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All Wizards and One Robot Werewolf


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#1631 Chimetals

    Well, /i/ thought it was a good idea.

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 10:38 AM

le gasp, how could i be so blind!
im sorry, aethix, as your secret lover, my removal from the game will result in your death :<

#1632 Werewolf

    Time Paradog

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 12:24 PM

Wait whattt Aethix dies with you? D:
The world ends with whooo

#1633 pheonix561

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 02:16 PM

So saha and I were sitting here at this table looking at this game, and he was all ready to update it. But then he said "Well I could update this, but it would be near the bottom post of the page, and I want it to be at the top of the page." So he didn't post anything. And that's the kind of game we have.

#1634 Linkprow


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Posted 25 November 2011 - 02:41 PM

Why, that post is very intriguing!

#1635 Sahaqiel

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 04:40 PM

After a long holiday full of worrying and voting on a whim, many things happened all at once!
First of all, the one voted down...

CaptinBenny was outraged! How could anyone ever vote down someone as cute and cuddly as her? In her absence no less! You should all be ashamed.

You all murdered:

Moonlight Metronome, Fickle Fairy, Town.

Posted Image

the Executioner lifted his Axe, and brought it down, chopping Moonlight Metronome's Clefairy-head clean off. That was a lie. It wasn't clean. Since Clefairies don't have necks, it is hard to hit just the right spot, and thus, the Executioner did not hit the right spot, chopping the head off at the jaw. Blood and adorable spewed from CaptinBenny's corpse, then she fell to the ground. This is why the Executioner doesn't dirty his hands with his Axe, lest he get gore all over his Strawberry-Pattern Apron, but tonight is a special occasion full of Misinformation Waves I will get to. I hope you are all ashamed.

After everyone turned from the horrible scene in front of them to take a gander at Chimetals. She was holding her stomach and making odd whirring noises. There was a countdown timer in a device on her back that slowly ticked closer to zero. She held her robot-stomach with her robot-hands, and looked pleadingly at the townsfolk that could do nothing to save her from her demise. Clutching her stomach, she brushed against the Dishonesty Control Circuit that drove her Misinformation Core.

Chimetals' passive ability has activated!
Chimetals now has the Sight of a Thousand Truths!

Making sure to make her last action one that was fit for such a sacrifice, she looked around at the faces of each of the townsfolk with eyes that could only belong to a machine that had more of a soul than anyone the townsfolk had ever seen. This robot was more human than anyone the townsfolk had ever seen. Chimetals struggled harder as the beeping of her self destruct module grew louder... she only had time for one scan. And her choice was Linox! Her eyes zoomed in on him, zoomed deeper and deeper, down into his pores, past his skull, past his brain, into his very thoughts. The atmosphere grew denser with each layer exposed, a swarm of bees replacing the locusts that once terrorized Chase and Linox. Time seemed to stand still as the robot scanned the very depths of Linox's being, as the bees stung Chase and Linox until every last stinger had been removed and every participating insect had ensuingly died. A medicine cloud erased all traces of their stings except for the pain, which was the most hateful thing of all, as no one would believe Chase or Linox had been attacked.

Chimetals finally locked on to Linox's alignment. The greatest moral compass in the universe. The difference between kill and be killed. The difference between the shielding and shielded.

The Truth.

She threw herself at Linox, embracing him as only a robot that had been taught to love could. Her warmth overtook Linox and showed him The Truth as she knew it. A single tear rolled down his cheek as his eyes widened he returned the embrace, his hands clasping around Chimetals' Self Destruct Module as it finally reached 00:00, and an explosion overtook them both as they returned to dust, Chimetals' great silhouette overtaking the sky in one last gloriful immortilization. Thus proving, even robots have hearts...

Chimetals was Misinformation Machine, Town, The One Robot.

Posted Image

Linox was Perpetrator Perpetuator, Malfactor, Wizzrobe of Propogation.

Posted Image

Linox's spell is broken! Linkprow returns to the earth from whence he came!

Linkprow was still Overpowered Alchemist, Town, Generous Philanthropist!

Posted Image

Night Phase starts and lasts until 11/30/2011 12:00 UTC-6:00.

#1636 Cascade

    Hocus Pinkus!

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Posted 04 January 2012 - 10:56 AM

is this game ever going to end

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