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Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes

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<&Sahaqiel> "Coldwave is really pissed off about something, but I'm still trying to figure out what that is."

<&Sahaqiel> Darkwave's description lol.

<&Sahaqiel> "Lately, it has splintered into regional styles, like Euro Darkwave, and American Darkwave, and man, they are amplified trauma on a whole, different, unheard level."

<&Sahaqiel> "I swear, they make Linkin Park and Evanescence's bellowing about stupid insignificant shit sound like pillow talk."

<brodongo> Darkwave sounds like a ZD username

<&Sahaqiel> The author of this guide questions why they didn't name it Blackwave.

<&Sahaqiel> This guide is so time consuming lol.

<&Sahaqiel> Which is bad considering I need to wake up relatively early.

<&Sahaqiel> Or, I want to.

<brodongo> what for?

<&Sahaqiel> Well

<&Sahaqiel> Generally I like waking up early,

<&Sahaqiel> And I am also going ice skating with pheo and co.

<brodongo> fun fun

<brodongo> i havent been ice skating in years

<&Sahaqiel> ya?

<brodongo> i used to when i was little

<&Sahaqiel> !!

<brodongo> but then

<brodongo> tragedy struck

<brodongo> the great Ice skating incident event of 99

<&Sahaqiel> :(

<brodongo> 7 people were killed

<brodongo> after that

<brodongo> i hung up my skates

<brodongo> PERMANENTLY

<&Sahaqiel> Well that sucks lol.

<&Sahaqiel> We hear some of brodongo's mysterious backstory...

<brodongo> my triple axles were too dangerous

<&Sahaqiel> it sounds like it.

<&Sahaqiel> I think I heard of that incident on the news

<&Sahaqiel> I was too young to understand what was happening

<&Sahaqiel> but the tragedy was overwhelming.

<brodongo> the memory is still fresh

<brodongo> every now and then

<brodongo> it opens up like an old wound

<brodongo> THESE WOUNDS

<brodongo> THEY WILL

<brodongo> NOT HEAL

<&Sahaqiel> lol

<&Sahaqiel> !?

<&Sahaqiel> brodongo!?

<&Sahaqiel> That must mean!?

<brodongo> !?

<&Sahaqiel> You are the famous child who went on to become the lead vocalist for Linkin Park, after murdering seven people in Linkin Park with your deadly ice skating habits!?

<brodongo> shhh

<brodongo> it took me years to hide my identity

<&Sahaqiel> Bounty hunters everywhere are looking for you!

<&Sahaqiel> To bring you to justice!?

<brodongo> i cant have one meddling kid ruin everything

<brodongo> the warped sense of justice that they deal nowadays is no justice at all

<&Sahaqiel> Murder isn't justice, brodongo...

<brodongo> it was a mistake

<brodongo> i was the best iceskater

<brodongo> the best there ever was

<brodongo> but i got cocky

<&Sahaqiel> I heard you attempted... a septuple axel!?

<brodongo> the septuple was effortless

<brodongo> i landed it perfectly

<brodongo> which ended up being a curse

<brodongo> because i then attempted the optuple axel

<brodongo> and thats when the bodies hit the floor

<&Sahaqiel> They called you a genius of ice skating... the epitome of everything that could ever be... and they said you would only get better...

<&Sahaqiel> Your career ending in such tragedy...

<brodongo> i was only 7

<brodongo> so much potential

<brodongo> squandered in years of hiding

<&Sahaqiel> Why did you do it, brodongo? Why did you ignore the warnings?

<brodongo> because i was that good

<brodongo> so hot headed

<brodongo> so naive

<&Sahaqiel> The world at your feet, and you slice it in twain with eight spins through the air. :(

<brodongo> man was not meant to spin eight times without landing

<brodongo> when you defy the gods, you pay the price in blood

<brodongo> so when youre out on that ice tomorrow

<brodongo> skating

<brodongo> laughing

<brodongo> double axeling

<brodongo> think about the skater that had it all

<brodongo> ... and lost it

<&Sahaqiel> You flew too close to the sun, brodongo. :(

<brodongo> my wings burned up

<brodongo> now im a tiger without claws

<brodongo> an angel without a halo

<brodongo> a dog without a dogtoy

<&Sahaqiel> You bleed it out. :( Digging deeper, just to throw it away.

