out there with a highly unstable power." Trevor said

"And we have no leads as the who this superfan is do we?"

"Yes sir, and it's all thanks to Tom's helpful bugs. they found and cobbled together this." Trevor said.

"What is it?" Pearlman asked

"A luggage tag for a Mr. Jamie Hernandez who live at 447 Plaza De Sesimo."

"You want a full tactical squad as back-up. The CIA substation in Pomplona has a dynamite TAC team."

"No it'd be better if we did this calmly." Trevor said.

"Yeah who knows what happens when this kid pukes? Tom said

"Alright go to it Alphas!"

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(Yeah, I assumed that. It was just Thomas thinking silly thoughts.)

All the Alphas immediately started in the direction of 447 Plaza De Sesimo. It was an apartment building. This'll be easy. Four against one. This kid shouldn't give any trouble.

Thomas stopped when he got near. He could tell the building was a residence for many flies and ants. Typical high school commons. "In position" Thomas said into the microphone. "This isn't a military operation, Thomas. We shouldn't scare this kid. He might take out the entire block." Horn said, obviously annoyed. "Got it. Sorry." Thomas replied, rolling his eyes. I wasn't going to scare him. I just meant I was near the location.

Aileen voice came from the headset. "I'm here" she said. "Same" replied Avarist. "Good. Stand ready in case anything goes wrong" Trevor said.

Horns voice softly came from the mic. "Okay Trevor. Move in, but don't startle him. Stay calm, but try to reveal to him that hes not alone. Maybe warp a cup into your hand or something" he said. Trevor approached the apartment, and found the address 447. He knocked on the door, and a young man answered it. He seemed nervous. "¿Sí? ¿Quién es?" he said.

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"Hey how ya doing kid, you speak English?" Trevor asked.

"Si...yes a little." Jamie said clearly nervous.

"You mind if I take a seat kid, I've been on my feet all day and they are aching."

"Yes...come in." Jamie said.

"That's not the plan Trevor...Trevor...God Damn it!" Thomas said.

Trevor walked in and noticed a lot of small holes in the wooden floor as well as scorched cotton towels and a cracked toilet.

"Oh that's the stuff!" Trevor said sitting back in a vintage LaZboy recliner.

"So it's not just spit that combusts huh Jamie, it's every bodily fluid?"

Jamie's jaw slacked in fear and sweat began to bead on his brow.

"How do you know about that?" he asked

"It's ok kid calm down. So was the train station the first time it happened?" Trevor asked.

"Yes, It happened so fast I wasn't even sure it was real."

"Oh yeah I've been there, one minute you're normal and the next minute bang."

"You can make the explosions too?"

"No I can do this." he said conjuring a glass of Orange Juice.

"You want some it's good, it's from a restaurant in Tampa that fresh squeezes it right at the table."

"You create Orange Juice?"

"No I can recreate objects from memory...but only inanimate objects, that and physically transport stuff to me."

"How do we get rid of this curse?" Jamie asked.

"Curse...I know it might not seem like it now but it's a blessing."

"A friends and all those people are dead and you call it a blessing!"

"Move in now!" Thomas said over the comms.

"No I have this Tom stay put!" Trevor said.

"Who are you talking to...Police?"

"No not police Jamie, more like us."

"Every time I close my eyes I see the bodies and the blood, nobody will ever be hurt by me again."

"No Jamie don't....."


From below Tom and the others watched as a massive fireball erupted from the windows of Jamie's apartment.

"Trevor are you there?" Tom asked, static his only response.

"Trevor this is Aileen please respond." Aileen said on the verge of tears.

"Hey over here get a medic!" Avairst shouted.

The group ran over and found Jamie and Trevor, Trevor's back was scorched and burned and Jamie was unconscious.

"Trevor can you hear me...what happened." Tom asked

"Jamie grabbed a jar of something, I think it was pee he smashed it on the floor and it ignited, I ported us out but we got caught in the's he?"

