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"Can I help you?" Comes a deep booming voice, causing fledge to squeal in fright and fall right onto his back.

"Oh..." Emzy mumbles, a bit startled "Sorry, we thought you were asleep..."

He lets out a soft throaty chuckle as Callia reaches down, helping Fledge back up again.

"Well if it isn't more of you! I've seen two of you already today!"

"So we've heard!" Pipit says, smiling "But we're looking for Link, the boy, dressed in green! We've been told he's gone to the deep woods but we've not idea how to get there, could you help us?"

"Why of course!" The friends Kikwi elder says, smiling.

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"You just swing across that vine, then go forward towards the river, then go right and you shoud see an old building. Pass trough that and your in the deep woods kwee!" He says.

"Thanks a lot!" Emzy says.

"You're welcome. I hope you all find the green guy and the girl kwee!"

"We hope so too!" Bryarly says, smiling to him.

When we are walking further Pipit laughes.

"What?" Callia asks.

"I'm just glad that there are friendly creatures here." He replies.

"Me too. I hate those monsters." Fledge says.

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Posted (edited)

They follow all the directions given to them by the Kikwi elder, swing across the vine, walk to the river, turn right, and standing before them, is a tall proud building. White stonework glimmers in the bright sun.

"Wow! Look at that!" Bryarly exclaims, gleaming.

"It's so huge!" Pipit exclaims "It's bigger than any building in Skyloft... apart from the statue of the Goddess, though technically that's a statue..."

"Blah blah!" Emzy says, laughing as she runs ahead "Come on! What are we waiting for!"

The group laughs, dashing up the steps of the large structure.

"Hey look!" Fledge exclaims "Another bird statue!"

"We need to figure out what to do with those..." Karane murmurs "Ok, which way to the deep woods!"

"This way!" Emzy laughs, grabbing onto a vine, ready to climb up and swing into a dark passageway. She kicks her legs, beginning to swing back and forth.

"COME ON!" She shouts as she lands, running ahead, but suddenly there's a dark twisted shimmering noise. They all watch in shock and horror with open mouths as a flash of diamonds burst in front of Emzy, knocking her right back from the passageway to the top of the structure with her friends... A tall thin figure appears in front of her, pale, with jaw length white hair, clad in a long red cape. In one hand he holds a long black sword, and within a second he dives away from the passageway, turning the sword down, aiming the point right at Emzy.

She quickly scrabbles backwards, climbing to her feet as he clicks his fingers, making the sword evaporate into diamonds as he turns towards the group, making his purple eye-shadow, large blue diamond earring and white lipstick clearly visable.

"Well well well.... more sky children..... it's such a shame your little friend won't get chance to see how much your loving this land he calls 'the surface'..."

"What?" Callia breathes, her eyes wide with fear.

The creature smirks, turning to her danger flaming in his black pupils "I'm sorry, I know I'm being terribly rude. The name's Ghirahim, though I much prefer Lord Ghirahim... and once again, I must apologise! I'll tell your little friend you dropped by..."

"Why?" Pipit frowns.

His face twists into a dark smirk "You won't live long enough to see him again..."

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"Don't you dear do ANYTHING to Link!" Emzy shouts at him, getting to her feet.

"Oh don't worry dear child, the one you call Link will be quite safe with me...until I beat him within an inch of his life." He laughs wickedly. The knights draw their swords but suddenly Ghirahim vanishes in a shower of diamonds just as fast as he arrived. His voice, however can still be herd.

"The boy's life or death as no meaning. It's the girl that matters," He says, still laughing, "now if you'll excuse me, I haven't got time to look after lost children. I really must be going."

And then he truly vanishes from the air.

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"Everyone alright?" Callia asks.

"Yeah..." Emzy sighs.

"Who or what the hell was that?!" Bryarly yells.

Karane shivers. "I don't know. He was creepy as hell."

"Karane, are you alright?" Pipit says, putting a hand on her shoulder.

She looks at him in confusion and Pipit quickly takes his hand away.

"I guess we should try and move on. This guy was after our friends. Especially Zelda." Callia sighs.

"I wonder why..." Bryarly mumbers.

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They press on, climbing up the rope one by one a proceeding through the tunnel into the deep woods. They step into a scene that looks rather like the area they had just left, a clearing in the forest, with lush green grass. One large tree sits to the left of the clearing, and just past that, is a large log rolled off a higher platform.