<brodongo> yes

<brodongo> but I still have my music

<brodongo> and they are still making transformers movies

<brodongo> so my music career can still ride that out

<&Sahaqiel> Your scars are all over your face, brodongo. :( You cannot hide what you are.

<brodongo> i tried so hard, and got so far

<brodongo> but in the end, it didn't even matter

<&Sahaqiel> Not even with explosions and Megan Fox can you get over this anxiety. :(

<brodongo> but throw in Shia Labeouf

<brodongo> and maybe

<brodongo> just maybe

<brodongo> there is hope

<&Sahaqiel> You will wake up one day entrenched in the realization that your artisanry was meant to propel shallow, mindless, idiotic action movies and their women

<&Sahaqiel> And you will cry deep from the soul, as you have before.

<&Sahaqiel> Until there is nothing left. :(

<brodongo> Linkin Park: Hero of the Tweens

<&Sahaqiel> You are an awful person. :( I don't think I can forgive you.

<brodongo> I don't ask for forgiveness

<brodongo> I ask only to be forgotten

<&Sahaqiel> Such is the way.

<brodongo> as Nickleback would say,

<brodongo> The Drum beat carries on

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Everything Groose says. Everything.

Also the robot referring to Link as Master Shortpants. I laugh every time. :'D

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But Eka, these are quote from the #zelda chat :<

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Eka, who are you.

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(We were watching Cosmo speedrun oot and he was doing the boss of jabu jabu's belly)

[10:08pm] Pheonix561: so this boss is like

[10:08pm] Pheonix561: a tumor

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: in gears of war 2

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: there's a level where you're inside the belly of a giant worm

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: its a lot like this I guess

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: except its obviously grittier

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: instead of ouzzle solving

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: you try not to get smashed by his digestive teeth

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: and then outrun his parasites

[10:09pm] Fierce_Muffin: Instead of puzzle solving

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: and then fight through his digestive tract

[10:09pm] Fierce_Muffin: TESTOSTEROOOOOOOOOONE

[10:09pm] Pheonix561: and then

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: you cut out it's goddamn heart

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: and then

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: you cut out it's second goddamn heart

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: and then

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: you cut out it's third goddamn heart

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: and then

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: you cut out it's fourth goddamn heart

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: and then

[10:10pm] Sahaqiel: its*

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: you cut your goddamn way out of a giant dead worm

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: before you drown in worm blood

[10:10pm] brodongo: dont worms have 5 hearts though?

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: because drowning in worm blood is VERY POSSIBLE

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: bro

[10:10pm] Pheonix561: you're gonna have no hearts in a minute

[10:11pm] brodongo: i already gave my heart away

[10:11pm] Fierce_Muffin: (He's going to steal it)

[10:11pm] Double54 left the chat room. (Connection closed)

[10:11pm] Fierce_Muffin: (And then break it)

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: yeah

[10:11pm] Double45 joined the chat room.

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: seducing in 3

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: 2

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: 1

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: oh

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: oh my~

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: brodongo~

[10:11pm] brodongo: stop it

[10:11pm] Whorey: \o/

[10:11pm] brodongo: youre making me blush

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: when did you get so...

[10:11pm] Pheonix561: ... african~~~

[10:12pm] brodongo: hahah

[10:12pm] Double54 joined the chat room.

[10:12pm] Pheonix561: look at your big

[10:12pm] Fierce_Muffin: lol

[10:12pm] Pheonix561: strong

[10:12pm] Pheonix561: black man arms

[10:12pm] Sahaqiel: I'm tempted to donate under The Cockripper and comment "I just wanted you to read my name aloud on the stream."

