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As you can probably tell I've got a subplot running involving the General and the real truth behind Project Alpha.

All will be explained in time.

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(And I already know how Thomas-light and Thomas-dark are going to be reformed.)

Thomas didn't know what was going on, but he didn't care that much either. He was just happy that his good friend Trevor showed up.

"My evil half... I don't know where he could possibly be. Maybe robbing a bank?" Thomas said, looking a little sad.

Trevor was supporting himself on the side of Alexandirs house. "Wait... I got it! Your evil half attacked with a scorpion, but where would you have gotten a scorpion?" Trevor said, excitedly.

"Oh. I carry one around, and I just decided the perfect name for him would be Scuttler!" Thomas said, his sadness fading and a smile appearing.

"Thomas, do you think you could find this scorpion, even if its far away?" said Trevor.

"Definitely! I've been around him for months. It would require lots of extra caution to keep me from finding it!" Thomas said, turning towards the rest of the city with his head held up high. "Wait... I can't... find it..." he said, his head lowering a bit "But... how would evil me know we'd be coming after him?"

"Well, hes evil. He'll probably want to do what he can without being tracked." Trevor said, his hand almost slipping down the side of the house.

"Oh you poor soul! Let me help you!" Thomas said, grabbing Trevor and giving him support by putting his arm over his our shoulder. "There you go. Anyway, I think I know a guy who might be able to help. Have you ever been to a Russian Starbucks?" Thomas said, walking off with Trevor's arm slung over his shoulder.


Thomas had entered Moscow Maximum Security Prison. "Hey, you. Guard." Thomas said, looking at the guard wearing a dark blue uniform. "You speak English?" Thomas said, petting the back of his pet scorpion, who he for some reason he decided to name "Scuttler." "Yes." The guard said plainly, staring down at Thomas. "Good, who would you way is the most dangerous criminal here?" said Thomas, looking up at the man. "Definitely Xavier Stalin. He got the death penalty for murduring a senator and his family." The guard said, looking kind of sad. "He was a great man, it was so unfo-" "I'm sure it was. Whats his cell number?" "Um... 121, why?"

Thomas launched his scorpion at the man, who lasted slightly longer than the clerk, but still died very fast.

Thomas walked through the corridors of prison cells, surrounded by hundreds of criminals, until he came to cell 121.

"You there. Xavier." said Thomas calmly. "What do you want, American?" Xavier said harshly. "I have some plans, and I need a hardcore killer to help me with them. Are you interested?" "Well, it kind of seems that I'm locked in a cell. Maybe if you break me out." "Maybe? I'm offering not only to break you out of jail, but to be kept from the death penalty. I need a yes or no." "Eh. Whats in it for me." "A mass criminal career. Like I said, I got big plans." "Hm... Fine. I'd just need weapons." "No problem" said Thomas, scratching nose.

Then parts of the wall behind Xavier started falling to pieces. Xavier turned around. "What the?"

"Rock mites. They're like termites but they eat stone and the like" Thomas said, almost bragging. "How'd you get them to do that when you want?" "Oh. I have some special... abilities."

Thomas unlocked the killers door, and they both walked from the prison through the giant hole in the wall that had been created by Thomas' bugs.

(I was going to make Xavier speak Russian, but then I decided there shouldn't be a barrier between Thomas-dark and his accomplice.)

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Thomas held the door for Trevor and the pair entered.

"I can't believe there's a Starbucks in Moscow." Trevor said.

"Oh there he is, Trevor I'd like you to meet..."

"Cain!" Trevor said a scowl across his face.

"You're looking as good as ever Trevor aside from the cane, what happened?"

"Perils of the job Cain, you know that."

"And what job is that again?" Cain asked.

"It's Clas...."

"Classified...yes I know." Cain said cutting him off.

"You two know eachother?" Thomas asked.

"Yes. Thomas meet Reginald Cain British MI-6."

