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Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes

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It's A link to the past. I know you own it because I borrowed your copy way back in the day. Fifth grade back in the day back in the day. No excuses if you haven't beaten it.

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what game was that? :< sounds like LoZ on gameboy, i waaaaaaant....

or rather, if its one i have, i wanna go dig it back up if i havent beaten it :<

ya pheo is right, it's ALttP. I'm in ganon's tower now :3

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<%Cascade> Whorey, what is Cascade?

<Whorey> shit i think

<+Ammonsa> Whorey, what is Skyrim?

<Whorey> I think it's too addictive.

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[23:53] <&Fierce_Muffin> the little beat box thing with the lines that beats to the beat of the music beat

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[23:47] <Cirt> ganny I'm going to florida soon

[23:47] <Cirt> this weekend

[23:47] <Ganny> !!!!!!!! !

[23:47] <Cirt> meet me at the toll?

[23:47] <Cirt> looool

[23:47] <Ganny> Which toll

[23:47] <Ganny> I know all of them

[23:47] <Ganny> I have a little train underground

[23:48] <Ganny> that drives me to different toll booths

[23:48] <Cirt> idk something on I-95 probably

[23:48] <Cirt> that's where they are right

[23:48] <Ganny> yeah I don't have a train

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more chatting with ganny, screw you guys I am double posting

[00:04] <Ganondorf333>

[00:04] <Ganondorf333> Does anyone know if this is a real person :(

[00:04] <Cirt> ganny

[00:05] <Cirt> they posted multiple times

[00:05] <Cirt> so i wanna say yes

[00:05] <Ganondorf333> no yeah but

[00:05] <Ganondorf333> by real person I mean

[00:05] <Ganondorf333> are they serious :(

[00:06] <Ganondorf333> "Master sword I had a sole, but you had fiery and so u know I tell the truth""

[00:09] <Cirt> lol

[00:09] <Cirt> its art

[00:10] <Ganondorf333> why :(

[00:15] <Cirt> :>

[00:15] <Whorey> :)

[00:16] <Ganondorf333> NO CIRT

[00:16] <Ganondorf333> NO

[00:16] * Ganondorf333 has quit (A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.)

[00:17] <Cirt> what

[00:17] <Whorey> i like them :-)

[00:17] <Cirt> ganny

[00:17] <Cirt> rage quit??????????

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Me and Cascade watching an episode of MLP. It counts as irc. Gonna spoil the first part and second part because the second part is hilarious for different reasons

3:19 guest030: anyways are you ready to play

3:20 guest257: yeah

3:20 guest257: wheres twilight sparkle

3:20 guest257: did she die

3:20 guest030: OKAY

3:20 guest030: no

3:20 guest257: is that why shes not in the still frame

3:20 guest030: don't say such horrible things

3:20 guest030: HORRIBLE

3:20 guest030: BOY

3:20 guest257: NATURAL

3:20 guest257: DEATH IS NATURAL


3:20 guest030: no shuttup

3:20 guest030: I'll live forever

3:21 guest257: whats going on with rainbow dash today

3:21 guest257: and the rainbowdash fanclub

3:21 guest030: saving someone from a well

3:21 guest030: UGH

3:21 guest030: CHILDREN

3:21 guest257: no shes not

3:22 guest257: over thanksgiving

3:22 guest030: o god a baby

3:22 guest257: there was this seven year old kid

3:22 guest030: shut it upppp

3:22 guest257: who's parents already diagnosed him with aspergers

3:22 guest030: @_

3:22 guest257: as if the baby falling off the cliff would have been a problem

3:22 guest030: @_@

3:22 guest257: she can fly

3:22 guest030: I know right

3:22 guest030: rainbow dash sux

3:23 guest257: rainbowdash does not suck

3:23 guest257: but seriously I had no idea there was a fanclub for her

3:23 guest257: I thought it was a dream or something

3:23 guest030: nobody did lol

3:23 guest030: not til this episode

3:23 guest030: :B

3:23 guest257: man that dude is old

3:23 guest030: eww old people

3:23 guest030: let them die

3:23 guest257: dude they have magic

3:23 guest257: this should not be a problem

3:23 guest257: look at the people there with horns

3:23 guest257: just

3:23 guest030: stop questioning :(

3:23 guest257: hold the balcony up

3:24 guest030: are you INSANE

3:24 guest030: don't be so silly

3:24 guest257: YES

3:24 guest257: oh

3:24 guest030: rarity say something

3:24 guest030: :<

3:24 guest030: :<<<

3:24 guest257: rainbowdash is wearing sunglass so much more often than she used to

3:24 guest257: poor applejack

3:25 guest030: rarity why

3:25 guest030: are you silent

3:25 guest030: :[

3:25 guest257: seriously

3:25 guest257: A BOMB

3:26 guest030: lol

3:26 guest257: I've gota good ten seconds to spare

3:26 guest257: she says

3:26 guest257: YES

3:26 guest030: O GOD

3:26 guest257: MUA HAHAHAHA

3:26 guest030: IT'S PONY ZORRO

3:26 guest257: wonderful amirite

3:26 guest030: no

3:26 guest257: I want it to be like

3:26 guest030: I hated that movie

3:26 guest030: lol

3:26 guest257: fluttershy

3:26 guest030: that'd be awesome

3:26 guest257: or better yet

3:26 guest030: OR RARITY

3:26 guest257: zecora

3:26 guest030: YOU KNOW

3:26 guest030: no it's rarity

3:27 guest257: no its zecora


3:27 guest030: why do you hate me

3:27 guest257: no its zecora

3:27 guest257: hey uh

3:27 guest257: rewind it

3:27 guest030: why do you hate me

3:27 guest257: to where they were

3:27 guest257: i wanna see who was present

3:27 guest257: we have to see who we can rule out

3:27 guest030: there

3:27 guest030: ?

