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(Hey everyone. I'm happy that we are all still friends and that we can continue with our roleplay.)

We walk around the woods for about an hour, looking for any trace of Link.

Eventually we decide to visit the deep woods incase Link went there. We walked towards Skyview temple and notice a mark on the ground that looks like a giant flower pattern.

"What's this?" I ask. "This wasn't here before was it?"

(Can we please do the first trial? It was really fun when I played it in the game a few days ago.)

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(Maybe we can do the second one? I think Link's already done with the silent realm by now :P And the Eldin one was so difficult and more fun! :D)


"No..." Pipit mumbers.

"Zurin? Do you know what this is?" Emzy asks.

"Hmm... It seems that the hero has done a so called silent realm..." he mumbers.

"A what?" Callia asks.

"A silent realm. It's a test for the hero to claim proof of his spiritual growth," he explains.

"Is he still doing it right now?" Karane asks.

Zurin shakes his head. "No, we would have seen him sitting here, but he has finished it quite recently. He shouldn't be too far away."

"But where could he be now..." I ask out loud.

Suddenly we see a large, brown familiar figure.

"Hey!" Pipit yells. "Kikwi elder wait!"

We run towards him and he looks surprised to see us.

"Well, well! What are you all doing here? Still searching your friends?" he asks.

"Yes!" I exclaim. "Have you seen them?"

"Not the girl, but I have seen the boy! He now has the dragon scale, which means he can stay under water for a long time. I think I saw him heading towards lake Floria!" he says, pointing where we should go. "I hope that helps!"

"Yes, it certainly does. Thank you," Callia says.

"Good luck!" he yells and we go to search the lake.

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Zurin doesn't care much for visiting a giant body of water, but remains positive as best he can. Naturally he had never visited the lake but knew of its location and inhabitants. "The lake should be southeast of here. I'm... not terribly excited about gong for a couple reasons. Besides the water, there are creatures there called Parella, servants of the big dragon that lives in the underground river." The mention of a large dragon understandably made some of the group anxious. "No need to worry," Zurin assured them, "The dragon is only an enemy to the demons. As long as I stay out of sight when you meet her, nothing should go wrong."

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"But where will you be while we're in Lake Floria?" I ask the demon, "and how can we breath underwater?"

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"We'll see what we'll do with that when we reach our destination!" Pipit says.

We cross the whole woods, deal with some enemies, and we are more then tired when we reach the small waterfall area. We decide to rest for a while and eat and drink a bit. The only bit we haven't searched is above us. We hack trough some saplings, and walk up. But something is very different...

"This wasn't open before..." Callia mutters.

"No it wasn't," Emzy agrees.

We walk across the white stone ledge and look down.

"That's a steep drop..." I say.

"Guys, come on. Face it. We can't go down!" Karane says.

"Why not?" Zurin asks.

"Yeah? Why not?" Emzy asks as well.

"In case you forgot, first of all, we can't breath underwater. More importantly, we can't swim," Karane says.

"I can... A little bit..." Callia says.

"Yeah, you and Link were the only ones. We have to find another way!" Fledge says.

And so our search begins again. We search for a long time, but we eventually find a hidden passage way by the entrance to Faron Woods.

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The cave is incredibly dark, so Zurin ignites a small flame to light the walls. "This might lead to that giant tree in the center of the province, or maybe it's a path to the lake. Whatever it is, the walls seem very damp..." He noticed. "Do you think we can find a way to breathe underwater here?" Emzy asks.


"I admit that my knowledge on underwater breathing is, er, shallow," Zurin replied. "No pun intended of course." The party had a bit of a chuckle and Zurin smiled. "We should probably follow this cave and see if whatever is on the other end can help us." Everyone agreed that there was little other choice, and so entered the cave.

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(Sorry for being quiet for so long! The site wouldn't let me post for ages and I didn't know why, turns out that I hadn't validated my E-mail address since I changed it, stupid me! Anyway, I'm back now :D I'll write a long sector to make up for my absence! And also... I thinks I have an idea!)


