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Free the Beast

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Everything you know is wrong.

Our world is inhabited by human beast hybrids called Henshin beasts. While the population at large has forgotten their Henshin side small pockets of humanity remain that remember the truth.

For centuries an uneasy peace has existed between the clans, that all changed when Cortez the leader of the Lobo Henshin killed Anut the Leader of the Ursa Henshin. As battle lines were drawn Henshin had to take sides.

With the war brewing you must take a stand.


Age: (Teen to Adult please)

Henshin Race: (Any animal you can think of, but preferably mammal)

Alliance: Lobo, Ursa or Neutral


Here's Mine:

Name: Xavier Staine

Age: 25

Henshin Race: Henshin Reptilia Dromaeosauroidea

Alliance: Neutral

History: Xavier is one of the few remaining Reptilia Henshin on Earth. His Henshin race evolved from Dromaeosaurs a bird like Carnivorous Dinosaur that survived the K-T Mass extinction. As they were the first to evolve in humanoid form the Henshin Reptilia became the stuff of legend. They were the Rhode builders who taught Rome, built complex statues and other wonders while Mammalian Henshin were barely out of the mud. But their hubris led to their downfall as their island home Lintis sank to the ocean floor.

The few Remaining Henshin Reptilia intermingled with other Henshin. Xavier's family however kept their bloodline pure.

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