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My Little Pony Werewolf - Town Win! And Kaffles!

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Yeah I was gonna be really upset if it turned out Saha was telling the truth about his ability. Thankfully, he was not. I'm still writing that thing about how to balance a game, though.

Also, all six of the main character ponies lived except for Rarity, who was instantly lynched on the first day! Could I have asked for a better game?

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Pheonix I hate you okay. ONE OF THE THINGS THAT UPSET ME ABOUT THIS GAME. Rarity death, and also no chance to use the damn lovers ability. Same with you and Derpy's mimic ability, even though I realize Rika had a modified version of that ability so not too upset about Derpy's death, lol.

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Hey man, don't hate me for that, I'm just as upset about Rarity's death as you are. You know what I was gonna do with it? I was gonna mimmick Rarity and use her ability on LL or Ganny, probably LL. I was hoping LL was a wolf (And it turned out he totally was), and I was gonna be like "No, my win condition is to survive to the end of the game with you alive now, and you are a wolf. That means I'm defecting the town. I am a wolf now." And then everyone who looked at me would know I was innocent! But it would all have been a lie! Because I was a secret wolf! Derpyhooves was evil all along who knew wow.

But then I died that night, so, Puppy it.

Also I think I'll post more of those doodle werewolf roles this week, then. It wont be any of the wolves though; Kimmy and Linox's roles were two pretty important roles that will take their own post.

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Anyways, I think it's time for all the roles! Posted in the order the player list was! So starting from Cirt and ending with Ammonsa. So yeah, time for major rambling!


Cirt, you are Applejack, the Apple-loving Farm Girl! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

You are a very busy pony, usually found working on your family’s apple farm, Sweet Apple Acres, but you do find the time to have fun and games with your friends in Ponyville. But now, the recent attacks in Ponyville have led you to decided to use your many talents to help out the town.

Once per night, you may choose to send me the command Action [Letter]: [Player], resulting in, well, you using that specific ability on that player for the night! You can only use each ability /once/ so choose carefully.

A: Inspect a Player

B: Protect a Player

C: Kill a Player

D: Roleblock a Player

E: Watch a Player

F: This one’s a mystery!

Cirt was the Jack-of-all-Trades yes, what a clever pun, and I'm pretty happy with how it worked out. Except not using the mystery one, but if Cirt had picked that action to use at night, she would've killed her target, and she would've become a full-time vigilante only. So no more millions of abilities. Lucky thing for the town Cirt didn't pick it then?

Oh, and Action E would've let you seen who targeted that player during the night.

Rika Code

Rika Code, you are Princess Luna AKA Nightmare Moon, the Co-Ruler of Equestria by day and the evil Pegasus Unicorn at night! You win with the werewolves once they equal or outnumber the town.

Harbouring a resentment towards your older sister Celestia due to the citizens Equestria sleeping through your beautiful night whilst they played during her day, you were recently bitten by a nasty werewolf, transforming you into the evil Nightmare Moon at night, determined to kill the citizens of Ponyville and spread eternal darkness along the way!

Effectively you can be seen as the wolf leader, and due to this there are some abilities open to you. At night, you may choose to send me the command Seer: [Player], which allows you to identify a player’s ability. This will only work 50% of the time however. You can also choose to send me the command Impersonate: [Player], which allows you to well, act as that player for night. You cannot make the wolves’ routine night-kill if you choose to use one of these abilities however.

A pretty powerful role I would think. The Seer power would have let her see what ability the target had. Rika attempted to use it on Sideli one night, but it failed, however if it worked, she would have found out he was the doctor role, lol. Impersonate would change the inspector's results for Rika that night, if she impersonated an innocent, Rika would be innocent etc.

The difference between Rika's impersonate ability and Pheo's Mimic ability was that Rika's targets were random, which I feel I should have made the same condition for Pheo's role. Good thing he died? lol.


Chimetals, you are The Great and Powerful Trixie! the Sneaky Performing Magician! You win with the werewolves once they equal or outnumber the town.

Having always bragged about your magic skills to the citizens of Ponyville, much to their annoyance, you were recently bitten by a werewolf whilst ‘defeating’ the horrid Ursa Major. As a result, your magic is now more powerful than ever! …With the side-effect of you becoming evil and determined to permanently show that pesky Twilight Sparkle and the rest of them who really is the best magician in all of Equestria!

At Night, you may choose to send me the action Protect: [Wolf] which will result in you using your ~amazing~ magical powers to protect a fellow wolf from all harm for the night! You cannot make the wolves routine night-kill if you choose to use this ability.