3:27 guest257: no like

3:27 guest257: when she was walking back and being congratulated

3:27 guest257: we have to see what ponies were there

3:27 guest257: so we can know what ponies weren't

3:27 guest257: and then deduce who the pony is!!!!!

3:27 guest257: do you see how this works

3:28 guest030: thar's not even a signature

3:28 guest030: yes

3:28 guest030: I'm not dumb :(

3:28 guest257: I bet its snips

3:28 guest030: but he's right there

3:28 guest257: no thats snails

3:28 guest030: being ugly

3:28 guest257: or whichever

3:28 guest030: no it's snips

3:28 guest257: oh

3:28 guest030: snails is the orange ugly one

3:28 guest257: okay well lets see who this guy is

3:28 guest030: IT'S SO RARITY

3:28 guest030: so graceful

3:28 guest030: so elegant

3:28 guest030: <3

3:28 guest257: like rarity would ever do that

3:28 guest030: you're just biased

3:28 guest257: its not twilight sparkle

3:28 guest257: or the mayor

3:29 guest257: Oh its probably pinky pie or some ridiculous shit

3:29 guest257: applejack was really annoyed by rainbowdash though

3:29 guest030: :<

3:29 guest030: it's rarity

3:29 guest030: I'M RIGHT

3:29 guest030: AND YOU'RE WRONG

3:29 guest030: I'M BIG AND YOU'RE SMALL

3:30 guest257: rarity couldnt pull that off

3:30 guest257: there's dirt there

3:30 guest030: :<

3:30 guest257: yeah its probably applejack, then

3:30 guest257: applejack final vote

3:30 guest030: no, it's rarity

3:30 guest030: REMEMBER


3:30 guest030: SHE GOT MUDDY

3:30 guest030: she can handle it fff

3:30 guest257: pfeh

3:30 guest257: not without a trip to the spaw

3:30 guest257: spa*

3:30 guest030: you know we'll watch this

3:31 guest030: together irl


3:31 guest030: and I'll be punching you every two seconds

3:31 guest030: it's so rarity

3:31 guest257: yeah thats not rarity

3:31 guest030: the posture gives it away

3:31 guest257: lol

3:32 guest257: lol

3:32 guest257: this show is just

3:32 guest257: suddenly!

3:32 guest030: you know

3:32 guest257: accidents all over ponyville!

3:32 guest030: if it isn't rarity

3:32 guest030: I'll be devastated

3:32 guest030: you

3:32 guest257: did you notice she doesnt have a horn

3:32 guest257: yet

3:32 guest030: do know this right

3:32 guest030: forgive me if I cry all over the chat

3:32 guest257: check for her horn

3:32 guest030: she can hide it gosh

3:33 guest030: it's probs fluttershy

3:33 guest257: hows thatSHIT

3:33 guest030: AHA


3:33 guest030: YOU L;OSE

3:33 guest030: LOSE

3:33 guest030: LOSEEEEE

3:33 guest257: FUUUUCK

3:33 guest257: SHUT UP

3:33 guest257: ITS NOT RARITY

3:33 guest030: hey

3:33 guest030: it's okay

3:33 guest030: to be wrong sometimes

3:33 guest030: :>

3:33 guest257: WHAT

3:34 guest257: HA

3:34 guest257: ITS NOT RARITY

3:34 guest030: :<

3:34 guest030: SHUT

3:34 guest030: SHIT

3:34 guest257: SHET

3:34 guest030: It's luna okay

3:34 guest030: it's me okay

3:34 guest257: oh shit no

3:34 guest257: you know what it is?

3:34 guest257: Its the five of them

3:34 guest257: going back and forth between each other

3:34 guest257: yeah

3:34 guest030: YES

3:34 guest030: RARITY

3:34 guest257: its all five of them

3:34 guest030: I LOVE YOU

3:34 guest030: <3

3:34 guest257: cas

3:34 guest257: its all five of them

3:34 guest257: got it?

3:34 guest030: lol if it's that right

3:34 guest030: I'm blowing you


3:35 guest030: gtfo rainbow dash

3:35 guest030: awww granny smith

3:35 guest030: i love her

3:35 guest030: :>

3:35 guest257: lol

3:36 guest030: rainbow the squid

3:36 guest030: leave her alone

3:36 guest030: :<

3:36 guest257: this is just

3:36 guest257: poor granny smith

3:36 guest030: HA

3:36 guest030: DESERVED IT

3:36 guest257: i like the noises her joints make

3:36 guest030: lol ya

3:36 guest257: wow

3:36 guest030: lol i like this background pony

3:37 guest030: WOW

3:37 guest030: SHE IS THE ONLY ONE

3:37 guest030: WITH LOGIC

3:37 guest030: AND SENSE

3:37 guest257: mother pony

3:37 guest257: so smart

3:37 guest030: oh god I'm becoming a pheo

3:37 guest030: help

3:38 guest030: because society is shallow and vapid rainbow

3:38 guest030: gosh

3:39 guest030: no it will be the last

3:39 guest030: this hero will never appear again

3:39 guest257: oh man I'm not gonna see the end of those posters

3:39 guest030: okay I'm sure it's not the five of them

3:39 guest030: lol

3:39 guest257: was that twilight?!