"Look!" Emzy says, pointing to the large log "Link must have pushed that down... he's been here!"

"Well what are we waiting for?" Karane asks, running over to the log with all her friends. Fledge hangs back for a moment, unsure, but Callia laughs and drags him along with her. One by one they slowly climb up the log, but just as they reach the top, a large buzzing noise erupts from around them.

"What the hell is that noise?" Callia asks, glancing nervously around her.

"Hornets!!!" Bryarly screeches, turning back to see the hoarde of yellow and blag striped bugs flying towards them. "Run! They'll sting you!"

The group of friends take off, thundering down the long footpath, eventually reaching the edge of the stone, it gently drops down to a lower level. One by one they jump off the edge, eventually loosing the hornets that were chasing them.

"Phew! Glad we got away from that..." Fledge mumbles.

"Wow... guys... look..." Pipit says, staring behind them.

Everyone turns, and their jaws drop slowly as they stare up at the large structure in front of them. It's tall and threatening, looming up into the sky with large green and brown vines growing the up the side. A large gold door marks the entrance to the building, but it's wide, wide open...

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They only get a moment to look at the amazing structure when they hear a voice

"Hey it's you lot again!" They look up to see Gorko the goron standing on a higher ledge.

"Gorko!" Emzy says, "Have you seen Link or Zelda?"

"I saw your green friend a while ago. He went into the temple for some reason." He says.

"Thanks!" says Callia, "We need to find him!"

"Right!" the others say, following her towards the doors of the temple...

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"Wow." Bryarly whispers.

We stand in a grey, ancient corridor with blue, glowing mushrooms and weird eye symbols on the wall.

Another bird statue stands in front of us.

We walk down the stairs until Karane screams.

"Help!" We run at her and see that the is stuck in a spider web and, to Karane's horror, a bat flies towards her.

Pipit jumps forward and slashes the bat which dissapears in a purple cloud.

Our next obstacle are grey saplings which Callia slashes down.

"Look!" Emzy says, walking to a small window like thing.

"It's a shortcut I think." Fledge says.

"Yeah. It's blocked with wood though." Callia says.

"Let's move on." Emzy sighs.

"Watch out for those bats!" Bryarly yells, slashing her sword at them.

As we walk further we pass another spider web and tree more bats. We don't come far as a golden door in front of us is blocked with bars.

"Great. Just what we needed." Bryarly sighs.

"This is going to be much harder then we thought..." Pipit says.

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The young knights look around for a way to get into the door.

"There's another monster on that ledge up there." Emzy points out.

"Thanks, Emzy, I think everyone saw that." Says Karane.

"Wait, whats that behind it?" Pipit asks. They all move round to look at the ledge at the same angle as pipit.

"It looks like a bunch of pink gemstones..." Fledge mumbles.

"Maybe they open the door somehow?" Bryarly suggests.

"Anyone got a slingshot?" Callia asks, "maybe we can shoot it without needing to fight that thing." She says, pointing to the monster.

"I think Emzy was in charge of packing stuff like that." Pipit says.

"No, not me. It was Fledge." Emzy says. everyone turns to look at Fledge.

"I thorght it was Karane?" He mumbles.

"So really no one packed a slingshot?" Callia says.

"We could throw rocks at it" Emzy suggests, picking up a small bit of rubble from the temple floor.

"I guess it could work..." Fledge says. Emzy aims cearfully and hits the gems with a perfect hit. Suddenly, their color fades and the bars on the door break open.

"Epic. now lets move on."

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Emzy approaches the door, carefully gripping it by the bottom and forcing it upwards, there's a grinding noise as it opens, and another room is revealed to them. A large crossed platform is spread out before us, water is shallowed below the edges of the platform. The same ivy, eerie white shrubs, and mushrooms emitting a blue glow fill the room. There's a loud screech ahead of them, and a small red troll creature, the same ones they've seen before, runs towards them, waving a stick in the air. Pipit quickly dives in front of us, tackling the monster. Within a few moments it vanishes in a purple puff of smoke, and a small horn falls to the ground. Callia frowns, stepping forward and picking up the small item.

"What's this?" She asks, showing it to her friends.

Bryarly shrugs "I'm not sure, but I'd keep it if I were you! It might come in handy."

Callia nods, carefully slipping the item into her adventure pouch. Before she begins carefully studying her surroundings.

"What do you think this place is?" Fledge asks, sensing Callia's confusion.

"I'm not sure..." Karane murmurs.

