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Shellrazer is a game app whatever thing (I don't own an ipad or iphone or android so don't look at me) that combines tower defence with movin' forward. Which is to say, you're a tower, but you move forward through the level. And you're a giant turtle. You're a straight up war machine, and you put cannons on your back, or towers to hold wizards and things in, and you just blow shit up. Here's the devblog.

I've been following the development of Shellrazer for quite some time now, and the character designer behind it for even longer. Jouste the Drawbarian, who's real name I don't know off the top of my head but sincerely hope is actually that, has been operating a deviantart account ever since before I first just the website, and has always managed to inspire me with the character designs he comes up with during his lunch breaks.

Artists like Jouste you don't necessarily follow for their technical ability(though he's nothing to scoff at). Guys like this I really really appreciate for their ideas. At his worst he's hit and miss, and at his best he just makes really imaginitive stuff that makes me say "Wow, somebody should really put this guy in charge of character design at a really big studio that will make his games." Which is why it's so great that he got put in charge of shellrazer, and why all of you who can should buy it. It's probably only like a dollar. Five bucks, tops.

And I'm gonna post some samples of his stuff just so you can all get an idea.



it's starchop! the huge-rumped cleavian. cleavians are each entrusted with a small planetoid to protect and guard against the countless planetoid stealers out there. planetoids are usually populated by small race of size-based geniuses.

the smaller these creatures are the smarter they are, but as we all know, the smaller you are the less people listen to you, so it's a fine balance.

starchop has dual cleavers that can make short work of any potential threats to the planet, and he also has hilarious anecdotes should his blades fail him.

"Annelidian Rifleman"


the annelidian rifleman!

far across the galaxy lives the disgusting race of annelidians, vicious hermaphrodites that sustain their horrible reign by consuming the blood of all who oppose them. annelidians are quite floppy and need multiple braces to keep their pliable bodies rigid and able to wield conventional weapons.

the annelidians keep loads of their prisoners of war on their awful blood farms and use the steady supply of vitae pumping to fill their gigantic supply silos. these silos fuel all the advancements of the annelidians, their brains only work at full capacity when they are on a full belly of blood (i'm sure we can relate). when an annelidian is starved they regress into a feral state, lose all reason, and will do anything to get a mouthful of blood.

here we see standard issue gear for the average annelidian soldier:

-cobalt flares are useful for both signaling supply drops and melting holes through heavily re-enforced hulls.

-the personal shield generator (PSG) can be set to absorb 3 energy blasts before needing a full day's recharge. they can only be activated for 15 minutes at a time.

-the slicerknife has been shown on countless galactic infomercials as an affordable way to eviscerate your foes and finely chop all your fruits and vegetables!

-the cook rifle has an abysmal rate of fire but makes up for that with unstable metallic rounds (UMRs). the inside of these rounds are made up of two dangerously unstable types of metal that are separated by a magnetic field.

when these bullets are "cooked" in the main housing of the gun they react with violently with each other creating a miniaturized explosion that can pretty much bore through anything.

the rifle takes up a lot of energy to maintain the "cooking" state so it is advisable to have a good idea of what you are shooting at before readying a round.

(a big thank you to my good pal curt-rod who helped me devise what a cook rifle would actually do.)

"Phelgrum and Cauldronis" (A contest entry for some predominance war 5 thing)


zounds! it's pre-dominance war time already!

so here's my entry!

two corrupted champions backing up those polygon punching patriots at polycount!

on the left is PHELGRUM: HIGH-BRANDISHER OF THE BIRD ABLAZE! holy-cake-eating-dinosaur! what a monster! phelgrum was an expert wielder-demon; creatures that are capable of weaponising anything they come in contact with. phelgrum managed to trick a phoenix with a cunning trap involving birdseed and an untracable cellphone call. now that fiery falcon resides in a horrible cage-club that is wielded by that horrific demon phelgrum! yikes how scary!

and don't forget that freakinsh fountain of fear on the right:

CAULDRONIS: THE GRIM GHOULASH! that sinful soup, that baleful brine, the frightful fondue! watch out people! that's a spined war ladle he be wielding in tandem with that lid shield! cauldronis was a slurry of foul concoctions that was so horrific and vile it grew an evil consciousness, consumed the insane alchemists that brewed him. and transmogrified the cauldron that became his new body! yowzers what a tale!

so there sure is some awesome entries this year. be sure to go check them out and vote for your faves people! wish this soldier of polycount luck!

"Captain Saicin"


ouch! who's that pepper powered pugilist?

why it's none other than captain saicin: soldier of spice!

here we see him decked out in his herb slinging battle gear, ready to douse the field with his searing smoke and peppery mists of scorching spices! on his belt and back you can plainly see the ripened custavo doom chilies; the hottest pepper ever experienced in the galaxy (there may be hotter peppers out there but discovering them without being destroyed would likely be impossible.

captain saicin commands a squad of spice soldiers into the most dangerous of missions and has many a harrowing tale to tell! on his right arm is a cutomized peppershot device that deploys a concentrated blast of screaming hotness that melts through armor and flesh alike!

so watch out everyone! this cyclopean customer is on one spicy mission!

Would you play as that last guy because I'D PLAY AS THAT LAST GUY. AND LIKE ALL HIS OTHER GUYS.

I don't really see him ever making anything that could be called generic. I really recommend his space series. Also he has a whole bunch of drawings of the characters of castle crashers here(He's openly influenced by Danny Paladin), and he has a bunch of drawings of the League of Legends Champions but I can't really link them since he doesn't have a gallery for it so just go browse his gallery until you see them.

If you have no other incentive, then buy this game when it comes out in five days so you can rub in my face how you got to play it and I didn't. Rebuttal in advance: You're a dick.

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