Your typical wolf doctor role. Chimetals hardly used it, as said she did attempt most of the wolf kills :x Oh well.


Pheonix561, you are Derpy Hooves, the forever cross-eyed background scenery. You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

Doing just as your title states, you spend your quiet days being a part of the background, standing by for ponies with actual personalities to do every important thing around Ponyville. This makes you quite sad I would presume. However, due to the recent murders in town, you are determined to leave the background life and start being useful! And maybe learn to talk while you’re at it yeah that’d be fun.

At Night, you may choose to send me the command Mimic: [Player], Send to [Player], this will allow you to copy your first choice’s ability and use it on your second choice. Beware, this ability cannot be used on the same players on consecutive nights (e.g. You can’t mimic PlayerA on Night 2 if you mimicked them on Night 1, you must pick PlayerB instead.) Good luck!

Just like with Rika's impersonate role, I didn't realize the extreme similarity until Night 6 lol. Kinda regret it now, I should have made Rika's one have the ability to select a target. SORRY HUN <3


That1guy, you are Gilda the Griffon, the Obsessed-With-Coolness Bully! You win with the werewolves once they equal or outnumber the town.

Having lost your friendship with Rainbow Dash over your bullying of her friends, you wandered the land alone for a time, before encountering a werewolf and being bitten during the confrontation. Becoming more evil than a simple bully due to this, you returned to Ponyville to ‘apologize’, and also to plot with the other wolves in town to kill the citizens of the town for revenge! That prank party still angers you.

At Night, you may choose to send me the command Bully: [Player] which will result in you being a really mean prick to a player, disabling their night action! You cannot make the wolves’ routine night-kill if you choose to use this ability. Good luck!

The wolf roleblocker, he was unlucky enough to be redirected into blocking fellow wolf LL on the first night, lol.


Yuriko-chan, you are Rarity, the Refined Fashion Designer! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

You enjoy creating many brilliant outfits for your friends and the fair residents of Ponyville, and hope to one day to reach the top of the fashion industry and join the society of the upper middle-class ponies of the capital Canterlot. The recent attacks in Ponyville have put a stop to that dream for now, you mustn’t let those unstylish wolves put an end to your ambitions forever!

On the first night, you must send me the command Love: [Player], which will result in that player falling in love with you, resulting in you two becoming part of a special Lovers faction, in which I will explain the conditions after you have chosen a lover. Good luck!

THE THING THAT DISAPPOINTED ME THE MOST ABOUT THIS GAMEEEEE. Lovers role has never been seen on the forum before, of course she would die first. ://////

But yeah, if Sayuri had picked a lover, they would get their own separate PM to talk in, and if one lover died, the other one would immediately suicided. Would've been fun to watch. Oh well. :< But yeah Lovers would be independents who want to be the last players standing. Bluhhhhh.


Sideli, you are Fluttershy, the Quiet Caretaker for all Animals! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

You are a very timid, introverted resident of Ponyville, even around your friends, and you dearly love caring for your animal friends. Due to the recent murders in Ponyville, you have been reluctantly convinced into using your veterinary skills to help out the town in it’s dire predicament.

At night, you may choose to send me the command Protect: [Player] to protect that player from all harm that may come their way that night. Good luck!

The doctor role. Not much else to say lol.


Ganondorf333, you are Princess Celestia, the Co-Ruler of Equestria! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

You raise the sun everyday and rule over the land from your glorious castle in Canterlot, and are highly-respected around the land and are always regal with your public appearances. However you can be a bit of a mischievous prankster sometimes. You came to (and are now trapped in) Ponyville on request after a series of brutal murders shook up the town.

At Night, living up to your role as Trollestia you may choose to send me the command Party Over, which disables all actions during that night. This is one-use only though. Good luck!

A role I stole from another forum I visit regularly (NOT THE RWP), it's called a Party Pooper there, explaining why the action is Party Over lol. Night 3 sure was... eventful because of Ganny.


Knuckle, you are Pinkie Pie, the Crazy Party-Loving Pony! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

You are the most hyper and happiest resident of Ponyville, loving to forever host parties, play pranks on your friends and help out at the cake shop. With the recent murders in Ponyville, you have decided to use your randomness for the good of all ponydom!

At Night, you may choose to send me the command Shuffle, which will switch around all players actions during the night. However, this ability may only be used once during the game. Good luck!

