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Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes

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[21:04:02] <Pheonix561> oh someone just mentioned homestuck

[21:04:11] <Pheonix561> I'm evesdropping like a motherfucker

[21:04:31] <Pheonix561> oh wait now thy're talking about hetalia

[21:04:43] <Princess_Ashley> ?

[21:04:46] <Pheonix561> just

[21:04:57] <Pheonix561> evesdropping on a group of lesbians in mcdonalds is all

[21:05:03] <&Sahaqiel> That's cool.

[21:07:11] <Pheonix561> wait

[21:07:16] <Pheonix561> they're talking about

[21:07:19] <Pheonix561> homestuck pairings

[21:07:22] <Pheonix561> and which are the best pairings

[21:07:29] <Pheonix561> and how Doc Scratch and Jack kissed at comicon

[21:07:33] <Pheonix561> =_=

[21:07:42] <Pheonix561> these people

[21:07:50] <Pheonix561> "it's a wedding all the way across the sky"

[21:08:29] <%Cascade> lolll

[21:08:34] <%Cascade> people talking about homestuck pairings

[21:08:41] <%Cascade> sounds like I'd fit in perfectly

[21:09:00] <&Sahaqiel> lol

[21:09:02] <&Sahaqiel> fo shorious pheo

[21:09:14] <&Sahaqiel> You should be like

[21:09:17] <&Sahaqiel> stop shipping

[21:09:19] <&Sahaqiel> things go down

[21:09:39] <Pheonix561> they left, thankfully

[21:09:59] <&Sahaqiel> pheo

[21:10:01] <&Sahaqiel> chase after them

[21:10:04] <Pheonix561> why

[21:10:05] <&Sahaqiel> share of your pairings with them

[21:10:11] <Pheonix561> I

[21:10:12] <Pheonix561> hate you

[21:10:20] <Pheonix561> angrily

[21:10:39] <&Sahaqiel> tell them the benefits of eridan x tavros

[21:10:49] <&Sahaqiel> tell them how hard it is to ship

[21:10:59] <&Sahaqiel> how hard and no one understands it is

[18:11:22] <Ammonsa> I'm going

[18:11:24] <Ammonsa> Sorry

[18:11:25] <Ammonsa> bye

[18:11:45] * Ammonsa ([email protected]) Quit (Connection closed)

(We were watching a scene in Porco Rosso where a person's gun jams or runs out of ammo)

[18:12:00] <~Sahaqiel> no ammo even

[18:12:03] <~Sahaqiel> no ammonsa even

[18:12:10] <Ganondorf333> ^I was going to

[18:12:24] <~Sahaqiel> One step ahead, ganno

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This makes me sorely miss the Zelda bot.




y u nooooooooooo

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<Ganondorf333> dick

<Sahaqiel> !addquote <Ganondorf333> dick

<Sahaqiel> if only

<Ganondorf333> lol

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[19:47:04] <%Cascade> magic pon pon shit

(Conversation today between Mufn and I via text)

(This makes the last copypasted convo a lot funnier)

<Sahaqiel> wat deck u run in Magik??

<Fierce_Muffin> Go home

<Sahaqiel> C'moooooon

<Sahaqiel> plssssssssss

<Fierce_Muffin> go pls

<Sahaqiel> ur far

<Sahaqiel> what color deckkkkk

<Fierce_Muffin> Green

<Sahaqiel> Infect?

<Fierce_Muffin> Are you looking up stuff on Magic like a silly wumpkin?

<Sahaqiel> no :( I am just curious

<Fierce_Muffin> How do you know about this stuff? Are you eavesdropping on those kids you're afraid to come in contact with?

<Sahaqiel> Infect????

<Sahaqiel> Also I talk to them. Just not while they're playing Magic.

<Fierce_Muffin> Not infect, elves

<Sahaqiel> That's respectable.

<Fierce_Muffin> Did you get my messages last night?

<Sahaqiel> ya

<Sahaqiel> I didn't have time this morning. I'm out right now.

<Fierce_Muffin> Then why are you texting me?

<Fierce_Muffin> Are you going to buy cards?