3:39 guest257: yeah

3:39 guest030: I NEED TO KNOW WHO IT IS NOW

3:39 guest257: five of them

3:39 guest030: ;;

3:39 guest257: see

3:40 guest030: o god

3:40 guest257: yup

3:40 guest030: noooo

3:40 guest030: :<

3:40 guest257: PREPARE YOUR LIPS

3:40 guest030: IT'S LUNA

3:40 guest030: squid

3:40 guest030: squidKKK

3:40 guest257: PREPARE THEM

3:40 guest257: HA

3:40 guest030: no

3:40 guest030: NO

3:40 guest257: WAIT FOR IT

3:40 guest030: NO

3:40 guest257: YES

3:40 guest030: NO

3:40 guest257: YES

3:40 guest030: NO

3:40 guest257: YES

3:40 guest257: YES

3:40 guest257: YES

3:40 guest257: YES

3:40 guest257: CASCADE

3:40 guest257: FOREVER

3:40 guest257: YOUR LIPS

3:40 guest030: squidsquidsquidsquidsquidsquid

3:40 guest257: MY COCK

3:41 guest030: except rarity

3:41 guest030: :||||


3:41 guest030: aww

3:41 guest030: :>

3:41 guest257: YOUR LIPS

3:41 guest257: MY DICK

3:41 guest257: YOUR MOUTH

3:41 guest257: MY THROBBING MEAT

3:41 guest030: never :(

3:41 guest257: pinky pie what the hell

3:43 guest030: :[

3:43 guest257: what show is this an ad for

3:43 guest257: atomic betty is still a show?

3:43 guest030: pheo

3:43 guest257: didnt that stop like years ago

3:43 guest030: don't ever come near me

3:43 guest257: cascade

3:43 guest257: wait lets take this chat into irc

guest030 has left the party.

You have the remote.

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3:34 guest030: lol if it's that right

3:34 guest030: I'm blowing you


i saw that and just went "theres only one reason pheo posted this, and its cuz hes right."

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[7:57pm] Fierce_Muffin: [20:38.17] <+Pheonix561> I forgot that he was so funny and yet so bad at drawing

[7:57pm] Fierce_Muffin: He's not bad at drawing

[7:57pm] Pheonix561: muffin

[7:57pm] Pheonix561: okay yeah

[7:57pm] Pheonix561: but he just

[7:57pm] Fierce_Muffin: "He doesn't draw like an artist from my college"

[7:57pm] Pheonix561: i just

[7:57pm] Fierce_Muffin: "Shit"

[7:57pm] Fierce_Muffin: ^ That is you

[7:57pm] Pheonix561: :(

Sahaqiel likes this

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I'm posting whatever I want in here because I never get to be on irc

[8:35pm] Double45:

[8:35pm] Double45: what

[8:35pm] Double45: why

[8:36pm] Fierce_Muffin: If you didn't notice, Smash Bros. makes a lot of money

[8:36pm] Double45: lol

[8:36pm] Pheonix561: by the way

[8:36pm] Double45: but still

[8:36pm] Double45: lol

[8:36pm] Pheonix561: sahaqiel's name

[8:36pm] Double45: its just what

[8:36pm] Fierce_Muffin: lol

[8:36pm] Fierce_Muffin: lol

[8:36pm] Fierce_Muffin: It's just

[8:36pm] Fierce_Muffin: lol lol

[8:36pm] Pheonix561: "CaptainDinosaur2007"

[8:36pm] Double45: you know me man

[8:36pm] Pheonix561: from now on when saha is on irc

[8:36pm] Fierce_Muffin: ol

[8:36pm] Fierce_Muffin: ol ol

[8:36pm] Pheonix561: he is captain dinosaur 2007

[8:37pm] Double45: muffins trying to make me mad because he's mad that i dont like brawl in the family

[8:37pm] Fierce_Muffin: No

[8:37pm] Fierce_Muffin: I'm not

[8:37pm] Fierce_Muffin: You silly wumpkin

[8:37pm] Double45: !Joke

[8:37pm] Whorey: Did you hear the one about a punching bag?

[8:37pm] Fierce_Muffin: Double, I make fun of everyone when they do something silly

[8:37pm] Fierce_Muffin: Such as make a spelling mistake

[8:37pm] Whorey: It was an oline.

[8:38pm] Fierce_Muffin: Or in this case, you using lol twice within, like, 3 seconds

[8:38pm] Fierce_Muffin: Yep

[8:38pm] Fierce_Muffin: 3 seconds exactly

[8:39pm] Double45: im miku 2.0

[8:39pm] Pheonix561: oh man

[8:39pm] Pheonix561: I miss miku

[8:39pm] Pheonix561: he was like

[8:39pm] Pheonix561: guys

[8:39pm] Pheonix561: I'm fappin to holograms

[8:40pm] Pheonix561: and that was all there was to him

[8:40pm] Sahaqiel: ???????/

[8:40pm] Sahaqiel: no pheo

[8:40pm] Sahaqiel: no

[8:41pm] Sahaqiel: Also yeah,

[8:41pm] Sahaqiel: That was pretty much Miku.

[8:41pm] Double45: Whorey I'm Miku 2.0

[8:41pm] Sahaqiel: I warned him not to talk about what he's fapping to or I would ban him.

