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Legend University


The year is 2000, and Hyrule is a thriving civilization ruled by the righteous King Darnio. Its people are happy, its army is strong, and its colonies are loyal. Legend University, a prestigious college in the center of the country, celebrates its 25th anniversary. The school teaches young men and women the art of swordplay, magic, and the lot. Three unlikely friends and more unlikely heroes find their fates at this school. The legend has become a reality.


Legend University is a unique fanfic idea I've had for years. It's a long-term project, probably stemming multiple books (my plan is to have 4 books; one for each year the hero is at the University). Along with the main story, it will feature multiple "Sidequests" which are basically stories that don't quite fit into the main story, but include important character development or plot elements. It's a rather different approach to a fanfic, but I'm sure you'll all get used to it. I only have a few sidequests written at the moment, so tell me what you think!


Sidequest: Rivals


            The breeze flowed through Len’s hair as Epona zipped along the plain of Hyrule Field, the scent of fresh, clean air flowing into his nostrils and the sound of birds chirping through the rush of wind put Len at peace. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. He listened to the beating of his heart against his trusty steed’s, and thought of his escape: Legend University.


            Just a few short months and he would be away at school, away from the bullies, from the misunderstanding neighbors, from the curse of his rotten reputation. He would have a fresh start, a new chance to make a first impression. He could make new friends, have a new career, and finally prove himself as something more than just being “Bad Luck Len".


            But more than anything, Len feared he would somehow screw it all up. He never meant for bad things to happen, they just did. It wasn’t his fault that people had gotten hurt when he was around. Things just always seemed to happen around him.


            Len opened his eyes and rounded a corner, riding for at least another couple miles before pulling Epona’s reins, screeching her to a halt. In front of him stood a set a large, golden gates. The beautiful world around him seemed pale in comparison to these gates, towering over him with glowing omnipotence. Through the gates, he could see the campus, still busy despite the summer. Professors in long robes and pointed hats carried stacks of tomes hurriedly  across the courtyard. Warriors in bright, silver armor dragged swords and axes and spears into large, cathedral-like buildings. Students in both robes and armor and street clothes alike chattered as they walked to the cafeteria.


            It was his favorite spot. Len’s excitement grew as he approached the gates, gripping the cool, metal bars and peeking into his future. His teeth shone like a Rupee in a shopkeeper’s eyes. Just a few more months, he told himself; just a few more months, and you’ll be one of those armor-clad students, chatting with friends and learning all about what it takes to be a hero.


            With a beaming face, and a hero’s heart, he climbed back on his horse and rode for home.


            The sun was starting to set, and Len knew that his mother would worry if he stayed out much longer. As he raced for home, he became suddenly aware of another presence. Epona scampered to a stop as Len glanced around. There didn’t seem to be anybody else around, but still, something felt different. Len felt a pair of eyes burning into his skull. “Who’s there? Show yourself." Len managed to say confidently. He was scared stiff on the inside, but he wasn’t about to let that show. Heroes show no fear.


            Len glanced around again. There was nothing around for miles. Just grass, a few trees, and some bushes. Everything looked still and calm under the setting sun. Len turned back around and when he saw the man garbed in black, he nearly jumped. He wore long, loose-fitting black robes etched in deep purple, with a hood over his head, clothing his face in shadow. One thing was for certain, he was not there a moment ago. “Who are you? What business do you have with me?"


            The figure raised its head. Blonde strands of hair escaped the hood. It took a few paces forward, but remained silent. Len was extremely frightening by now, but he was determined not to let this hooded figure onto this. “I demand you tell me who you are."


            The man scoffed. “You’re barking commands now, little hero? I wouldn’t be so valiant if I were you." He lurched forward, and Len pulled back on Epona’s reins, dodging as the man charged at Len. A split second before he would have collided with the spot Len was riding, he shimmered and disappeared, reappearing twenty paces to the left, next to Len and Epona. The man raised his arm and, before Len could react, he was shot off Epona and on the ground. “Who are you?" Len coughed. “And what do you want with me?"


            The man blasted Epona and sent her off running before appearing before Len. He threw his hood back, revealing the attacker’s face. Spiked blonde hair flew out of the hood, and ice cold eyes glowered at Len. The man’s cheekbones were straight and solid, creating an air of elegancy about the man while imposing a disposition of strength and discipline. “I am Chase Banner, from the lands of Labrynna, and you, little man, are responsible for everything?"


            “What? Responsible for what?" Len coughed up some more dust.


            Chase raised his right hand, and the world seemed to grow darker around his palm. A flurry of dark violet and pitch blackness swirled around his hand into the form of a ball, and shot from his fingertips straight at Len, who rolled to his left and leapt from the ground, unsheathing his sword with his left hand. Chase chuckled. “Do you really think your puny sword is enough to stop my dark magic?"


            Chase shot another ball of magic from his fingertips, and Len dodged and swung at Chase, who disappeared moments before impact, and reappeared behind Len, firing another ball of dark energy into Len’s back. Len grunted and fell to his knees, only to recover by backflipping up over Chase and slicing his shoulder. Chase roared and disappeared again. Len looked furiously around him, finding that Chase had materialized a few yards to his left. He charged at the mage, who, still gripping his shoulder, slightly raised his wounded arm into a fist, and snapped his fingers outward at Len, and Len felt his limbs grow stiff and freeze in their position. Wincing, Chase discharged another magic ball at Len, breaking the grip the last spell had on him and sent him flying yards back. Len quickly scrambled to his feet only to find another ball of energy being shot at him, and he instinctively raised his sword to protect himself, and the magic shattered Len’s sword into a million tiny pieces.


            Chase warped further away from Len, breathing heavily. “You’re stronger than I anticipated. Perhaps we’ll meet again, Len Smith. I do look forward to it." And with that, he was gone.


            Len picked himself up off the ground and brushed the debris off his legs. His father would not be happy to find that he had broken the sword he had made him. But he would worry about that later; right now, Len only had a single thought going through his mind: he had to find Epona.


            But the sun was just about set, and his parents would be worried about him. Len silently cursed the fact that he hadn’t bothered asking for a cell phone from his parents. Epona was gone, at least for now. He wouldn’t rest until he had found her and returned her home safe and sound. But Epona would have to wait for another day. With a heavy sigh of discontent, Len trudged his way back home to face his parents.


[i suck at writing fight scenes I'm sorry! I always feel like I'm being redundant. Let me know what you think of the first installment! More coming soon!]


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