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Antonio the Valiantly Brave

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About two and a half years ago, I joined a comedic roleplay for the first time, rather than an adventurous or dramatic one. This coined one of the strangely funniest characters I've ever conceived.
Here is the original character skeleton:

Name: Antonio Da Eduardo El Diego El Andrés El Montoya El Ramirez El Roberto El El Francisco (Tony for Short)
Age: 24
Super Strength: He has super strength. Yeah.
Rapier Skills: Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeh? EEEEEEEEHHHHHHH? Its innuendo. Get it?
Squirrel Grenades: This simple device sends out a powerful sonic pulse that disrupts squirrels' molecular structure, turning them into fiery furballs of flaming death. Unless you're really annoyed with squirrels, however, this weapon is of little use.
Giant Scissors: A giant pair of scissors, capable of raining mass destruction on paper of all sizes. Only destroyable by the giant rock.
Landmine that shoots Grenades filled with Nunchucks with Shuriken tips: Pretty... Self explanatory.
Bio: A mysterious man with a mysterious past. The few things we know is that every single one of his twelve ex-wives are 'widows' and that his grandparents have no children.
Personality: Incredibly Egotastic. Thinks because he can bend steel, that all the girls should bend over.
His Mustache: Not just a staple part of his personality, but also his source of power. Destroying it will temporarily harm him, but it will regrow in several hours.
The lower back part of his upper forward shin: Also known as the opposite of the upper front part of his lower back thigh.

Everyone seemed to enjoy Antonio, however the roleplay was short lived. Despite this I've kept the character alive, writing new content for him every now and then.

Here's the original post I made for him:

Welcome to the most incredible adventures of epic awesomeness.

Tony sat at the bus stop. His hand laid gently on the hilt of his sword. Next to him sat an elderly woman. Dried blood and other mysterious stains were scattered across the cement and covering.

As the bus pulled up, Tony checked his ticket. It was not the bus he was waiting for. The woman next to him got on, leaving him sitting there... alone. He sneezed once, getting bits of snot on his sleeve. How embarrassing.

He took out a handkerchief, and wiped up the snot. As he observed the disgusting green goo, sitting there in the handkerchief, he was disgusted. He did not want it anymore. He scanned the street for a wastebasket, in which he could dump the soiled cloth.

He spotted one. He slowly got up, making sure none of his enemies were around. He made his way over to the garbage receptacle. He took out the soiled handkerchief, noticing the snot had changed from a sickening green color, to a sickening brown color. He gagged a bit, as he dropped the cloth into the circular container of disposement.

Just then, he heard the sound of a bus, approaching at a steady speed with no signs of slowing down. He turned immediately, to see the bus he was waiting for, number 23, speeding past the stop. His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. He had missed the bus. Now he will have to wait another full fifteen minutes to get on the next one.

No! He will not be made to wait that long. He sprung into action. He ran down the street at an incredible speed. He crashed into several people as he ran down the street. His sword probably impaled a few people by accident as well.

He lept from the sidewalk, landing on a moving taxi cab. The man in the car freaked out, and started to swerve erratically. Tony did all he could to fall from it.

As soon as he could, he hopped to another car. Then to another. He was getting closer to the bus. Suddenly, a traffic light. The bus passed through, then it suddenly changes to red. The car he is on stops. Though he will not give up. He did not come this far to be defeated.

He lept out onto the street, running for the bus. He was nearing his target, when it suddenly stopped. It was at the next spot on its course.

He quickly ran around, finding the doors, and stopping them just as it closed. He walked in, standing tall over everyone there.

"Welcome to bus 28." the bus driver said.

"What?!" Tony gasped. He looked at the number of the bus. It was 28! He must have misread it when he first saw it. Oh, miserable him.

He looked back at the traffic light. He saw bus 23 turning left.

Tony's look became intense. He looked up. "I apologize, people of this bus. Men, I shall prove my superiority to you later. Women, I will swoon you later. I must be off, for I have missed my bus!" he announced, and he hopped off the city transit vehicle. He ran down the street, eagerly trying to catch Bus 23.





I'm mostly interested in what you think of this character. If you think he's entertaining, worth reading, etc. If you guys like it, I'll post some other stuff I've written.

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Yeah. I try to make him as outrageous as possible. As shown by this exert from another story:


The little girl reached behind her ear… And immediately pulled off a mask. In one swift motion, it was revealed she was not a little white girl, but a large black man! Quang Pao!


And that was a dead link, so this is what Tony looks like:


There's three main characters. Tony, Quang Pao (the the Black Russian Aryan), and Woman who doesn't suck at everything. They wield giant scissors, rock and paper respectively.

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