Pipit laughs "Well we won't find out just standing here! Come on, where to next?"

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Bryarly sighs. "What do we do now?"

"I don't know..." Karane murmurs.

"Look!" Emzy yells.

We all look up and see another gemstone.

Pipit trows a rock at it and the barriers blocking the door break open.

Callia opens the door just as Emzy opened the first one.

The room looked pretty much the same.

"Look out for that spider web!" Fledge yells.

Karane took out her sword and destroyed it with a few sword slashes.

We walk on a ledge and Bryarly stops. "Look! It's some sort of sign..."

She walks towards it but gets brutally thrown back by a giant spider.

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"KARANE!" Pipit yells, watching as her body is thrown down onto the floor below. Her body shudders with the impact, but she's soon back up on her feet again with a more determined look on her face. 

"I'm fine!" She calls up "You tackle that spider while I find a way up!"

Everyone turns their attention back to the large spider hanging from the ceiling. Emzy takes a deep breath, whacking it blindly with her sword, sending it swinging left and right, it's pincers clicking as it nears them, ready to attack.

"Someone kill it!" Callia screams as she offers a hand to Karane, helping to pull her friend up from the floor.

Emzy takes another swing at the create, stopping it's wild spinning and flipping it over, to reveal a glowing purple soft spot on it's stomach. Emzy curls her lips in, drawing her sword back, and then thrusting it into the glowing weak spot. The spider clicks helplessly as it falls from it's web, decomposing into a large purple puff of smoke. Emzy smiles proudly, swinging her sword fancifully as she puts it back into it's scabbard.

"Nice work," Karane says, clapping her friend on the back as she rejoins her group.

"Come on then!" Bryarly squeals, jumping ahead towards the large grey slab of stone "There's something written here?"

"What does it say?" Pipit asks as he takes his stand next to Karane.

Bryarly clears her throat, before reading "Two doors lead to rooms left and right, but they will only open when the gemstones are struck. One is above, one is below."

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"What the hell does that mean?" Emzy sighes.

"I don't know." Bryarly mumbers.

"I suggest we search around the room." Pipit says.

"And look for gemstones." Karane adds.

We all dropped down and start look around.

"Nothing!" Callia yells.

"Nope." Fledge sighs.

Suddenly Bryarly yells. "Guys! Over here!"

We all walk towards her as she is sitting in front of a small hole. The grass in front of it has been cut of though.

"Link must have passed here." Callia mumbers.

"Yeah! I'll go check if there is anything usefull." Emzy says.

"Be carefull!" Karane yells.

Emzy smiles and nods. "I always am."

And by that she stoops down and crawls trough the hole.

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They all wait in nervous silence, unsure of what to do. The group of young trainee knights stand around the hole in the wall, nervously glancing at each other. There's a loud scuffling noise as they listen for their friend, eventually, she says.

"I've found one!!! It's up high... this must be above!"

"Yess!!!" Leala grins, celebrating.

There's a small clinking noise as she fires a deku nut into the gemstone. Suddenly, a loud gushing noise erupts from the previous room, and panic swells in Bryarly's stomach as the water level in the temple begins to rise. She's pulled up from the ground, away from the little crawl hole.

"Guys... I CAN'T GET THROUGH!" She shouts, noticing how the crawl hole is blocked off by the deep water.

"BRYARLY!" Leala screams, swimming over to the wall and knocking it with her fist, unable to hear her friend shouting.

"Oh no..." Karane murmers "What if she can't get out?"

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"HELP ME!" Bryarly screams out of pure horror.

"What do we do?" Emzy yells.

"Let's swim back to the edge!" Pipit yells. Almost the whole room is filled with water and we are floating in it. When we all climb back on the edge all soaked, panick errupts.

"BRYARLY! Say something!" Leala shouts.

Tears are visible in her eyes when the room stays silent.

"BRYARLY!" Karane screams.

"I'm fine!" She suddenly yells.

We all sigh out of relief.

"I think I can get out! There are some vines I can climb on I think!" She yells.

Pipit laughs. "Great!"

"I'm out! There's a small hole here. Let me squeeze trough..." She says.

We all wait until she says something else.

"WATCH OUT!" She suddenly yells. We all jump up as she falls trough a small hole we didn't even notice.

"Bryarly!' Callia yells, hugging her tight. "Thank the goddess you're ok!"

We all stand together for a group hug. "I'm glad you're alive, but we got to move on." Pipit says, smiling.

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