<Sahaqiel> Mufn, I've played Magic since '01.

[21:44:14] <Fierce_Muffin> I'm going to tell you something that you'll think is a lie, now

[21:44:20] <Fierce_Muffin> I have come to terms with Around the World

[21:44:40] <Sahaqiel> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

[21:44:46] <Sahaqiel> when did this happen mufn

[21:44:47] <Sahaqiel> and how

[21:44:54] <Fierce_Muffin> Magic

[21:45:06] <Sahaqiel> The Gathering?

[21:45:14] <Fierce_Muffin> Go home

[19:35:02] <Sahaqiel> Doubleu

[19:35:04] <Sahaqiel> want to play Magic

[19:35:07] <Double45> no

[19:35:08] <Double45> lol

[19:35:11] <Sahaqiel> do it

[19:35:18] <Double45> never have and dont plan to

[19:35:22] <Sahaqiel> But

[19:35:24] <Double45> not into card games

[19:35:26] <Sahaqiel> you already have.

[19:35:34] <Sahaqiel> The Magic is in your heart, Doubleu.

[19:35:40] <Sahaqiel> You just have to reach it.

[19:35:45] <Double45> lol

[20:01:34] <Sahaqiel> Today, I got a ton of Magic cards.

[20:02:11] <Sahaqiel> Mufn's jealous 'cause I got dat blue/white deck.

[20:02:19] <Sahaqiel> I'll mana tap and o-ring him all day.

[20:02:33] <Sahaqiel> er

[20:02:34] <Sahaqiel> mana leak

[20:02:35] <Sahaqiel> wow

[20:03:14] <That1guy> but

[20:03:19] <That1guy> i know absolutely nothing

[20:03:21] <That1guy> about magic

[20:03:22] <That1guy> lol

[20:03:41] <Sahaqiel> Well see, That1guy

[20:03:48] <Sahaqiel> it's like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!, but with magic.

[20:04:19] <That1guy> i thought pokemon was magic

[20:04:22] <Sahaqiel> it is

[20:04:24] <Sahaqiel> but with Pokemon

[20:04:32] <That1guy> no

[20:04:33] <That1guy> i mean

[20:04:38] <Sahaqiel> Actually, I am trolling anyone with Magic knowledge right now lol. :<

[20:07:32] <Sahaqiel> Anyway T1G

[20:07:41] <Sahaqiel> the premise surrounding my Magic deck is to cockblock the opponent.

[20:07:47] <Sahaqiel> "You want to attack? WELL LOL TOO BAD"

[20:07:58] <Sahaqiel> "You like having useful creatures? WELL LOL TOO BAD"

[20:08:09] <Sahaqiel> "You like having cards? WELL LOL TOO BAD"

[20:08:18] <That1guy> lol

[20:08:19] <That1guy> ok

[20:08:51] <Rorschach> are you playing magic the gathering or something?

[21:33:03] <Fierce_Muffin> [21:02.03] <Sahaqiel> Mufn's jealous 'cause I got dat blue/white deck.

[21:33:08] <Fierce_Muffin> Yeah?

[21:33:29] <Fierce_Muffin> I got a pretty good Blue/White mythic card during a box opening one weekend with Hunte

[21:33:30] <Fierce_Muffin> r

[21:33:49] <Fierce_Muffin> I don't know if people actually use it, though

[21:33:55] <Fierce_Muffin> Or is you're even here

[21:38:09] <Sahaqiel> Mufn

[21:38:16] <Sahaqiel> I used to run a milling deck back in '08

[21:38:19] <Sahaqiel> but I got bored of it

[21:38:46] <Sahaqiel> In '04 I won a local tournament using a green deck where I would just summon everything nonstop forever.