"He's out of it."

"An how am I, am I all there?" Trevor asked

"Yeah why?"

"Because....I can't feel my legs"

Later back at DHS

"How's Trevor Dr. Park?" General Pearlman asked of the attractive asian female.

"He has some third degree burns on his upper and lower back but amazingly he's healing. The paralysis is another story, the heat severely damaged his spinal cord, now much like the burns his abilities might repair that damage as well."

"And what about Mr. Hernandez?" Pearlman asked

"He's registering zero brainwaves, it's the strangest thing it's as if his mind just up and left leaving the body behind."

"Can we keep it alive...the body?" Pearlman asked

"Yes with a breathing machine and IV fluids but why?"

"That's all for now doctor, just get to work."

Trevor opened his eyes and was shocked to see the bed surrounded by the other members of the team.

"Welcome back T!" Blake said

"How you feeling?" Thomas asked.

"They've got me on SO many drugs!" Trevor said.

"You really scared us Trevor." Aileen said.

"Yeah sorry, It was a reflex. I honestly don't remember taking the kid along. Speaking of the kid how is he?"


"Fine T, a little banged up but no worse for the wear."

As the group chatted the door opened.

"Oh sorry...I'll come back." Sandra said.

"No we were just leaving, right guys?" Thomas said.

"Yeah, get well soon Trevor." Avarist said.

As the group left, Sandra closed the door behind her.

"Hey Sandy." Trevor said with a smirk.

"I...I told you not to call me that!" she said her voice cracking.

"Hey...hey now stop that, I'm fine see." he said.

"No you're not, Dr. Park said you may never walk again." Sandra said.

"Never walk...I'm Trevor Phelps, I'm unkillable and unparalyse-able...see." he said motioning to his foot.

Sandra looked and smiled as his toes twitched.

"But how?" she asked

"As hot as Dr. Park is she grossly underestimated my powers regenerative capabilities."

"Oh she's hot is she?" Sandra asked slipping into the bed.

"But not as hot as you?" Trevor said.

"Oh nice cover." she said

"I didn't know Trevor and Sandra were seeing each other." Aileen said.

"Really...the whole base knows?" Thomas said.

"Yeah it's true." Avairst said.


Pearlman made his way deep into the DHS Red Quarter.

Bypassing multiple locked rooms he arrived in a well lit room with a man hooked up to machines.

"What can you tell me Dr. Jenks how is he?" Pearlman asked

"The steroidal compounds we've been using to retard the calcium progression are no longer working General, I'm afraid without some miracle your brother will die."

"I think we just found one Doctor." he said handing him a file marked "Hernandez, Jamie".

"This is the brain dead boy?"

"Yes Doctor it is, Activate Marcus. Lets see if that Psycho Psychic wants time shaved off his sentence?"

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Thomas was back in his room. It was kind of like a sanctuary for him. Dozens of spiders had their webs all across the ceiling. Scorpions scuttled across the floor. He even cut off a section of his room to use as an ant farm. To him, insects were different. He can talk to them, and they talk back. He listens to what things the spiders recently ate, or what the ants found in their giant farm. To him, this was the life.

He was still worried about Trevor, but he knew he would make it through. Trevor always recovered from injuries quickly. But that Jamie kid... nothing. Hes done nothing since they brought him back, which was strange, because Thomas has seen him do a whole lot of something! Tho-

There was a knock at the door. Thomas answered it. "Hello?" He said. "Hello Mr. Stone" said Hank Carver, one of the main intelligence guys at Alphas. "Oh, hey Hank" Thomas replied softly "Whats up?" "Nothing much, Tom. Nothing much" he said, adjusting his glasses "How are you feeling after that accident in Spain?" "With the Jamie kid? I feel like it could've gone a lot worse." "Always such a pessimist. Anyway, I've got intel on a rogue Alpha, located in Russia" he said, turning around and gesturing Thomas to follow.

