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The Deadliest Warrior

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For those unfamiliar with SpikeTV's Deadliest Warriors, it's a hypothetical combat show which gathers combat historians and combat experts from many cultures and evaluates their weapons and fighting styles the using sophisticated computer software they hold 100 virtual fights which help determine the winner.

The reason for this thread is that I recently became aware of a planned Theatrical movie based on Deadliest Warrior. And although the plot is under wraps I think it might be something like this:

The human race has long been protected by "The Lintis" a race of blue skinned humanoid aliens. But years of Genetic cloning has devistated their species. The Oorg a war like race has taken notice and laid claim over the Earth. Seeing no other course of action Sauros, high leader of The Lintis has requested "conquest by combat" an ancient rite of resistance. If humanity wins in combat against the deadliest warriors of Oorg, the invasion is called off and Earth is protected for all time.

Here's what to fill out:

Warrior Classification: (can be a warrior seen in the series but doesn't have to be)



Era Lived:

Brief History:

Here are the Warriors from Deadliest Warrior:

(* marks winner)










Italian Mob*

Green Beret


Shaolin Monk*

Màori Warrior

William Wallace*

Shaka Zulu*





Attila the Hun*

Alexander the Great

Jesse James*

Al Capone

Aztec Jaguar

Zande Warrior*

Nazi Waffen SS*

Viet Cong

Roman Centurion

Rajput Warrior*

Somali Pirate*

Medellín Cartel

Persian Immortal*




Vlad the Impaler*

Sun Tzu

Ming Warrior

French Musketeer*



Navy SEAL*

Israeli Mossad

Warrior Classification: Spartan

Name: Casus

Age: 28

Era Lived: 480 B.C.E

History: Casus was a warrior born and bred. The son of a Spartan general Casus grew into a great warrior whom some claim is even a match for King Leonidas. On the even of the Battle of Thermopylae Casus, out for a twilight stroll is approached by a being (who turns out to be Sauros). Casus is told that the fate of future generations rests with him and he agrees to go.

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Warrior Classification: Viking

Name: Torgath

Age: 22

Era Lived: viking age (790s-1066)

Brief History: Torgath was a viking of high class he had a shield, a helmet, a chailamil shirt, even his own cuiress, and he carried a broad axe that he forged himself and his great-grandfather's sword rathnir worn on his back only used in battles worthy of it's glory. His family was filled with warriors with such courage and strength they were belived to be decendants of the gods themselves and he was no different with his mighty axe he had claimed many victories and had won much praise, until one day a stranger appeared to him promising a great battle and chance for glory and Torgath accepted without a second thaught.

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