Another role stolen from the not-named forum, called a Party Host there? So I thought it would suit Pinkie Pie perfectly. Worked out well :>


Sahaqiel, you are Twilight Sparkle, the Dedicated Student! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

You have recently moved from Canterlot into the library of Ponyville at the request of your teacher Princess Celestia and have met many new and life-long friends and lots of strange situations. However, Ponyville has experienced many murders recently and you have decided to use your vast knowledge to help deduce who’s behind it all.

At night, you may choose to send me the command Investigate: [Player] to find out their alignment and true intentions. Good luck!

The inspector role, Saha p. much used it the best way possible, from all the games I've seen anyways. Silly roleplaying Kboy.


Kaffles, you are Gummy the Alligator, the Uncaring Pet of Pinkie Pie! You have an independent win condition!

You don’t seem to show much interest in anything you do, staying remarkably calm in whatever situations arises near you and staring at everything with your huge, adorable eyes. You try to bite anything that comes near you though, but due to your lack of teeth, nothing really happens. It’s a quiet life for you.

As an alien role, to fulfil your win condition, you first must become activated. You will activate automatically should you be attacked during the Night. Once you are activated, you must be lynched during the day. If this is achieved, you may choose one player to bring with you to the grave by sending me the command Take Down: [Player] during the Day Phase after your lynch has been decided. You will have achieved a win and subsequently be removed from the game.

However should you be lynched before activating, you will lose. If you are attacked at night after being activated, you will lose. And another note, if you are inspected during the Night, you will appear as one of the werewolves! D= Good luck!

This role is a variation on the Jester role I guess. Stole it also from that forum, known as the alien there, so that's where the whole space alligator thing came from lol. Don't think I'll use it again though, it's far too luck-based methinks. Good job winning though, Kaffles.

Largely Legendary

Largely Legendary, you are The Diamond Dogs, the Gem-Loving Cave Dwellers! You win with the werewolves once they equal or outnumber the town.

Forever looking in the caves you call home and the area outside them for delicious, precious gems, one terrible night you were attacked by a savage werewolf, becoming one of the horrible creatures yourself! Now you’re plotting alongside other werewolf victims to kill the good citizens of Ponyville! And steal their gems whilst you’re at it I guess.

At Night, you may choose to send me the command Kidnap: [Player], which will result in you kidnapping that player and taking them to your cave to dig for gems, traumatising them enough to disable their voting ability the following day! You cannot make the wolves’ routine night-kill if you choose to use this ability. Good luck!

A vote disabling role, the flavour text implies he also blocks the target's action, but it didn't lol. Sorry for the confusion LL^^; Wasn't used much, oh well.


Brodongo, you are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the trio of fillies consisting of Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

Forever on an adventure to find out what your true passions in life are, and as such receive your cutie marks to symbolise this passion, you enjoy exploring Ponyville, and attempting many new hobbies. They tend to fail miserably though. You also own a treehouse in which the Crusaders meet and plan their next adventure! Hearing of the attacks in town, you Crusaders plan to help stop the bad guys, whilst hoping to receive your cutie marks on the way!

At night, you may choose to send me the command Jail: [player], which allows the Crusaders to imprison that player in their club treehouse, therefore protecting them but also blocking their action for the night. Good luck!

The jailkeeper role, Brodongo p. much used it perfectly and it basically helped win the game for the town. Very pleased with how it worked out.


Linox, you are Zecora, the Solitary Zebra Potion Mistress! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

Initially feared by the citizens of Ponyville, your true intentions were finally discovered and you became a respected maker of potions and remedies for Ponyville, though you choose to stay within the Everfree Forest. You also enjoy speaking in rhyme. You recently came into town to lend your aid after hearing of the devastating attacks.

At night, you may choose to send me the command Swap [TargetA] and [TargetB], resulting in all actions that are targeted towards TargetA that night affecting TargetB instead, and vice versa. Good luck!

The role Pheo probably wanted lol, a pretty useful role. Known as a Bus Driver I think? But yeah, Linox used it well. One regret about it though, I shouldn't have let him pick himself as one of the targets when I look back on it. :/


Jareddude, you are Owlowiscious, the silent but faithful owl helper. You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

Being found by Twilight during on her nightly studying rituals, she invited you to spend the night at her house and ever since you’ve become one of her faithful assistants, alongside Spike, who holds more dedication than you’ll ever have. The recent murders in Ponyville haven’t really changed your attitude, you’ll continue to fly around doing Twilight’s errands I guess.

At Night, you will spend your time, well as said, flying around. Due to this, any actions that directly target you at night will be deflected onto another random player instead of you, and the deflected player will be informed of the fact they were deflected, but now who they were deflected too. However you only have a 50% of reflecting if the action is a killing action. Welp! Good luck!