[21:42:37] <Fierce_Muffin> Shaq are you trolling me

[21:43:05] <Sahaqiel> how would i be trolling you mufn

[21:43:15] <Fierce_Muffin> Because, you always lie to me :<

[21:43:20] <Sahaqiel> nuh-uh. :<

[21:43:45] <Sahaqiel> y'all don't know 'bout my elf tokens mufn

[21:45:29] <Fierce_Muffin> You don't even realize elves aren't even standard anymore :(

[22:26:24] <&Sahaqiel> <Fierce_Muffin> I got a pretty good Blue/White mythic card during a box opening one weekend with Hunte

[22:26:27] <&Sahaqiel> which one mufnnnnnnnn

[22:26:55] <Fierce_Muffin> Geist of Saint Traft

[22:27:07] <&Sahaqiel> I am slowly adding Planeswalkers to my deck, but I don't feel like buying cards lately. :< Just bouncing them off folks for new ones.

[22:27:29] <Fierce_Muffin> Planeswalkers don't automatically win you the game, Shaq lol

[22:27:39] <&Sahaqiel> Well

[22:27:43] <&Sahaqiel> I just like them gosh. :<

[22:28:12] <&Sahaqiel> if only Mufn

[22:28:17] <&Sahaqiel> Actually I was lying about the wholething as you knew. I just got the rundown by Hideki and he gave me a ton of cards lolololol. ;>

[22:28:25] <&Sahaqiel> like today

[22:28:35] <Fierce_Muffin> I'm going to kill myself

[22:28:40] <&Sahaqiel> lolololol mufn no :<

[22:28:51] <Fierce_Muffin> We'll see how funny it is when I'm dead

[22:28:59] <&Sahaqiel> Mufn stop making me laugh and feel bad at the same time

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<Ganondorf333> dick

<Sahaqiel> !addquote <Ganondorf333> dick

<Sahaqiel> if only

<Ganondorf333> lol

I remember that :D

He was referring to me, I think

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[17:49:43] * Navi sets mode: +h Cascade

[17:49:51] * Navi sets mode: +h Ganondorf333

[17:49:54] <%Ganondorf333> :<

[17:49:59] <Nightstalker> lol

[17:49:59] * Navi sets mode: +ao Sahaqiel Sahaqiel

[17:50:03] * Navi sets mode: +ao Double45 Double45

[17:50:09] <&Sahaqiel> lol

[17:50:13] <%Cascade> !down

[17:50:14] * Navi sets mode: -h Cascade

[17:50:20] <Dark_One> :<

[17:50:21] <&Sahaqiel> nonconformist

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[20:02] <%Ganondorf333> And keep these wockets out of our pockets

[20:02] <&Double45> man

[20:02] <&Double45> lol ganny

[20:02] * %Cascade ([email protected]) has left #zelda (bop!)

[20:03] <&Double45> the cover of that freaked me out somewhat as i child

[20:03] <&Double45> i mean this thing was just coming out of this guys pants

[20:03] <&Double45> and i was like what

[20:03] <%Ganondorf333> http://di2.shoppings...by_Dr_Seuss.jpg

[20:03] <%Ganondorf333> scary

[20:03] <&Double45> whoa

[20:03] <&Double45> creeper

[20:03] <%Ganondorf333> I'm Double

[20:03] * Sanna|InMute is now known as Sanna

[20:03] <%Ganondorf333> Colorful children's book covers frighten me

[20:04] <&Double45> like

[20:04] <&Double45> hop on pop

[20:04] <&Double45> Pop looked pissed

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> Oh god you missed it

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> I made the best TF2 joke one day

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> We were playing in this server

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> that had something for the red fort and something for the blue fort

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> and I was like

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> one fort

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> 2fort

[20:04] <%Ganondorf333> red fort

[20:05] <%Ganondorf333> blue fort

[20:05] <&Double45> lol

[20:05] <%Ganondorf333> and I was a genius I'll tell you hwhat

[20:05] <&Double45> how do i doubt you're the first to make that joke :(

[20:05] <&Double45> but its the first time ive heard it

[20:05] <%Ganondorf333> Leave me alone

[20:05] <&Double45> so

[20:05] <%Ganondorf333> I'm not letting you in my house

[20:05] <&Double45> thats cool

[20:05] <&Double45> lol

[20:07] <&Double45> green eggs and ham was always my favorite dr seuss book

[20:07] <&Double45> maybe

[20:08] <%Ganondorf333> Oh, the Places You'll Go is a good one

[20:08] <%Ganondorf333> That book was my homeboy when i was a kid

[20:08] <%Ganondorf333> I was like, man, I'm going places

[20:08] <%Ganondorf333> and then I started playing TF2

[20:09] <%Ganondorf333> and suddenly

[20:09] <%Ganondorf333> no more dreams

[20:09] <%Ganondorf333> no more ambition

[20:09] <%Ganondorf333> only hats

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[20:08] <%Ganondorf333> That book was my homeboy when i was a kid