"Former MI-6!" Cain said.

"Oh yes that's right, they dismissed you."

"And you had nothing to do with that right." Cain asked.

"American's have no authority of British Intelligence Reg you know that."

Trevor slowly sat down and placed his leg up on an opposite chair.

"Why are you here Cain?" Trevor asked

"Same as you Trevor I'm here tracking one of them."

"One of who?"

"You know the freaks everyone says don't exist. Ask your friend he virtually said so."

Trevor shot Thomas an angry glance. and he responded with a nervous grin.

"Did you find him?" Cain asked.

"Yes and he...split me in two."

"He cloned you?" Cain asked.

"Yes Cain he cloned him and now we have an evil duplicate out there possibly killing people or worse."

"What can be worse than killing people Trevor?"

"Believe me you don't wanna know, the question is do you have a bead on Thomas' Doppelganger or not?"

"As a matter of fact I do, a man matching his discription just busted into the Groske, Moscow's Maximum Security Prison and busted out..."


"Yes that's right Thomas, Xavier relation."

"Wait I know that name." Trevor said.

"Yes he was at one time a big Agent in the KGB but had since held a minor office in Russian parliament."

"He's part of the Russian Mob right?" Trevor asked. "If evil Tom busted a psycho like that out he must be planning something big."

Thomas looked out the far window and felt a twitch in his spine.

"It's the scorpion, I feel him." Thomas said.

"Thank's for your help Cain, but seriously stop what you're doing and go home this is far dangerous than you can ever know."

Trevor and Thomas exited the shop and climbed into an SUV.

"You do know what Secret Agency means don't you Thomas?" Trevor asked.

"I thought he worked for us he...knew things...about us."

"He thinks he knows things, he doesn't know everything."

"How does he know you?" Thomas asked

"I was working in the UK about six years ago tracking a serial killer."

"The new Jack the Ripper?" Tom asked

"Yes except this guy was killing Coeds not hookers. I met Cain completly by accident."


"I...was dating his sister Caitlin."


"Yeah she worked in a shop in my hotel. I chatted her up one day and we hit it off. In time I met her brother and I could tell right away he was British intelligence."


"The suit, slate grey with three buttons on the cuffs."


"No not really, I just knew. And as soon as he left I knew he started going through my Alias's background. It wasn't long before he started following me. In time we caught the Ripper and we vanished. Cain tracked me down to my home in DC, he wanted to know why American Intelligence took a foreign murderer into custody and when I blew him off he went back to his superiors. He burned so many bridges that they fired him."

"Did we have anything to do with that?" Thomas asked.

"No...I mean maybe, I don't know. But the General is Golfing buddies with MI-6 Director Tennant."

Trevor looked in his rearview mirror at Cain sitting still at the table.

"I'm amazed at how far he's come."

"Yeah he even knew that we're called Alpha's."

"Yeah that was a Freedom of information snafu from back in 81."


"Did I say 81 I meant 91, 1991." Well lets go find your evil double, shall we?"

(I hope you don't mind that I basically stole the Cain character and wrote my own backstory I just wanted to reveal some of the sub plot and felt this Cain character would be perfect)

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(Gah. No problem I guess, but I kind of wanted him to be a specific type of character. I guess someone else can fill that slot.

Also, I'm going to just do Thomas-dark for a while.)

Xavier had already armed himself with two handguns, a rifle and a shotgun.

Thomas' plans were already going well. He had already recruited several more people, all of them making up a small gang. Most of them were 17 and 18 years olds, looking to go into crime than actually getting a real job.

Right now they were meeting in the back of a convenience store. They had tied and gagged the clerk, then turned off the lights and turned the sign to say closed. In Russian!

The total amount of people in the room was eight. Thomas and Xavier, another big guy and five teens.

They had already decided on their first target. "Its a small bank. Brand New, its only been open for a year. It doesn't have great security yet" Xavier had said.

