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Fear Itself

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"The only thing we have to fear is Fear Itself"

President Franklin Roosevelt

Fear is the engine that drives humanity. It was fear of the dark that motivated Prehistoric man to light up the night with fire, Fear of death that gave rise to medicine, Fear of invasion that gave rise to nations and unfortunately fear of social change that gave rise to racial hatred.

The human mind processes fear in one of two ways:

Fight or Flight

Do you stand your ground and take your licks or turn tail and run for the hills?

The world was a pretty normal place, well as normal as it could in this day and age. Then came the clouds, the dark, unnatural black clouds that blotted out the sun and brought something with it...Fear."

The Fear swept across the Globe like wildfire, people running in panic or turning on their neighbors for no good reason.

But not everyone was effected by the Fear, for some reason it had no hold over those who already lived in fear.





Name: Milo Simms

Age: 28

Fear: Agoraphobia

History: Milo Simms started life as a happy go lucky child. He excelled in Academia and in sports. By age 18 he qualified for the Olympic wrestling team but a torn achilles tendon ended his dreams. He went on to college and the Harvard Medical School. During his second year his life changed. While walking home one night a shadowy figure emerged behind him, shoved a gun in his back and demanded his wallet. Milo complied but was shot anyway. As he lay bleeding on the street he suddenly felt something he had rarely ever felt, fear. He recovered from his physical injuries but his mental injuries remained. He dropped out of school and became withdrawn. It got so bad he never left his apartment, Until the day of Fear.

Milo Stood on his Balcony, the sixth story perch was high above the chaos but he could hear the screams as if he were in earshot. A cabdriver of Middle Eastern descent was being beaten to death by an angry mob. He gurgled "I'm American!" from beneath their Boot heels.

As Milo watched the Chaos he heard a knock at the door, peering into the Peep hole he could see that it was Mrs. Edilstein his elderly next door neighbor.

"Can you believe what's going on outside Mrs...!"

As he opened the door the barrel of a Snub Nosed 38 came flying in. Milo grabbed for the gun and tried to wrestle it away from his 86 year old neighbor. Two quick slams in the door loosened her grip on the gun.

"You're out to kill me Milo, I know it!" she said her eyes bright red.

"I'm not gonna kill you Edna." he said.

"Yes you are. Crazy man who never leaves his apartment, probably has a freezer full of human bodyparts."

"No I don't have human body parts." he said.

Edna was off the ground like a shot, lunging at him with a crochet needle.

Milo tried to turn away but she bumped his hand, the hair trigger fired and Edna slumped to the floor, a gaping wound in her abdomen.

"We're sorry, all circuits are busy now." the computerised voice announced on the other line.

Milo felt for a pulse and found none, Edna Edilstein was right he killed her.

As Milo decided what to g

do, he smelled smoke. Sticking his head out the window he noticed the lower floors were ablaze.

"Time to go!" Milo said as he packed a few essentials and his new gun.

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and at the end of fear, oblivion!

If you're not gonna join, then don't post please.

Milo stood on his fire escape looking down at the street below. He tied the backpack full of his belongings tightly around his waist and patted the gun which was zipped into the left pocket of his jacket. He began his descent into Madness and it was to late to turn back now.

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