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Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes

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Memorable #zelda moments

Amaterasu vs. LL

A battle between ZD user amaterasu and LL. LL is Sefiroth_wolf_form below.

[18:22] <amaterasu> plz attack Sefiroth_wolf_form

[18:22] <Sefiroth_wolf_form> *blocks*

[18:22] <Sefiroth_wolf_form> heh

[18:22] <Sefiroth_wolf_form> Not so easy

[18:23] <amaterasu> Sefiroth_wolf_form

[18:23] <amaterasu> ban him

[18:23] <Sefiroth_wolf_form> Wait...

[18:23] <Sefiroth_wolf_form> guys

[18:23] <Sefiroth_wolf_form> im... changing

03[18:23] * Sefiroth_wolf_form is now known as Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form

[18:23] <amaterasu> lol

[18:23] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> im evil now

[18:23] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> you guys brought out the wolf'

[18:24] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> and now you gotta deal with the horns

[18:24] <amaterasu> ugh

[18:24] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> im a black wolf with a flaming mane

[18:24] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> and a flame tail

[18:24] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> and the symbol for "fire" on my back

[18:24] <amaterasu> will somebody get rid of Sefiroth_wolf_form please!

[18:24] <amaterasu> wait

[18:24] <amaterasu> wolves don't have manes

[18:24] <amaterasu> shows how much he knows!

[18:24] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> this is demon forme you stupid nigger

[18:24] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> whom i am ignoring

06[18:25] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form attacks amaterasu with Chaos Skyfist Wolfwand

[18:25] <+Whorey> amaterasu is "tremendously" damaged by the Chaos Skyfist Wolfwand and takes 211 damage!

[18:25] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> Nice

[18:25] <amaterasu> eek!

[18:25] <amaterasu> dodges

06[18:26] * amaterasu heals

[18:26] <amaterasu> you can't beat a god!

[18:26] <amaterasu> stupid demon

[18:26] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> I AM THE ONLY GOD

[18:26] <amaterasu> it's heaven against hell

[18:26] <amaterasu> AMATERASU IS A SUN GOD

[18:26] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> let me tell u about god

[18:26] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> do you think "GOD" would have made you so ugly


[18:26] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> if he claims to love you

[18:26] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> do you think GOD would make you be alone forever

[18:26] <WolfSpirit> im a spirit

06[18:27] * amaterasu attacks Sefiroth with hailstorm (does 9999 dammage)

[18:27] <+Whorey> MISS!

[18:27] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> Inside the wolf trapped inside me is an angel trapped inside the wolf

[18:27] <amaterasu> no!

[18:27] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> rofl

06[18:27] * amaterasu attacks Sefiroth with hailstorm (does 9999 dammage multiple times)

[18:27] <+Whorey> Sefiroth is immune to 'hailstorm (does 9999 dammage multiple times)'

[18:27] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> inside the angel is a KITSUNE

[18:27] <WolfSpirit> i can morph into anything

[18:27] <amaterasu> oh crap!

[18:27] <amaterasu> WolfSpirit, i'm sorry, but either shut up or beat teh crap out of Sefiroth

[18:28] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> I am afraid that Amaterasu is a little... tied up at the moment

06[18:28] * amaterasu attacks Sefiroth with Whorey

[18:28] <+Whorey> MISS!

[18:28] <amaterasu> Whorey!

[18:28] <+Whorey> : )

[18:28] <amaterasu> stop saying MISS!

06[18:28] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form attacks Amaterasu with the fact that she is overweight and not attractive in general

[18:28] <+Whorey> Amaterasu takes 1282 damage from Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form's 'fact that she is overweight and not attractive in general'

[18:28] <amaterasu> wow.

[18:28] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> Whoa

06[18:28] * amaterasu heals

[18:28] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> u died

[18:28] <amaterasu> YOU CAN NOT BEAT ME!

[18:29] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> nuh uh

[18:29] <amaterasu> I CAN HEAL!

[18:29] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> i got u

[18:29] <amaterasu> NUH-UH

[18:29] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> Whorey, can amaterasu heal?

[18:29] <+Whorey> sailing

[18:29] <WolfSpirit> selfish wolf!

[18:29] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> Every time you heal, you destrou the light force of your friends

06[18:29] * amaterasu rips open Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form's soul and lets out the angle wolf inside

[18:29] <amaterasu> fly angle wolf!

[18:29] <amaterasu> fly!

[18:29] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> When youf ight, you kill the very ones you try to save

[18:29] <amaterasu> get away from the evil!

[18:29] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> and they will soon be mine

06[18:30] * WolfSpirit growls

06[18:31] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form attacks the basis on which amaterasu built her fragile fantasy world by reminding her that she is squidding ugly as shit

06[18:31] * amaterasu howls to the Celesial Brush Gods and begs them to help

06[18:31] * amaterasu gets the Celesial Brush Gods to help destroy Sefiroth

[18:31] <amaterasu> DIE MONSTER

[18:31] <amaterasu> YOU DON'T BELONG IN THIS WORLD

06[18:31] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form attacks amaterasu's basis on which she built her fragile fantasy world by reminding her that she is squidding ugly as shit

[18:31] <amaterasu> pffft

06[18:31] * amaterasu heals

06[18:32] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form penny traits amaterasu's wolf cloaca

06[18:32] * amaterasu heals WolfSpirit and all allies (of me)

[18:32] <amaterasu> wait wat?