We traipse through the darkness, I can hear the loud dripping of water as it plummets into puddles forming on the ground. The rocks are slippery, and on numerous occasions, we almost slip over. But, eventually, we emerge on the other side.

"Where are we?" Bryarly asks, blinking as her eyes try to adjust to the bright light. I take the time to study my surroundings. A path is laid out towards a wide doorway, though it's slightly sunken beneath a few inches of water and the path crumbles away just before the entrance. Bright, luscious trees are growing all around us, and birds and bugs flourish on the small area of land.

"I believe this is part of Lake floria..." Zurin replies "if I'm not mistaken, an old temple of the Goddess lies beyond that waterfall, a cistern, though if local sources are to be believed, it's now inhabited by Ghirahim's minions."

"So we should go in?" Leala says.

"I believe it's wise that you speak to the water dragon first," Zurin replies "She resides just beyond the doorway behind us."

"So be it," Karane asys.

"I'll wait out here," Zurin mumbles, taking a step back. "It's best that I avoid the water dragon..."

"I think that's sensible," Pipit says. "Right, let's go!"

The six of us make our way in through the doorway Zurin pointed us to. As we make our way in, the drumming of water falling is loud in my ears. There's an undeniable damp smell as we wander through, and several fish like creatures can be seen bobbing around in the water.

Leala lets out an announcing cough as she steps forward, attracting the attention of the extraordinarily large blue dragon that stands before us. I'm almost amused by how small her head is in comparison to the rest of her body, though her looming presence warns me not to laugh.

"WHO DARES DISTURB THE RESIDENCE OF THE MIGHTY WATER DRAGON!" she wails as she leans closer to us.

Pipit clears his throat timidly, before announcing "We've come in search of Link, though you probably know him better as the hero. We're friends of his,and wish to aid him in his quest."

"He never mentioned accomplices..." she purrs "And if you truly are who you claim to be... then why do you carry the scent of Demon?

"Well-" Karane stutters, but she doesn't have a chance to finish.

From outside, a large yelp of protest can be heard, accompanied by the grunts of irritable Goron's. We all frown, turning our attention to the entrance way. Three figures appear in the doorway, two burly Goron's with white marks etched onto their skin, similar to the symbol on the water Dragon's forehead. Between them, they're restraining a struggling Zurin, , locking his arms behind his back.

"We found a Demon examining your temple, your highness." says the larger Goron.

She turns to us, giving a suspicious glance. "Tell me humans, if you were truly aspiring to aid the Goddess' Hero, why would you associate yourselves with a Demon?"

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This was very bad, and Zurin Knew it. More than any of her kin, the Water Dragon was slow to trust and quick to anger; there was only one weakness they could exploit in her disposition. "Great Faron, I deeply apologize for making myself hidden while my comrades came before you," he said. "I have heard of your kindness to those who prove themselves worthy, and along with my friends here, I wish to repent of my foul doings and prove myself worthy as an ally to you and the Goddess."


If the Water Dragon was suspicious of this request, it was hidden by her surprise. "Very interesting. Few demons or their associates have desired to leave behind their dark ways, but it is not unheard of. If you wish to prove yourselves, follow the hero into the Ancient Cistern behind me, and come back with the head of the mechanical Koloktos, an automation that has been lost to us for some time." Zurin bowed and accepted the will of Faron, and although the rest of the company were not too happy about being associated with the demons, they knew there was no other way to continue following Link.

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We enter the Ancient Cistern, and it's very damp and warm in there. The area itself looks beautiful though, with water with lily pads in it, and a giant statue in the middle.

"I guess we just go in that thing... Right?" Callia says.

"Good for me," I answer.

We jump on some lily pads who surprisingly can hold us. We open the door located at the bottom of the statue, and inside there is a large stream of water going up.

"Won't we drown or something?" Karane asks.

"I guess we'll have to find out..." Emzy mutters. She jumps in and goes up with the stream. We all follow and are all soaking when we're up. We find another stream of water, and another one... We finally reach a floor with a giant flower and a set of stairs. We go up and reach the final floor with another set of stairs. We also go up these, and reach a large room with golden limbs and swords scattered all over the ground.