"I see" Tom said, stepping out, closing the door behind him. "What does this have to do with me?" "Well. We know you're a little impatient, but you're the only one we can send right now." Hank said, opening a door and gesturing Tom to go in. "Why me?" Thomas asked, walking in, still looking at Hank.

"Because" said Pearlman "Avarist and Aileen are preoccupied, and even if its going fast, Trevor is still recovering. You're the only available Alphas." "Oh, so its not because of my impressive abilities?" Thomas said, Hank snorting at the comment.

"Well, that might have something to do with it. You've always been the best with collecting information, and we have very little on this unregistered Alphas. Though we do know, he lives in Moscow, and his ability seems to be cloning." Pearlman said, setting down a file. "But thats all we know. We need you to get to Moscow and find this Alpha. I know this is the first solo mission you'll ever be on, but I have confidence in you." "Great" Thomas said, smiling while a scorpion crawled out from his sleeve. "When do I leave?"

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Trevor opened his eyes and found his room in shambles, the windows were cracked and broken and the neon lights were hanging on by a thread. Staggering from the bed he cautiously slid open the door and glanced outside. The outer hallway was pitch black say for a tiny red light down a ways.

"What the hell's going on!" he said to himself.

He slipped silently into the hall and gingerly walked down the corridor to where the red light was.

"What is this red light?" he said reaching up.

Touching his index finger to the light, the red smeared off revealing a soft white glow of a normal security light.

As he rubbed the smudge in his fingers he instantly recognized the texture.

"Dried blood!?"

Conjuring a flash light he activated the beam and pointed it into the darkness.

A single row of footprints stretched out behind him, carved out of a thick layer of red goo against the white tile floor.

Trevor sat up, his face pouring with sweat.

"Are you alright Trevor?" Sandra asked. "You were screaming." she added.

"It was a nightmare that all, a bad one."

Thomas touched down in Moscow, and immediately felt eyes on him.

"Remember, political ties with Russia are strained at the moment. Don't be surprised if you catch a tail as soon as you land. An American who works for Homeland Security tends to send up all types of flags." Pearlman had said.

Thomas sent out his feelers and couldn't find many native insects to aid in his mission.

"Cold isn't bug friendly I guess."

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Thomas stepped outside of the airport, putting his hands together and blowing into them for warmth. The few insects he carries around trying to hide from the cold.

No bugs?! How the hell am I supposed to find this guy in a giant city like Moscow WITHOUT help?

Thomas could probably even barely communicate. He only knows two fulls languages, English and French. Of the Russian he does know, he'd be lucky if he could get someones name. He can't even read Russian.

Thomas walked into a (Russian) Starbucks, hoping to at least get a hot beverage. But when he walked in, he saw the menu was in complete Russian.

Damn, why did I even think it would be in English?

He walked up to the lady at the counter, and tried hard to say "Нет Россию" which he hoped meant 'No Russian.'

"Мне очень жаль, я не могу помочь вам, если вы не владеют русским языком" she replied calmly. Thomas had a look of horror on his face. WHAT?!

"Excuse me, but did you say you don't speak Russian?" A man said, walking over to Tom. "Um... yeah, do you?" Tom replied, nervously. "Course I do. Need help ordering something?" the man said nicely. "Um... sure. I've tried that salted hot chocolate, mind ordering that?" "Sure, no problem." The man said, turning to the lady.

"К сожалению, этот человек не владеет русским языком. Он был бы признателен, если бы вы могли получить его соленые горячий шоколад." he said to the lady, who nodded. "Great" said the man. "Here come sit at my table."

They walked over to a table, a laptop and a already half-drunken coffee there. "You left your laptop over here?" Thomas said, sitting down. "Its no problem. I'm friends with most people here." he said, closing the laptop and slipping it into a computer bag.

"So what are you doing here, friend?" the man said, taking another sip of his coffee. "I'm... I'm sorry, I don't even know your name" Thomas said, looking around the coffee shop. "No problem. Just call me Cain." "Cain? Got a last name?" "I do, but I just prefer Cain" Cain said, tossing his coffee cup into a nearby trash can.