06[18:32] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form blocks your heals

[18:32] <amaterasu> nuh-uh.

[18:32] <amaterasu> WolfSpirit, get right behind me.

[18:32] <amaterasu> wiat, right beside me

06[18:32] * WolfSpirit runs

[18:32] <amaterasu> everyone! push up shoulder to shoulder next to me!

[18:32] <WolfSpirit> ok!

06[18:32] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form goes into your bloodstream and infects u with cancer AIDS

[18:33] <Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form> SHe's in her squidding own little world, wow

[18:33] <amaterasu> everyone, run with me, and headbutt Sefiroth

06[18:33] * amaterasu runs and screams a war cry

06[18:33] * Sefiroth_demon_wolf_form shows amaterasu how happy her parents would be if she had just killed herself

06[18:33] * amaterasu ignores it and jumps on Sefiroth and rips up his skin

06[18:34] * amaterasu rips into his skull

06[18:34] * amaterasu chrushes his brain


Cooldogs was one of the coolest ZD users to ever enter #Zelda, and if i recall correctly is part of the Staff there,

he may have a even bigger role at ZD but I just can't remember. Anyway, he was really nice to Fortissimo and constantly

addressed her as Miss Fort, here are several of those examples, feel free to count them all. He also had a tendency to

call Fierce_Muffin "Mister Muff" and Cascade "Miss Cassy"

[23:12] <&Cooldogs_1> sorry miss fort, and mister muff =(

[23:18] <&Cooldogs_1> sorry miss fort =(

[23:22] <&Cooldogs_1> dont ask miss fort

[23:23] <&Cooldogs_1> sorry, miss fort

[23:24] <&Cooldogs_1> im sorry miss fort

[23:35] <&Cooldogs_1> listen to miss fort

[22:37] <&Cooldogs_1> whats wrong miss fort

[22:40] <&Cooldogs_1> why are you asking miss fort?

[22:14] <&Cooldogs_1> salutations miss fort

[22:37] <&Cooldogs_1> are you talking about Tales of Vesperia miss fort?

[22:49] <&Cooldogs_1> ill ask miss fort if is i

[20:56] <Cooldogs_1> Salutations miss fort ^_^

[21:00] <Cooldogs_1> I'll talk to you miss fort!

[21:02] <&Cooldogs_1> why does miss fort want hop or op

[21:02] <&Cooldogs_1> very well miss fort

[21:04] <&Cooldogs_1> really miss fort?

[21:09] <&Cooldogs_1> what, miss fort?

[21:11] <&Cooldogs_1> if you say soo miss fort..

[21:13] <&Cooldogs_1> Salutations miss fort?

[21:14] <&Cooldogs_1> we all miss you miss fort

[20:30] <&Cooldogs_1> hello miss fort..

[20:37] <&Cooldogs_1> zeldadungeon will not use mibbit, unless miss fort requests it

[20:38] <&Cooldogs_1> pluss miss fort would be way too good for me

[23:21] <&Cooldogs_1> =( very well miss fort

[23:29] <&Cooldogs_1> draw whatever you wish miss fort

[23:55] <&Cooldogs_1> you tease us miss fort

[00:20] <&Cooldogs_1> tomorrow I hope to see your drawing, miss fort

[00:21] <&Cooldogs_1> yess miss fort

[00:28] <&Cooldogs_1> take care miss fort

[21:38] <&Cooldogs_1> bovel hello miss fort, mister muff, and SBL

[00:59] <&Cooldogs_1> sorry miss fort =(

[00:59] <&Cooldogs_1> Im going to get a job for capcom, program monster hunter to have special armor and weapons just for you miss fort!

[01:03] <&Cooldogs_1> no miss fort

[01:09] <&Cooldogs_1> yess miss fort

[23:10] <&Cooldogs_1> omg!! miss fort!!!

[23:14] <&Cooldogs_1> be nice to miss fort

[23:22] <&Cooldogs_1> dont sell anything =(, miss fort!

[23:27] <&Cooldogs_1> dont speak such negative to miss fort

[00:06] <&Cooldogs_1> and miss fort :$

[23:04] <&Cooldogs_1> whats wrong now miss fort?

[23:13] <&Cooldogs_1> sorry miss fort!

[23:13] <&Cooldogs_1> you sound upset/mad i was saying sorry miss fort

[23:16] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort you seem like a Nighmare before christmas fan

[23:41] <&Cooldogs_1> you watch naruto, miss fort o_0?

[23:47] <&Cooldogs_1> wtf, miss fort o_0

[23:49] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort you shoudl get more sleep

[23:49] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort =(

[23:49] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort!

[17:53] <&Cooldogs_1> hello miss fort?

[22:36] <&Cooldogs_1> lol i guess it is miss fort

[03:49] <&Cooldogs_1> dont ask miss fort and thanks

[03:49] <&Cooldogs_1> why are you awake miss fort?

[04:23] <&Cooldogs_1> Is miss Fort and Muffin dating?

[21:40] <&Cooldogs_1> just dont tell miss fort lynk

[21:48] <&Cooldogs_1> hey miss fort

[01:48] <&Cooldogs_1> hey miss fort!?

[02:44] <+Cooldogs_1> dont worry miss fort

[02:48] <+Cooldogs_1> nice miss fort!!