They were working on the details. Xavier was translating for his new accomplice. "You five, you will walk in and shoot any guards you see. Shoot to kill, then take all the people hostage and blockade the door. You, big guy, you will take all the money that the clerks have right behind the counter. Me and Thomasin will proceed to the vault and take what we can out of there. Clear?" Xavier ordered in Russian, and all the men nodded their heads.

"We will get far, Thomasin." Xavier said, turning to Thomas. "I hope I get another chance to see how you can do what you do with the bugs." He finished, while taking our his shotgun and polishing the barrel.

"Trust me, my former self did not know the extent of my power. I promise you will get plenty of chances to see my bugs." Thomas-dark said, smiling for the first time since he'd been split.

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Trevor looked out the window of his hotel room at Red Square far below.

"Look at that Thomas!" he said pointing down. "That's Red Square, If only my father could see me here!" he said with a sad grin.

"Why?" Thomas asked

"My father fought Communism in Vietnam, and now I'm in the seat of communism watching Die Hard and drinking a Pepsi."

"I don't think I've ever heard you talk about your father, is he still...with us?"

"Yes but I haven't spoken to the man in 15 years."

"And your Mother?"

"She's got a new family in Raleh Durham, I pop in and say hi to my step dad...geez I hate that word, Carl and my half brother Simon. She has no idea what I do for a living, she always tries to give me cash not knowing that I make more than her and Carl combined."

"How much do you make Trevor is it more than me?" Thomas asked

"Focus on finding your double Thomas!" Trevor said.

"Well is it?" Thomas asked again.

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A lone light switched on as a heavily bearded man I a red jumpsuit struggled to see.

"Whose there?" he asked seeing only a shadow.

"Hello Marcus." Pearlman said.

Marcus looked up and saw Pearlman standing over him.

"Well well General Pearlman, the years have not been kind to you. Do me a favor a shoot yourself in the head." he said trying to Push the thought.

"Nice try Marcus." Pearlman said tapping his ear.

"We've made some advancements over the years, this is the new scrambler it renders your abilities impotent."

"Why am I here General?" Marcus asked.

"I have an issue that only your talents can help." he said sliding a picture of his brother.

"Can you take his consciousness and transfer it to a braindead body?" he asked.

"That trick isn't easy but it could be done, what's in it for me?" Marcus asked.

"How about we keep you out of the freeze, let you actually breath." Pearlman said

"Na, I was thinking Freedom." he said.

"You're lucky I offered you anything at all. I can always make you." Pearlman said.

"And how do you know I wont burn little Cody's brain out of his skull?"

"When was the last time you saw your daughter Marcus." Pearlman said sliding him a photo.

"Twelve years ago, that would make her two at the time."

"Is this her?" Marcus asked.

"Yes and it appears she takes after daddy, she makes people who get in her way sick. Nobody has died yet but if they do perhaps she could share a cell with you?"

"leave my kid alone you bastard!" Marcus shouted.

"I will If you do this for me."

"Fine, when do we begin?" he asked.

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Marcus Didier. Of course! She assumed it was a common French last name, and hadn't made the connection. What to do next? If he didn't know Colette took after daddy, it didn't feel right to confront her beforehand.

She fired off a message. The reply was surprisingly prompt.

It is already taken care of. Carry on with your mission.

"That soon?" Aileen hesitated, then wired another message.

Very well, but in order to retrieve her I request permission to use Maria.

A brief pause.

Permission granted. I trust you to use discretion. She is not fully operational.

Aileen smiled.

That's not a problem for me.


Maria's movements were more fluid than her namesake. As Aileen switched the power on Maria lifted her head to look at her with glassy, doe-like eyes.

<Good evening, Aileen.> Her voice resonated in Aileen's head, cool and steady.

"Hello there yourself."

The gleaming automaton removed the cord from her chest, then stood up with deliberated, controlled movements.

