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"Hold up!" Fledge shouts, causing his friends to turn around and look at him. He rummages through his adventure pouch, pulling out multiple squares of folded cloths. "I made these for everyone!" He says, handing them out "They're sailcloth's, so if we fall, we won't get hurt!"

"Great idea Fledge!" Bryarly says, giving him a warm smile.

"Right... come on!" Emzy shouts, encouraging her friends to join her on their Loftwings. One by one the group of teenagers dive from the island, landing on their array of multicoloured birds. The flock of birds swoop in and out of the large rocks among the sky, avoiding the pink octorks spitting stray stones at them. Eventually, they circle around the green column of light, a smile spreads across Emzy's face.

"See! I told you there'd be a surface!" She points eagerly downwards, and as all eyes follow, the large circle in the cloud barrier is clear to see. Revealing a lush green paradise below. Large structures thrust up from he ground, temples or buildings of some description, large  bodies of water scatter amongst the forest, and a large tree stands proudly in the centre of it all.

"Look at it!" Pipit exclaims, beaming like a kid in a candy store.

"Right... are we ready to dive?" Callia asks, glancing around at her friends.

"Three... two... one... GO!"

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They all jump off their loftwings into the blinding column of light. It's not long before they all land perfectly on the ground thanks to the sailcloths Fledge made.

Emzy looks down at the bit of fabric in her hands.

"Zelda made sailcloths too didn't she..." She mumbles, sadly, then looks around, "Wow look at this place!"

The area is dark and mysterious with a giant temple covered in lush, green grass. In the other direction was a downwards spiral into who knew what.

"Which way should we go?" Callia asks.

"Which way would Link go?" asks Pipit.

"Well we can't spend too long to decide. Remember Link is looking for Zelda so he'll be ferther away from us every moment longer we take." Emzy reminds him.

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"To the temple I guess..." Pipit mutters, looking up at the large sweeping dome above them. Pipit frowns, staring at the domed roof, cracked in half, with no sign as to the location of the rest of the roof

"What is it?" Calla asks, standing next to him and trying to find his source of interest.

"That roof looks familiar..." he mutters, a frown embedded deep on his brow.

"Don't think about it!" Brylarly says "Come on, we'd better catch up with Emzy and Karane!" She gestures ahead of them to where the two girls are already walking towards the large double doors to the temple.

"I can't believe how big this place is!" Emzy exclaims as they catch up to her.

Karane nods "Yeah, you could probably fit the whole of Skyloft onto that spiral with room to spare!"

Suddenly a strange squelching noise arises from in front of them as a strange looking flower erupts up from the ground. It's head is larger than a humans, and it's jaws drip with a strange yellowish-green saliva as it dives for Karane. She jumps back out of it's range.

There's lots of swooshing as swords are pulled from scabbards, Pipit strikes the flora over it's head, but it simply shakes it's head in reaction before making a dive for him, wrapping his waist in it's jaw. He yelps in surprise, but Emzy is quick to react. She wrenches Pipit from the creatures jaw, and as it makes a dive for her, she blocks with her shield. It sways back, temporarily stunned, giving her a window to slice along his jaw line. It's limp head falls to the ground, before disapearing in a puff of mystical purple fog.

"What the hell was that..." Callia mutters.

"I don't know..." Pipit replies "But good thinking Emzy."

She nods, storing her sword back in it's scabbard "Come on, let's get to that temple, we need to find Link."

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We walk further and two more plants erupt from the groud. This time it dives for Bryarly. She shrieks, but being prepared, swings her sword just like Emzy did and the plant falls again to the ground. The second plant is taken care of by Pipit. 

Fledge sighes. "Oh goddess. Why are we even trying to?"

"Stupid monster plants." Callia mutters. "Let's move on."

We begin walking again until Karane shrieks and stoppes walking.

"What's wrong?" Emzy askes, walking towards her.

She stoppes and looks down. "I see why..."

In front off us there is a ledge, a four meter jump.

"I'll go first." Pipit says. He sighs and sits on the ledge. He turns around until he lays on his belly. Carefully he slowly lowers himself until he releases and falls on the ground.

"You ok?" Callia askes.

"Yeah sure! Who's next?" He askes.

"Il'l go." Emzy says. doing the same as Pipit did. We all follow, Fledge hesitating a bit, and land onto the ground.

"Look at that!" Bryarly says, looking to end of the spiral.

"What are those signs on the ground?" Karane asks.

"I don't want to know. It freaks me out!" Fledge says.

"Wow... Look at this..." Callia whispers.

We all turn around and see a large ancient temple door.

Karane swallows hard and says "Well. Let's go then."

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Emzy is first to approach the door, reaching out one shaking hand to the heavy temple door. She puts all her weight into pushing the door open, but it only budges a few inches. Pipit approaches, lending her a hand, between the two of them, they manage to open the heavy doors, a loud creek echoing through the empty temple.