[02:49] <+Cooldogs_1> miss fort is starting to talk as I get ready for bed =()

[02:50] <+Cooldogs_1> your moody miss fort?

[16:44] <&Cooldogs_1> MISS FORT :D

[16:46] <&Cooldogs_1> why dont you go to sleep miss fort?

[16:52] <&Cooldogs_1> dont worry miss fort =)

[16:53] <&Cooldogs_1> nothing miss fort

[17:00] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort I aplogize for them

[17:04] <&Cooldogs_1> buy me one miss fort?

[17:13] <&Cooldogs_1> who are you fightning miss fort?

[23:09] <&Cooldogs_1> what about you miss fort

[23:11] <&Cooldogs_1> I'm sorry miss fort

[23:21] <&Cooldogs_1> idk what do you want to eat miss fort!?

[23:28] <&Cooldogs_1> Miss Fort, is cracked treating you well?

[16:06] <&Cooldogs_1> what did i do now miss fort

[16:06] <&Cooldogs_1> can I see the picture still miss fort?

[16:15] <&Cooldogs_1> nope... but its okay miss fort!

[16:18] <&Cooldogs_1> and you sure miss fort?

[16:18] <&Cooldogs_1> lol arent you the sweetest thing alive miss fort

[16:23] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort you could get a water effect for your scenery

[16:31] <&Cooldogs_1> are you a naruto fan miss fort?

[20:49] <&Cooldogs_1> Yess miss fort?!

[20:50] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort agrees with me

[20:51] <&Cooldogs_1> thats great miss fort!

[20:57] <&Cooldogs_1> whats an ian, miss fort?

[20:57] <&Cooldogs_1> thats what i been doing miss fort

[21:00] <&Cooldogs_1> yes miss fort

[21:02] <&Cooldogs_1> whats wrong now miss fort

[21:05] <&Cooldogs_1> how am I supose to know that miss fort?

[21:08] <&Cooldogs_1> Is that movie any good, miss fort?

[21:17] <&Cooldogs_1> are they any good miss fort?

[17:26] <&Cooldogs_1> what did you guys do to lil cute miss fort!?

[17:26] <&Cooldogs_1> I'm sorry miss fort for them upsetting you! =(

[17:27] <&Cooldogs_1> Please forgive me cute lil miss fort =(

[17:28] <&Cooldogs_1> congrats miss fort!

[18:22] <&Cooldogs_1> can I buy you both of them miss fort?

[18:22] <&Cooldogs_1> why cant I buy you both of them miss fort =(

06[18:25] * &Cooldogs_1 buys them for miss fort anyways

06[18:28] * &Cooldogs_1 buys it for miss fort before she can!! :o

[18:29] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort are your parents astronauts/

[18:40] <&Cooldogs_1> I cant fight or argue when cute little miss fort is here!!! >.<

[18:41] <&Cooldogs_1> Miss fort is Fortissimo

[21:50] <&Cooldogs_1> whats wrong miss fort!?

[22:00] <&Cooldogs_1> miss fort and I talk bout Monster Hunter all day

[22:21] <&Cooldogs_1> isn't our miss fort popular =)

[22:21] <&Cooldogs_1> we all make time just for you miss fort

22:26] <&Cooldogs_1> does miss fort want a baby?

[00:21] <&Cooldogs_1> whats wrong miss fort!??!/

[19:09] <&Cooldogs_1> no where miss fort...

[19:25] <&Cooldogs_1> awh!!! miss forT!!!

[19:25] <&Cooldogs_1> Hows our famous lovable miss fort!

[19:27] <&Cooldogs_1> omg what happen miss fort?!

[19:30] <&Cooldogs_1> wow, is there anything miss fort can't do

06[19:33] * &Cooldogs_1 bows down to miss fort's drawing ness

and to make things worse, when cooldogs left the channel forever, Fort didn't even notice

01[20:23] <%Double45> SAPPLE

01[20:23] <%Double45> LIKE

[20:23] <@Techpriest> SNAPPLE

01[20:23] <%Double45> YOUR A SAP

02[20:23] * &Cooldogs_1 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day)

[20:23] <@Techpriest> SNAPPLE

01[20:23] <%Double45> IF YOU BUY APPLE PRODUCTS

[20:23] <@Techpriest> :< But Double

[20:23] <@Techpriest> I enjoy my macbook.

Miss Cassy:

[20:42] <&Cooldogs_1> miss cassy is nice

[20:42] <&Cooldogs_1> miss cassy never said that so dont get mad at her

[20:43] <&Cooldogs_1> no one shoul ever be mad as miss cassy

[21:00] <&Cooldogs_1> because they can miss cassy

[21:01] <&Cooldogs_1> i'll give miss cassy the 500 dollars

[21:03] <&Cooldogs_1> you play MH, miss cassy?

[19:58] <&Cooldogs_1> what if it is miss cassy

[21:57] <&Cooldogs_1> and miss cassy!

[22:04] <&Cooldogs_1> or miss cassy will get mad and just ***** slap you hard

[22:08] <&Cooldogs_1> have fun miss cassy

[23:52] <&Cooldogs_1> miss cassy is upset!!!!