[10:12pm] brodongo: thanks

[10:12pm] brodongo: i work out

[10:12pm] Pheonix561: oh woops

[10:12pm] Pheonix561: sorry

[10:12pm] brodongo: my big ebony guns

[10:13pm] Pheonix561: being the clumsy woman I am I spilled vegetable oil all over your hunks of arm meat

[10:13pm] Pheonix561: I should have kept that vegetable oil in the kitchen

[10:13pm] Pheonix561: like a good woman

[10:13pm] brodongo: you washed all the coco butter off

[10:13pm] Double54: i want the logs of cirt discovering brodongo wasnt black in the #zelda moments topic

[10:13pm] Double54: jeez

[10:13pm] Pheonix561: well, I can make up for it by taking your clothes off and washing them for you

[10:13pm] Double54: i wasnt here

[10:13pm] Pheonix561: oh

[10:13pm] Pheonix561: we can't get that vegetable oil off your charcoal body can we

[10:14pm] Pheonix561: well we'll just have to rub it back into you, wont we

[10:14pm] Pheonix561: rub rub rub

[10:14pm] brodongo: shit woman

[10:14pm] Pheonix561: rubbing vegetable oil all over blackdongo

[10:14pm] Pheonix561: oh!

[10:14pm] Pheonix561: oh my~

[10:14pm] Ganondorf333: HO HO HO

[10:14pm] Pheonix561: blackdongo~

[10:14pm] Pheonix561: look at the size of your black-dong-o

[10:14pm] Double45 left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 101 seconds)

[10:14pm] Double54 is now known as Double45.

[10:15pm] Pheonix561: its true what they say about black men and genitals isn't it, blackdongo

[10:15pm] Double45 was promoted to operator by Navi.

[10:15pm] Double45 was promoted to administrator by Navi.

[10:15pm] Pheonix561: blackdongo

[10:15pm] Pheonix561: will you make a woman out of me with you fifteen inch woman maker

[10:15pm] brodongo: yes

[10:15pm] Pheonix561: ooh~

[10:15pm] brodongo: but you cant talk

[10:16pm] Pheonix561: okay but you have to tell me you love me

[10:16pm] Pheonix561: tell me you love me

[10:16pm] Pheonix561: and my vagina is yours

[10:16pm] brodongo: i dont play dat shit

[10:16pm] brodongo: i never say love

[10:16pm] Pheonix561: bro~

[10:16pm] Pheonix561: I know you dont mean that~

[10:17pm] brodongo: yes i do

[10:17pm] brodongo: its rape o clock bitch

[10:17pm] Pheonix561: I was asking for it anyways

[10:17pm] Pheonix561: I mean look at how provocatively I'm dressed

[10:17pm] Pheonix561: I'm practically begging for sex, and when I say no I just mean yes

[10:17pm] Pheonix561: naturally

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Whoops, my mistake. Its been awhile since I've been on Hnet chat, I forgot it was literally referred to as #Zelda.


I remember chats with Vivi being pretty awesome when I went on a couple years back.

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Why not join the chat right now? That quote is directly from us watching Cosmo do an Occarina of Time speed run. Three hours. This is nuts.

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Pheo the next time you spell Ocarina with two c's I AM GOING TO FIND YOU AND PULL YOUR FINGERNAILS OFF ONE BY ONE

that is your second offense.

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Curt chill out

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im guna kil u

As requested my Double45, my reaction and denial that brodongo is not in fact a black man.

Jan 07 00:35:24 <Cirt> the color of you name on my xchat

Jan 07 00:35:25 <Sahaqiel> Holy crap I forgot to mix into another track

Jan 07 00:35:28 <Sahaqiel> I am so sorry Zero

Jan 07 00:35:34 <Cirt> Saha is forever royal blue

Jan 07 00:35:35 <Sahaqiel> and maybe brodongo

Jan 07 00:35:46 <Sahaqiel> More like peasant blue. :(

Jan 07 00:35:47 <brodongo> its all good

Jan 07 00:35:58 <Cirt> I mean I'm always gray

Jan 07 00:35:58 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:36:04 <Zero> purple's gay

Jan 07 00:36:06 <brodongo> what color is goldenrod? Gold?

Jan 07 00:36:13 <Cirt> it's like an orange-yellow

Jan 07 00:36:21 <Zero> I want to be dark black

Jan 07 00:36:22 <brodongo> i can live with that

Jan 07 00:36:26 <Sahaqiel> More yellow than orange.

Jan 07 00:36:33 <brodongo> Zero you need to be more red

Jan 07 00:36:34 <Cirt> zero if it makes you feel better, t1g is fuschia

Jan 07 00:36:35 <Cirt> lol

Jan 07 00:36:43 <Cirt> or violet

Jan 07 00:36:48 <Zero> I want to be red

Jan 07 00:36:49 <Sahaqiel> Where's Cerulian

Jan 07 00:36:50 <brodongo> ma gen ta

Jan 07 00:36:51 <Zero> make me red.