[8:41pm] Pheonix561: captaindinosaur2007

[8:42pm] Sahaqiel: pheo is xXhipsternekoXx666

[8:43pm] Rorschach: fapping to holograms, lol

[8:43pm] Sahaqiel: It's sad I actually had to threaten to ban someone for talking about their masturbation acts so much.

[8:44pm] Rorschach: would you still ban the person if it were a girl?

[8:44pm] Rorschach: tick tock tick tock

[8:44pm] Double45: im guessing he would lol

[8:44pm] Rorschach: yeah

[8:45pm] Sahaqiel: Yes Rorschach lol.

[8:45pm] Rorschach: saha's something like a genderless hormoneless terminator-like robot

[8:45pm] Sahaqiel: Why would I not.

[8:45pm] Sahaqiel: yeah

[8:45pm] Sahaqiel: essentially

[8:47pm] Fierce_Muffin: [21:43.38] <Sahaqiel> It's sad I actually had to threaten to ban someone for talking about their masturbation acts so much.

[8:47pm] Fierce_Muffin: Ahahah

[8:47pm] Fierce_Muffin: Wowee

[8:48pm] Rorschach: anyways, saha, if a girl starts talking about her masturbation acts in here, I beg you do not ban her

[8:48pm] Sanna left the chat room. (G'Bye!)

[8:48pm] Double45: i doubt it would be a real girl

[8:49pm] Sahaqiel: I will, Rorschach.

[8:49pm] Sahaqiel: Because then it will be doublebad,

[8:49pm] Hylian_Warrior left the chat room.

[8:49pm] Sahaqiel: because then I will know that one person's speech of masturbation acts becomes fuel for another person's masturbation acts, all in the chatroom.

[8:49pm] Sahaqiel: this is crossing a few lines

[8:49pm] Sahaqiel: and yes

[8:49pm] Rorschach: how do you know i'm not masturbating to your text right now

[8:49pm] Sahaqiel: I do mean doublebad as in, double bad.

[8:49pm] Rorschach: ???

[8:50pm] Sahaqiel: Like, as bad as double.

[8:50pm] Sahaqiel: Also, I would be flattered.

[8:50pm] Sahaqiel: ;)

[8:50pm] Whorey: =)

[8:50pm] Pheonix561: so I was rubbing my clit the other day

[8:50pm] Pheonix561: with a hammer

[8:50pm] Sahaqiel: go home pheo

[8:50pm] Whorey: with a hammer? More like hith a wammer, am I correct?

[8:50pm] Pheonix561: wammer is right, whorey

[8:50pm] Rorschach: a penis isn't considered an overgrown clit

[8:50pm] Pheonix561: i know

[8:50pm] Pheonix561: thats why I said clit

[8:50pm] Pheonix561: anyways so I started inserting the hammer into me

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: head first, naturally

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: and if you didn't know, hammer heads are curved

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: so it kind of rips up your insides

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: you know how snake teeth bends inside

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: so hamsters can slide right in but cant get out

[8:51pm] ollie joined the chat room.

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: hammer heads are like that

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: so when you're pushing that in and out of your vagina

[8:51pm] Pheonix561: its really bad for you

[8:52pm] Pheonix561: and also really painful

[8:52pm] Pheonix561: not to mention it hurts

[8:52pm] Fierce_Muffin: Ahahha

[8:52pm] Pheonix561: but thats hot, so I don't care

[8:52pm] ollie: hellooo

[8:52pm] ollie: liss!!!

[8:52pm] Fierce_Muffin: Pheonix, your post in the Zelda quotes thread

[8:52pm] Fierce_Muffin: Delicious

[8:52pm] Pheonix561: muffin

[8:53pm] Pheonix561: how about your post

[8:53pm] Pheonix561: in my thread

[8:53pm] Pheonix561: how about you post your post in my thread

[8:53pm] Pheonix561: and we let terrorist watch

[8:53pm] Rorschach: ?

[8:53pm] Fierce_Muffin: Also

[8:53pm] Fierce_Muffin: What the squid

[8:53pm] Rorschach: oh

[8:53pm] Whorey: what the squid ... more like fat the Whuck, am i right?

[8:53pm] Fierce_Muffin: I just started reading what you were typing about vaginas

[8:53pm] Pheonix561: couldn't have said it better myself, whorey

[8:53pm] Rorschach: I love guro

[8:54pm] Fierce_Muffin: And the what factor went higher and higher as I was more and more confused

[8:54pm] Pheonix561: that was the joke

[8:55pm] Fierce_Muffin: I was reading it backwards, though

[8:55pm] Fierce_Muffin: So, it was even worse

[8:55pm] Rorschach: so a gurl asks her bf 'will u luv me 4ever'

[8:55pm] Rorschach: so her bf says 'no...'

[8:55pm] Pheonix561: oh wow I just read that backwords

[8:55pm] Fierce_Muffin: And the guy responds "squid, why are you in 4th grade"

[8:55pm] Fierce_Muffin: "Why can't you be older?"