[23:52] <&Cooldogs_1> its not funny when miss cassy is upset1

[23:54] <&Cooldogs_1> miss cassy owns the room

[23:55] <&Cooldogs_1> and miss cassy gets to laugh

[23:57] <&Cooldogs_1> miss cass, zabby is dating a 5 year old

[23:57] <&Cooldogs_1> miss cassy, thats shocking!

[00:21] <&Cooldogs_1> dead10 epona you need to be dead thankful to be in the presence of miss cassy

Mister Muff/Muffin:

[23:12] <&Cooldogs_1> sorry miss fort, and mister muff =(

[21:38] <&Cooldogs_1> bovel hello miss fort, mister muff, and SBL

[23:06] <&Cooldogs_1> mister muffin is right

[16:16] <&Cooldogs_1> dont worry about it mister muffin

Darker Than Batman

While Sahaqiel was discussing his hatred for Studio BONES anime having bad endings, Muffin and I were watching Big O,

I asked "isnt big o batman" which lead to the below conversation.

01[01:34] <%Double45> isnt big o batman

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> Yeah

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> Not even Japanese Batman

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> Just

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> Batman

01[01:34] <%Double45> lol

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> Darker than Batman is Japanese Batman

[01:34] <&Sahaqiel> Darker than BLACK

[01:34] <&Sahaqiel> LOL

[01:34] <&Sahaqiel> DARKER THAN BATMAN

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> Ahahah

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> Shaq

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> You have no idea

[01:34] <&Sahaqiel> I was lolling

[01:34] <Fierce_Muffin> How hard I just laughed

[01:35] <Fierce_Muffin> I'm still laughing

[01:35] <&Sahaqiel> me too

[01:35] <&Sahaqiel> I'm laughing pretty hard


I think most of you should know about this one from Sahaqiel's Scribe thread, so a description isn't needed.

[18:53] <&Sahaqiel> NARUTOGIRL

[18:53] <&Sahaqiel> MAKE SMARTER CHOICES

[18:53] <+narutogirl> hmm?

[18:53] <+narutogirl> like wut?

[18:54] <&Sahaqiel> Like watch something better than Naruto.

[18:54] <+narutogirl> y?

[18:54] <+narutogirl> its awesome~

[18:54] <&Sahaqiel> There are much better things, narutogirl

I PM her my whole anime list.

[18:54] <+narutogirl> no ty

[18:55] <+narutogirl> i'll stick wif naruto

[18:55] <+shinohobo> but

[18:55] <+shinohobo> IT NEVER ENDS

[18:55] <+narutogirl> yesh?

[18:55] <&Sahaqiel> narutogirl

[18:55] <+narutogirl> who r u 2 say i should quit Naruto?

[18:56] <+narutogirl> its the only show i can reely watch

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> narutogirl

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> You have the INTERNET.

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> You can watch ANYTHING.

[18:56] <+shinohobo> I'll stick with my boner

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> Even PORNOGRAPHY

[18:56] <&Sahaqiel> Though I know you already do that.

[18:56] <+narutogirl> yesh

[18:57] <+narutogirl> i can only watch Naruto

[18:57] <&Sahaqiel> You can watch anything on the internet, Narutogirl.

[18:57] <&Sahaqiel> Anything.

[18:57] <+narutogirl> cant

[18:57] <+narutogirl> i can barely chat on this site

[19:00] <+narutogirl> look i cant watch any other show then naruto

[19:00] <@Kimmy> naruto, why can't you?

[19:00] <+narutogirl> ....

[19:00] <@Kimmy> do you hate all the other shows? are you not allowed to?

[19:00] <+narutogirl> ch-ild abuse

[19:00] <+shinohobo> ...

[19:00] <@Kimmy> why can't you watch any other show

[19:00] <+shinohobo> what?

[19:00] <+narutogirl> child abuse

[19:00] <&Sahaqiel> Um.


[19:00] <+narutogirl> yehs

[19:00] <+narutogirl> yesh

[19:00] <&Sahaqiel> I doubt you are abused.

[19:00] <@Kimmy> I hope you're not serious because I am laughing pretty hard.


[19:01] <+narutogirl> ]=

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> Yeah even if she is serious kimz.

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> I would find this humorous.

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> If a bit unusual.

[19:01] <+shinohobo> Double. DBZ was like all of my childhood.

[19:01] <+narutogirl> im child abused

[19:01] <+shinohobo> I hate you.

[19:01] <+Double45> i love DBZ

[19:01] <&Sahaqiel> I am somewhat ashamed of watching DBZ.

[19:01] <+shinohobo> ng how are you abused for not watching naruto?

[19:01] <+narutogirl> i am child abused

[19:02] <&Sahaqiel> I think she just doesn't want to watch better things because she's too much of a fangirl.

[19:02] <+shinohobo> <shinohobo>: ng how are you abused for not watching naruto?

[19:02] <+narutogirl> i am adobted

[19:02] <@Kimmy> ...

[19:02] <&Sahaqiel> If you are a child, I don't think you would need to put "child" in front of "abused".

[19:02] <+shinohobo> rofl

[19:02] <+narutogirl> and wen i first got adobted

[19:02] <@Kimmy> I am also adopted, but I don't have to watch Naruto for fear of being abused.

[19:02] <+narutogirl> they asked wut show i hate the most

[19:02] <@Kimmy> naruto, do not fake being abused.

