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Distant Origin

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People have long believed that life on Earth began in space that Earth was colonized by beings from space and that somehow we just forgot, But what if it's true?

"How are you doing Luke?" Dr. Marty Callihan asked, as his blue bic pen tapped gently on the pad.

"Good as can be Doc." Lt. Commander Lucas "Luke" Green said.

"Hum." Marty said scribbing some notes on the pad.

"Are you still having the dreams Luke?" he added.

"Yeah, they seem to be coming more frequently the closer we get to the mission."

"Tell me about them."

"Again Doc?" Luke asked.

"It'll help, Trust me." Marty said smiling.

"It starts of with a boy...I think it's me but I don't look like myself as a kid. A Woman comes in a says "L*&%$ we have to go now!"

"You mumbled the name Luke." Marty said.

"That's all I hear Doc, a loud rumble obscures all but the first letter 'L'."

"Oh ok, please continue."

"This woman I've never seen before leads me from my room, down a long stone hallway and out to a courtyard. The sky above is dark with fierce lightning flashing everywhere, crashing into buildings in this stone structure almost like a castle. "Grab my hand baby, and don't let go." she says to me and I listen. We are met by a tall blonde man who hugs the woman and pats me atop the head. "The council has ordered a full evacuation Medilia!" he says to her. "But why Arn?" she asks. "The T&^$! Power was activated, and it's stripping the planet of it's lifeforce...the planet is dying!" Arn says. "But where will we go Arn?" Medilia asks. "The Sages are opening the bridge to the Third World, we will start over there."

"You mumbled again back there, another explosion?" Marty asked.


"Oh...ok then what?"

"We walk along with many many other people to a large stone Hexagional pedistal. We watch as a robed man steps on followed by several people, he raises his hands and a white light envelops them all and we watch as the light shrinks into a tiny point then blasts into space in the direction of a distant planet. We step onto the portal as well and that's when I wake up."

"so that's it Luke, you wake up right then...nothing else?"

" what's wrong with me Doc?" Luke asks.

"You're nervous about the mission Luke that's all. You see yourself as a child because the experience you're undertaking is new. And the element of space travel in the dream is evidence of that, It's not everyday a guy goes to Mars."

"Yeah I guess not." Luke says.

"You should really think about writing this stuff down, those kid wizard books made the author a bundle of money." Marty said.

"Yeah it is a pretty good story."

"Well our time she's up Luke." Marty says looking at his watch.

"I guess I'll see you in a year Doc." Luke says shaking his doctor's hand.

Marty watches as Luke leaves, then rushes to the phone.

"He just left Director Fielding" Marty says.

"Did he have the dream again Martain" Flight Director Louis Fielding asked.

"Yes sir."

"And it's identical to the dreams the other members of the crew are having?" Fielding asked.

"There are similarities sir, the stone architecture, the lightning storm even the bridge device."

"And you're sure they haven't been talking to eachother Doctor?"

"No sir I asked them keep the dreams to themselves."

"There's got to be some reason six disconnected people are sharing the same dream...and by God I'm gonna figure it out!"

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