i approve

[15:12:25] <&Fierce_Muffin> Needs more I Am the Eggman

[15:12:59] <&Fierce_Muffin>

[15:13:06] <&Fierce_Muffin> Listen to it, Doubs

[15:13:26] <Double45> lol

[15:13:28] <Double45> i remember this

[15:14:31] <Double45> i fucking hate this

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<&Double45> Whorey, what is Double45?

<Whorey> wrong i guess

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squid you I am the eggman was an awesome song

Ice once tried to tell me that SA2B had bad music

I punched her in her dilated vagina

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[15:14:31] <Double45> i fucking hate this

[15:14:33] <Double45> my laptop

[15:14:35] <Double45> still

[15:14:39] <Double45> freezes while on youtube

[15:14:47] <Double45> i cant listen to shit fully without it freezing

[15:15:02] <Double45> like its only with this internet connection that it happens it seems

[15:15:08] <Double45> but its really annoying

[15:15:08] <&Sahaqiel> [15:13:26] <Double45> lol

[15:15:08] <&Sahaqiel> [15:13:28] <Double45> i remember this

[15:15:08] <&Sahaqiel> [15:14:31] <Double45> i fucking hate this

[15:15:09] <&Sahaqiel> I lol'd.

[15:15:35] <&Fierce_Muffin> Ahahaha

[15:16:04] <Double45> i knew right when i typed i fucking hate this

[15:16:17] <Double45> that someone would type something like that

[15:17:29] <&Sahaqiel>

[15:20:29] <Double45> why Sahaqiel

[15:20:30] <Double45> why

[15:20:34] <&Sahaqiel> loololllololololo

[15:20:38] <&Sahaqiel> Because it was hilarious.

[15:20:40] <Double45> now it will be taken out of context

[15:20:41] <Double45> lol

[15:20:47] <&Sahaqiel> I know fufufufufufufufufufufu.

[15:21:06] <&Sahaqiel> but you weren't playing a video game as you listened to it

[15:21:10] <&Sahaqiel> so it's not wholly innaccurate.

(Double only likes beep boop video game music)

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Nov 06 15:05:28 <Cirt> i don't know

Nov 06 15:05:32 <Cirt> if I'll ever buy a ds

Nov 06 15:05:32 <Cirt> lol

Nov 06 15:05:41 <Fierce_Muffin> >Doesn't own a DS

Nov 06 15:05:45 <Fierce_Muffin> I thought you had 17

Nov 06 15:06:24 <Cirt> ?????

Nov 06 15:06:33 <Fierce_Muffin> DDes

Nov 06 15:06:35 <Fierce_Muffin> DSes

Nov 06 15:07:15 <Cirt> 17 DSes?

Nov 06 15:07:20 <Cirt> what

Nov 06 15:07:22 <Fierce_Muffin> Yes

Nov 06 15:07:26 <Cirt> I've never even owned one

Nov 06 15:07:39 <Cirt> that's silly muffin

Nov 06 15:07:42 <Fierce_Muffin> You're silly

Nov 06 15:07:43 <Cirt> why would i have 17

Nov 06 15:07:51 <Fierce_Muffin> Why would you not

Nov 06 15:07:52 <Kybyrian> You're both sily

Nov 06 15:07:54 <Kybyrian> ...