[19:02] <+Double45> <+narutogirl> i am adobted

[19:02] <+narutogirl> and i said naruto

[19:02] <+Double45> <+narutogirl> and wen i first got adobted

[19:03] <+Double45> so i is adobted, but im NOT adopted

[19:03] <+narutogirl> so they force me to watch naruto

[19:03] <&Sahaqiel> I just facepalmed IRL.

[19:03] <&Sahaqiel> Like for serious.

[19:03] <+Double45> lol

[19:03] <+narutogirl> and the abuse me

[19:03] <+narutogirl> they hit me pretty hard

[19:03] <+shinohobo> I'm lolling

[19:03] <+Figurehead> narutogirl

[19:03] <+Figurehead> did they ever like

[19:03] <+Figurehead> touch you

[19:03] <+narutogirl> nods

[19:03] <+shinohobo> in your vagina

[19:03] <+Figurehead> or put peanut butter on you and have a dog lick it off

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> Why would you name yuorself over something that you've been abused over?

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> OH HEY

[19:04] <+Double45> because she is LYING

[19:04] <+narutogirl> forced


[19:04] <+narutogirl> FORCED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[19:04] * Sahaqiel sets mode: -v narutogirl

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> I'm sorry

[19:04] <+Figurehead> Have you ever seen an erect cock

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> You're hilarious, really

[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> But :|

[19:04] <+Double45> lol

[19:04] <narutogirl> ]+

[19:04] <narutogirl> ]=


[19:04] <&Sahaqiel> I'mma get you b&

[19:04] <narutogirl> ITS NOT FUNNY

[19:05] <narutogirl> ive been aused sence i was 4

[19:05] <+Double45> lLOLOLOLOL

[19:05] <&Sahaqiel> SIT DOWN AND WATCH NARUTO


[19:05] <+shinohobo> narutogirl you haven't defined 'abuse'

[19:05] <narutogirl> i have to cover up my bruises so i dont get caught

[19:05] <narutogirl> me?

[19:05] <narutogirl> y me?

[19:05] <&Sahaqiel> No, I am making fun of you.


[19:06] <+shinohobo> narutogirl you are a comedian.

[19:06] <narutogirl> TEEN ABUSED?

[19:06] <+Double45> i just found it funny

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> NO

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> YOU SAY

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> I'M ABUSED

[19:06] <narutogirl> y is it funny?

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> Because you're a dirty liar.

[19:06] <+shinohobo> ^

[19:06] <&Sahaqiel> And you suck at lying.

[19:06] <+Double45> she is abused by here adobtive parents

[19:06] <narutogirl> some one to whip u each day

[19:06] <+Double45> but her adoptive parents let her watch anything

[19:06] <narutogirl> have to beg and be nice so u dont get one whipping 2night?

[19:06] <+Double45> but adobtive ones dont

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> A BEATING OR NARUTO

[19:07] <+shinohobo> My father beat me until he moved out on us but it wasn't because he wanted me to watch dragon ball z.

[19:07] <@Kimmy> But you know, I have never been abused with anime.

[19:07] <+Double45> lol

[19:07] <@Kimmy> So I mean, I have it pretty easy.

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> Obviously you watch Naruto.

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> So you aren't being beaten.

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> Because they force you to watch Naruto.

[19:07] <+Figurehead> I consider that abuse

[19:07] <+Figurehead> Teehee

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> I do too

[19:07] <narutogirl> yesh and i hate every second of it

[19:07] <+Figurehead> lame

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> wtf

[19:07] <&Sahaqiel> Why name yourself narutogirl.

[19:07] <+Double45> lol

[19:07] <@Kimmy> what do you consider abuse figurehead

[19:07] <narutogirl> HERES THE STORY LINE

[19:08] <+Double45> BECAUSE SHE IS FORCED TOO

[19:08] <+shinohobo> oh squidding god my laughter I cannot contain it

[19:08] <&Sahaqiel> Naruto.

[19:08] <narutogirl> yesh?

[19:08] <+Double45> do they ever touch you

[19:08] <+Double45> : o

[19:08] <narutogirl> yesh

[19:08] <&Sahaqiel> I'm going to make fan fiction of you, narutogirl.

[19:08] <+shinohobo> YES

[19:08] <narutogirl> its scaring for life

[19:08] <&Sahaqiel> About a girl who is abused if she doesn't watch Naruto.

[19:09] <+shinohobo> narutogirl, I'm actually your dad, and I'm going to beat you right now for telling these people that I beat you.

[19:09] <+shinohobo> I'm coming up to your room right now.

[19:10] <+Figurehead> wait

[19:10] <+Figurehead> put the extension cord in the oven first

[19:10] <+Figurehead> then go up to her room

[19:10] <+Figurehead> and apply

[19:10] <narutogirl> -locks door-

[19:10] <+Figurehead> Do you think roleplay can stop him?

[19:10] <+Double45> hey

[19:10] <+Figurehead> He's squidding drunk

[19:10] <+Double45> your parents have to have a key

[19:10] <+Double45> THEY HAVE TOO

[19:10] <narutogirl> =.=


[19:10] <narutogirl> EH EH

[19:10] <+Figurehead> His cock is nearly bursting from his underwear

[19:11] <narutogirl> i ran away last night


[19:11] <&Sahaqiel> "I woke up on the floor again. There was blood on the ground and I couldn't see out of my left eye. I smelled alcohol. Sitting in a recliner a few feet away from me was my foster father, who adobted me when I was four. In his left hand was liquor. In his right, a belt and a television remote."