Jan 07 00:36:53 <Sahaqiel> Cerulean

Jan 07 00:36:53 <Sahaqiel> *

Jan 07 00:36:55 <Sahaqiel> wow

Jan 07 00:36:55 <Cirt> cascade is red

Jan 07 00:37:01 <Sahaqiel> Cascade is Cerulean

Jan 07 00:37:03 <Zero> oh like a period blood

Jan 07 00:37:04 <Cirt> HEY SNOOP SAY SOMETHING

Jan 07 00:37:08 <Cirt> I wanna see what color he is

Jan 07 00:37:10 <Sahaqiel> Because you get the Cascade badge from Misty.

Jan 07 00:37:10 <brodongo> everyone is green for me

Jan 07 00:37:10 <Cirt> I have never known

Jan 07 00:37:14 <brodongo> except i am black

Jan 07 00:37:20 <brodongo> a silent protector

Jan 07 00:37:23 <brodongo> a dark knight

Jan 07 00:37:28 <Cirt> bro aren't you actually

Jan 07 00:37:30 <Cirt> lol

Jan 07 00:37:33 <brodongo> no

Jan 07 00:37:34 <Zero> I'm black and I'm deprived of my voting privileges

Jan 07 00:37:35 <Cirt> wat

Jan 07 00:37:48 <Zero> Also

Jan 07 00:37:50 <brodongo> im white

Jan 07 00:37:53 <Cirt> you are not

Jan 07 00:37:56 <Zero> In less than 15 seconds

Jan 07 00:37:59 <Zero> prove you're not black

Jan 07 00:38:00 <Zero> gogogogo

Jan 07 00:38:08 <Cirt> bro you are so black

Jan 07 00:38:12 <Cirt> you are so lying

Jan 07 00:38:18 <Zero> :\

Jan 07 00:38:18 <brodongo> dead serious

Jan 07 00:38:19 <Sahaqiel> I''ve got pizza to tend to in like two minutes

Jan 07 00:38:20 <Cirt> no.

Jan 07 00:38:21 <Cirt> no.

Jan 07 00:38:25 <Cirt> I don't believe you.

Jan 07 00:38:28 <Sahaqiel> I'll just put a really long track on.

Jan 07 00:38:43 <brodongo> since when am i black

Jan 07 00:38:49 <Cirt> since always?!?!

Jan 07 00:38:51 <Zero> since you stole that bike

Jan 07 00:38:58 <brodongo> nope

Jan 07 00:39:02 <Cirt> brodongo

Jan 07 00:39:04 <Cirt> BRO

Jan 07 00:39:05 <Cirt> DONG

Jan 07 00:39:05 <Cirt> O

Jan 07 00:39:07 <brodongo> kimmy always asked me if i was black

Jan 07 00:39:11 <Cirt> but you are

Jan 07 00:39:14 <brodongo> i always said no

Jan 07 00:39:15 <Cirt> you areee

Jan 07 00:39:16 <Cirt> YOU AREEE

Jan 07 00:39:21 <Zero> Kimmy once kicked me for being good at maths

Jan 07 00:39:22 <Cirt> GOD DAMNIT

Jan 07 00:39:27 <Cirt> PHEONIX

Jan 07 00:39:32 <brodongo> i am breaking your heart right now

Jan 07 00:39:33 <Zero> well

Jan 07 00:39:35 <Zero> 'good'

Jan 07 00:39:36 <Cirt> kind of

Jan 07 00:39:38 <Cirt> yes

Jan 07 00:39:39 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:39:43 <brodongo> im sorry

Jan 07 00:39:49 <Zero> Cirt has no heart

Jan 07 00:39:53 <Cirt> ya

Jan 07 00:39:57 <Cirt> i am just

Jan 07 00:39:59 <Cirt> destined to be alone

Jan 07 00:40:01 <Pheonix561> cirt

Jan 07 00:40:01 <RadStar> where are you Princess Rutko..... damn ungrateful fish

Jan 07 00:40:02 <Pheonix561> huh

Jan 07 00:40:04 <Pheonix561> I'm on skype

Jan 07 00:40:07 <Pheonix561> cascade's WICKED drunk

Jan 07 00:40:08 <Cirt> pheo isn't brodongo black

Jan 07 00:40:09 <Zero> ???