"So, what brings you to Russia?" Cain asked, bringing up the subject again. "Hm? Just looking for someone." Thomas said, looking around the floors. "Relative?" "Well... you could say I relate to the person." "Heh. Don't really want to share the details?" "Its kind of... secret." Thomas said.

"Соленые горячий шоколад." said the lady behind the counter, waving over to Cain, who waved back. "Thats yours" Cain said.

Thomas walked over there calmly. He still hasn't been able to spot a single bug. There must be some kind of bug that lives in the cold. He grabbed his hot chocolate. "Шестьдесят восемь рублей, пожалуйста." she said, Thomas made out the word Rubles. Oh damn...

"Наташа! Запишите это на мой вкладке." Cain called over, the girl rolling her eyes and going back to work. Thomas walked back over to Cain. "Did you just pay for me?" he asked. "I did. You probably don't have Rubles yet. I'm happy to help" Cain said, smiling.

"So just how secret is this?" Cain said. "Well... Has anything weird been going on here lately?" Thomas said, taking a sip of his hot chocolate. "I wouldn't know. I'm just visiting. Its the main reason I haven't called this place the motherland yet." Cain said, chuckling. "Well... Theres been reports of people... being in two different places at the same time..." Thomas said.

Cains eyes widened. "You're here about that too!" Cain yelled in a whisper. He pulled out a file. "Its a complete coincidence! I've been here for about two weeks researching this guy!" he said, opening the file and taking out a paper with two pictures on it.

Hes been researching this guy for weeks? This is too good to be true.

"I've also found two others. But this guy is the most interesting yet." he said, showing the two photos to Thomas.

The pictures were obviously of the same person, but... there was definitely something different about the two. One looked happy, while the other one looked... Evil. He seemed to have a gray tint in his skin.

"Its looks like he can clone himself..." Thomas said. "Actually, this isn't him." Cain said, smiling giddily. "Wait?..." Thomas was thrown for a second. "This is one of his... I guess 'victims' would be the word." Cain said, taking the pictures back and putting them into the file. "You see, he only duplicates an object once. One of them is cheery. Charitable, infact. The other can usually be seen robbing a convenience store..." Cain said, taking out another picture, this one with a name on it.

Alexandir Solokov.

"THIS is the guy" Cain said, smiling slightly. Thomas could tell this guy was an Alpha just by looking at the picture. He looked scared... tortured even. "Do you know where he lives?!" Thomas said, standing up, drawing a little attention. "Yes, but I wouldn't dare go there. I'm afraid of being split." Cain said, taking something out of the file. "This is his address. I wouldn't suggest going there unless you're ready for your life to be changed forever."

Thomas grabbed the strip of paper, and stuffed it into his pocket. "You've been a tremendous help. But I've got to go, now!" Thomas said, turning and leaving the coffee shop.

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Aileen had been sent, once more, to dig up what she could on supernatural occurrences that could lead the Alphas to others like them.

She was now plugged into her computer, quite literally. The metal rings she habitually wore could be attached to wires that could then be plugged into a variety of computer ports. She didn't bother touching the keyboard or mouse as she sat completely still, the occasional blink the only sign that she remained conscious. Residual sounds murmured from her headset.

The screen flickered from one site to another, windows popping up and closing too quickly for most people to be able to read them. Another one flickered into existence, and Aileen read a response from her Sudanese correspondent Beombe. It had been months since he had been able to report anything, and so far he had only the regular reports of genocide and abductions into slavery, 1.3 million people dead because of their religious affiliation. Her expression saddened, but since it had nothing to do with her current query she forwarded the information to corresponding human rights groups and continued.

