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What happened here

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Establishing shot of post-apocalyptic video game forum

Shot 2: slow camera pan across the various sections of the forums

Shot 3: camera aims to the ground where discarded forum topics lie in piles

Camera tilts up from ground to the feet of man standing amidst the ruins  

His back is to the audience, and he crouches to pick up an object 

He gently holds a photo, dusts it off and puts it into his trenchcoat next to his laser gun

Close up of man looking to camera, determined

[loud music and logo]


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A faded silhouette materialises from the mist "anybody want to play One Punch Man werewolf?"

The fog swallows his reply like a hungry void (or a large mammal).

"The werewolves would be One Punch Men"

No reply. The power lines buzz with echoes of IRC activity.

"I don't know what the other roles would be, I haven't watched it, but the one hit kill thing makes sense for One Punch Man."

He walks forward, describing his very poorly constructed scenario into the empty streets.

"The watchers would be anime fans I think. They get meta knowledge by watching the show. That's clever, right?"

He returns to the mist, and out of sight. To places uninteresting.

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