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M. Bulteau's Majora's Mask Opera

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On November 28, 2011, Miguel Bulteau (known as Berlioz around here) posted a topic about an opera he wanted to begin work on. To our surprise, the opera was to be based on a popular Zelda game, Majora's Mask. Most of the community was cautiously optimistic, as this was an ambitious project for anyone to undertake.

He wanted to change things up. Instead of having the opera revolve around the hero of Hyrule, Link, the opera would revolve around Kafei and Anju, two lovers from the game. In fact, Bulteau planned to remove Link from the picture entirely. This, of course, was met with criticism from our community, though not in a negative fashion. Bulteau was very open, honest, and patient with our questions and concerns, and he assured us that the opera would not work with a silent protagonist.

Having read what he had to say in response to my concerns, I believe him.

Ever since his first post, Bulteau has been diligently devising orchestrations and instrumentals for the opera. According to his website, composition is his passion, and his passion shines through everything he shows us. On our site, we've never had anyone produce such a monumental project and stick with it. The fact that Miguel is so dedicated is refreshing.

I look forward to the future work you put into this project, Berlioz. This has the chance to become something great, because it can provide non-gamers a window into the dark, mature themes of Majora's Mask. Keep up the good work! Give us a shout if you need any help, and God bless.

Click this to visit the topic where it all started.

Also, visit Berlioz's website at


Looks like you hit the front page of! Good job!

Here's the link:

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