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Vaguely in motion

Filtering the light out

Like a bright green ocean

Sunlit patterns fade out


One more happy face

Walks through the canopy

On the forest base

Invokes a feeling in me


Beetle on the ground

Crawling slowly along

He doesn't make a sound

Respecting the tree's song


Shaded from the heat

I take one step further

Feel grass beneath my feet

And I simply love her


Wind echoes off the leaves

And through the wide forest

something something "steves" whatever screw off

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this was not written to the tune of "feel good inc" by the gorillaz


I am living in a plastic box

It doesn't matter I don't give any puppys

Shake me, twist me, I'm walking in style

I could see that shit coming way up from a mile


I'm shutting down because the party's black

And all the big mans don't cut me some slack

Put the needle in me, send me in a frenzy

Give me couple dollars but this shit just do not feed me


Dreams, ambitions better kiss em goodbye

Cuz you gotta choose between them and your own shitty life

Take it down a notch, time to see where it ends

I think it's time to make this whole reality bend


Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall

Will I be dead when all the nations fall

Got my sights on lockdown, back into my hometown

Time to get ready because shit's about to go down


Sing to me just one more time

O, fair maiden of the black line

There is chaos in my soul

I need healing now


Save yourself some breath because it ain't over yet

This hellscape's got something planned for you set

Watch your own life be thrown into the fire

And set the red blazes going higher and higher


Neutrality, fatality, going on down to fallacies

Something's moving up inside of me

I think your smile may be the key

Giving me something different to see


Sing to me just one more time

O, fair maiden of the black line

There is chaos in my soul

I need healing now


Sing to me for I am blind

O, forsaken by the divine

There is chaos on my world

Send your healing now

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Posted (edited)

Flesh and Bone



I am here and I am gold

Here forever time grows old

Today we become flesh and bone

Face the ones who threw the stone


Here I come on with the change

Daily life has become so strange

Take the dagger from our back

And use it for righteous attack


Shadows crowding in our eyes

As the well of knowledge dries

A primal feeling in their hearts

Threatens to tear us all apart


We are here and we are gold

We seek the day when we grow old

Today our flesh becomes stone

The hardening scars we have grown


Twisted emblems of our fates

We're blind but we see who the machine hates

Eternal flowers wither and fade away

As we measure how much our sins weigh


We have finally seen His back

And our future's become black

Rotting arms, the face decays

We drown in the end of days


We are here and we are old

Our future's bleak, our hands are cold

It chills the flesh, it breaks our bones

Spending our time counting stones

Edited by Cassandra (see edit history)
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A Starry Inferno


On those bleak days of sorrow

On the sleepless nights that come to me

Dante, is this what you saw when you passed away?


On a whim from within a dream

My tears will wash my body clean

And theres no turning back for me


I've set fire to the past thats haunted me

And pave a road into new day

I feel that somewhere theres hope for me

i see theres no more turning back away


And in the end maybe I'll see

That some things are just never meant to be

But i hoped they would


And though some stars may never shine

I know now that the brightest one it mine

And some day I will come back and ill see


That the future is closer than it ever appeared on to me

There is something to look to when I am afraid

And when the world has sold us I wont blink because now i know

The future's all thats left for me

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Why You Left Me


A million cars speed down the highway
I don't understand why you went away
Leaving me behind in the smoking city
When I'd rather be somewhere pretty

The dull, lifeless jungle I'm in
I'm living in a concrete prison
Look at what it's done to me
'Cuz baby it's getting hard to breathe

Another fight breaks out
Too far away to hear me shout
I'm starting to fall apart, I feel so trapped
My soul's become corrupt, my strenght is sapped

Every single day drags on longer
I don't think I can hold on much longer
Without you here the crowds are lonely
My heart is breaking without my one and only

I miss the beautiful sunlight back home
I miss the green hills that I used to know
I miss seeing the stars at night
I miss not struggling or having to fight

I miss the cool lake waters
I miss seeing both of my beautiful daughters
I miss being able to hold you tight
I miss feeling like things were alright

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