[19:11] <+shinohobo> UNLOCK THE DOOR RIGHT NOW OR I'LL GIVE YOU 10 extra seconds of BELT

[19:11] <+Double45> lol

[19:11] <narutogirl> no~

[19:11] <+Figurehead> is anyone else turned on

[19:11] <&Sahaqiel> lol

[19:12] <narutogirl> i aint opening up

[19:12] <+Figurehead> teehee

[19:12] <+Double45> lol

[19:12] <+Figurehead> double entendre

[19:12] <@Kimmy> I am so turned on

[19:12] <+Figurehead> maybe?

[19:12] <+shinohobo> I'm going to burn all your CDs...

[19:12] <+Double45> ha

[19:12] <@Kimmy> i'm sporting quite the boner

[19:12] <+Figurehead> lol

[19:12] <narutogirl> i dun HAVE ANY

[19:12] <+shinohobo> take your computer away...

[19:12] <narutogirl> SHIT

[19:12] <+shinohobo> and rape you...

[19:12] <narutogirl> =.=.

[19:12] <&Sahaqiel> ""Worthless *****. Get up." he said with a slur.

[19:12] <&Sahaqiel> I tried to lift myself up off the ground, but my legs failed me. They were bruised and sore from my father's persistent kicking. I couldn't refuse him anymore, but his terms were so cruel..."

[19:12] <narutogirl> GREAT WUT I NEED


[19:13] <+shinohobo> PLEASE

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> Sahaqiel

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> I

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> squidIN

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> G

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> LOVE

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> YOU

[19:13] <&Nixtrix> ROFL

[19:13] <&Sahaqiel> : D

[19:13] <narutogirl> I AINT OPENIGN UP

[19:13] <+Double45> GHAHAAHAHAHA

[19:13] <narutogirl> i will run away

[19:13] <narutogirl> AGAIN

[19:13] <+shinohobo> you can't run away if you're dead.

[19:14] <narutogirl> im not DEAD

[19:14] <narutogirl> ]=

[19:14] <narutogirl> u guysdont no

[19:14] <+shinohobo> not yet, but when I knock down the door I will kill you and squid your corpse.

[19:14] <&Sahaqiel> : (

[19:14] <+Double45> necrophilia

[19:14] <narutogirl> quit messing wif me

[19:14] <+Double45> HEY

[19:14] <@Kimmy> quit messing "wif" us

[19:15] <+Double45> WHAT ABOUT YOUR SISTER


[19:15] <narutogirl> leave me ALONE

[19:15] <narutogirl> yesh yesh she does

[19:15] <+Double45> lol

[19:15] <+Double45> omg no way

[19:15] <narutogirl> we hate it

[19:17] <narutogirl> dad's coming O MG

[19:17] <+shinohobo> continue

[19:17] <narutogirl> GTG

[19:17] * narutogirl ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

More will be added later

I wanted to add the whole conversation where I was explaining Hero of Time to Sahaqiel and Fierce_Muffin before either of them had seen it, hopefully one of them has the conversation in their logs and will do so!

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I love the narutogirl thing.

It's like the best thing.

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Cooldogs was the most adorable ZD user ;;;;;; why did he leave, double ;____; why does everyone leave the chat.

I don't think much will top narutogirl though lol. jeez all those people in chat. Amaterasu vs LL comes close imo, though. I still love your sig doubleee lol.

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[01:34] <&Sahaqiel> DARKER THAN BATMAN

I laughed and spit a bit of pasta at my screen when I read this.

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When was cooldogs around? He sounds like the most wonderful ZD user ever. I have one from that time I got crick to confess some stuff, but I dunno if I should post it.

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[19:05] <&Sahaqiel> SIT DOWN AND WATCH NARUTO


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laughed so hard at the narutogirl <3 and then sahas fanfic, oh dear gawd im just dying here :>

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Oh man, that was the best skype chat ever. :D

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Okay, I have decided I'm just going to post it anyways. Be warned: It's not funny, and it's almost malicious, but I got Sanna from irc to admit that she was never pregnant and all that, and lied about everything and whatnot. I'm gonna spoiler it.

[10:18am] Sanna joined the chat room.

[10:18am] Sanna: hai

[10:18am] Pheonix561: shut up sanna

[10:19am] Sanna: :) mornin to u too

[10:25am] Pheonix561: i said shut up

[10:26am] Sanna: don't be mean to me

[10:26am] Sanna: wut did i do to u anyways

[10:26am] Sanna: :/

[10:26am] Pheonix561: be crick, is what

[10:27am] Sanna: how is that like bad. being me

[10:27am] Sanna: lol

[10:28am] lozisawesome8 left the chat room. (Connection closed)

[10:28am] Sanna: Im waiting

[10:31am] Sanna left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 101 seconds)

[10:32am] Sanna joined the chat room.

[10:32am] Sanna: .

[10:36am] Pheonix561: I was busy buying books for college

[10:36am] Pheonix561: being you as in, the person who (used to) come on irc and talk about how you were pregnant

[10:36am] Pheonix561: and how your boyfriend died

[10:36am] Pheonix561: and how you kissed derpwolf

[10:36am] Sanna: he did di u fgtt

[10:36am] Sanna: :<

[10:37am] Pheonix561: I am convinced he didnt

[10:37am] Pheonix561: if you kissed derpwolf

[10:37am] Sanna: well he did

[10:37am] Pheonix561: because your boyfriend died

[10:37am] Sanna: and derp wolf

[10:37am] Pheonix561: and if you never kissed derpwolf

[10:37am] Sanna: was a no. i never said that

[10:37am] Pheonix561: then how can I believe your boyfriend died?

