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((Sorry I've been away. Things are a little hectic right now with my jobs. I'll post something a little later.))

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Thomas watched as Trevor stepped into the open. The loud crack of automatic weapons fire echoed through the narrow halls alerting Dark Thomas and his compatriot Xavier to his presence.

"They're here Xavier, be ready." Thomas said.

Thomas watched as Trevor easily dispatched the squad of armed thugs, Russian Mafia guys with dozens of tattoos one would assume symbolised how many men they killed fell like quarts of wood in winter.

"Come on." Trevor said motioning for Thomas to follow.

Thomas could see Trevor's eyes, they were totally black like something out of a horror movie.

Trevor entered a large set of double doors and was immediatly jumped from behind by the villainous Xavier.

"Hello Comrade, I am Xavier the bringer of your death."

Trevor stopped and held up his hands.

"You try anything and I stick this knife into your neck, do you think your healing factor is faster than my hands?"

Thomas emerged from the doorway and came face to face with his dark half.

"Please stop this madness, it's gone on for long enough!"

"Has it now, and I was having such fun." Dark Thomas laughed

"Fun...people are dead by our hands!"

"Yes fun Tom, It's our right we have power why shouldn't we get what we want? Compared to these little people we Alpha's are gods!"

"A God Thomas, really all you do is control mindless insects!" Trevor said.

Both Toms turned to see Xavier lying on the ground in the fetal position sucking his thumb.

"You have no concept of true power!" Trevor said.

Dark Thomas stopped dead in his tracks and fell to his knees. He began to tear at his throat trying desperately to remove unseen hands from around his neck.

"Trevor what are you doing?" Thomas asked.

"Ending this!" he said through clenched teeth.

"And if he dies what happens to me?" Thomas asked.

Trevor relaxed his hold and Dark Thomas fell to the floor gasping for air.

" did you do that?" he asked in between shallow breaths.

"There are things in this world that you cannot possibly comprehend Thomas, secrets and lies meant to keep us all safe."

Thomas helped his dark half to his feet.

"Is that really Trevor, he wasn't split like us was he?" he asked.

"No that's really him, just a version we've never seen."

Trevor's eyes returned to their normal light blue color as he almost fell over.

"You alright?" Thomas asked.

"Yeah, Thought I had that under control."

"What was that?" Dark Tom asked.

"A story for another day, for now lets get you whole again."

"But how, with what's his face dead We're stuck like this!" Dark Thomas said.

"Do you know how physicists split atoms?" Trevor said.

"The take an electron and using a particle accelerator push it to speeds reaching the speed of light, the bam atom split.

"So you're gonna put us in a particle accelerator?" Thomas asked.

"Just hold out your hands." Trevor said.

As the pair did, two glowing orbs appeared.

"Touch them together." he said

As they did a bright white light enveloped the area, a glowing force that tore across space and time and boom.

"What happened?" Tom asked finding himself on the floor.

"Is this...."

"Yeah it's the apartment I found you in."

"But how?" Thomas asked.

"Wax on, Wax off." he said with a smile.

"So everyone who Dark Thomas killed?"

"Alive and well, and the convicts are all safe and sound and locked away in their cells."

"But I still remember?" Tom said. "Oh wow I have two sets of memories from the same timeframe."

"Do you want me to wipe them?" Trevor asked.

"No I think I need these memories." he said.

"You can time travel?" Tom asked.

"You'd be surprised what a little subatomic manipulation can get you."

"What other abilities do you have that we don't know about Trevor?" Tom asked.

"Not today Man, someday just not today."

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thankfully the search for dark thomas was over, but that didn't mean much since Trevor erased the time of his existince. Trevor had more important things on his mind, like his loss of control, and his vision of John during his near miss with death.

" No I died saving all of our lives by saving you." This one comment from his old comrade rang in Trevor's mind like a bell.

" What did he mean by 'see you soon'?" Trevor asked himself.

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Trevor made his way to the kitchen and opened up the big industrial refrigerator. He grabbed an assortment of Lunch meats and a Kaiser roll to make a sandwich. "Can't you just conjure up a sandwich?" Sandra asked coming in.

"Yeah but I felt like roughing it today." he said with a smirk.

"I just read your mission report, turning back time that'" she said.

"No not new, old...very old and very taxing."

"What do you mean old?" she asked.

"There are things at play that you wouldn't understand."

"Try me!" she said.

"Alright, it all began in 1969. A person with the ability to control fire was killed trying to attack the white house during a vietnam war protest. That was the first but not the last. These super people kept appearing with greater frequency so nixon comisssioned the G.I.D Genetic Investigation Division. The G.I.D mandate was to capture or kill all the Genetic Abnormals that showed up."

