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Who's that character?

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Welcome to "Who's that Character" a look at the innumerable and often unnamed characters in movies and television.


Today is:


Henry Wu played by BD Wong from Jurassic Park


In the Novel Jurassic Park Henry was a major character, unfortunately as is often the case many characters had to be trimmed away to lighten the load. Dr. Wu was a brilliant young geneticist who gained early attention by InGen due to his undergraduate thesis as a student at MIT. Henry was lucky to escape the chaos in the park having taken the last ship to the mainland hours before the Hurricane hit.


BD Wong will thankfully reprise his (much larger) role as Henry Wu in this summer's Jurassic World.



Bonus time


Jan Dodonna (Star Wars: A New Hope)




This is Jan Dodonna a General in the Rebellion against the Empire. As a young man he was a Captain during the Clone Wars and after the implementation of Order 66 and the Rise of the Galactic Empire served as a Captain aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. After his retirement he was approached by a former friend who joined the Rebellion and was asked to join to which he declined calling the act treasonous. The imperial forces learned of the meeting and thinking Dodonna had turned traitor sent a kill squad after him. When they learned of the hit the Rebels returned to warn Jan who scoffed at the notion until the squad attacked. Ironically it was the Empire's distrust that spurred Dodonna into joining the Rebellion.

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