"You have need of my assistance?" She spoke aloud, or rather, her voice resounded from the place assigned as her mouth.

"Yeah. It's a covert operation, but I'm gonna need you as backup in case things go south. There's a teenage girl who can control others' bodies, make them sick, that sort of thing."

"And you believe I will not be thus affected?"

"Right on the money."

"Aileen, allow me to remind you that I am not fully ready for combat. My motor skills remain limited in comparison to those of humans, and I have not yet been weaponized."

"Don't worry about it. I'll take over if you're in a tight spot. Your new upgrade should facilitate wireless communication between us."

"I am happy to hear that."

"Oh, and one more thing. Bien que la mission soit dans le quartier français de Winnipeg, il faut être certain que tu comprenne tout ce qu'on te dit."

'Très bien, mademoiselle. J'ai tout compris. Vous m'avez bien enseigné."

"Ben oui!" Aileen replied switching to an exaggerated jouale. "C'est ma mère, la maudite, qui insistait toujours que j'apprene le français. Franchement!"


Aileen cracked a smile.

"Maybe I taught you too well. Try to avoid using that word on the mission."


"Let's get your face on, then."

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"Now!" Xavier shouted in Russian, as the other five members of the little gang whipped out their guns and immediately took out 3 guards and five security cameras.

"Everyone on the floor!" Xavier shouted in Russian to all the people in the bank. "Vensky, barricade the door. Nicolai, start getting money from the tellers." he said, putting his rifle away and taking out his shotgun.

Thomas walked calmly through the crowd, assuming Xavier had said everything he told him to. He walked all the way to the bank vault, then stopped.

Xavier walked up. "Sir, are you going to use the bugs?" he asked, calmly. "Hm..." Thomas said, placing a hand on the vault door. "Its made completely of metal, no way for the rock mites to bite through... But..."

Just then, thousands of tiny bugs exploded into the bank. Breaking up through the floor, down through the ceiling, under doors. From virtually everywhere possible. Thousands of minuscule bugs all rushing to the vault door.

"What the hell!?" Xavier said, cocking his shotgun. "Xavier!" Thomas shouted, still concentrating on the door with his eyes closed. "DON'T!"

The thousands of tiny bugs were all trying to squeeze through the airtight vault door, most of them were making it.

Then a low rumbling metallic sound. What was it? "The bugs are opening the door manually. Thousands of bugs working together. Even the weak are strong when working together" Thomas said. He probably knew that rule best.

Then a click. The vault door lazily swung open. "Nicolai, Viktor, start bagging this up." Xavier said in Russian, gesturing over to the bank vault.

Then Thomas heard something. It was... someone on a megaphone. It was obviously the Russian police, and he was taking his time.

"Basically, come out with your hands up. They've got us surrounded." Xavier said to Thomas, who didn't look worried.

"Actually" Thomas said, cracking his knuckles. "We've got them surrounded."

Thomas and Xavier walked out calmly. It was hard for Thomas to go anywhere without Xavier. After all, he was his translator.

"Whats he saying?" Thomas said quietly to Xavier "He said 'Its Stalin and an American.'"

Thomas chuckled. This is going to cause diplomatic trouble.

The obvious chief of police shouted into the megaphone.

"He said to tell the others to come out of the bank with their hands up." Xavier whispered to Thomas.

"I actually don't know what I'm waiting for. I'll just kill them now" Thomas said, then slightly flicking his hands towards the cops.

Millions of tiny flies came buzzing from all different directions. At first, the cops looked confused, then scared. Then some actually tried to get into their little cop cars. The bank vault was too thick for rock mites to chew through, but not these thin layered cop cars. The rock mites began to work. They started chewing through tires and car frames. The cops didn't stand a chance.

The flies on the other hand, were doing much better to eliminate the cops. These weren't just regular flies. Special carnivorous flies, native to all continents except Antarctica. This was actually a larger amount than expected, since they're rarely seen.