Nov 06 15:07:55 <Cirt> these aren't

Nov 06 15:07:55 <Kybyrian> silly

Nov 06 15:07:57 <Cirt> birthday candles

Nov 06 15:07:58 <Cirt> on a cake

Nov 06 15:08:11 <Fierce_Muffin> Why am I laughing uncontrollably at that

Nov 06 15:08:11 <Kybyrian> I wish I had DSes on my cake

Nov 06 15:08:36 <Cirt> that would just

Nov 06 15:08:38 <Cirt> idk

Nov 06 15:08:41 <Cirt> vernon dudley

Nov 06 15:08:45 <Cirt> rather

Nov 06 15:08:47 * Kurgen has quit (Connection closed)

Nov 06 15:08:52 <Cirt> dudley dursley

Nov 06 15:09:09 <Cirt> last year

Nov 06 15:09:14 <Cirt> I HAD

Nov 06 15:09:17 <Cirt> THIRTY

Nov 06 15:09:19 <Cirt> SEVENNNNNN

Nov 06 15:09:41 <Fierce_Muffin> 37 DSes?

Nov 06 15:09:50 <Cirt> no it was a reference to harry potter

Nov 06 15:09:51 <Cirt> :<

Discussing with Muffin my terrible gaming skills

Nov 06 14:39:46 <Fierce_Muffin> Hey, Kaffles

Nov 06 14:39:50 <Fierce_Muffin> And Cirt

Nov 06 14:40:00 <Cirt> hi there

Nov 06 14:40:06 <Cirt> forgot that i was on irc

Nov 06 14:40:11 <Cirt> i destroyed misery mire

Nov 06 14:40:21 <Fierce_Muffin> But, Vitreous is so dicks

Nov 06 14:40:23 <Cirt> suck my cock, vitreous

Nov 06 14:40:36 <Cirt> and then

Nov 06 14:40:39 <Fierce_Muffin> Did you bow his face

Nov 06 14:40:49 <Cirt> non

Nov 06 14:40:50 <Fierce_Muffin> And his childrens

Nov 06 14:40:53 <Cirt> i sworded all of them

Nov 06 14:41:01 <Fierce_Muffin> You're a beast

Nov 06 14:41:02 <Cirt> plunged my tempr'd blade

Nov 06 14:41:05 <Cirt> through their hearts

Nov 06 14:41:12 <Fierce_Muffin> Their eye hearts

Nov 06 14:41:19 <Cirt> their retinae

Nov 06 14:41:29 <Cirt> rendered them blind

Nov 06 14:41:34 <Cirt> weakened to nothing

Nov 06 14:41:36 <Cirt> but dust

Nov 06 14:41:45 <Fierce_Muffin> They didn't even see it coming

Nov 06 14:41:55 <Cirt> well and eye for an eye

Nov 06 14:41:58 <Cirt> becuse

Nov 06 14:42:04 <Cirt> I couldn't see that damn lightning

Nov 06 14:42:08 <Cirt> I could predict it

Nov 06 14:42:13 <Fierce_Muffin> lol

Nov 06 14:42:15 <Cirt> but not the direction fuu

Nov 06 14:42:33 <Fierce_Muffin> Off to the mountains now, are you?

Nov 06 14:42:37 <Cirt> well

Nov 06 14:42:43 <Cirt> turned off the GBA

Nov 06 14:42:47 <Fierce_Muffin> o

Nov 06 14:42:49 <Cirt> started on the pyramid of power

Nov 06 14:42:55 <Cirt> got the pinkie bomb

Nov 06 14:42:59 <Cirt> got me some silver arrows

Nov 06 14:43:00 <Fierce_Muffin> Pinkie bomb

Nov 06 14:43:06 <Cirt> super bomb

Nov 06 14:43:09 <Cirt> you kno

Nov 06 14:43:11 <Fierce_Muffin> Pinkie bomb

Nov 06 14:43:15 <Cirt> it's pink

Nov 06 14:43:16 <Cirt> :<

Nov 06 14:43:18 <Fierce_Muffin> Pinkie bomb

Nov 06 14:43:20 <Fierce_Muffin> lol

Nov 06 14:43:32 <Fierce_Muffin> u sillie

Nov 06 14:43:35 <Cirt> :3

Nov 06 14:43:39 <Cirt> I think

Nov 06 14:43:55 <Cirt> um

Nov 06 14:44:06 <Cirt> because I went through misery mire like 390284 times

Nov 06 14:44:20 <Cirt> before I was like, squid this, I'm going to the village of outcasts and buying fairies