"Aha. There is the head Faron wanted," Zurin mutters. He takes a golden creepy looking head and stuffed it into his pouch, "Oh no..."

"What?" Emzy asks.

I gasp. There is blood all over the floor. Without thinking I call his name.

"Link?" my voice cracks and I sound very desperate.

"Maybe he's here!" Fledge yells. He opens the door, and yes, in the lights of a green flame, there he is. Link. Laying on the ground. His green tunic stained by blood. I run towards him. I can't describe how I am feeling. Sad, furious, upset... I hear myself yelling and freaking out.

"No! No! Link! No no no please! This can't be happening! Link!" I cry as I put my hand on his cheek.

Callia kneels down next to me and feels his pulse. She sighs. "He's still alive."

"But look at that wound..." Emzy says, kneeling down too. "Goddess..."

He has a large wound on his chest, and the blood stain is still growing. I'm still sobbing, and muttering words to him.

"What do we do?" Karane mutters.

"Let's take him outside of this dungeon," Pipit suggests.

Callia softly pulls me back from Link. "Come on..."

"No..." I cry softly.

"Please Bryarly..." she says.

I surrender, stand up and lay my head on her shoulder. She lays an arm around me as I softly sob while she tries to sooth me.

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(OMG! This is so intense! Also, we have about 80ish reviews on our fanfiction so that's almost 100!)

"Is he going to be ok?" I ask. I have no medical expertise and I can't tell how bad the wound is.

"Hopefully he will be ok...probably..." Callia replies but she don't sound sure.

"Let's get him outside before we run into any more monsters." Zurin says.

We all help pick him up. I can just about hear him breathing but that's the only sign that he is alive.

Outside of the temple is the Water Dragon. Her face is in shock as she sees us carrying the dead looking hero.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM?!?!" She yells.

I can tell this probably looks really bad right now considering the Water Dragon probably dousn't know the whole story.

All of us stand in silence, not even daring to speak. How the heck do we explain this?

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"The Hero is vital to the ensure the safety of our lands and the creatures of the Goddess, creatures that you have sworn to stand by. And yet you do this?" she hisses.

"This isn't how it looks!" Emzy insists, stepping forward. Her hands are trembling as she faces the might of the water dragon, who's currently fuming.

"I offered you an opportunity to prove yourselves, yet instead of seizing it, you decide to anger the only authoritative figure over Faron woods." the mighty dragon spits. Already, her proportionally tiny hands are setting to work, summoning the power of the water. Hums and groans pass from her throat as she summons a large wall of water. The powerful force gushes upwards, leaving us to only watch in silence, our breath catching in our throats.

"Deny my land it's rightful hero will you?" she hisses, her voice taking a much deeper, more hostile tone. "Not if I have anything to do with it."

The wall of water reaches it's full ferocity as she lets out a frustrated yell. She thrusts her hands forwards, sending the water towards us in a vicious tidal wave. My heart begins to pound in my chest. Something that powerful could knock us clean out... and I hate to think what it would do to Link in his current state.

Yet, within a matter of moments, everything changes. A flash of red and white races past me, orange and gold flickering at his fingertips. A maroon cowl is blown back off of Zurin's face as he launches jets of fire into the seemingly endless roll of water.Loud hissing and fizzling echoes through the air as the water evaporates into moist steam. It curls and crawls into the open air, eventually disappearing in a cloud of steam.

"Would you just let us explain!" he exclaims as our view finally clears.


(Zurin's a fire sorcerer, remember?)

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(Yeah I should start using that fire more :P )


"If we had injured Link ourselves, do you honestly think we would bring his body before you like this!?" Zurin said, his snarl visible on his uncovered face. "Enough!" The dragon bellowed in reply. "Your actions may have saved the hero despite what I first believed, but your insolence nearly overshadows your bravery. I will give you my blessing and you may leave with your lives, but woe to you if we should EVER meet again!" With that, Faron flung a handful of what appeared to be her own scales at the group, which Zurin quickly collected before teleporting the group and Link.


