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Legend of Zelda: Dark Tomorrow

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From: The Hyrule Historia (Page 157)

"And it came to pass that amidst the Devistation The Hero of Time called upon the Sages to seal the evil one away for all time."

My Mother used to tell me stories about the Past, stories about a special boy who was touched by the Goddesses. This "Chosen Hero" would fight against impossible odds to save his home from a great evil. The last thing she ever said to me was....

"Be brave Lucas, you are just like that hero."

And for a long time I believed her.

But Hyrule has changed, there are no chosen heroes and dastardly villains, just cops and criminals that need catching. When I told my adopted father Kip that I was joining The Protectorate Academy he was furious, he told me that I was meant for something more.

Thankfully by the time I graduated he had mellowed.

As a Rookie I did the normal rookie stuff, gradually going through the ranks until I made Detective.....I should've stayed a Uniform!

Chapter One: Red Light Mayhem

You learn many hard truths on the Job but one above all is sacred, find someone to unburden yourself.

"Nothing makes a Protector eat his gun faster then issues." Russell would say. "Be it a Priest, a Bar tender or your barber, find someone to unload on kid!"

Russell was a good guy, unfortunately his second day in retirement he dropped dead of a heart attack while grilling outside. At his memorial service his wife Uli told me his heart was still with the Protectors.

One evening after I had caught a bullet during the riots in K-Ville I met Maria, a Paramedic. We've been banging off and on ever since, we also use each other for more than just carnal pleasures. We each absorb the other Horrors we see on the job.

That first night I was woken by a ringing phone, a quick glance at my GS revealed the caller as "Guess who!" my humorous label for Kevin my partner.

Kevin Fox was a few years older than me, he was the kind of guy who always had a joke ready, a real sly sort that's why we would always call him Sly as a Fox.

I considered hurtling my GS against the wall and returning to bed with Maria but decided to answer.

"Hello!?" I said with an air of annoyance.

"Sorry to call you so late partner but we've got another one." Kev said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah same MO, we've officially got a serial."

"Text me the Address, I'm gonna hop in the shower then meet you."

"Ok......tell Maria I said Hi."

I slid out of bed and tried to move silently, but stealth is not one of my strong suits.

"Is it morning?" Maria asked turning over.

"No it's hardly even 2 yet."

"What are you doing up?"

"Kevin called, there's been another Murder."

"Same guy, holy shit that makes it a serial!"

"I'm gonna hop in the shower and then bounce, you can stay and I'll call you later."

"Naw I better head out but I could use a shower too, care if I join you?"

A week ago a "Potion" addict was slumming through the alley behind Mido's in K-Ville when he stumbled upon a body, some Green haired Pros calling herself Saria. The ME said that she had been struck on the back of the head with a six inch diameter cylindrical object and dragged into the secluded alley. He used a knife to cut her dress off then with one powerful thrust sliced an incision from her abdomen to her collar bone. He then cut her rib cage at the Manubrium and down to the Xiphoid Process and splayed them open to get at his true objective, her heart.

The entire drive over I couldn't help but think of my Mother, she would always say that the Heart held great power, perhaps this sicko thought so too.

"Detective Lucas Greene arriving at scene 225-B" I announced over the radio.

As i exited a group of lookieloos had gathered I spotted Sanders, a Crime tech and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey Sanders, make sure you get as much of the crowd as you can. perhaps our sicko came back to enjoy the show."

"Yes sir Detective Greene."

Thank the Goddesses for Kevin Fox, as I neared him I could smell the Deku Nut Roast wafting my way.

"Fun night?" he asked

"No more than usual."

"I tell you Luke you need to ask that girl to Marry you!"

"You talking about Farmer, the Medic?" Ignacio the ME said.

"How does he do you know?" I asked.

"Why are you looking at me, I am a highly trained investigator I know how to keep a secret!"

"You told Angie Didn't you!"

"She made me man, I'm sorry!"

"That wife of yours is a menace Kev!"

The scene was a virtual corbon copy of the first, an isolated spot but with room to work, just as before the deep cut flayed the skin to expose the ribs and the heart.

"You still friendly with that Hairpiece over at HNN?"

"Trevor, yeah why?" Kev asked

"I think that the local street walkers should be aware that there's someone crusing for more than just pleasure out here."

"I'd hold off on that if I were you Detective!" Ignacio said.

"And why would I do that Ingo, please tell me!"

"This girl is not a Hooker."

"And what Medical intuition lead you to that?"

"Besides the intact Hymen, these flyers in her purse tell a different story."

"Friday night services at the Trinity Church, join us and give praise to the Three Goddesses. She's a missionary!"

Ingo was right the young girl Melody was a Missionary. She would often hand out flyers to the lost souls in the K-Ville Red Light District she even befriended Gormoto a Goron bouncer at Club Chu.

"Melody was very nice, she would often stop by and chat with the girls between sets, she had a big heart and was very curious about Goron Culture."

My Mother used to tell me stories about the other races that inhabited Hyrule, the proud Goron, the wise Zora and the studious Deku Scrubs. After the Industrial revolution the other races hardly ever came into contact with the Hylia except during emergencies.

"I was fascinated with the stories of The Hylian people, when I told my Elder I wanted to experience the world outside Death Mountain he told me not to return."

"Thanks Gormoto, if you can think of anything else just give us a call." Kevin said handing him a card.

"Has there been any break on finding 'Saria's' identity yet?"

"Unfortunately no the only records her prints are linked to give her Street Name, we are running Genetics but it's taking longer than expected." Kevin said

"I'm gonna go get something for breakfast then head over to see Kip."

"Oh ok, how's the old man doing?"

"He's almost 70 but amazingly has the energy of a teenager, it's unnatural."

Kip put up with a lot of my childhood issues. After my mother died I had all this anger and he helped me focus that anger into something productive, learning. Kip is the curator of the Royal Library in Castle Town. Each day after school he would choose a book and have me read as much as possible then quiz me about it.

I have a deep respect for that man.

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