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Kingdom Death: Monster (A cooperative fantasy board game)

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Yo check this kickstarter out


Now, if you know me, you know I've never really been much for roleplaying games, or board games for that matter. But I do, actually, know that most of you actually are, in fact, into them(namely the U of I crowd). So I figured when I saw this board game being whipped up on kickstarter today, I thought I should show it to you guys. It's a cooperative board game based on survival, which you can learn about in detail in the kickstarter video. You can find their website right here.

I was pretty drawn to it just because I like the idea of the story and setting. It actually reminds me of the short story lego robot posted on his website so many years ago. I'll be hotlinking it under the spoiler:


Of course, if you really pay attention to the setting and know about the other things I'm into, you can probably take a wild guess at what other things this situation reminds me of. However, for the sake of avoiding massive spoilers such as those, lets just avoiding mentioning the resemblance so nobody gets any plots ruined. Even if there's a pretty strong resemblance, and I'm pretty sure whoever is the creative director for the game was probably really influenced by that other thing we're politely not mentioning.

Anyways, the figurines for the game are beautifully crafted, too. Here's an example:



Pretty crazy, right?

Anyways, the kickstarter only needed $35,000 to be funded, and right now it's at $697,000 with three weeks left. Good for them! But if they land that extra $700,000, there's supposed to be a massive update for the game. It could happen. It probably will happen. I'm only mentioning this because it looks like a board game that you dudes who play board games would want to play.

Normally I would be pretty annoyed at how scantily clad the women are in this game, but then again the men actually are too, so I guess I'm okay with it. Though for all their male and female armor sets, the female's are naturally less armor clad, and then they sell lots of pinups of the female designs, which I guess was to be expected. Actually if you go the portfolio of the guy who does the pinups for the girls of this game, his entire portfolio is really just that. Fantasy pin ups of girls. Like, dude. Come on, man. One of them is a phoenix set, though! The male version has a kickass tower shield! The female version basically just looks like this I guess:


Anyways this game has lots of cool armor and you know how I feel about armor and you also know how I feel about character design and you also know how I feel about scantily clad women against thoughtfully clad men and you also know how I Just generally feel about things?

I'm not really typing on a steady train of thought right now. I haven't had any solid food in two days, and for about a day now I've been on a steady stream of vicodin. Just go maybe play this game and think of me when you're running around being a phoenix knight.

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that figure reminds me of that manga you brought up a while back. i forgot the name, but the one with all the mutants and such.


if its anything like super dungeon explore (which aslo has figures and whatnot) then itd be for $100, easy, which isnt really something i can afford :< looks cool though.

(and i think if the thing with a similar theme is what im thinking of, its not that spoiler-y, imo. then again, ive had issues with getting through all of it, so.....)

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