Materializing at the end of a grassy path between the cistern entrance and the woods, Zurin crouches over Link and begins making a healing potion. "What is that thing's deal anyway!?" Callia says, fuming. "Dragons are like all creatures with too much power; they are quick to make reality whatever they want it to be." Zurin replies. "Faron means well of course, but she is proud, and pride can make one rash like it did to my old master..." As he spoke the solution was completed and applied to Link. "This will save the hero's life, but he needs a proper potion vendor and some sleep."

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The still unconscious Link lets out a low moan of pain as the potion sets to work healing the wound on his chest. His dirty blond hair is plastered to his forehead with sweat, his tunic is stained with blood, and in all the time I've known him, I've never seen him look this bad. My stomach tightens as I watch Pipit scoop Link up into his arms, and we all make our way over to the nearest statue.

"We'll take him back to Skyloft," Emzy says heavily "It's our only choice."

"Take care of him," Zurin says. "If what the water dragon said is true, he needs to be in full health before returning to the surface. You have to make sure of that."

"We promise," Karane says, giving him a swift nod.

I feel a sense of guilt settling over me as I watch Zurin. I never should have been so quick to judge him. Everything he did back there with the water dragon proves that he's a powerful ally to have at our disposal. I'm beginning to regret my earlier bitterness.

"Let me know where to meet you next, ok?" Zurin says, nodding towards the gossip stone around Emzy's neck.


The wind ruffles my clothes and whips at my hair as I dive from my Loftwing onto the roof of the academy. There's a small gust as Pipit lands his bird on the roof, allowing him to clamber off more safely with Link still in his arms. One by one, the others drop around us. None of us could ignore the stares we received as we flew over our little island. There's no doubt about it, we're in big trouble. Fledge opens the doors of the academy, allowing us entry. Karane, Emzy and I stroll ahead, whilst the other walk just behind us. Just moments after we enter, Instructor Horwell rushes out to greet us, presumably having heard our footsteps.

"Where in Hylia's name have you been?" he exclaims.

"We can explain..." Karane begins, but her voice trails away into silence as a large shadow is cast over all of us. Geapora stands in the doorway of his office, watching us all with an expression that I can't quite read. It's somewhere between relief, annoyance, anger, and disappointment.Yet he doesn't say a word, it's almost worse that way.

The silence is eventually broken by Link, who lets out a low groan of pain. I watch as Geapora's focus shifts to just behind us, where Pipit carries Link. His expression changes to one of concern and worry as his newest senior student raises one hand to his forehead, voice cracking as he groans again.

"W... we found Link..." Pipit whispers.

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We all sit together in Link's room. I'm sitting in the chair next to his bed. I stopped with the sobbing a while ago, and I feel a bit embarrassed. Now everyone probably knows what was my problem.

We all kind of keep guard, during the night. Two persons would always stay awake. Me being one of them. I just couldn't sleep. Professor Owlan has given Link all the help he could and Luv made strong healing potions. Everyone is helping, and yet no one has asked how we found him. No one dares to. Well, the headmaster has tried, but we are all still too shocked to answer.

I haven't spoken to anyone since we left the surface. My body feels numb. My eyes are swollen from all the crying, my long hair is tangled and I probably have bags under my eyes from the lack off sleep.

I honestly thought he was going to die. Everyone did, I think. I glance around the room. Pipit sits against Link's bookshelf, with Karane sleeping, her head on Pipit's lap. Emzy lays on the floor, sleeping as well. Fledge is sleeping next to Link's desk and finally my eyes fall on Callia, who is laying next to Fledge, holding Fledge's arm tightly. She stares back at me. I quickly look away.

"Don't do that," she whispers.

"What?" I ask, my voice sounding hoarse.  

She comes sitting next to me on the floor and gestures me to do the same. I do so and she lays an arm around me.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asks.

I quickly figure that there is no point in asking what she means. I know what.

"Because I couldn't," I reply weakly.

"But I'm your friend right? And Emzy?" she says.

"That's right," Emzy whispers. She also comes sitting next to me.

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