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So I've been learning and practicing Tarot a lot lately. I used to dabble in it in high school but gave it up for years. Now I'm trying to rediscover my spirituality and Tarot is proving to be useful in this endeavor! Through my readings for others, I've learned a lot about both my friends and myself. I could tell you several theories as to why it works so well, but I think you should let the cards speak (or not speak) for themselves. Again, I'm very new at this, I still need to booklet to help me remember specific card meanings, and therefore my interpretation's are not on point 100% of the time, so please keep that in mind. For example, I have a very difficult time reading for myself. I also occasionally have a hard time reading for complete strangers, but that's usually because they are very passive in participation. The game works best when all three parties (The reader, the querent, and the deck itself) take part in the conversation, because that's really what it is- a conversation. It's a metaphorical mirror of sorts. It can bestow knowledge upon you that you didn't know, but more often than not, it'll tell you what you already know, either consciously or subconsciously. It's almost like having a therapist in your pocket! The craziest thing about it, I find, is that the cards seem to tell you what THEY want to tell you, not necessarily what you want to learn. This means they'll often tell you stuff you don't want to hear, in a very blunt manner. They're also likely to ignore your question completely and take you to a realm of issues they find more important. Questions such as "Will I ever get married?" are almost always ignored, by my deck at least. If you press the question further, with a "redo" reading of sorts, the deck will start puppying with you by lining up cards that won't make sense. It's kinda spooky how each deck seems to have a personality. For example-

After a few weeks of successful readings, I recently found a spread called the "Get to Know Me" spread. This is a special spread in which the reader interviews the tarot deck itself. The questions are pretty simple and straightforward, but the results blew me away! I watched my friend Kasie do it with her deck first- It clearly told her that it was a deck of emotions, relationships, and romance! The results for my reading was even more intense! My deck is called the Crow's Magick Tarot- that's what the artist and publisher designated it. I don't know it's actual name, or if it has one, the idea didn't even occur to me until I did this reading, but for now I'm calling it Crow for sort. (Cheesy as puppy, I know haha)




1. What kind of readings will you (the deck) excel at?

Judgement- WOW what a card to start out with! This card was telling me that Crow (what I’m calling my deck for now) is here to let us know about new opportunities and changes, and how best to deal with them.

2. What are your strengths as a Tarot deck?

6 of Wands, reversed- Crow’s booklet said “frivolous pursuits for immediate gratification” in relation to this card, which is something I struggle with a lot on a personal basis. I interpreted this as a warning against those things. Crow is good at shedding light on bullshit, apparently.

3. What are you here to teach me?

10 of Wands, reversed- This one was telling me to stop stressing. Life can be very discouraging, which definitely leads me to shallow pursuits as a “distraction” of sorts. The suit of Wands is associated with concepts such as inspiration, creativity, ambition, spirituality, and ego. This was screaming to me as I’ve been pursuing both art and new relationships (both romantic and otherwise) and struggling with my own self worth as a result. The booklet also suggested I avoid being taken advantage of by others. Hmmm…

4. How can I connect best with you?

5 of Coins- Basically, I need to learn to be in control of my life while also expecting, and planning for, mistakes. So far Crow is telling me it will help guide me through tough decisions regarding myself on a deep and personal level. It sounds like Crow want’s to train me to be a more independent person.

5. What card sums you up the best?

The Star- puppy off Crow, now you’re just showing off! If there was one thing I could identify with in this reading it would definitely be this card. Just the name alone caught my attention! “Astrological compatibility/chemistry” says the booklet. This deck is full of special knowledge meant to be incorporated into my life and ideas as I evolve as a person. 

Overall, Crow wants to teach me how to take control of important situations. It wants to show me how to take life seriously but without stress. It’s going to help me walk the runway of life with confidence and style. 


 So yeah, that was a little preview of sorts. If you'd like a reading for yourself, leave a message here! We can arrange a time to do it over Skype. I'd very much like to do it over voice chat, not text chat. I'd like to do a video chat to be honest, but I don't have a webcam on my new computer. Hopefully I'll be able to get one sooner than later haha. I'll take pictures of each card too, so you can see what I'm reading. Just post here and tell me some times you'll be available, and we'll arrange a reading for you!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here too. I'll answer everything as honestly as I can!


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