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hi all. 
this is just a place where i'll post various things i'm working on. i tend to write a lot of lyrics, a bit of poetry and even some hip hop. just figured i'd get some honest opinions and set some earlier stuff here. it would be fun if i even got some people dropping their own lines. it could potentially be fun. anyway, just started working on this today: 
so I heard I'm a loser, the lies they don't see me. 
my hands make decisions with my face in the tv 
you feel like it's nothing, I think it's deceiving. 
this stigma is burning, but i left him breathing. 
there's so much pressure for the long lost art 
left my soul on a dresser which you wont out smart.
there's a lion in the cabinet, a witch in the yard.
my wardrobe's full of skeletons, which one should i don?
left me in the corner, baby on board.
call the coroner, baby, i'm bored.
this is the last time. 
i'm ready to get out now.
i've learned a new word, can i tell your family? 
i wrote a new verse, they won't understand me.
i've gotten new work, but father won't call.
cause he's hangin' with the kids at the back of the hall.
where's all the pleasure? lost in the dark.
i'm whole but i'm measured, cause we're holding the spark.
if there's moments that you've written, there's reason to lose.
there's secrets that i've hidden, and they're nothing to you.
left me in the corner, baby on board. (you better get your gun, the enemy's coming.)
call the coroner, baby, i'm bored. (they've called for help while we're already reloading.)
this is the last time. (ready, aim and fire.)
i'm ready to get out now. (i die to inspire.)


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