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FireFlowerz' Beats Per Minute Album

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FireFlowerz is one of my hard-hitting obscure electronic bands from Italy that have great stuff and little notoriety; they have a very mixed and interesting style, borrowing from electro, funk, and French house styles. Expect chopped vocals and awesome filters and phasers with a heartfelt tone. They just came out with their new Beats Per Minute album, and it's full of funky good times. So I thought I'd share the groove. (: If you like their Facebook page you get a free download, but you also get a free listen in on Soundcloud. What a nice band, am I right?

 Fire Flowerz are proud to present:
"BEATS PER MINUTE", our first mini-album.

7 tracks made to tell a story, a theme about Love seen in our way.

This is our present to everyone who follows us and our work.

Thanks to Dj Jurij for the mixing sessions, Thanks to Luca Scalia for the amazing artwork.
Thanks to our friends and colleagues for the opinions about and the advices.
Thanks to Augusto "Aku" Pallocca for all the cups of coffee.


Thought I'd support them with publicity, since I don't suppose they have any physical copies I could absorb into my body...

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