Nov 06 14:44:30 <Cirt> I was going

Nov 06 14:44:36 <Fierce_Muffin> >Buying fairies

Nov 06 14:44:42 <Cirt> a little crazy there towards the end

Nov 06 14:44:43 <Cirt> yes

Nov 06 14:44:45 <Cirt> I suck, muffin

Nov 06 14:44:48 <Cirt> I really

Nov 06 14:44:51 <Cirt> truly and honestly

Nov 06 14:44:52 <Cirt> suck

Nov 06 14:44:54 <Fierce_Muffin> I thought you were a beast :(

Nov 06 14:44:55 <Cirt> I go into dungeons

Nov 06 14:44:58 <Cirt> and I just

Nov 06 14:45:01 <Cirt> do not hold back

Nov 06 14:45:05 <Cirt> I make too many risks

Nov 06 14:45:12 <Cirt> don't really think out what I'm doing

Nov 06 14:45:16 <Fierce_Muffin> Jumping into pits

Nov 06 14:45:18 <Cirt> ya

Nov 06 14:45:19 <Fierce_Muffin> Running into spikes

Nov 06 14:45:21 <Fierce_Muffin> So many risks

Nov 06 14:45:21 <Cirt> ya

Nov 06 14:45:25 <Cirt> and like

Nov 06 14:45:32 <Cirt> i just run into enemies all the time man

Nov 06 14:45:37 <Cirt> I am terrible

Nov 06 14:45:39 <Cirt> as evasion

Nov 06 14:45:41 <Cirt> at*

Nov 06 14:45:43 <Fierce_Muffin> This can be forgiven in the Ice Palace

Nov 06 14:45:46 <Cirt> no

Nov 06 14:45:49 <Cirt> ice palace

Nov 06 14:45:50 <Fierce_Muffin> Hate that place, holy squid

Nov 06 14:45:50 <Cirt> was like

Nov 06 14:45:58 <Cirt> my hell

Nov 06 14:46:02 <Fierce_Muffin> lol

Nov 06 14:46:10 <Cirt> except

Nov 06 14:46:26 <Cirt> I always made a point to annihilate the penguins

Nov 06 14:46:30 <Ramirez> #Zeldadungeon

Nov 06 14:46:34 <Cirt> with the bombos medallion lol

Nov 06 14:46:55 <Fierce_Muffin> So much magic

Nov 06 14:46:58 <Cirt> srsly

Nov 06 14:47:33 <Cirt> but it's okay

Nov 06 14:47:46 <Cirt> like /all/ of the penguins yielded magic pots or whatever

Nov 06 14:47:53 <Cirt> NEVER

Nov 06 14:47:53 <Fierce_Muffin> Oh, yeah

Nov 06 14:47:54 <Cirt> HEARTS

Nov 06 14:48:04 <Cirt> that was my biggest problem with that dungeon

Nov 06 14:48:15 <Cirt> it was so stink in' difficult to get a heart from any of the enemies

Nov 06 14:48:30 <Cirt> lol autocorrect, "stink in"

