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Reign of the Monsters

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From the Desk of Dr. Marcus Webley PhD


To whom it may concern, 


It has come to my attention in recent months that there has been a consistent increase in reported sightings of so called "Cryptids". The news media as always has been reluctant to showcase these stories unless aimed specifically to mock. 


I have compiled a short list of sightings that through careful study and second hand investigation are genuine.


February 9-15th 2013: Campers in Allenton National Forest in Minnesota reported seeing a large humanoid individuals stalking them from the deep wood. Hairs found at the scene sent in to DNA testing are inconclusive but one lab tech admitted the results appeared to show a cross species between human and great ape.


May 7th 2013: A mysterious carcass washed up on the shore in New Zealand, DNA samples taken from the animal identity it as a previously unknown species of Orca. 


March-ongoing: Rancher Gloria Siegel of Lorado Texas claims he Chickens are being killed by some type of creature. Ms. Siegel in an effort to identify the thing set up a series of trap cameras to spot it. What she captured resembled a hairless Dog like animal with red eyes, large fangs, claws and a series of jagged bone like spurs running up the spine. Genetic testing on blood found at the scene reveal them to be Greyhounds with an as yet unknown Genetic Mutation.


January 18 2012: Loch Ness Scotland, a rash of sporadic sightings of the famed Loch Ness Monster culminated in a group of Twenty sightseers capturing the most compelling evidence to date.


The reason for this letter is this, I am putting together a team of unique individuals to help me uncover the truth behind this sudden increase in sightings. The positions that I need to fill are:


Wilderness Survival Expert/Tracker

Weapons specialist

Documentary Filmmaker (combat photography experience)


Deep Sea Diving expert

Computer Specialist (with experience in covert systems infiltration)


Please send a detailed resume to the address below, am willing to pay handsomely for your services.

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Posted (edited)

this sounds very similar to this new show coming out called Monsters Underground.

same premiss, you should check it out.

Heres the preview:


Let us know if you find anything!

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