[10:37am] Sanna: he did

[10:37am] Pheonix561: Sanna the night I met you you were having a fight with derpwolf

[10:37am] Sanna: cos he did pheo

[10:37am] Pheonix561: no, you did

[10:37am] Sanna: i dont joke about that stuff

[10:37am] Sanna: ;<

[10:37am] Pheonix561: you told me personally, in a pm, that that happened

[10:38am] Sanna: that wut happeneed

[10:38am] Pheonix561: and now you can't even agree to that

[10:38am] Sanna: im confised

[10:38am] Sanna: *fused

[10:38am] Pheonix561: why would you tell me you kissed derpwolf and then tell me you never kissed him

[10:38am] Sanna: i didnt say that to you. it wasa derpwolf

[10:39am] Sanna: Im srs. just drop that okay? I mean that waaay bak when i started being on here

[10:39am] Sanna: Pheo its not healthy to remeber things bak then

[10:39am] Pheonix561: why not?

[10:40am] Sanna: trust me i had a lot of experience wiht arguments and foster care and moms and dada

[10:40am] Sanna: etc

[10:40am] Sanna: i k

[10:40am] Sanna: what it is to not drop things

[10:40am] Sanna: and thats what u need to do

[10:40am] Pheonix561: what do arguments and foster care have to do with this

[10:40am] Sanna: drop it

[10:40am] Sanna: cos i n=always remember the things that happend

[10:40am] Sanna: not what is happening now

[10:41am] Pheonix561: well apparently you dont remember

[10:41am] Pheonix561: because you told me you kissed derpwolf

[10:41am] Sanna: cos i dropped what u r tlking about a long time ago

[10:41am] Pheonix561: you two were hanging out, and you dared him to kiss you

[10:41am] Sanna: pheo

[10:41am] Sanna: and that was blaze

[10:41am] Sanna: u ass

[10:41am] Sanna: not derwolf

[10:41am] Pheonix561: blaze /is/ derpwolf

[10:41am] Sanna: nuh uh

[10:41am] Sanna: wait rly?

[10:41am] • Sanna gags

[10:41am] Pheonix561: wow yeah

[10:42am] Pheonix561: wow

[10:42am] Sanna: Pheo im sorry for like i dunno gettin u all in the crap that hapeened then

[10:42am] Sanna: k?

[10:42am] Sanna: just quite tellin emto shut up every time

[10:42am] Sanna: i say hi to u

[10:42am] Sanna: imean rly

[10:43am] Sanna: its pathetic

[10:43am] Pheonix561: whats pathetic is pretending to be someone you're not

[10:43am] Sanna: Im not!

[10:43am] Pheonix561: especially when that someone exists only online

[10:43am] Pheonix561: and particularly so when that someone makes you cooler by being pregnant

[10:43am] Sanna: Im being the same old sandra ive been for ages

[10:43am] Sanna: pheo

[10:43am] Pheonix561: and having loved ones die

[10:43am] Sanna: he did die

[10:43am] Sanna: :<

[10:43am] Pheonix561: still convinced he didnt

[10:44am] Sanna: and that preg part wasnt true id admit it lol

[10:44am] Sanna: XD

[10:44am] Sanna: that was such a joke

[10:44am] Pheonix561: weeeeeeelp

[10:44am] Sanna: but him dying wasnt

[10:44am] Sanna: a joke

[10:44am] Sanna: i dont kid about those tings

[10:44am] Sanna: *things

[10:45am] Sanna: :<

[10:45am] Pheonix561: but you do kid about abortion?

[10:45am] Sanna: naaaa if u ever payed attention

[10:45am] Pheonix561: your son/daughter dying is a joke, but your boyfriend dying is for real?

[10:45am] Sanna: if u were ever on

[10:45am] Sanna: i sayd i was jk

[10:45am] Sanna: on that

[10:45am] Sanna: but u werent

[10:45am] Pheonix561: you know, there are a lot of people who will testify that you never said you were joking

[10:45am] Sanna: for a long time

[10:45am] Sanna: Cas wont rememebr

[10:46am] Sanna: and hell i dont know who was on

[10:46am] Pheonix561: how convenient

[10:46am] Sanna: it was rly late

[10:46am] Pheonix561: was it now

[10:46am] Sanna: ya pheo it was

[10:46am] Sanna: i rememebr cos my ma kept tellin me to get to bed and i didnt :/

[10:47am] Sanna: such annoying night

[10:47am] Pheonix561: none of us remember it though

[10:47am] Sanna: remeber...?

[10:48am] Pheonix561: remember you saying it was a joke?

[10:48am] Sanna: but i said it

[10:48am] Pheonix561: say

[10:48am] Sanna: and if u guys weretoo bust tlkning

[10:48am] Pheonix561: if i post this conversation to

[10:48am] Sanna: about soemthing else

[10:48am] Sanna: not my fault

[10:48am] Pheonix561: and let them judge for themselves if you were joking or not

[10:48am] Pheonix561: how would you feel about that

[10:49am] Sanna: i would hate u forever

[10:49am] Sanna: :)

[10:49am] Pheonix561: how about i just post the part where you said you were joking about ever being pregnant

[10:49am] Pheonix561: seems like they should know that

[10:49am] Sanna: naa

[10:49am] Sanna: ill tell em today

[10:49am] Sanna: k?