They proceed cautiously into the dimly lit room, met immediately by the smell of damp moss and old stonework. They carefully proceed, footsteps tapping on the temple floors. A large set of steps sit in the other side of temple, and atop them, sits a small elderly lady, dressed in a red robe with a pointed top. A small gasp passes through her lips as her eyes fall on the group of knights in training.

"You... this was not foretold in the prophecy?"

"Th... the prophecy?" Bryarly stutters, as the group carefully proceeds the steps towards the elderly lady.

"You are children on the sky... much like the chosen hero"

"Chosen Hero?" Karane asks, raising one eyebrow.

"The one you call Link. He has set out to find the spirit maiden, Zelda"

"YES!" Emzy exclaims "We've come to help him save Zelda!"

"She does not need saving, she is on the fated path..."

"We've come to help... please, let us assist Link!" Callia pleads

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"You children don't understand. It is the prophecy, the legend." She says.

"What are you talking about?" Emzy asks.

"The spirit maiden, Zelda, is safe." She replies.

"How do you know?" Pipit says.

She grins, a little bit annoyed. "I helped her during the first part of the fated path. She is safe for now. Trust me."

We all turn around, forming a small circle.

"What do we do now?" Bryarly whispers.

Callia sighs. "I don't know. What is she talking about anyway?"

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Emzy sighs, turning back to the elderly lady "Ok, fine, Zelda's safe... but is Link?"

"Your friend has set out to reunite with the spirit maiden in Skyview temple." The elderly lady says, bowing her head slightly.

Emzy sighs, taking a step closer "You didn't answer my question..."

"Provided he can overcome the obstacles in his way, the hero will reunite with the spirit maiden safely."

"And if he can't?" Pipit asks.

"That is where the servants of the goddess step in" the old lady says, turning away from them.

"But what about us?" Karane demands.

The old woman sighs, clearly tiring of this conversation "Your assistance was never foretold, but neither was it forbade..."

"So..." Bryarly murmurs "You're saying we could still help Link?"

The only response the red clad woman gives is a silent nod, gesturing towards a pair of double doors, much less fanciful than those that they entered from.

"Follow the Goddess' chosen hero, and maybe you will find your purpose within the legends..."

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Emzy rushes towards the second doors, eager to help Link.

"Don't go so fast, young one." Says the woman, "Take the potion in that chest. it'll help you on your quest."

Emzy looks over at the chest. "Anyone want to help me pull this open?" she asks.

"Sure" says Callia as she walks over to help her friend. Together they open the chest to reveal a red, glistening potion.

"What's that for?" Asks Bryarly, walking over to look at it.

"It looks like heart potion." Says Pipit, "It cures 8 hearts."

"Then shouldn't thi be for Link?" Emzy asks the woman.

"Fear not young child, The one you call Link has taken lots of potions to help him. He is also equipped with a sheild and the sword of the goddess."

"The sword of the goddess?" They all gasp.

"I didn't think that was real!" Pipit says.

"One who douse not believe can never see the truth." Says the old lady, "You'll soon learn that."

and with that she waves her hand, dismissively and the teens walk out into the deep woods...

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As they step out the door their greeted by a beautiful landscape. Tiny birds like miniature Loftwings flit around the grass between the large trees. Karane frowns as she approaches the small ledge, looking down into the clearing.

"What is that?" Karane cries, looking ahead of her, mouth wide open.

A large figure stands on the other side of the clearing, carefully studying a bird statue, orange rings rounding the stone work. His figure is large, skin a stony beige colour as he scratches his head. Strange patterns are printed on his body as he looks at the statue.

He suddenly turns around, looking over to us all, his mouth wide open "More of you! I can't believe this!"

"Us?" Emzy asks, joining Karane at the ledge.

"I just saw one like you earlier today! He was all dressed in green and looking for another one..."

"That's him!" Pipit grins "We're looking for him! Which way did he go?"

"I think he went up there..." The creature says, gesturing towards a sandy slope, before he turns his attention back to the statue "Something weird happened when he went near this statue though..."

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"What IS that thing?" Emzy asks, approaching the statue.

"It's a bird statue..." Bryarly whispers.

"How do you know?" Karane asks.

Bryarly blushes. "I read a lot of history books."

"Well, what do they do?" Callia asks her.

"I'm not sure... They say the goddess left these behind so the hero could return to the sky..." Bryarly says, walking around the statue.

"Yes!" The creature yells, clapping his hands. "But it seems that it can only be used by that green guy..."

"Weird." Pipit says. "I'm sorry if I'm impolite, but what are you?"

The creature laughs. "I'm a goron! Name is Gorko."

Karane looks at Bryarly. "Now anything about those?"

"Not much. It's the legends I'm interested in." She says blushing again.

"Wow..." Gorko says. "First the blond one, then the green one and now six more?"

"Wait what? You saw Zelda?" Emzy asks him.