Jan 07 00:40:10 <Zero> rutko?

Jan 07 00:40:10 <Cirt> ISN'T HE

Jan 07 00:40:12 <Zero> isn't it ruto

Jan 07 00:40:13 <Pheonix561> i have no idea?

Jan 07 00:40:13 <Whorey> :o

Jan 07 00:40:16 <Cirt> YES HE IS

Jan 07 00:40:20 <Pheonix561> cascade is black though

Jan 07 00:40:20 <Zero> LISTEN

Jan 07 00:40:21 <Cirt> YOU MUST HAVE PICKED UP ON THIS

Jan 07 00:40:23 <Cirt> no he is not

Jan 07 00:40:25 <Zero> EVERYBODY HERE IS BLACK

Jan 07 00:40:26 <Cirt> squidding hell pheonix

Jan 07 00:40:27 <Cirt> go way

Jan 07 00:40:29 <Cirt> away

Jan 07 00:40:33 <Pheonix561> I'm black

Jan 07 00:40:39 <Zero> I'm black too

Jan 07 00:40:39 <Cirt> I'm going

Jan 07 00:40:41 <Cirt> to hurt you

Jan 07 00:40:46 <Pheonix561> Cirt I love you :(

Jan 07 00:40:50 <Cirt> you do not

Jan 07 00:40:52 <Cirt> everyone hates me

Jan 07 00:40:56 <Cirt> especially brodongo

Jan 07 00:40:57 <Zero> I hate you

Jan 07 00:41:01 <Cirt> the thieving LIAR

Jan 07 00:41:02 <Zero> <3

Jan 07 00:41:08 <brodongo> but i love you Cirt

Jan 07 00:41:10 <Pheonix561> what did brodongo say

Jan 07 00:41:14 <brodongo> even though im white

Jan 07 00:41:16 <Pheonix561> did he say he was white and that was a lie?

Jan 07 00:41:23 <Pheonix561> and then

Jan 07 00:41:27 <Pheonix561> it turned out he was hawaiian


Jan 07 00:41:32 <Cirt> no

Jan 07 00:41:32 <brodongo> Cirt always imagined me as the token black

Jan 07 00:41:35 <Cirt> he lives in

Jan 07 00:41:38 <Cirt> boston

Jan 07 00:41:40 <brodongo> and then i broke her heart

Jan 07 00:41:49 <Cirt> there is no way he is hawaiian

Jan 07 00:41:53 <Cirt> I mean people can move

Jan 07 00:41:54 <Cirt> but

Jan 07 00:41:56 <brodongo> boston is filled with irish white boys

Jan 07 00:41:57 <Cirt> NOT

Jan 07 00:42:00 <Cirt> BRODONGO

Jan 07 00:42:02 <Pheonix561> whities!

Jan 07 00:42:08 <Cirt> bro

Jan 07 00:42:13 <Cirt> I will never believe you

Jan 07 00:42:17 <Cirt> until you prove it to me

Jan 07 00:42:27 <Pheonix561> then

Jan 07 00:42:28 <Pheonix561> only then

Jan 07 00:42:33 <Pheonix561> will cirt kiss you on the face

Jan 07 00:42:50 <brodongo> i dont want to hurt you again cirt

Jan 07 00:42:57 <brodongo> if you see my white face

Jan 07 00:43:00 <Cirt> no one wants to kiss me

Jan 07 00:43:02 <Cirt> don't be silly

Jan 07 00:43:16 <Cirt> but

Jan 07 00:43:17 <Cirt> no

Jan 07 00:43:17 <Cirt> no

Jan 07 00:43:18 <Cirt> no

Jan 07 00:43:18 <Cirt> no

Jan 07 00:43:21 <Cirt> it can't be true

Jan 07 00:43:25 <Cirt> where the hell is fort

Jan 07 00:43:28 <Cirt> she will understand

Jan 07 00:43:28 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:43:30 <Cirt> :((((