[8:56pm] Rorschach: so the gurl gets real sad and then runs towards the street and gets run over by a car

[8:56pm] Fierce_Muffin: "squid the police, I guess"

[8:56pm] Fierce_Muffin: My answer was the correct response

[8:56pm] Rorschach: and her bf walks up to her sad and sais 'i ment to say i was goin to luv u five-ever (bcz five-ever is more than foure-ever)'

[8:57pm] Fierce_Muffin: Foure-ever

[8:57pm] Fierce_Muffin: lol

[8:57pm] Pheonix561: I keep reading these things saying

[8:57pm] Pheonix561: "Okay"

[8:57pm] Sahaqiel: lol

[8:57pm] Pheonix561: "When he's done talking"

[8:58pm] Pheonix561: "I'm going to copy what he says and put that in the zelda quotes thread, too"

[8:58pm] Pheonix561: "because it was funny and I never get to post in there"

[8:58pm] Pheonix561: but then as soon as one of you stops being funny, the other starts

[8:58pm] Pheonix561: and then I think okay well I'll just split them up

[8:58pm] Pheonix561: but you guys keep intermingling them

[8:58pm] Sahaqiel: well see pheo

[8:58pm] Sahaqiel: that is the beauty of irc

[8:59pm] Pheonix561: well see captain dinosaur2007

[8:59pm] Pheonix561: no one uses irc in the future in 2011

[8:59pm] Pheonix561: we use skypwe

[8:59pm] Pheonix561: the w is for "wowee"

[8:59pm] Sahaqiel: But xXhipsternekoXx666

[8:59pm] Rorschach: in the future

[8:59pm] Fierce_Muffin: Skypwoweee

[8:59pm] Sahaqiel: Skyupe sux.

[8:59pm] Rorschach: we'll all upload our brains onto irc servers

[8:59pm] Rorschach: and irc will become the new real life

[9:00pm] Rorschach: while on the old real life

[9:00pm] Pheonix561: life will be a text based adventure?

[9:00pm] Rorschach: robots would have taken over

[9:00pm] Sahaqiel: mFufni's Adventure.

[9:00pm] Rorschach: and then the robots notice everyone's on IRC

[9:01pm] Rorschach: so they start botnetting the IRC servers

[9:01pm] Rorschach: with viruses and shit

[9:01pm] Sahaqiel: The IRC bots will become the new humans.

[9:01pm] Rorschach: so then people start getting turned into botnetters

[9:01pm] Pheonix561: and the humans

[9:01pm] Pheonix561: will become pheo

[9:01pm] Rorschach: but then

[9:02pm] Pheonix561: and the robots

[9:02pm] Rorschach: one person called pheo is the chosen one since he has his firewall up to date

[9:02pm] Pheonix561: will become humans

[9:02pm] Pheonix561: who are pheo

[9:02pm] Pheonix561: everyone will be pheo

[9:02pm] Rorschach: because like

[9:02pm] Rorschach: get it

[9:02pm] Pheonix561: everyone was pheo

[9:02pm] Pheonix561: everyone is pheo

[9:02pm] Rorschach: neo-pheo

[9:02pm] Pheonix561: always and forever neo pheo

[9:03pm] Rorschach: spoiler: pheo dies

[9:03pm] Double45: i hope Pinkie Pie dies

9:03pm] Cirt was promoted to administrator by Navi.

[9:03pm] Cirt was promoted to operator by Navi.

[9:03pm] Cirt joined the chat room.

[9:03pm] Rorschach: Double45: I hope MLP dies :(

[9:03pm] Double45: yeah

[9:03pm] Double45: but pinkie pie should die

[9:03pm] Double45: it would be great

[9:03pm] Cirt: :(

[9:04pm] Cirt: monsters

[9:04pm] Cirt: all of you

[9:04pm] Pheonix561: what

[9:04pm] Rorschach: In a really gory way

[9:04pm] Cirt: oh hey pheo

[9:04pm] Rorschach: like, her eyes get torn out and her intestines are eaten by worms and spiders

[9:04pm] Rorschach: and then they start laying eggs inside her

[9:05pm] Pheonix561: cirt how was your thankin and givin

[9:05pm] Rorschach: and the other ponies masturbate to that

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[9:34pm] ZPer_9484 joined the chat room.

[9:34pm] ZPer_9484: o.O

[9:34pm] kaffles: blee

[9:34pm] kaffles: blaaa

[9:34pm] ollie left the chat room. (Connection closed)

[9:34pm] kaffles: bleee

[9:34pm] kaffles: blooo

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: Blee

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: bloo

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: blee

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: blaaa

[9:35pm] Cirt: guys?

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: bloo

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: ro

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: bot

[9:35pm] Cirt: what is ZP

[9:35pm] ZPer_9484: Zelda Power

[9:35pm] Cirt: oh wow

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: blee blaa bleee blooo blee bloo blee blaaa bloo

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: ro

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: bot

[9:35pm] Cirt: a new site was added???/

[9:35pm] ZPer_9484: I guess

[9:35pm] Pheonix561: what?

[9:35pm] Cirt: what

[9:36pm] Pheonix561: whats zelda power

[9:36pm] Cirt: ^

[9:36pm] Pheonix561: woah man

[9:36pm] ZPer_9484:

[9:36pm] Pheonix561: oh wow

[9:36pm] Pheonix561: is this website using paradoxirc's #zelda as a chatroom, too?

[9:36pm] ZPer_9484: yes

[9:36pm] Pheonix561: wow

[9:37pm] Sahaqiel: ZP's been linked to us forever lol.

[9:37pm] Pheonix561: so saha's gonna say something pretentious

[9:37pm] Pheonix561: inb4 that

[9:37pm] Pheonix561: dang

[9:37pm] ZPer_9484: hahaha

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[22:47] <Cirt> whattup zidder

[22:48] <Double45> if you call ZD users Zidders are you going to call ZP users Zippers

[22:48] <Rorschach> and what do we call HNET users?