Her attention returned to a video taken from a cell phone at a high school. It was of a teenage boy on his hands and knees retching uncontrollably, while other students stood and watched. He stopped when a teacher elbowed her way through the crowd to help him, but as soon as she'd gotten close the boy's arm swung up to hit the teacher square in the jaw. The video ended with the student staggering awkwardly towards the camera.

Aileen froze the video on the last frame, where the boy's expression was clearly visible. His eyes were wide, his mouth pulled back into a grimace. He was frightened. Aileen rewatched the video, this time more slowly, scanning the crowd for anything unusual. Everyone in the video had understandably turned to the boy, but one near the front had had his eyes on him the whole time, staring intently with no hint of surprise. When the teacher puched her way through the crowd, she jostled the girl, who looked up, then at the camera, then back at the boy.

A quick search identified the school as Riel Secondary in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the girl as Colette Didier, age 14. She participated in track and field, and had recently won the provincial championship when the girl in first tripped and sprained her ankle in the final run. As Aileen read on these instances kept cropping up where people around her kept getting hurt or sick. As isolated incidents they barely raised an eyebrow, but together they began to paint a very vivid picture.

Aileen got up and stretched. If she was right, they had to find this one pretty soon.

((not sure what to write at this point. Not used to writing other people's characters, but I'll give it a try next post.))

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Thomas raced to the address on the strip of paper. It was just a normal house. Okay. This is fine. Just try to keep the guy calm.

Thomas walked up to the door. He swallowed from nervousness. Then he knocked. A man answered. "Что вы хотите, щенок?" he said.

"Um... do you speak English?" Thomas said. "I do. What the hell do you want?" the man said. He was definitely Alexandir, but he had a Grey tint.

Uh-oh... "Um... Alexandir?" Thomas said "May I come in?" "What? I don't even know who the puppy you are, why the hell would I let you in?" Alexandir yelled.

"Because I know. I just want to talk to you about it..." Thomas said. "Damnit! Just leave me alone!" Alexandir shouted, throwing his fist at Thomas, who quickly dodged.

"Wait! I can help you! There's more like you!" Thomas said, backing up. "More like me? You mean more freaks that ruin the lives of innocent everyday people by splitting them into two!?" Alexandir shouted "Enough!" Alexandir said, tackling Thomas, then hitting him in the chest with his palm.


Thomas suddenly woke up. He felt dazed. I didn't think he hit me that hard. He got up, and looked in the house. He saw Alexandir, dead. There were a few scorpion tail stabs across his forehead. What the!?

Thomas was freaked out. Which was weird. Its not unusual for his buggy friends to defend him, but they wouldn't kill just like that. But then... Thomas noticed something. He felt nothing bad. Earlier, he wanted to try to find a nice Russian woman and maybe get lucky before he left. Now when he thinks about that, he thinks about romancing first.

Ugh... What happened? Oh wait... It was obvious. Alexandir used his splitting abilities. But that means... Thomas is the good version? or... Was his consciousness split? Gah. Its confusing.

Wait... Thats not good... Alexandir used his splitting abilities.... and now hes dead.... "Uh oh..." Thomas said.


Thomas walked in a convenience store, his scorpion nuzzled in his pocket. Bitch. Can't believe that guy tested me. I showed him.

Thomas inhaled deeply. There's definitely bugs here. He twitched his fingers, and flies started flying around. Perfect.

"Извините меня, сэр?" the store clerk said, walking up to Thomas. "Oh my god. Learn English like everyone else!" Thomas shouted, then threw his scorpion at the man. The man screamed briefly, but died quickly as the scorpion stabbed him with its stinger.

Thomas grabbed a bag of Jack Links jerky, a Guiness and walked out of there.

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Trevor hobbled into the information center and saw Aileen "Plugged In".

"You Technopaths all get the same look on your faces you know." He said with a chuckle

"Should you be walking around?" Aileen asked.

Trevor held out his hand and materialized a gold cane with a big ruby at the top.

"What the hell is that?" she asked.

"It's something Flav had at the Playa's ball a few years ago." he said.

"Well get rid of it, it's god aweful." she said.