The flies were eating away at the cops, the cops screaming in horror. Even Xavier looked frightened, like he had just realized Thomas' true power.

"Anyway, lets go get the money" Thomas said calmly, putting his arms back down to his sides and walking back to the bank. Xavier was frozen for a few more seconds, then turned and ran to catch up with Thomas.

(And you guys thought Insect Control was a silly power.)

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Marcus and the Red Quarter prisoners are only known to The General a Trevor, for now.

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Thomas was happy. After the successful bank robbery, hundreds of guys wanted in their little gang. Thomas decided the would all have a skirmish, and the last thirty guys standing would be in.

The fight is still going on, Thomas and Xavier were watching from afar.

"So we'll have to split the money with thirty more people, huh?" Xavier said, watching the fight calmly.

Thomas chuckled. "Of course not. We just need more peons."

"But won't they quit once they don't get payed?"

One of the fighters got punched, and a spray of blood flew in Thomas' direction.

"Hm... Good point. There wouldn't be any use in killing them... Fine. They'll all get a small cut." Thomas said, turning and walking away from the fight. Nicolai, the bulky member of their gang, was left to supervise.

Xavier turned around and followed Thomas. "Thomasin, what were you thinking would be our next move?" he asked. "Well, we have to be careful. Now that my light side knows I'm on the move, no doubt he'll come after me."

"...and the other guys you told me about?" Xavier asked. "Yes. The rest of the Alphas." Thomas said, smiling. "I'd love to see the look on Pearlmans face right now. Hell. I'd like to see how Trevor is handling this."

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Thomas could feel his Dark half's animosity overtaking him like a wave. "His evil seems to be increasing almost like..."

"He's building to some terrible calamity?" Trevor said.

"Can't he feel it, I know I do. It's like a charge...building up and when it releases..."

Trevor could see Thomas' fear, the once happy and carefree sprite was now a quivering and fearful ball of paranoia.

"We need to find him and fast." Trevor said.

"I'm trying but it's hard, it's almost as if he has more of my abilities than I do."

Trevor knew what he had to do. He had been putting it off in hopes that Thomas would break through the boundry but the longer the separation, the weaker he became.

"Thomas, I'm gonna tell you something I've never told anyone before."

"What is it?" Thomas asked.

"My abilities, the ability to warp reality..."


"It wasn't....always mine." Trevor said finishing.

"What do you mean, what about that story of making an action figure you saw on TV as a kid?"

"That was a lie. The truth is that I was born with an ability, but it was to absorb energy."

"Then how did you...?"

"It was 1997, I was new to Alpha. Things were different back then Alpha's were captured and locked away. But When Pearlman took over he wanted to change that, he wanted Alpha's to use their abilities to help others."

"Why didn't I know about this?"

"Nobody does, just me and some of the senior staff. You see, my first mission was a doozy. An out of control Alpha with schizophrenia was terrorising his apartment complex with living nightmares. We went in to stop him but nodody could get close, he was making everyone's greatest fears reality. I managed to shake his hold over me and made my way to him."

"Then what?" Thomas asked.

"I knew what I had to do. I latched on and drained him...dry."

"You...killed him?" Thomas asked.

"Yes, I took his abilities and lifeforce. I was pretty hurt after tge absorbing, the power was slamming my body but in the end I won and not only that it turned me younger."

"How much younger?" Thomas asked.

"About 20 years."

"So you're not 28 are you?"

"No I'm technically 48."

"Anything else I should know?" Thomas asked.

"That's it for now."

Thomas sat in silence for what seemed to be 1,000 years before he finally broke his silence.

"You want to absorb my powers?"

"No not like before, I just want to augment your residual power with mine, it'll make it easier for us to find him."


"Yes, while we're connected we'll share consciousness and if we're lucky we'll pinpoint where he is.

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Trevor grabbed two chairs and placed them together, one facing the other.

