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The Legend of Zelda: The Walking ReDead

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The Kingdom of Hyrule was beautiful once. Rolling fields of lush green grass stretched as far as the eye could see, the cool blue rivers were perfect for swimming or fishing and wherever you went there were people happy to greet strangers with a nod or a hearty handshake. Then Ganon started his Conflict with the Royal Family.

Ganon wanted to possess The Triforce, a powerful relic that was the source of the Kingdom's Providence. But attempt after attempt was thwarted by Princess Zelda and her Champion Link.

In a fit of anger Ganon unleashed a most deadly foe, the Redead. Redead were deceased hylians reanimated by Dark Magic They were unthinking, uncaring, emotionless fiends who only sought to feed on life. The Redead attacked the Castle and after holding siege for a week the Kingdom fell.

Unfortunately for Ganon he to late discovered a flaw in his plan, whomever the Redead fed upon become Redead themselves. And so it was that Ganondorf, the King of the Gerudo destroyed the very land he coveted.

Unfortunately the Redead plague didn't stop there. The Sickness spread to all corners of the world infecting every continent with the curse of Walking Death.

Those who survive stick to the fringes, to realms to Hot or Cold for Redead to roam. No one has seen Princess Zelda or Link for over Ten years. While a few hold out hope that they will return to help, most have resigned themselves to the fact that Death is the new normal.

Chapter One: The Struggle

I Always get the shakes when venturing down from the Mountains. The Redead seem to stick to the Warmer elevations so we make it a point to never venture to far south. But growing food up this high is difficult and with the Winter coming we need to bolster our food stores. I first encountered the group I now live with Several cycles ago. Before them I was on my own, a Nomad who moved around following the wild game. For a while I was cautious but one day I found myself caught between a pack of Redead and a safe exit. If it wasn't for Markus I'd probably have died that day.

Markus was just a boy when I met him, he told me that his family had all been killed in a Redead attack and that his father sacrificed himself so he could escape.

As My dull blade did little but glance off the Redead's leathery skin a rope slid down the cliffside next to me. I made for the wall quickly and clamored up the sheer rockface as fast as I could. In my Youth I enjoyed the challenge of free climbing, I had the Record in Training when I was with the Castle Guard but that was almost eighteen Cycles ago now and the years have taken a toll.

I'm ashamed to admit it but I actually considered leaving Markus even after he saved me, but as my old Squad Commander said "There's safety in Numbers Tobin Blake."

We continued to stick to the outskirts of the Realm, only venturing into the inner Kingdom to scavenge for food and supplies. That would've continued if not for the attack.

About three Cycles after meeting Markus we went into the inner Kingdom for supplies. I had found a new sword in the old Blacksmith shop of Castle Town and was eyeing a shiled to go with it and Markus' Bow needed stringing. As we entered the Lon Lon Ranch area I heard a yelp which at first I attributed to a Dairy Cow left behind. It was Markus' keen Bowmans eye that pointed out the Caravan. A group of Wagons near the Eastern Castle Gate had taken up a circle for safety but some darn fool had lit a fire perhaps for cooking or warmth I'll never know. The fire had attracted a herd and now they were trying desperately to fight them off.

I was unsure of what to do but Markus wasn't he pulled his knife and charged full speed towards the Wagons.

I was on his heels and without even thinking drove my sword into a Redead's crown.

I rolled across the packed Earth and lept to my feet slicing another's head from the shoulders. Markus had climbed to the top of a Carriage and was picking off stragglers with his bow.

As I sent another monster to the Underworld I noticed one of the Travelers had joined in the fighting. With Deku stick in hand she jumped into the frey, pummeling heads left and right. She was making a decent go until her stick broke. Without thinking I tossed her my knife which she used rather expertly.

Between toppling Redead Hella, (as I would eventually learn was her name) tried to coax more of her companions out from their meager shelter and join the fight. I shutter to think where i'd be if none more joined but by the Goddesses they did.