Jan 07 00:43:30 <Sahaqiel> IM SORRY

Jan 07 00:43:34 <Sahaqiel> IM SORRY ZERO AND BRODONGO

Jan 07 00:43:35 <Cirt> SAHAQIEL

Jan 07 00:43:37 <Cirt> ISN'T

Jan 07 00:43:38 <Cirt> BRO

Jan 07 00:43:39 <Cirt> BLACK

Jan 07 00:43:40 <Whorey> Ow my eyes :(

Jan 07 00:43:42 <Cirt> ISBN'T HE

Jan 07 00:43:43 <Cirt> ISN'T

Jan 07 00:43:47 <brodongo> i just checked my skin

Jan 07 00:43:52 <brodongo> and im definently white

Jan 07 00:43:55 <Zero> I'm

Jan 07 00:43:56 <Cirt> no no no no

Jan 07 00:44:12 <Cirt> zero you are PURPLE how many times must i tell yo

Jan 07 00:44:34 <Cirt> I just

Jan 07 00:44:34 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:44:45 <Pheonix561> cirt

Jan 07 00:44:50 <Cirt> I guess in my head brodongo was a really cool and funny dreezy

Jan 07 00:44:52 <Cirt> I don't know why

Jan 07 00:44:54 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:45:02 <Cirt> I don't know what to think anymore

Jan 07 00:45:03 <Pheonix561> I miss dreezy too :(

Jan 07 00:45:11 <Pheonix561> lef's best

Jan 07 00:45:13 <Pheonix561> right's aight

Jan 07 00:45:24 <Pheonix561> the only line I remember from him was that

Jan 07 00:45:44 <Cirt> I just

Jan 07 00:45:48 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:46:00 <Cirt> stages of loss

Jan 07 00:46:03 <Cirt> 1. denial

Jan 07 00:46:22 <Cirt> 2. anger

Jan 07 00:46:29 <Cirt> 3. bargaining

Jan 07 00:46:33 <Cirt> 4. depression

Jan 07 00:46:50 <Cirt> I believe I just went through 4 of 5 here

Jan 07 00:47:30 <Zero>

Jan 07 00:47:30 <Corinth> YouTube The Fresh Prince of Doukutsu

Jan 07 00:47:31 <Zero> AHAHAHAHAHA

Jan 07 00:48:19 <Cirt> no

Jan 07 00:48:19 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:49:18 <Sahaqiel> i am so sorry zero

Jan 07 00:49:24 <Sahaqiel> i was eating

Jan 07 00:49:25 <Sahaqiel> :(

Jan 07 00:51:28 <Pheonix561> bargaining

Jan 07 00:51:32 <Cirt> I am gonna go

Jan 07 00:51:37 <Pheonix561> hey brodongo

Jan 07 00:51:41 <Pheonix561> lemme strike you a deal

Jan 07 00:51:42 <brodongo> huh

Jan 07 00:51:50 <Pheonix561> fifty bucks and you're a black man for the rest of your life

Jan 07 00:51:52 <Pheonix561> capiche?

Jan 07 00:51:57 <brodongo> deal

Jan 07 00:51:59 <Pheonix561> lol

Jan 07 00:52:02 <Cirt> this isn't

Jan 07 00:52:03 <Cirt> funny

Jan 07 00:52:04 <Cirt> :(

Jan 07 00:52:13 <Ahmet> we're all black on the inside

Jan 07 00:52:19 <Cirt> bro you're not insulted are you

Jan 07 00:52:23 <Ahmet> well, most of us are :(

Jan 07 00:52:35 <brodongo> lol no

Jan 07 00:52:43 <Cirt> okay :(

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You can disable smileys in your posts from the full editor and it allows you to post it.

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Pheo suddenly has this southern belle's voice. Forever. In my mind.

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You can disable smileys in your posts from the full editor and it allows you to post it.

Sahaqiel you are brilliant, I have done this so many times and I didn't even think about it. Thanks.

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lol ya

you're welcome cirtsybro <3

<+Ahmet> No ShadowMetroid, you are physically 15, yes ok, but you have the intellect of an eleven year old.

<ShadowMetroid> Intellect is over 9,00

<ShadowMetroid> fuck 0


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wait, was the censor lifted again, or is that your mod powers?


friggan mod powers, get me every time.

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