[22:48] <Double45> Hipsters

you guys are missing out on a really quality chat tonight

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Tingle was promoted to operator by Navi.

[11:08am] Tappy: !addquote Test

[11:08am] Tappy: woo

[11:08am] Tappy: !quote

[11:09am] Whorey: won't the exploding hurt?

[11:09am] Tingle: Test

[11:09am] Tappy: !deletequote 1

[11:09am] Tappy: !delquote 1

[11:09am] Tappy: !delquote 0

[11:10am] LISS left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 101 seconds)

[11:11am] LISS joined the chat room.

[11:12am] Pheonix561: woah what

[11:12am] Pheonix561: quotes are working again

[11:13am] Pheonix561: okay this here this is gonna be the first quote

[11:13am] Pheonix561: Sup Bitches I'm at the top of the quote list

[11:13am] Pheonix561: !addquote Pheonix561: okay this here this is gonna be the first quote

[11:13am] Pheonix561: !quote

[11:13am] Tingle: Pheonix561: okay this here this is gonna be the first quote

[11:13am] Pheonix561: yesssssssssss

[11:13am] Pheonix561: !quote

[11:13am] Tingle: Pheonix561: okay this here this is gonna be the first quote

[11:14am] Pheonix561: I

[11:14am] Pheonix561: am king

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Humble Beginnings Aka I think Cascade would have liked the old me:

[20:01] * pheonix561 ([email protected]) has joined #zelda

[20:01] <&Tappy> I came home and discovered that I got my new keyboard and mouse

[20:01] <&Tappy> :DD

[20:03] <pheonix561> SAHAQIEEEEEEEEEEEEL

[20:03] <pheonix561> WHERE ARE JOOOOOOOO

[20:03] <pheonix561> guize guize guize this song is amazing and great

[20:03] <pheonix561>

[20:04] <pheonix561> I love you if you also like it

[20:05] <pheonix561> anybody?

[20:05] <pheonix561> has I been ignored by this many people?

[20:05] <pheonix561> im hurt.

[20:05] <&Tappy> idk

[20:05] <&Tappy> Viva La Vida is a good song

[20:05] <pheonix561> yes it is

[20:05] <pheonix561> my brother hates all music

[20:05] <pheonix561> or at least all the music i like

[20:06] * Kimmy ([email protected]) has joined #zelda

[20:06] <pheonix561> but he doesnt know anything about music, he just says it sucks to bug me

[20:06] <&Tappy> I'm happy to actually have a good internet connection now

[20:07] <pheonix561> thats good

[20:07] <pheonix561> good internet connection is always good

[20:07] <pheonix561> well not always

[20:13] <pheonix561> I mean, what about the case in which a good internet connection kills babies of every species every hour on the hour?

[20:13] <%Casshern> Tappy. <3

[20:14] <pheonix561> CASSHERN LUVS EVERYWUN

[20:14] <&Tappy> Casshern <3

[20:15] <pheonix561> pheonix561 <3

[20:16] <KittyKatt> Fort <3

[20:16] <%Casshern> Kitty. <3

[20:17] <%Casshern> Pheonix. <3

[20:18] * pheonix561 decides the name game heart thing is taking too long and throws this procedure out the window. then he just starts hugging everyone.

Then again maybe not

[06:46] * pheonix561 ([email protected]) has joined #zelda

[06:46] <pheonix561> GUIZE GUIZE GUIZE

[06:46] <pheonix561> WARE IZ SAHAQIEL

[06:46] <pheonix561> SHE IZ NOT ON

[06:46] <pheonix561> THIS WORRIES ME

[06:47] <pheonix561> BLARG

[06:47] * pheonix561 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit:

Hey remember tropix I sure do

[19:47] <pheonix561> HELLO

[19:47] <pheonix561> I AM HERE

[19:47] <&tropix> pheonix561<3

[19:47] <Guest12412> congrats

[19:47] <pheonix561> I LVOE YOU ALL

[19:47] * RupeeMaster ([email protected]) Quit (Quit:

[19:47] <~Dustin> opers are the servants of users

[19:47] <Guest12412> you just cost the network a server

[19:47] <%Casshern> oh

[19:47] <Caleb> anyways

[19:47] <%Casshern> wait

[19:47] <Caleb> im delinking

[19:47] <Caleb> Dustin

[19:47] <~Dustin> users > opers

[19:47] <Guest12412> 2 severs.

[19:47] <%Casshern> What's happening?

[19:47] <Caleb> you got it all wrong dude

[19:47] <&tropix> yeah just like police, ur working for the community

[19:48] <&tropix> so u p. much gotta obey them

[19:48] <~Dustin> without users, there would be no need for opers

[19:48] <pheonix561> I AM JUST LOVING YOU ALL

[19:48] <~Dustin> the opers are in place to protect the users

[19:48] <pheonix561> DONT MIND ME

[19:48] <Caleb> yes

[19:48] <Guest12412> all because dreezy is a closet homo american :P

[19:48] <Guest12412> hehe

[19:48] <Caleb> but users DO NOT abuse opers

[19:48] <&tropix> we should go on a loving spree pheonix561

[19:48] <Caleb> they are lucky they can even connect

[19:48] <%Casshern> I LOVE YOU TOO, PHEONIX.