Made this role specifically for Jared, due to this being his first game. Hardly anyone targeted him lol. He had many a quiet night. :x

Golden Heart- -Silver Soul

Golden Heart- -Silver Soul, you are Rainbow Dash, the Ultra-Competitive Racing Pony! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

Born to race and work in the skies, you are a very athletic pony who dreams of joining the Wonderbolts flying group, and also enjoy a nice round of boasting about your abilities, however you are extremely loyal to your friends and will do anything for them. You are determined to help out Ponyville and find the wolves behind the many attacks happening in town.

At Night, due to your incredibly quick-flying skills, any action that directly targets you will fail automatically. However should you be targeted directly by more than one action, you will fail to avoid them and will suffer the intended consequences. Good luck!

A very basic role, also made for GHSS since first game etc. He also had many quiet nights. I couldn't think of anything else for Rainbow Dash, she should probably have a more exciting role to fit her personality aha.


Linkprow, you are Cheerilee, the Caring Teacher of Ponyville Youths! You have an independent win condition!

You are always striving to help your students become better and knowledgeable ponies, recently however three students have become quite troublesome… the ‘Cutie Mark Crusaders.’ The murders in town seem to be of no interest to you now, you have a new assignment to complete!

As a Lyncher-Survivor, to fulfil your win condition, you must meet two requirements:

  • You must survive to the end of the game
  • The character 'Cutie Mark Crusaders' must be dead.

To assist you with this goal, you have a special one-use only night kill, which you can use on a player you suspect to be the Cutie Mark Crusaders and beat them to death with… some rulers or something idk. Use this at night by sending me the command Kill: [player] (oho I just added this in! aaaa)

If the Cutie Mark Crusaders die/get lynched at any point, you will receive another one-use only night kill to use at your pleasure. Good luck!

Vigilante Teacher plus a Survivor role. I thought it was quite funny. Too bad Linkprow never used his kills and was killed by Kaffles. Shame, I really wanted him to win... :<


Ammonsa, you are Spike, Twilight’s Number One Assistant! You win with the town once all the wolves are dead.

You are quite the snarky dragon, always enjoying laughing at others misfortune. You also enjoy acting out the role of an announcer. However, having always known Twilight Sparkle since you were born, you will do anything to be her most reliable assistant and ensure her safety in this troubling time, even if you do enjoy teasing her at times.

At Night, you may choose to send me a Yes/No question pertaining to the game, however there are conditions on what you may ask, and you will not receive an answer if your question fails to meet the conditions!

Examples of OK questions:

"Is there a [role] present?"

"Are there duplicates of any role?"

"Are there at least three werewolf-aligned players?"

"Is [playerA] targeting [playerB] tonight?"

Examples of NOT OK questions:

"Did [player] lie about ______?"

"Is [player] a [role]?"

"Is [player] innocent/guilty?"

"Does [player] have a night action?"

However, should Twilight Sparkle be attacked during the night, you will not be able to ask a question and instead will protect her, dying in her place. This also applies if a lynch is attempted on her, you will take the fall instead. What a wonderful assistant! Good luck!

A very strange role lol, this is known as an Oracle on that forum, so I decided to test it out. I don't particularly like it now lol, but it seemed interesting at the time. Ammonsa's questions were all good and followed the rules, so yeah. Good job with that! The bodyguard aspect was added as a precaution for this role and also because I felt it fit Spike's character sooooo. I'm not sure if it made the inspector too powerful then?

THERE YOU GO, ALL THE ROLES. I'll start the night phase results post now, feel free to criticise these roles, I need feedback for future games I host! I do actually want to host another game in the future.

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These are very complex roles! It looks like I really drew the short straw here.

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Just for the record, if Saha would have actually been wolf and rika as town, I was fully prepared to use action f. That would have killed Saha and I would have won (as a vigilante lol) but aaaaa

Good game for the most part

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Night Phase Log Time!