"You sit here, I'll sit here." Trevor said.

"Then what?" Thomas asked

Trevor sat down and held up his right hand as if he was going to shake some unseen hand. Thomas joined him and held up his right hand.

"Now what?" Thomas asked.

"It's complicated...if I give you too much too soon it could burn you out, kill you."

"Then don't do that."

"I'll try, you should known that once we start it'll be like nothing you've ever experienced before."

"I'm ready." Thomas said.

"Alright, let's begin."

Thomas clasped Trevor's hand and at first didn't feel anything. But slowly he began to feel a sort of warmth overtake him.

"Oh WOW!" he said exasperated.

The bulding began to crumble away revealing a quivering mass of insects.

"There's so many bugs, much more than I ever thought possible! Ants, Roaches, termites, silverfish, beg bugs, ticks, fleas, black flies, blow flies, maggots, mosquitos."

"Focus!" Trevor said.

"Oh right sorry."

They lifted from the building and flew into the sky, past a cloud of Gnats hovering above a dump.

"What's that?" Thomas asked.

A bright light gleamed just below the horizon, centered on a group of abandoned buildings.

"There he is, let's take a closer look." Thomas said.

"No if we go there he might sence us. We need to keep the element of surprise." Trevor said.

Thomas opened his eyes and found himself stiill in the chair.

"Did that really just happen?" he asked.

He looked around and saw light scorch marks in the carpet as if the were burned by electric bolts. He then looked at Trevor who was as white as a sheet.

"Trevor, what's wrong?"

"It took a lot out of me that's all. Call room service and order six burgers, six fries and six bottles of grape Gatoraide."


"For the electrolites".

After scarfing the food and guzzling the drinks Trevor's color began to return.

"That hit the spot." he said.

"While you were eating I went down to the front desk and got a map. I'm not sure but I think this is the abandoned building I saw it's in some place Pripyat. The odd thing is that the map has all these weird lines running through the town almost like..."

"A warning." Trevor said.

"Yeah...why?" Thomas asked.

"Pripyat is in the Ukraine, it's a ghost town left abandoned after Chernobyl."

"Chernobyl you the Nuclear plant that Chernobyl."

"Yeah. If were really going we're gonna need to take these." Trevor closed his eyes and manifested two big purple pills.

"What is that?" Thomas asked.

"Potassium Iodine pills, once i the blood it'll help neutralize any Radiation in our bodies."

"Ok how did you do that?" Thomas asked.

"I just create a picture in my mind. In this case I imagine a blackboard and I draw the chemical formula for iodine and bam instant pills."

"Really?" Thomas asked.


"Were gonna need some Radiation Suits and Geiger counters too." Trevor said.

"Well can't you just...poof em up?" Thomas asked.

"I can't do lead yet, it's really tricky. Luckly we work for a super secret government operation with state of the art equipment. By the time we drive to Pripyat it should be there waiting for us.

The long drive from the heart of Russia to the tiny Ukrainian city was long and boring, but they finally made it.

"Hey check it out!" Thomas said pointing to an almost endless row of warning signs in almost every language you could think of.

"You'd figure this place would be guarded."

"No they don't think anybody'd be stupid enough to actually go i to a radioactive area."

Thomas caught a glimpse of something bright orange against the green of the trees.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Oh our package arrived." Trevor said.

It was a bright parachute, fluttering in the breeze attached to a metal drop container. Trevor placed a thumb on a black shiny pannel and the thing opened revealing two hazmat suits with portable rebreathers, geiger counters and exposure badges as well as a black case.

"What's in the case?" Thomas asked.

Trevor opened it revealing two P-90's with extended magazines.

"Guns...we have superpowers, why did you ask for guns?" Thomas asked.

Because if your double doesn't give me a choice I'm gonna kill him."

"What about me?" Thomas asked.

"He doesn't need to be alive to recombine with you." Trevor said.