[10:49am] Sanna: would that possibly make u happy

[10:49am] Pheonix561: yeah it would

[10:49am] Pheonix561: I'm gonna save this conversation and post it, if you dont tell them though

[10:50am] Sanna: if i do

[10:50am] Sanna: would u stop bein mean

[10:50am] Sanna: :<

[10:50am] Pheonix561: probably not entirely

[10:50am] motake3 joined the chat room.

[10:50am] Sanna: fine

[10:50am] Pheonix561: maybe i would be a little nicer though

[10:50am] Pheonix561: maybe

[10:50am] Sanna: okay

[10:50am] motake3 is now known as motake.

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<Storm Has Entered the Chat>

[15:59:47] ionlykick: oh storm is Sanna?

[15:59:53] StormlyySanna: no

[15:59:56] ionlykick: I just read a post about you on Hnet!

[16:00:04] StormlyySanna: hnet?

[16:00:12] ionlykick: duh

[16:00:20] ionlykick: get with the times :-I

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Lol, that was me btw. I just got on IRC like, 5 mins ago and that happened. :<

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well I thought that Sanna was here.....

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[22:28] <Ganondorf333> Muffin,

[22:28] <Ganondorf333> I've been working on my novel recently

[22:29] <Ganondorf333> When I am finished, no one will recognize its supreme genius.

[22:29] <Ganondorf333> I will finally be a misunderstood artist.

[22:29] <&Fierce_Muffin> Is this what you've always wanted?

[22:29] <Ganondorf333> after all these years

[22:29] <Ganondorf333> all this time, I was just a wanna-be

[22:30] <Ganondorf333> But now,

[22:30] <Ganondorf333> Now, I'm a contender

[22:30] <&Fierce_Muffin> But

[22:30] <&Fierce_Muffin> Your novel isn't out yet

[22:31] <Ganondorf333> I'm gonna be a contender, Muffin

[22:31] <Ganondorf333> Just watch me burn up in the sky

[22:32] <Ganondorf333> I'll wave at you

[22:32] <Ganondorf333> I'll call out your name

[22:32] <&Fierce_Muffin> But, how will I know it's you?

[22:32] <Ganondorf333> You'll look up and muse, "Something about today is amiss."

[22:32] <Ganondorf333> You will continue on, never to think anything of it.

[22:33] <&Fierce_Muffin> But, if you're telling me about it now

[22:33] <&Fierce_Muffin> So, if this were to happen, I'd know it was you immediately

[22:33] <Ganondorf333> You can't change fate, Muffin

[22:33] <&Fierce_Muffin> Okay :(

[22:33] <Ganondorf333> You are fated to live your life

[22:34] <Ganondorf333> and I am fated to be forgotten

[22:34] <Ganondorf333> These are things we have to live with.

[22:34] <Ganondorf333> I've accepted mine; have you yours?

[22:34] <&Fierce_Muffin> I'll remember you forever, Ganny

[22:35] <Ganondorf333> That's all I can ask.

[22:35] <&Fierce_Muffin> I can't accept my fate if I have to forget you, Ganny

[22:37] <&Sahaqiel> unnnnnn, baby

[22:37] <&Sahaqiel> it feels like

[22:37] <&Sahaqiel> the music sounds better with yooooouuuuuuu

[22:37] <&Sahaqiel> (this is background music)

[22:37] <&Sahaqiel> (for the touching part)

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[9:12pm] Cirt: welp

[9:12pm] Cirt: gonna go

[9:12pm] Cirt: bye guys

[9:12pm] Princess_Ashley: bye bye

[9:12pm] Cirt: !k Cirt

[9:12pm] Cirt: :<

[9:12pm] Cascade: byee cirt

[9:12pm] Cirt: lol

[9:12pm] Sahaqiel: Me?

[9:12pm] Sahaqiel: Not very.

[9:12pm] Cirt: [22:12] -ChanServ- Cirt is protected from kicks; you cannot kick them.

[9:13pm] Cirt: derp

[9:13pm] Cascade: olol

[9:13pm] Cirt: !down

[9:13pm] Cirt was demoted from operator by Navi.

[9:13pm] Cirt was demoted from administrator by Navi.

[9:13pm] Cirt: !op

[9:13pm] Cirt was promoted to operator by Navi.

[9:13pm] Cirt: !k Cirt

[9:13pm] Cirt was kicked from the chat room by Navi. ((Cirt) No reason given)

[9:13pm] Cirt joined the chat room.

[9:13pm] Cirt was promoted to operator by Navi.

[9:13pm] Cirt was promoted to administrator by Navi.

[9:13pm] Cirt: oh nooo

[9:13pm] Cirt: autojoin

[9:13pm] Cirt: fff

[9:13pm] Cascade: lol

[9:13pm] Pheonix561: lol

[9:13pm] Pheonix561: keep trying cirt!

[9:13pm] Cirt left the chat room. (Quit: blaaaaaaaahhhhh)

[9:13pm] Pheonix561: did it work?

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