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So slowly I am working on getting up my own game review site, and looking at things like wordpress to get it up. Until that day comes that I'm not too lazy to make the site, I will post my weekly reviews on this thread. Enjoy!



This week we will turn our gaze onto the new Chibi Robo game that released on the 3DS. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the tiny robot, here is a bit of backstory for you. Late into the Gamecube's lifespan, preceding the release of the Wii by only a few months came a brand new series by Nintendo. The game, Chibi Robo was bundled with a microphone and showed the adventures of this 2 inch robot helping out a family in unanimous ways. Not many stores even carried the game, and due to the launch of the wii this game would fall into obscurity. What could you do to follow a game about a tiny robot maid that didn't sell well? Well, evidently Nintendo doesn't really know either since they can't make up their minds on what they want the series to be. While more than half of the Chibi Robo games have not come out into the US and I can not personally speak for them, the ones that have come out have all been different genres. 3D adventure, Rhythm, photo finder, and now 2D platform. How does Chibi Robo's newest outing into the 2D platform world fare? Well, let's discuss. So in Chibi Robo: Zip Lash, you learn that microscopic aliens are competing with the united states to use up all the world's resources. Chibi Robo, who is for unexplained reasons cleaning a rocket with a toothbrush decides that it is unacceptable for aliens to compete with the states and rushes down to earth to combat the alien menace. In terms of a 2D platformer, there really isn't much that we haven't seen before. Chibi robo's plug is reminiscent of the whips from castlevania, much of the vehicle levels could have been pulled from Yoshi's Island and carry the same frustrations without the charm, and it even becomes a collectathon in the scope of Yoshi's Island. All brought to you by the many junk food companies. There is so much product placement in the game you'd swear Nintendo knew the game would bomb in sales and sold out in advertisement. Now, the vast majority of the game is salvagable. It's not a bad game parsay, the platforming can be enjoyable infact. The true menace of this game is the level roulette. Each world in the game is made up of six stages. You need to beat each of the six stages in order to move on. You do not get to choose where you go, rather a roulette will choose for you where you can go. If you are unlucky, you will be stuck repeating the same stage over and over and over again. What nintendo, did you realize the game was so short that you figured you'd make us spend an extra hour in each world just repeating the same crap over? A lot of these levels are already the same, don't make us notice it by shoveling literally the same stage at us without end. Overall I would give the game a 7/10, worth getting if you are a fan of the little robot or are a mega fan of the 2D platform genre. If you are looking for a good old experience like the gamecube Chibi Robo, go and play that instead. You'll get a lot more satisfaction.

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