"Capture or kill?" she asked

"Yes, now that mandate stuck until Regan took office. He instituted a complete overhaul of the G.I.D and replaced then General Silas with General Pearlman. Pearlman reversed many decisions Silas made and released many Alpha's imprisoned included."

"Why did the general do that?"

"His younger brother is an Alpha."

"Really, is he here?"

"Yes in the Red Corridor."

"What's Red Corridor?"

"A unit that houses those alpha's who actually pose a serious threat to society."

"That includes the General's brother?"

"Yes. Remember the story of King Midas who could turn things gold. Well the General's brother has the ability to turn anything he touches into Calcium."


"It's almost like stone, well anyway I had a tough time in lock-up. a lot of dangerous Alphas tried to kill me because of my ability."

"To create things?"

"No to absorb energy, which included stealing powers from other Alphas. And I did it, any of the cons that came after me I sucked dry."

"You killed them?"

"Yes it's something I regret to this day. Anyway, when I was released the General proposed I join his team of superpowered agents to see out and rescue Alphas whose abilities have become dangerous to the world at large. In time the team had grown to four members. There was me, Marcus, Robin and.....John."

"I don't recognise any of those names." Sandra said.

"No you wouldn't they were gone by the time the second crop of Alphas arrived."

"Gone...gone how?"

"Well it all started in 1979, We were tracking an Alpha who was turning people to dust in Pennsylvania. We tracked him to Dauphin County a small place near Harrisburg. He was a type we'd never seen before he could actually generate atomic radiation."

"Wait a mnute...1979...Pennsylvania, you don't mean..."

"Yes The Three Mile Island Incident was caused by an Alpha. John who could absorb electrical energy used his powers to siphon off the access power to prevent a Meltdown while Robin sealed the Alpha we were chasing into the fusion core. The power was to much for John to handle and he vanished in a blinding flash. Robin couldn't come to grips with what she did and hung herself in her quarters and Marcus used his psychic abilities and made 6 of the staff kill themselves before we stopped him, he's locked up in Red Corridor to this day. I stayed on as the Bush era began and things changed, it was like the Alpha appearance suddenly plateaued. Pearlman asked me to help is brother, to take his ability rom him but something went wrong and I jumpstarted it causing his own power to turn on him and slowly change him into calcium."

"Then what happened?"

"After Bush's Presidency ended and into Clinton's second term the Alphas returned. Pearlman and I agreed to keep the previous team a secret and start from scratch with a new group."

"Wow...that's some story." Sandra said.

"Yeah it is, isn't it." Thomas said from beyond the doorway."

Trevor stood up and found his teammates hugging the walls.

"You heard all of that?" he asked.

"Yeah...why didn't you tell us?" Aileen asked.

"Tell you what, that the guy you thought was 28 is actually 48 and he's been hunting and killing people just like us for the past 30 years!?" Trevor said.

"You could've trusted us Trevor!" Avarist said.

"I wanted to believe me I did." he said sadly.

Trevor watched as the others walked away.

Now that the secrets out, will the Alphas survive, and what does John's cryptic message mean for the future?

Find out soon as "Alphas" continues.

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no offence but you just turned that post into a tv cliffhanger.

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no offence but you just turned that post into a tv cliffhanger.

Why would I take Offence, That was the idea.

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Chapter Two: Rifts Mended

Six Months Later

Trevor's secrets caused a rift in the team, not wanting a repeat of the previous Alpha Team debacle Pearlman disbanded the group for six months.

Trevor pushed aside the makeshift door of his tiny grass hut and emerged into the tiny tropical island of his self imposed exile. A few feet away Sandra sat in a lounge chair, a replica of one Trevor had sat in on a mission 2 years earlier in Cabo.

"I woke up and found I was sleeping alone." Trevor said.

"Onr gets pasty working in an underground base, I wanted to get some sun." she said.

"you know I woulda made you a bikini if you had asked."

"No this is more fun and besides I hate tan lines." she said.

Trevor smiled with delight at Sandra's playful demenor.

"I made you something last night, I was trying to find the right moment to give it to you and now seems perfect." he said.

Trevor reached into his pocket and pulled out a red velvet box. As his placed it in Sandra's hand she began to tremble. She lifted open the lid revealing a ring inside. It was platinum with teardrop Starsapphire inset bordered by seven 5 carot diamonds.

"This looks like..."

"The ring William gave Kate Middleton, yeah I kow." he said.

"These last few months have been really tough Sandy. I play things really close to the vest and telling you everything has really helped me come to grips with my past."

Sandra looked at Trevor then the ring.

"Sandra Park will you..."

