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Snap Judgements (Unlearning Your Inherent Intolerance)


Somehow, I came across this site while procrastinating. It's a totally "hip" site about tolerance and stuff and aimed at "Millennials". You can proceed to the site (you shouldn't), or you can take these quick tests. You are asked a question such as "who is the mathematician?" and then given picture of two people. In the case of the mathematician question, you are shown a white woman and an Oriental. Fortunately, my heart isn't full of hate and intolerance so I picked the white woman as the mathematician. Why? Because I just knew. The test then showed that I was correct. You guys should see how many of them you can take until your sickening bias and hatred totally cloud your judgment. 


cheat codes: if it asks you to pick the person who is mayor, a Harvard graduate, or some other generic "successful" role, bet on black. Or the woman. Or the younger of the two. Repeat until you are a good person. 


Personally, I am glad to see MTV making great strides for equality and tolerance with scattered, cherry-picked, anecdotal examples of people who aren't true to stereotypes that MTV itself is fully acknowledging and accidentally reinforcing. To try to implement any kind of difficulty level to these tests is acknowledging and giving power to the stereotypes that it's half-assedly trying to break. 



I like to compare the site to someone who says stuff like "I don't think black people are illiterate, uneducated criminals AT ALL!!" 

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I think the real problem here is that the site is annoying to navigate through. It's too "hip" to make sense half the time. TOO HIP!

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