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Alien Invasion Earth 2012:

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***I'm writing this as a script***

We open on a clear morning, a bright dawn sky with just a few clouds. Far below a City is just waking up. As the citizens begin their day and go about their affairs we see by the language they speak and the clothes they wear that this is not the modern day.

The calm morning is jolted on it's head as a burning object streaks across the city and crashes into a grassy field on the outskirts. Shifting position we see that a massive aerial battle is taking place high above the city. Scientifically advanced craft are waging war:

We see disc shaped craft that seem to shimmer from red to blue and black attacking brown craft that almost resemble modern fighter jets. The Disc craft launch from large cigar shaped "Motherships" while the jet like craft emerge from a craft that resembles a black arrow. As the battle continues damaged craft fall to the city below causing damage and widespread panic.

INTEROR: Arrow Command Ship

The Command bridge is filled with 6 foot tall greyish green skinned lizard like humanoids, in the center a lizard with a prominent red creast on his head sits in a large chair.

Captain Snarl: (speaking alien language) Launch all Manta Ships NOW!!!

Snarl orders.

First Officer: We have Captain, I'm afraid we greatly overestimated their intent on keeping this world safe.

Snarl: Gah, If the Anunnaki want this planet so bad they can have it! Order a retreat!

The First officer presses a series of buttons on a control pad and brings up a comms system.

First Officer: This is a full retreat, I repeat full retreat evacuate Sol 3 airspace immediately.

Outside we see the large command "Dart Ship" power up engines and blast out of the Earths atmosphere followed by the jet like ships.

INTEROR: Cigar Shaped craft

In a very different command room we see a group of four foot tall grey skinned aliens with large heads and black eyes, the traditional "Grey" aliens from myth, these are the Anunnaki.

Anunnaki First Officer: Captain the Nibiru have broken off their attack and are retreating!

Anunnaki Captain: Keep a scan on the ships and make sure they leave Sol 3 space.

First Officer: Captain if I may ask, why has the Council tasked us with protecting this Primative race?

Captain: The Council has big plans for these Adamas...humans. They may be primative now but little by little our genetics that they have within them will activate and their true potential will be revealed.

Outside The massive cigar craft takes off and leaves for a high Earth Orbit Lagrange Point.

Far below we see the city points of burning wreakage and smoke wafting to the heavens.

A far shot reveals that the city is Nuremberg Germany

April 4th 1561

The shot of Nuremberg shifts to a shot of the Famous Woodcut carved five yers later in 1566.

Male Voiceover:

Most people believe that sighting of UFO's is a recent occurrence, but they are wrong. Alien craft have been seen across the Earth for centuries. They have influenced our Culture, or artwork even religion...

As the voice speaks we see images of cave paintings featuring alien like figures, paintings depecting disc shaped craft flying in the heavens, angels carrying large wheels,

Voice Over: The evidence of their presence on our planet is everywhere if we just look.

Images of Megalithic structures, the Nazca Lines and gold charms that resemble modern spaceshuttles fill the screen.

Voice: It's time we strip away the religious subtext and take a hard look at the world around us!

We see that the speaker is a 30ish man sitting behind a table with a stack of books next to him, a nameplate reads "Dr. Eric Daniels" the book is "Space Born Man".

An attractive woman approaches and he readies to sign a copy.

Eric: Who should I make it out to?

The smile on the womans face fades and is replaced with a scowl.

Woman: You should be ashamed of yourself Blasphemer!

she shouts tossing water in his face.

Woman: I pray for your soul Mr. Daniels when the lord returns!

As the woman is dragged away by security Daniels wipes the water off with a towel.

As he cleans off a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair appears, his Armani suit screams Government.

Black Suit: That was something

Daniels: Oh that, would you believe that it happens at every autograph signing I do.

Daniels looks in Black Suits hands and sees a dog eared copy of his book.

Daniels: Do you want me to sign that for you?

Black Suit: Oh yes please.

Black suit hands Eric his book and flipping to the cover page Daniels sees that this book has been read many times.

Daniels: You a fan Mr...?

Black Suit: Morrow, Thomas Oswald Morrow. But my friends call me T.O

Daniels: Thanks for the support T.O. Morrow. Look to the skies!

Daniels says as he writes.

Morrow grabbs his book a slips away. Daniels watches him leave and then sees a business card left on the table.

Daniels: Tomorrow Industries... oh god T.O. Morrow!

On the back is a written note. "Call me, I have something interesting to show you.

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