"Huh? That's what the green one asked too!" He says.

"Let's move on. Thanks for helping us out!" Callia says.

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"Any time!" Gorko replies, giving them a cheery wave as they turn towards the sandy slope he pointed out.

"Wow! He seemed friendly!" Bryarly says as they reach the foot of the slope.

"Yeah!" Callia replies "Who knows, maybe there aren't that many monsters down here after all?"

Pipit approaches the slops first, but he doesn't get more than a few steps before he slithers back down again. "Oh..." he mumbles.

Fledge murmurs something quietly, too quiet for any of them to hear. They all give him a curious look, and he blushes a little "I said try running..." he says, a little louder this time.

Pipit nods, his face fiercely determined as he takes a running charge at the slope. They all watch as he slowly progresses, and eventually, reaches the top, he's a little out of breath, but manages. "Come on!" He calls down "You do the same!"

They all obediently copy, charging up the slippy slope one by one, and eventually, they all reach the top.

"Great!" He says, grinning as he turns around to see yet another large clearing. Fancifully coloured mushrooms are dotted around the open space. Emzy runs ahead of everyone else, keen to investigate the area, when suddenly, a loud screech is hear from the left. Everyone turns, only to lay eyes on an unappealing red creature. It's dressed only in a small pair of shorts that appears to be made of some kind of animal skin. And in his hand he holds a large wooden club. He lets out another screech, taking a swing at Emzy with it's club.

"What is that thing?!"

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Karane swallows "I have no idea-"

"Look out!" Bryarly yells.

Emzy jumpes back and takes out her sword. She tries to hit it but the thing is smarter then the plant was. He dodges her attack and lets out a screech again.

Callia runs at the creature, this time hitting it succesfully. Taking advantage of the creature being distracted Pipit jumps by, helping her. Togheter they take out the monster.

"Oh goddess. What was that thing?" Fledge says.

"I don't even want to know anymore. Let's continue." Bryarly sighes.

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Posted (edited)

"I bet there's other creatures we've never seen before here," Says Pipit, "This place isn't as peaceful as Skyloft it seems."

"Right. Everyone stay alert and stick together." says Callia.

Everyone nods and they continue to walk, taking in every detail of the area. Suddenly a squeaking sound can be herd from behind them. They turn to see a small, squirrel like creature.

"Ahhhh! Please don't harm me!" It says, helplessly burying its head in its hands.

"You can talk!?" says Bryarly.

"Of course I can, I'm a Kikwi. We're far more intellegent than most other creatures in this forest. Maybe even more then whatever you're supposed to be."

"We're Hylians," Says Pipit, "But don't mix us up with humans because we're a lot different."

"Oh so that's what they call you!" the Kikwi says, "I think I've seen another one like you lot a wile ago...two even!"

"Zelda and Link!?" Emzy asks.

"I don't know what that means but the second one I saw asked something about a "Zelda" He helped us find our Kikwi Elder."

"But witch way did he go?" Callia asks.

"He went towards the Deep Woods. I hope he's ok there." the Kikwi replies.

"Then that's where we'll go next!" Emzy says, determindly.

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"That's perfect!" Emzy grins "Which way to the deep woods?"

The little creature squeaks again "If you climb up there and follow the path around you can meet our Kikwi elder kee-paleep! He'll show you the way, squee!"

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Pipit grins legging it towards the sandy coloured rocks, vaulting up to the next level up.

"Hey! Wait up!" Callia calls, following him up the platform. They all trapse along, climbing up above then leaping down back to the level. A small waterfall sits to the left of them, nothing compared to the one back in Skyloft. A small path leads around to behind the waterfall. As the group of Knight's in training progress up the path, they come face to face with a collection of miniature tree stumps.

"He's definitely been here!" Bryarly exclaims, grinning.

A little more motivated, they run along the path, coming face to face with a large gap, in the path, a tightrope hanging from the tree in front, leading the way to a humongous Kikwi on the other side of the gap.

"THAT'S the elder!" Karane grins.

"How do we get there?" Fledge whispers.

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"how about we swing across on that vine?" Emzy suggests. Pipit frowns,

"I don't know...It looks a bit weak. What if it snaps?"

"Then we'll go one at a time. Anyway the Kikwi said Link spoke to the Elder, right? So he must have got across this way too."

Emzy pulled the vine over and gripped on tightly. Then with one, perfect swing, she landed on the other side next to the sleeping Kikwi Elder.

"See," She called back to the others, "It works!"

"I bet it couldn't hold Groose!" Callia laughs, swinging across.

soon all six of them where across and standing next to the Elder.

"Should we wake him?" Bryarly asks in a hushed voice.

"That wouldn't really be very nice..." Fledge mumbles.

"But it also wouldn't be very nice to wait around here waiting for this thing to wake up while Link could be in danger!" Emzy says.

"what should we do then?" asks Pipit.

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