We fought off a heard of Redead with Swords, Arrows and even clubs. For a brief moment I even thought that we could reclaim our world with the same effort until Markus alerted me that an even larger herd was upon us, this one a thousand strong.

As the Caravan prepared to flee to the Safety of the Outskirts Hella asked if we wanted to join, I wanted to refuse but her Golden hair, finer than spun Skulltula Silk hypnotized me into agreeing.

I was old enough to be her Father but she saw something in me that I had thought died years earlier. We were joined the following spring, our first cycle in the cold North.

Chapter Two: Sign of Hope

"Tobin, a herd of about ten are wandering around the North Field near the entrance to Kokiri Forest." Markus said sprinting up the hill.

"Any more that you can see boy?" I asked

"The Base of Death Mountain is teaming with them but they are so far from where we need to be I doubt they'll give us much worry."

"Very well, order five of your Archers to watch them. Three to survey the Walkers in the woods while the other two watch the once near Death Mountian. Any change have them alert us by Fire Arrow.

We made our way down the mountianside and into the treeline. I hated the trees with a passion, in the old days the Forest was small, lumberjacks had kept in contained and visibility was good, but since the plague the forest has bounced back. Walkers could be hiding right next to you and you would be ignorant until they attack you. As our group picked apples and other fruit that had fallen a blueish object streaked overhead.

"Markus...what was that?" I asked.

"It was an Ice Arrow Tobin, not fire."

"Climb up that tree and see what's the problem."

As Markus did what I asked I ordered the others to continue the Harvest.

We had netted a good haul when Markus came zipping down on his bow.

"The Scout from the Death Mountian area reported seeing a bright Red eruption."

"The Volcano?" I asked.

"He's not sure, from his note he said it almost looked like a wall of flame that Covered an area of the Low Town like a dome."

"Alright folks, let's pack it in and get back up the Mountain before dusk." I ordered.

As we trudged up the Hills Markus pulled me aside. "Tobin, what was that. You act as though you've seen it before."

"Back before the plague there were stories about Zelda's Protector Link, some of the older Guards spoke of his Ability to conjure a blast of Powerful flames that would surround him in an unbreachable dome. They called it Din's Fire."

"Could that've been him, The Hero of Time returned to us?" Markus asked.

I didn't want to show my hope for hope in those Dark times was in short supply so I simply said "No clue."

As Markus trudged up the Hill before me I thought back to the first time I'd heard the name Link. He was just a boy when he arrived in Hyrule and in his short life he had become a gifted Swordsman. He took down opponents with such ease that the Minstrels called him a Natural. He grew to become the finest Warrior and he personally led the charge during the Hyrule Siege. It was Link who gave the order to Evacuate Castle Town after the Siege Lines had failed. The last I saw of him before running into the Forest he was giving orders from a Rampart that was being overtaken.

As we neared our Camp Hella came out to greet me. "The scouts say that Link has returned." she said with a smile. "Is it true?" she added.

"The Scouts boast and clamor more than Gossip Stones, all they saw was a burst of Flame near the base of an Active Volcano. If the Hero were alive why wait till now, almost ten Cycles after the Fall to show himself?"

"There were those stories about his ability to travel in time as freely as you or I might walk a stone path Tobin." a needley voice hissed from above me.

"I never put much faith in fables Jaks, neither should you."

Jaks Altair was the leader of the Group, it was he who blundered them into the herd years earlier. After he did nothing during the attack I was asked to take over as leader, he's hated me ever since.

"I'm calling for a Group Meeting after Last Light, If the Hero has truly returned perhaps we should seek him out, offer our swords to return the Land to her Former Glory."

"I doubt the Goddesses themselves could return Hyrule's Glory Jaks, let alone one man!"

"Sadly Tobin that decision doesn't rest on you alone, this group is a Democracy after all."

As Jaks hobbled up the Hill I could feel a chill in the air, opinion, like the wind was blowing in his favor.

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