Night 1 LOG:

  1. Cirt - Inspect That1guy - Action A used - Got Guilty Result
  2. Rika Code - Seer: Sideli (Action Failed)
  3. Chimetals - Kill: Pheonix561 (WOLF KILL)
  4. Pheonix561 - Mimic That1guy and use on Knuckle (Killed by wolves)
  5. That1guy - Bully Cirt (Redirected into LL)
  6. Sideli - Protect: Knuckle
  7. Ganondorf333 - NOTHING (Jailed)
  8. Knuckle - NOTHING
  9. Sahaqiel - Inspect Cirt (now inspect LL - Guilty Result)
  10. Kaffles - Alien Role, Not targeted.
  11. Largely Legendary - Kidnap: Knuckle (Blocked by That1guy)
  12. Brodongo - Jail: Ganondorf333
  13. Linox - Swap: LL and Cirt
  14. Jareddude - Deflector Role, Not targeted
  15. Golden Heart- -Silver Soul - Runner Role, Not targeted
  16. Linkprow - NOTHING
  17. Ammonsa - “Is there a hooker (wolf roleblocker) in this game?” (Yes)

Night 2 LOG:

  1. Cirt - Watch LL - Action E used (Jailed)
  2. Rika Code - Impersonate: Linkprow (attempted to kill Kaffles, Kaffles' ability blocked kill)
  3. Chimetals - Protect: LL
  4. Sideli - Protect: Cirt
  5. Ganondorf333 - NOTHING
  6. Knuckle - NOTHING
  7. Sahaqiel - Inspect Ammonsa (Got Innocent Result)
  8. Kaffles - Alien Role (ACTIVATED DURING NIGHT)
  9. Largely Legendary - Kidnap Rika Code (redirected - kidnap Linox)
  10. Brodongo - Jail: Cirt
  11. Linox - Swap: Linox and Rika Code
  12. Jareddude - Deflector Role (not targeted)
  13. Golden Heart- -Silver Soul - Runner Role (not targeted)
  14. Linkprow - NOTHING
  15. Ammonsa - “Are there only two wolves left?” (No)

Night 3 LOG

  1. Cirt - NOTHING
  2. Rika Code - Kill Linox (WOLF KILL) (Blocked)
  3. Chimetals - Protect LL (Blocked)
  4. Sideli - Protect Cirt (Blocked)
  5. Ganondorf333 - PARTY OVER (ALL ACTIONS DISABLED aha)
  6. Knuckle - NOTHING
  7. Sahaqiel - Inspect GHSS (Blocked)
  8. Largely Legendary - Kidnap: Sahaqiel (Blocked)
  9. Brodongo - Jail Cirt (Blocked)
  10. Linox - Swap Rika and Sideli (Blocked)
  11. Jareddude - Deflector Role (not targeted)
  12. Golden Heart- -Silver Soul - Runner Role (not targeted)
  13. Ammonsa - Is there a possession role? (Blocked)

Night 4 LOG

  1. Cirt - Kill Jareddude (Action C used) {Now Kill Ganny}
  2. Rika Code - Impersonate Cirt {Action F - Kill Jareddude, deflect to Ammonsa)
  3. Chimetals - Kill Sahaqiel {Now kill Linox}
  4. Sideli - Protect Sahaqiel {Now protect Brodongo} (Jailed)
  5. Ganondorf333 - (Unable to do anything now) {Killed}
  6. Knuckle - SHUFFLE ALL TARGETS - randomly selected
  7. Sahaqiel - Inspect Chimetals {Now Inspect Sideli}
  8. Brodongo - Jail Chimetals {Now Jail Sideli}
  9. Linox - Swap Rika Code and Linox (Killed)
  10. Jareddude - Deflector Role (Attacked, deflected to Ammonsa)
  11. Golden Heart- -Silver Soul - Runner role
  12. Ammonsa - Are there two wolves left? (Killed)

Night 5 LOG

  1. Cirt - Nothing
  2. Rika Code - Impersonate Brodongo (Jail Sahaqiel)
  3. Chimetals - Kill Sahaqiel
  4. Sideli - Protect Sahaqiel
  5. Knuckle - Has no action
  6. Sahaqiel - Inspect Chimetals (Jailed)
  7. Brodongo - Jail GHSS (Failed)
  8. Golden Heart- -Silver Soul - Runner role (Jail attempt failed)

Night 6 LOG

  1. Cirt - Roleblock Sideli - Action D used
  2. Rika Code - Kill Sahaqiel (Jailed)
  3. Sideli - Protect Sahaqiel (Blocked)
  4. Knuckle - Can do nothing
  5. Sahaqiel - Inspect Sideli (Innocent Result)
  6. Brodongo - Jail Rika Code
  7. Golden Heart- -Silver Soul - Runner Role (Not targeted)

I think I'll lock the thread now, so Music Werewolf gets views, just tell me if you enjoyed the game and constructive criticisms for me to see if you see me on Skype, the IRC chat, or just PM me!

Thanks for a great game everyone!

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