"Yeah it is isn't it."

With a wave of his hand it transformed into a modest black wooden cane with a silver topper.

"That looks like..."

"John Smith's cane from 'The Dead Zone' yeah that's what I was going for." he said.

Aileen returned her attention to the screen as the video looped again.

"What've you got?" Trevor asked

"I think I have a line on an Alpha, a young girl by the name of Collette Didier."

"Did you say Didier?" Trevor asked

"Yeah why?" Aileen asked.

"I have to talk to General Pearlman.

Trevor made his way to the Red Quarter and quietly tapped on the glass door. "How is he Sir?" Trevor asked.

"His DNA is breaking down faster than they can stop it."

"If I had known this would happen I never would've tried to cure his Abilities." Trevor said.

"Cody was becoming dangerous, he turned anything he touched in calcium, his abilities just turned on him in the end. It wasn't your fault Trevor." Pearlman said.

"How is the progress going with Jamie's body?" Trevor asked.

"They're preping the body for transfer, all that's left is waking Marcus."

"That's why I'm here actually, it turns out his daughter's an Alpha too."

"Are you sure Trevor?" Pearlman asked.

"Aileen's got proof, it turns out that people she hates end up sick or injured."

"So she's not a Psychic like her pop?"

"No I think she's a Pathogenist."

"An illness controller, are you well enough to travel?" Pearlman asked

"No but Aileen seems pretty keen on doing this solo."

"Alright, tell her the mission is a go but that's all. The Red Quarter is still classified to all the Alpha team."

"Understood sir." Trevor said turning.

"Trevor wait." Pearlman said.

Trevor turned sharply.

"I never thanked you for what you did, wiping that kids mind."

"He wanted to die sir, I gave him his wish. I just didn't see the point of ruining a perfectly good body."

Trevor made his way back to Aileen who was still attached to her machine.

"You better go pack girl." he said sitting in a chair next to her.

"Why?" she asked

"I told the big cheese about your find and he wants you to make contact with the Pathogenist."

"Really!?" Aileen said in surprised shock.

"Yeah go get her." he said with a smile.

As he watched Aileen skip off Trevor felt a slight pain behind his eyes.

"Oh crap!" he said totally expecting a vision.

He found himself split in two watching two simultaneous events unfolding.

"Thomas...and Thomas?" Trevor said aloud. "This is gonna hurt!" he added.


Trevor put him hand out to brace himself against the wall as he hobbled his way into the apartment.

"Thomas...are you alright?" he asked.

"Hey buddy what are you doing here?" Thomas asked a big grin plastered across his face.

"I felt...a disturbance."

"In the force? Star Wars man I love that movie, we should watch it."

"Yeah and we will as soon as we find out exactly what happened here."

"Oh yeah sure. The dead guy's the evil clone of the alpha I'm tracking and it looks like he cloned me and my evil half killed him."

Trevor bent over and waved his hand over the body as a few dropps of scorpion venom trickled out the puncture wound.

"No he was already gone by the time this happened. It wzs probably "Yanging" you what did him in."

"Yanging" Thomas asked.

"Yeah it's what he and certain other Alphas do we call it Yanging."

"Like Yin and Yang?" Thomas asked.

"Yes he can actually split a person into their light and dark selves, it's very rare and very dangerous."

"Dangerous how?" Thomas asked.

"What he did to you disrupted the material constant of the universe."

"What...?" Thomas asked

"God your light half is an idiot!" Trevor said.

"You ever see the movie "Time Cop?"

"Oh yeah man Van Damm does some awesome splits in that movie."

"Towards the end he had the bad guy from the future and his younger self from the past in the same room and kicked them together."

"Oh yeah and they melted!"

"Yes because same matter can't occupy the same space, so if your double isn't found soon and formed back to you..."

"we'll melt?" Thomas asked

"No, the energy from the exotic particles with destroy half of Moscow."

"Bummer man!" Thomas said.

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