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hey guys this looks interesting so I'll join but I don't want to step on any toes so I'm gonna make a character and a small tidbit and wait till you find a way to bring him into the rest.

Name: John

Age: 25

Powers: absorbs electricity to supercharge his physiology, granting super-strength,speed, and near-invincibility for a limited time ranging from five minutes to three hours depending on how much electricity he absorbs.

Background: Hailing from Barnsville MN, John at the age of five decided on a poor lack of judgement to stick a penny in a lightsocket however instead of being injured he found that the shock gave him great strength, speed, and a nearly invincible body abilities which unfortunatly wore of right when he jumped off his house. After being released from the hospital, John gained an understanding of his abilities and is now a mechanic.

John was in the Fix n' Go garage where he worked replacing the radiator of a 65 lincoln, when he heared a familiar voice behind him.

"Hey what do you think you're doin'?"

the voice was that of Officer David Clark, a cop that quite frankly was the dimmest bulb on the christmas tree.

"I think I'm doing my job, unlike a certain police officer I could mention." John replied sarcasticly.

"I meant what were you doin' with my sister yesterday?"

"It's called dating. You'd know that if you weren't dumb as an ox and twice as ugly."

Officer Clark however was not amused and pulled out a tazer and aimed it at John as the sheriff didn't trust him with a gun.

"Watch it David or you'll make me do something you'll regret." John warned as he stood at his full height of 6'5 with his 245lb muscled body tensed and ready for action.

Clark then shot the tazer expecting his victim to fall and spasm on the floor, but finding that John not only didn't fall but didn't seem to be hurt at all. John removed the tazer's coil from his chest and then faster than you can say wow, he dashed behind Clark and flicked him on the back of his head knocking him out.

"Moron." John whispered as he lifted the comotose officer by the belt lifted him off the ground and tossed him back into his squad car, oblivious to the fact that the footage caught by the camara nearby was already being reviewed by his own government.

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I have an idea of how to add John, but his abilities are problematic. Strength, Speed and Invincibility. How about if he just has control over energy. I'll introduce him in a way condusive to the storyline.

"You do know that this place is very dangerous?" a distant voice whispered to Trevor.

"Who's there?" Trevor asked.

"Has it been that long already that you forget your old partner?" the voice said.

Trevor recognised the voice instantly.

"John!?" he said looking around.

"Bingo, he does remember!" John said appearing in a shower of sparks.

"Am I dead?" Trevor asked.

"No you're just hovering on the verge of death that's all."

"How?" Trevor asked

"You got stung by a very deadly scorpion coupled with the Radiation of Chernobyl your healing factor is having a doozy of a time keeping you alive."

"Why are you here?" Trevor asked.

"You remember what happened all those years ago?" John asked.

"Yeah you died saving my life."

"No I died saving all of our lives by saving you."

"I don't understand?" Trevor said.

"You will." John said.

"Have you given any thought as to how you're gonna put Humpty Dumpty back together again?" he added.

"Yeah a little." Trevor said.

Trevor watched as John walked away into an inky blackness.

"One more thing." John said.


"See you soon."

"Trevor!" Thomas shouted.

"Oww that smarts!" he said lifting off of the cold and dirty concrete floor.

"What happened?" Thomas asked.

"Your pet stung me, it took a while for my body to purge the venom from my system."

"So Dark Tom knows were here?" Thomas asked.

Trevor turned a corner a saw a battalion of thugs with AK-47's waiting for them.

"I'd say so yes." Trevor said.

"What'll we do, those guns will turn us into swiss cheese!" Thomas said.

"Just stay here." Trevor said taking off his hazmat suit.

"But the radiation!?" Thomas shouted.

"I'll be fine." Trevor respnoded his demenor cool as ice.

I've had worse.

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well I guess invincability was a bad way to put it more like strength based durability and a minor healing ability, but if changing his powers will support the story better, than i'll go with it.

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