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Between 1980 and 1995, Covidian Pharmaceuticals tested F-327 a Fertility drug more commonly known a Ferti-Max. The drug was successful and as a result many women who couldn't get pregnant did. For most test subjects they gave birth to healthy babies with no ill effects, others weren't so lucky.

F-327 combined with a unique Amino Acid present in .7% of the Planet's Female population, this combination resulted in unforseen complications. Complications which first present at puberty.

The Government refers to them as "327 Augments" but they refer to themselves as Supers, otherwise normal people with Extra-Normal Abilities. To monitor, track and if need be contain the 327 Augments the US Government created "Omega Sector" a highly covert branch of the FBI.

Omega is made up of trained field agents and 327 Augments who have pledged to help defend this country.

You are one of these Augments:

Name: Dustin "Trey" Royce 3rd

Age: 29

Augment: Increased strength, stamina and endurance as well as Bio-Reactive armor that is harder than diamonds

Code Name: Crasher

History: Born into a life of Luxury, Dustin was the Grandson of Steel Magnate Dustin Royce Sr. While his father made no effort to live a normal life Trey sought to make his own mark on the world. When he was 14 years old his Augment manifested itself when on a family vacation. The Chartered Plane he was on crashed, his entire family were killed but he survived. That's when he first doscovered his Bio-Armor was a bit of a scrapper. But a reminder of his dreams pushed Dustin to aid the Government instead.

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