[19:48] <~Dustin> youre a loser caleb

[19:48] <~Dustin> I hate you

[19:48] <Guest12412> go on do the !kb thing

[19:48] <dreezy> !kb Guest12412

[19:48] * Midna sets mode: +b *!*

[19:48] * Guest12412 was kicked by Midna (Requested (dreezy))

[19:48] <~Dustin> your view of how things should be is completely offensive to me

[19:48] <pheonix561> I LOVE YOU ALL

[19:48] <+Cirt> What.

[19:48] <pheonix561> lets go on a loving spree

[19:48] <pheonix561> first we mus start with this chatroom

[19:48] * SpAcECadetM31 ([email protected]) has joined #zelda

[19:48] <~Dustin> you think youre better than everyone else just because youre an oper

[19:49] <&Zelda> QuickStats by mIRCStats - Top talkers today: Sahaqiel: 326 lines, Fierce_Muffin: 252, Caleb: 222, Chalcedony: 196, Casshern: 133, dreezy: 106, MeTaL: 91, tropix: 84, Ganondorf333: 83, Cirt: 61

[19:49] <&Zelda> mIRCStats update for #zelda complete! Check out the stats at

[19:49] <dreezy> pheonix561: that's a felony in new york

[19:49] <~Dustin> opers arent anything special

[19:49] <%Casshern> ;-;

[19:49] <dreezy> i'll pass

[19:49] <&tropix> no, we must only concentrate on each other pheonix561

[19:49] <%Casshern> murda i love you

[19:49] <~Dustin> they should leave everyone alone unless theres a real problem

[19:49] <~Dustin> just like cops

[19:49] <pheonix561> I heard making out in newyork was a fine of twenty eight dollars

[19:49] <~Dustin> > :(

[19:49] <&tropix> squidding cops always getting in places they dont belong

[19:49] <pheonix561> MURDA I LOVE YOU

[19:49] <pheonix561> dustin its ok I love you

[19:49] <dreezy> that's only if youre jewish, pheonix561

[19:49] <pheonix561> ah

[19:49] <%Casshern> SHUTTUP MURDA IS MIIIINE.

[19:49] <pheonix561> gotcha

[19:49] <pheonix561> SORRY

[19:49] * Ganondorf333 ([email protected]) has joined #zelda

[19:49] <&tropix> more jew more money??

[19:49] <pheonix561> DONT HIT ME AGAIN

That guy, man

[19:52] <~Dustin> there's NO reason for people to be completely removing user's ability to talk without telling them

[19:52] <pheonix561> thats true

[19:53] <pheonix561> someone did that to me once

[19:53] <pheonix561> it was obnoxious

[19:53] <&tropix> aw pheonix561

[19:53] <pheonix561> they gave it back though

[19:53] <SirJoshizzle> Do I sense yet another delinking from a server?

[19:53] * &tropix lovecuddles pheonix561

[19:53] <Naeb> It's not Dampe, the Deku Butler, or the poe guide from the Haunted Wasteland.

[19:53] * pheonix561 happily recieves the lovecuddle

[19:53] <Naeb> I chcecked.

[19:53] <+Cirt> Dustiiin

[19:53] <~Dustin> nixtrix agrees with me on how opers are doing

[19:53] <&tropix> 1up my lovecuddle pls

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So I'm just gonna post another mlp log because apparently you guys like reading them

guest421 has the remote.

SocialVision: Welcome to this viewing party, guest042! Log in through Facebook to show your friends who you are!

guest421 is idle. You can take the remote from them!

9:18 guest042: HEY

9:18 guest042: WAKE UP

9:18 guest042: beep beep

guest421 is no longer idle.

9:18 guest421: ohai

9:18 guest042: totes could have ganked the remote

9:19 guest421: nope

9:19 guest421: i'm in charge here, loser

9:19 guest042: "guest421 is idle. You can take the remote from them!"

9:19 guest042: If I wanted to I so could have

9:19 guest421: not anymore

9:19 guest421: dick

9:19 guest042: w/e bro

9:19 guest421: now shuttup and love this rarity episode with me

9:19 guest421: RARITYU

9:19 guest421: EPISODE

9:19 guest421: EEEEE

9:19 guest042: man

9:19 guest421: -U

9:19 guest042: didnt she already get her own episode

9:19 guest042: and is it just me or like

9:20 guest042: is pinky pie not getting very much attention

9:20 guest421: because she's a boring and flat character

9:20 guest042: yessss

9:20 guest042: you're learning!!!!!

9:20 guest421: shut the hell up

9:20 guest421: I still like everyone else

9:20 guest042: I am rubbing off on you so hard

9:20 guest042: that sounded

9:20 guest042: sexual


9:21 guest042: lol

9:21 guest042: my luggage is like

9:21 guest042: what

9:21 guest042: a single suitcase

9:21 guest042: and a backpack if I'm bringing my laptop

9:21 guest421: I usually have 5 suitcases when I go anywhere

9:22 guest042: really?

