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Criminal Minds RP

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The FBI estimates there are between 20 and 50 active serial killers operating in the United States. To catch these disturbed individuals a special division was created within the FBI, the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit). These highly trained agents are ready in a moments notice to travel wherever they're needed to aid local law enforcement in dealing with cases they lack the resources to handle on their own.

Here's what you fill out:



Special Skill: (tracking, diagnosing, profiling)

Rank: FBI Rookie, Supervisory Special Agent, Senior Supervisory Special Agent)


Here's Mine:

Name: Owen Lodge PHD

Age: 32

Special Skill: Profiler

Rank: S.S.A

History: When Owen was 16 his little sister Fey was kidnapped on her way home from school. Her body was later found and it was learned that she was raped before being murdered. Owen blamed himself for not walking Fey home and when the killer was caught Owen was there to witness his execution. He later joined the FBI's BAU to help catch the very same monsters who took his sister away.

Case #1: The Jackson Lake UNSUB

Jackson Lake, Tennessee September 24th 2:20 A.m.

As the bars let out on the quiet Main Street a young woman wearing a purple tubetop and short shorts staggers out of "Duke's Bar" with Keys in hand. As she crosses the street to her late model Ford Taurus a car pulls up alongside her.

She squints against the powerful search light pointed at her and notices a row of lights on the roof. Inside the officer takes a slow drag on his lit cigarette and blows out a puff of smoke.

"You aint plannin to drive tonight are you miss?" he asks his face partly illuminated by the smoldering cigarette.

The woman looks at her clenched keys then swiftly puts them back in her purse.

"Course n't officer, i's just lockin it up. I'll call a cab." she says in heavily slurred speech.

"Nonsense, hop in I'll give you a lift home." he says putting out the Cigarette butt's smoldering ash in his cars ashtray.

"OK." the young woman says opening the door.

Five hours later her body is discovered lying on the shore of Tabish Lake, her tubetop is sliced open and her bra is missing. She has several stab wounds in her chest and abdomen as well as an 8 inch slice across the neck.

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holy fffff must joinnn. Oh god I love this show )): <3

Name: Serena Day

Age: 43

Special Skill: Profiling

Rank: Supervisory Special Agent

History: Has always been a crime fanatic, regularly reading popular crime novels, attending nearby FBI lectures, religiously watching shows such as Columbo when she was younger to a guilty pleasure known as CSI today. She simply worked her ass and finally reached the position of SSA on the Behavioural Analysis Unit. But maybe she has a hidden backstory I haven't thought of yet that will become important later, maybe as a spy at Interpol idk.

More people should join ;; even if you take the piss I don't even care I just need more people to RP with lol >:

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Name: Chuck McKennedy

Age: 28

Special Skill: diagnosing

Rank: FBI Rookie

History: He's really good at catching bad guys and stuff. Much like Reid, he's really handsome and good at making himself sound smart, so all the women think he's insatiable. A true master of SCIENCE if there ever was one, he solves all the tough math stuff and gets all the ladies.

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Owen Lodge watched as his cab sped away and took in a deep breath.

"Ah Quantico, the FBI head office. This truely is the big show." he said to himself.

As he followed the flow of Agents inside the doors he did the whole song and dance with the Metal detectors.

"Can I help you sir?" A strapping young Security Guard asked.

"Owen Lodge to see Agent Aaron Hotchner." Owen said his face beaming.

"Ahh yes sir, just take the west wing elevator up to 17."

Owen complied and soon found himself in the offices of The BAU's unit 2's.

"Owen..hey Owen." a voice came up from the inner bullpen.

"That's Dr. Lodge to you Dr. Reid." Owen said in a playful bantering voice.

"What brings you to Quantico?" Spencer asked.

"No clue, I was just sitting at my desk in the Hartford Field Office when I got a call from Aaron Hotchner."

"Hotch called you...I wonder why." Reid said looking over at Hotch's office.

"Is that his office?" Aaron asked pointing to an office on the upper landing.

"Yeah." Reid answered with a nod.

"Well I better go see what Agent Hotchner wants." Owen said

"Who was that Reid?" Morgan asked.

"That is Dr. Owen Lodge." he said

"That's Owen Lodge?" Emily Prentiss said in surprise.

"Yeah Owen and I went through the FBI Academy together. He is very good at what he does.

"And that is?" Morgan asked.

"He has a PHD in Psychology. He's my less attractive Dopellbanger."I think you mean Doppelgänger, kid." Morgan said."I know I was trying to make a joke." Owen slowly ascended the steps leading up to the office landing. Time appeared to slow down as he walked the landing. He knocked hesitantly on the door and waited for the inevitable response. But the "come in" he was expecting never came instead the door opened upon a very steadfast man. "Ah Agent Lodge, welcome have a seat." Hotchner said walking behind his desk. "Yes sir, thank you sir." Owen said. "You seem a bit nervous is everything alright?" Hotchner asked."I'm very confused sir, and humbled at the same time." "Humbled?""Yes I mean this is the BAU, the big time. To borrow a Baseball analogy "The Big Show". "Ah I see, well you can relax." Owen sat there for a second, he took a deep breath and let it out. "Better now?" Hotch asked. "Yes sir." "Good, now the reason you're here. I have been tasked with forming a new BAU team to work in tandem with my own. Gifted Agents with unique skills to find serial killers and whatever other threat that my team cannot." "And you want me sir, I'm just an FBI psychologists." "It says in your file that you were instrumental in tracking down the O'Rorke boys in Hartford. Violent drug runners from Boston." "That's in there, Marsh said it was off the record." "This new BAU Team needs an Agent like you Owen. I already have two other chosen Agents waiting." Hotch said handing him files. "Chuck McKennedy...a Rookie really, and got Sandra?" "You've met?" Hotch asked."We've crossed paths once or twice." Owen said. "You will work under me and train here for several weeks, when you're ready, I'll assign you your first case. As with every BAU team the full resources of this office are open to you. Our Media Liason Jennifer Jereau and our Computer specialist Penalope Garcia." Owen walked out of Hotchner's office and closed the door behind him. "Owen you alright?" Reid asked. "Yeah...I think...I think I just got a job in the BAU." "That's great man welcome!" Reid said. "Thanks."

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Name: Voldemort

Age: 84

Special Skill: Killing

Rank: Dark Lord

History: Voldemort pretended to die and then he went to America to kill lots of muggles. No one has caught him yet.

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