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14 - June - 2014

Participate in’s Little Cup, a casual and fun tournament with prizes. Details below! is hosting a low-level Pokémon tournament next week on June 21st, and anyone can join! Worried about complicated stuff like IVs, EVs, etc.? No problem! In order to make the tourney start as painlessly as possible, the parameters are designed to make the tourney run with little preparation!


  1. All your Pokémon must be level 10 or below
  2. You may not use a Pokémon that has, at any point in the series, been a final stage of evolution (ie. Magmar, Aipom, Sylveon, etc.)
  3. If a Pokémon has a baby form, but its evolution has never been a final evolution, you may use its evolution or its baby form (ie. Pichu/Pikachu, Cleffa/Clefairy, etc.)
  4. No set-damage attacks
  5. No TM or tutor moves; the only modifications you can make to the moveset must be bred in
  6. No legendary Pokémon or Pokémon related to Pseudo-Legendaries


The top four winners will get a Pokéball phone charm from Hip Cat Over The Moon! Fourth place will get a Pokéball, third will get a Great Ball, second will get an Ultra Ball, and first place will get a Master Ball!

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You can sign up for the tourney on Forums here! Sign-ups will be closed next Thursday on June 19th, and the match order will be announced the next day on June 20th! The tournament will start June 21st at 3pm Central Time! Hope to see you there!

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