"Yes." she blurted out not letting Trevor finish.

"All I ask is that you be honest with me, no more secrets."

"Deal." Trevor said.

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where'd everybody go?

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where'd everybody go?

The team disbanded due to trust issues. I have a great idea on how to bring everyone back. It's a bit out there but It's really cool.

Trevor found himself back in the Negative space and just as before John appeared to him.

"You really screwed the pooch this time didn't ya kid?" John asked.

"Yeah, I tried to keep the truth from my team and they foundout anyway."

"It'll get better bud, you'll see."

"Don't see how, none of them will talk to me believe me I tried."

The smile on John's face faded and was replaced with a scowl.

"Why do you think after all this time I started appearing to you?" John asked.

"I don't know why?" Trevor asked.

"Because things are in motion, events of Earth shattering proportions that threaten the lives of everyone on the planet."

"What do you mean...what Events?" Trevor asked.


Trevor shot up from his bed and looked around the hut.

"What's wrong?" Sandra asked.

"Get dressed, we need to go back."

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Oh crap! Sorry, I took a short break and forgot to come back >.<

Can you just gimme a quick summary of what happened to Thomas-light and Thomas-dark?

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Oh crap! Sorry, I took a short break and forgot to come back >.<

Can you just gimme a quick summary of what happened to Thomas-light and Thomas-dark?

Trevor and Thomas Light tracked Tom Dark to Prypiat in the Ukraine and after Trevor was totally overwhelmed by his long supressed powers and killed many of DT's goons. When DT saw his friend acting totally unlike himself he relented and agreed to stop his plans. Trevor reunited the two then using his supressed abilities turned back the clock to just after Trevor found him in the apartment.

Since then Trevor has revealed long buried secrets about the Alphas and this reveal caused a division in the team which lead to the team disbanding.

Six months later Trevor has proposed to his girlfriend Sandra Park, Alphas mission coordinator while they vacationed on a deserted tropical island. But a visit from the long dead 1st Alphas team member John fortold of an impending disaster that will befall the Earth, an invasion.

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actually I meant all the people posting, but it looks like at least one person's back.

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Trevor and Sandra ported back the the Headquarters and found everyone there.

"I guess you had it too?" Thomas asked.

"What?" Trevor asked.

"The dream, with a man we've never seen before warning us of impending doom." Avairst said

"That was John, yeah he came to me as well." Trevor said

"What do you think is coming?" Aileen Asked

"I may have an answer to that." Pearlman said approaching.

"Sandra put this up on the screen." he said handing her a thumb drive. "Oh and congratulations." he said noticing the ring.

Sandra activated the file which showed real time tracking data of a massive object situated in an orbit beyond the moon.

"Eschelon Satellites picked up this object entering our solar system about 3am standard time. At first glance it appears natural but scans by the Donnelson array reveal it to be constructed, with an elaborite series of tunnels and a large enclosed area under a thick dome."

"So what is it, I mean...." Thomas said as he vanished.

"Trevor not funny." Sandra said.

"It want me." he said.

One by one the alpha's vanished until the briefing room was empty.


"Oww that hurt!" Trevor said coming to.

"That you Trevor?" Thomas asked.

"Yeah. Aileen, Avarist you guys here?" Trevor asked.

"Yeah I'm here, but I can't move." Aileen said.

"Same here, they appear to be chains."

The platform they were shackled to began to move up and a dull roar began to grow louder.

"Heads up guys I think were about to meet our captor." Trevor said.

The ceiling above them seperated letting a shaft of light in. As their eyes adjusted to the light the team found themselves in a large open area, it resembled the Roman Colosseum but paled in comparison. Occupying the seats were beings they had never seen before, aliens or every shape and size.

A few feet away stood an alien wearing a bright silver jumpsuit with what looked like a microphone attached to his red and round face.

"Telmak fahud horsak madood ashak feldor for the glory of the Janik Empire and our glorious leader Tyrok."

"Hey I understood that." Trevor said.

"Yeah so did I." Thomas said.

Avarist and Aileen nodded in agreement.

"Greetings Ape Spawn, I am Malok Master of Ceremonies for The Trial of Conquest appointed by our glorious leader, The Tyrok to explain the rules to you lower lifeforms."

"Why have you brought us here?" Trevor asked.

"Our scans of your planet revealed that aside from you four Earth is quite powerless. We brought you here so you may prove your worth in The Trial of Conquest. If you win, your world is spared if you lose Earth becomes part of the Janik Empire and your people enslaved."

"What do we need to do?" Trevor asked.

"You must survive in pitched combat against the masters of Murder the Dukes of Demolition the Frightening Foursome. Winner takes all for the fate of Earth."

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