Nov 06 14:48:38 <Fierce_Muffin> Sound like you were having lots of fun

Nov 06 14:48:52 <Cirt> It was pretty quick

Nov 06 14:48:59 <Cirt> quicker than misery mire

Nov 06 14:49:13 <Fierce_Muffin> o

Nov 06 14:49:20 <Cirt> also least favorite enemy

Nov 06 14:49:21 <Cirt> forever

Nov 06 14:49:23 <Fierce_Muffin> That's good then

Nov 06 14:49:24 <Cirt> flying tiles

Nov 06 14:49:31 <Cirt> squid that shit

Nov 06 14:49:32 <Fierce_Muffin> Flying tiles are easy, though

Nov 06 14:49:34 * Ramirez is now known as Kurgen

Nov 06 14:49:34 <Cirt> no

Nov 06 14:49:38 <Cirt> like

Nov 06 14:49:44 <Cirt> in the third palace

Nov 06 14:49:44 <Fierce_Muffin> Mash B: The Puzzle

Nov 06 14:49:49 <Cirt> your sword was too shitty

Nov 06 14:49:52 <Cirt> to hit the tiles

Nov 06 14:49:58 <Cirt> so you had to run around

Nov 06 14:50:02 <Cirt> and then if you got pelted

Nov 06 14:50:04 <Cirt> -2 hearts

Nov 06 14:50:09 <Fierce_Muffin> [14:49.37] <&Fierce_Muffin> Mash B: The Puzzle

Nov 06 14:50:09 <Cirt> automatically

Nov 06 14:50:11 <Cirt> whywhywhywhywhwy

Nov 06 14:50:30 <Cirt> but yeah then you can hit them with the sword

Nov 06 14:50:30 <Cirt> also

Nov 06 14:50:47 <Cirt> there were those silly blocks with their tongues sticking out

Nov 06 14:50:54 <Cirt> that fire fireballs atchu

Nov 06 14:51:00 <Fierce_Muffin> Yeah

Nov 06 14:51:01 <Cirt> while I was dodging tiles

Nov 06 14:51:05 <Fierce_Muffin> lol

Nov 06 14:51:10 <Fierce_Muffin> Those rooms are the best

Nov 06 14:51:20 <Cirt> I walked into it

Nov 06 14:51:22 <Cirt> and I was like

Nov 06 14:51:27 <Cirt> squid NO NOT THIS AGAIN

Nov 06 14:51:38 <Cirt> sprinted to the nearest opened door

Nov 06 14:51:40 <Fierce_Muffin> Even better when they put one in the 2nd boss room of Ganon's Tower

Nov 06 14:51:46 <Cirt> yaaaaa

Nov 06 14:51:49 <Cirt> don't remind meeee

Nov 06 14:51:53 <Cirt> oh gosh

Nov 06 14:51:53 <Fierce_Muffin> Hehe

Nov 06 14:52:03 <Cirt> it's turtle rock now time now isn't it

Nov 06 14:52:10 <Fierce_Muffin> yeh

Nov 06 14:52:11 <Cirt> :<<<<

Nov 06 14:52:15 <Cirt> I don't like this one

Nov 06 14:52:23 <Fierce_Muffin> At least you get a better tunic

Nov 06 14:52:23 <Cirt> if my memory proves true

Nov 06 14:52:29 <Cirt> while I am in there?

Nov 06 14:52:37 <Fierce_Muffin> yeh

Nov 06 14:52:40 <Cirt> o good

Nov 06 14:52:41 <Fierce_Muffin> You get the red tunic

Nov 06 14:52:44 <Cirt> ok

Nov 06 14:52:45 <Cirt> yeah

Nov 06 14:52:48 <Cirt> ble is ok

Nov 06 14:52:51 <Cirt> blue

Nov 06 14:52:54 <Fierce_Muffin> So you can fall down more pits and run into more spikes

Nov 06 14:52:58 <Cirt> :>

Nov 06 14:53:01 <Cirt> shit

Nov 06 14:53:04 <Fierce_Muffin> You also get the Mirror Shield

Nov 06 14:53:07 <Cirt> that was supposed to be :<

Nov 06 14:53:13 <Fierce_Muffin> lol

Nov 06 14:53:19 <Cirt> i am mixed feeligns

Nov 06 14:53:24 <Fierce_Muffin> :> is more funny

Nov 06 14:53:27 <Cirt> ya

Nov 06 14:53:27 <Cirt> lo

Nov 06 14:53:52 <Cirt> wait

Nov 06 14:53:58 <Cirt> where even is my gameboy

Nov 06 14:54:01 <Cirt> did i put it down

Nov 06 14:54:14 <Fierce_Muffin> I stole it, obvs

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what game was that? :< sounds like LoZ on gameboy, i waaaaaaant....

or rather, if its one i have, i wanna go dig it back up if i havent beaten it :<

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