9:22 guest421: yes

9:22 guest042: why

9:22 guest421: because I'm a GURL

9:22 guest042: soooooo sexist

9:22 guest421: (i.e joking)

9:22 guest421: (i only have 2 lol)

9:22 guest042: oh crap she's wearing a sunhat

9:22 guest421: it's cute

9:22 guest042: those are hot

9:23 guest042: lol

9:23 guest421: in this episode pheo realizes he's been attracted to rarity all along

9:23 guest042: I hate her so much she's ravishing

9:23 guest421: squidding upper class dicks

9:23 guest042: you've probably never met a guy like that before have you

9:23 guest421: in this episode

9:24 guest042: a "hayseed"

9:24 guest421: no

9:24 guest421: I don't live in hickland

9:24 guest042: oh christ its charcoal

9:24 guest042: rarity

9:24 guest042: why

9:24 guest042: shes mocking me

9:24 guest421: squid opal I love you

9:24 guest042: I could grow a mustache like that one

9:24 guest421: please don;t

9:25 guest042: how about a porn star one

9:25 guest421: please don't

9:25 guest042: :<

9:25 guest421: if you ever grow facial hair again leave it as stubble kthnx

9:26 guest042: well its slightly longer than stubble right now

9:26 guest421: shave

9:26 guest042: rarity chill out

9:26 guest421: wait, pics

9:26 guest421: I MUST

9:26 guest421: JUDGE YOU

9:26 guest421: HARSHLY

9:26 guest042: :(

9:26 guest421: haha take that upper class dick couple

9:26 guest042: upperclass people are so boring

9:26 guest421: i agree

9:27 guest421: and they have annoying voices as seen by this episode

9:27 guest042: the horse races

9:27 guest042: and they're all horses

9:27 guest421: UGH

9:27 guest421: THAT VOICE

9:27 guest042: TELL HER

9:27 guest042: THE TRUTH

9:28 guest042: you lying horrible person

9:28 guest042: "Oh she's important that makes her my favorite"

9:28 guest421: why can't you just love the rarity

9:28 guest042: oh god those laughs

9:28 guest421: those laughs

9:28 guest421: squid

9:28 guest421: lolll

9:28 guest042: oh shit an art gallry

9:28 guest042: why did you rewind

9:28 guest421: because the laughs are funny

9:28 guest421: so bad

9:29 guest042: ouWOUWgough but RAArrity

9:29 guest042: I bet the voice actors had fun with these characters

9:29 guest421: opal :)

9:29 guest042: no she needs a dog

9:29 guest421: squid off

9:29 guest042: SHIT

9:29 guest421: SONG TIME

9:29 guest042: ITS ASONG

9:29 guest421: YAS

9:29 guest042: NO


9:30 guest421: no lol

9:30 guest042: lol salvadohr dali

9:30 guest421: cute hat

9:30 guest421: and hair

9:30 guest042: that painting

9:30 guest042: was a salvadohr dali parody

9:30 guest421: but i don't care about art

9:30 guest421: I recognise it lol

9:31 guest042: well I dont care about rarity

9:31 guest042: but i recognise her

9:31 guest421: i dislike your hate of me

9:31 guest042: i dislike your hate of rarity hate

9:31 guest421: stop being mean

9:31 guest042: I'll stop being mean when I feel the need to stop being mean

9:32 guest421: yeah I'd go to the garden party as well

9:32 guest042: lies

9:32 guest042: rarity why lies

9:32 guest421: truth

9:33 guest421: ugh

9:33 guest421: the COMMONERS

9:33 guest042: that is just

9:33 guest042: wonderful

9:33 guest421: yeah I don't like that outfit

9:34 guest421: I like the flowers on her tail tho

9:34 guest042: no one likes outfits

9:34 guest042: lol

9:34 guest042: opal

9:34 guest421: boys suck

9:34 guest042: lol

9:34 guest421: lol i love opal

9:34 guest042: good choice twilight

9:34 guest042: practicality is the best

9:34 guest421: no

9:35 guest421: poor rarity :(

9:35 guest042: squidin hell

9:35 guest042: these six ponies

9:35 guest042: get the greatest treatment

9:35 guest042: and everyone keeps forgetting how they keep saving the world

9:35 guest421: i really want cake :(

9:36 guest042: so heres whats gonna happen

9:36 guest042: all the rich asshole ponies

9:36 guest421: this time I know what happens so no bets pheo foces me to make

9:36 guest421: forces

9:36 guest042: gonna walk in (octavia is cool)

9:36 guest042: and be all

9:36 guest042: "Oh your friends"

9:36 guest042: "They're so low class"

9:36 guest042: "But they're so fun"

9:36 guest042: "I'm not a rich asshole anymore after meeting your friends"

9:37 guest042: thats whats gonna happen

9:37 guest042: also

9:37 guest042: we have on record

9:37 guest042: that I never forced you to make any bets

9:37 guest421: forged

9:37 guest042: how dare you insult my honesty

9:37 guest421: you deserve it

9:38 guest042: "what croquet mallet"

9:38 guest042: I lol'd

9:38 guest421: see rarity is the best

9:38 guest421: soon you'll learn

9:38 guest421: even if I have to beat it into you

9:38 guest042: rarity your lies

9:38 guest042: hasn't she learned yet?

9:39 guest042: its true they wont

9:39 guest042: thats the lesson they learn

9:39 guest421: lol i love the part cannon

9:39 guest421: party

9:39 guest042: BALD

9:39 guest042: bald women

9:39 guest042: best women

9:39 guest421: nobody looks good bald

9:40 guest042: oh?

9:40 guest421: nope

9:40 guest042: 28458410150310423609467.jpg

9:40 guest042: check it

9:41 guest421: way to make me look like a dick, dude

9:41 guest042: what now, cas

9:41 guest042: what now

9:41 guest421: like, seriously

9:42 guest042: and it turned out pheo was right again

9:42 guest042: and that was the end of the episode

9:42 guest042: on the topic of the photo

9:42 guest042: I reiterate

9:42 guest042: "What now, cas"

9:42 guest042: "what now"

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